The Secret Society Of Assassins

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  1. Salespeople stood at their vendors shouting, claiming that their prices on various items were better than other vendors. People everywhere were walking from one destination to another, some carrying screaming babies. Others chatting with family or friends. I however was alone...alone and on a mission.
    Everyday you could see villagers suffering. The king of this once beloved Kingdom was overtaxing everyone. Leaving people starving and on the streets.
    I belong to the S.S.O.A. the Secret Society Of Assassins, where we properly give everyone the freedom they deserve. Making sure that no man, or woman used any power they obtained for greed. My name was Elizabeth Swanson.
    It was hard taking down someone of so much power, it's a slow, tricky process that takes years. If you do it so suddenly then riots will break out, random killings, thievery, buildings burning, that sort of thing. Our kind needed to be sneaky and flawless.
    My target was right in front of me, he was a sad drunk who babbled a lot...the same man who witnessed a murder that happened with one of my fellow assassins. It was time to kill.
  2. Ciel Capricorn thought she could would use her height to her advantage. She was short but her legs moved fast, and they were powerful enough to take her high up buildings and view points. Then she thought, she wouldn't only use these to her advantage. She'd use these to set things in their Kingdom right, little by little.

    She had heard of a group of assassins by word of mouth, in a bar one starry night. Tales were exchanged by drunken fellows, about the killers who fought for the good of the Kingdom. They were skilled thieves, killers, runaways, and saviors. Ciel had tried to gather more information about these people, so she visited the bar more often. Sadly, she couldn't get any more out of them without sounding suspicious.

    So she decided to watch scenes unfold from above the rooftops of the villages. She wanted to know about these people more, to join them, and to put an end to the tyranny of the unjust. There was something about a drunken man in the streets -- as if that wasn't common around here -- but look, someone seems to be hiding from him. Ciel watches from above.
  3. I look around then clearly noticed a young girl there watching me. I dissapeared within the crowd, I was nowhere to be found. Suddenly the drunken man fell on the ground dead. A woman screamed and everyone either ran or crowded around him. Guards walked up and looked at his bottle, "must be alcohol poisoning," they said and picked the body up carrying it away.
  4. Tyberion Seis was a man of few words..and fewer knowledge. Hardly anyone knew his history and those that did were of the elite. He was the kings personal hit squad. He was a definite potential candidate for the S.S.O.A, but he turned them down when they approached him..saying he liked their tactics..but not their ideals.

    He liked the chaos of everyday life..the elite dominating the weak. That's why he willingly offered the king his services and hunted down all who defied him. He eve managed to kill a couple of the S.S.O.A...mainly by luck and superior skill.
    Most of the people who see him and live call him the kings singing sword. If he is nearby and the air fills with an alluring tune, you best close your eyes for what comes next.

    He casually strode down the street towards the commotion..his giant blood red cloak waving all around him. He glanced around the area, keeping a sharp eye out for any suspicious activity.
    Whatever had happened here was no accident..of that he was sure. All he had to do was find the one responsible.

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  5. Elizabeth was already up on top of the highest building, she looked down seeing Tyberion. A hawk landed on my shoulder and I pet her, whispered something in her ear and in an instant she flew off. A feather landed next to Ciel.
  6. Tyberion glanced around the plaza where the man had died, but there seemed to be a absence of clues. His next glance was up, his grey eyes scanning the tops of buildings. He spotted a couple of people up there, but couldn't be sure they were involved. He saw a bird fly off in the distance..probably a hunter or messenger hawk. he thought to himself.

    He turned and began heading back towards the castle. He needed to get his supplies ready for when he would be sent out again. Which he felt would be relatively soon.
    Least he hoped so..he hated waiting a long time. Got so fast.
  7. Woah, Ciel thought. She didn't even touch him--

