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  1. For those of you who don't know what the book series is about basically mythical creatures (dragons, fire imps, gnomes, centaurs, Gordon's basically any mythical creature you can imagine) exist and there is a society dedicated to making sure they stay hidden. Why you may ask because if it was common knowledge that mythical creatures existed they would be hunted mercilessly. Each member can bond with a certain mythical creature species, but not all humans can bond with a creature. They split themselves up into different branch and then there is what is called the universal who can bind with any creature but are very rare. Out goal is to keep the existence of mythical creature hidden and lead normal lives.....but there is one named kulvero who is an evil shapeshifter who wants to wipe out the human race and let the mythical creatures live freely about the world we must also stop him. You are part of the Secret Society of Mythical Creature Protection's Lakewood branch. Lake would is a town on the east coast of America which borders the ocean there are a lot of woods in Lakewood which are filled with mythical creatures, there is also a small mountain nearby.

    Your bonded creature can speaks to you telepathically or if they are capable of human speech ex. Centaur, harpies, sirens they can talk to all humans hybrid creatures are ok but no crazy combinations ex. Giant and Pegasus. The chimera is part of both the reptile and mammal groups
    Society Branches
    1. Universal- can bond with any creature
    2. Mammals- all mammal creatures ex. Yeti, Bigfoot, nemian lion
    3. Birds- all flying creatures ex. Phoenix, Pegasus, thunderbird harpy
    4. Reptiles- all reptilian creatures ex. Gorgons, dragons, basilisk
    5. Sea creatures- all creatures of the sea ex. Kraken, selkie, kelpie, hypocampi, merpeople
    6. Elemental- creatures of the elements ex. Fire imps, nature spirits of all kinds, will-o-wisps
    7. Undead- creature who are often considered undead ex. Skeletons
    8. Spiritual- creatures often used in Religious texts ex. Angels and demons
    9. Bugs- creatures who are bugs
    10. Plants- creature who are basically sentient plants
    11. Other- there are a few creature that don't fit in any category

    Xavier's Family Estate
    This is where most of the meetings of the Lakewood branch of the society will be held. His family has been a part of the society since the beginning and thus they are extremely rich due to the disappearance of his parents the family home is now owned my Xavier, as he is a universal and can bond with all creatures he welcome all creatures to stay on his land which stretches for a few miles behind and to the left and right of the family mansion. Some of the members keep their creatures there if they don't have room for them at their homes. He welcomes amy member of the society to stay with him as he often gets lonely for he loves his companions but deeply wants a human companion...
    Character Form:
    Physical Description:
    Are you a part of the society?: ( can already be part, be a new member, no but will find out they can bond with a mythical creature eventually, or no I'm a regular person)
    If a member what group are you part of: (if universal put universal)
    Mythical creature: ( you may have more than one but they must be other the same species if not a universal)
    Sexual Orrientation:

    Mythical Creature form (not all creatures have a human partner so if you want to be a mythical creature with no partner you can, but for society members you must have a partner so fill this out)

    Physical Description:
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  2. Characters:

    Name: Xavier
    Username: andrew21234
    Gender: male
    Age: 19
    Physical Description: 6ft, brown hair and eyes, tan, normal build, has a metal cross necklace he never takes off
    Personality: WIP
    Part of society: yes
    What group: Universal
    Mythical creatures: main: Angel others: dragon and merman
    Sexual Orientation: straight
    Other: he is Roman Catholic and believes God put these creatures on Earth for a reason and he must protect them!
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  3. Well, I for one would support the bad guy if i lived in this world. Humans suck.
  4. You can if you want, I just need to make sure thatnImhave a few members of the society and a couple people can support kulvero
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  6. My plan was to get a few members to join and then make the thread I didn't know it was that big of a problem.....
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