    She paused when a feather landed on her shoulder. What could this mean? She wondered as she looked around for the source. It was from nowhere near -- an eagle was flying high in the sky and Ciel didn't know if she should follow it or anything.
    "Well, it wouldn't hurt to follow it!" the girl thought aloud, and set off on her way to following the eagle.
  8. Elizabeth smiled, watching as Ciel chased the bird. "Perfect," she said and dissapeared.
    The majestic bird flew flawlessly on the highest building
    Ciel walked into a building and I stood there, leaning against a wall "why are you watching me?"
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  9. At the kingdom many of the guards were talking about what had happened at the incident then saw Tyberion and silenced themselves out of respect.
    "Sir," one of them spoke up, "have you found out any information?"
  10. Tyberion faced the guard. "None yet. There are some clues i'm following." He didn't give them any details..the last time he did, the culprit got away cause the guards got in his way each and every turn.
    He continued making his way to the castle. He would have to gather some of his supplies from the royal storehouse before he began to track the leads.
    If they indeed led somewhere and he wasn't could mean his death.
  11. Ciel explained that she wanted to be part of the Assassins and Elizabeth looked at her. "Do you even know what your asking?" Elizabeth said. Before Ciel could answer Elizabeth continued talking.
    "The Assassins are an elite team...I was eight when I met the leader of the Order and he took me in because I waited three days in front of the place until I got in. It showed that I was dedicated to fighting for them...It took me ten years to only master some of what I know...would you consider this knowing that most of your lifetime will be dedicated to the Order, knowing that you would have to leave everything you knew and loved behind in this world? It was easy for me because I was a street orphan. You cannot just waltz into the assassins and sign up, you have to prove your your own way. Show them that you aren't worthless...and you might gain entry..."
    Elizabeth left.

    She was right though, after ten years she still needed to master detaching herself from the world, that everyone lived and died, and that she too was going to die when it was her time.
    She had fallen in love with Tyberion when they were younger and she still hasn't completely detached herself from him, a dangerous thing to do but nonetheless she had a duty to weaken him.
    She walked from building to building until she saw Tyberion. With a smile she whispered "right on time," and left.

    Tyberion saw most of the weapons he used were destroyed. He knew who did this, it had Elizabeth written all over it.
  12. He made his way down corridor after corridor, glancing back to see if anyone was following him. As he opened the doors to the storehouse, he immediately noticed that all his weapons were for one.
    "Elizabeth...only her...."
    He walked up and grabbed the crossbow from the corner. It was still as perfect as the day she gave it to him. She always tried to hinder him at every turn.
    He slung the crossbow across his back and exited the storeroom. He'd have to go and get some bolts before he went hunting. Grabbing plenty from the next storeroom, he exited the castle and went on his way..keeping an extra eye out for his assassin stalker.
  13. Stealing most of his weapons was weakening him, but not by much. She smiled, three of Tyberion's most trusted men were just slaughtered by her. Any minute now someone will notice...and so will he.
    She blended in with the crowd and a woman's scream filled Tyberion's ears.

    As everyone crowded to the scene she dissapeared.
  14. He heard the scream and bolted faster than normally expected. He got to the crowd and noticed the chaos..this smelled like Elizabeths work as well. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a dark figure quickly dart into an alleyway. He was sure that was her.
    He crossed into the alley, fastening a bolt into the crossbow and he pointed it at the figure.

    "Turn around so i can see your face. Otherwise know that i have no qualms about shooting you in the back."
    He watched as the figure slowly turned around and faced him.
  15. "Hello Tyberion," Elizabeth smiled, "it's a nice day out isn't it."
    Tyberion held out the crossbow, aiming it at me.
    "Come now Tyberion," Elizabeth smiled walking closer to him, "you don't really want to shoot me with your crossbow now do you? Wasn't that the one that I gave you? Oh how sweet..."
    Before you were about to shoot ten assassins from each building aimed a crossbow at you.
    "Tyberion, know what I love about our little game?" Elizabeth said getting closer to him, "you keep finding a way to justify the Kings orders...did you know that your beloved king made a family watch as their little girl was killed because they couldn't pay their taxes?"
    You watched as I was closer, "Oh, what am I saying? Of course you probably enjoy the thrill of chaos anyway...."
    Elizabeth moved your crossbow out of the way "I have moved my player, now it's your turn."
    She touched your face, then kissed you on the lips. As she walked away she whispered in his ear "Game...set...match" then dissapeared along with the other assassins.
  16. He held her gaze as his crossbow was leveled at her. She sensually made her way to him. As he readied to fire, he saw above him 10 or so assassins appear and aim their own crossbows at him.
    As she talked about the king, he just stared at her. It didn't matter what side he was on or who he worked was innocent. No-one was fighting for "the right reason." It was all a matter of ill-fated perspective..that's all.
    She then kissed him and his mind flooded with past memories.
    Her and him..their life before all this...

    He shook those thoughts away and glanced behind his shoulder to see her sauntering away.
    "Was it all a lie Elizabeth?"
    She was silent for a bit..but her final words to him were cold and cruel to his ears.

    She vanished and the archer assassins fired upon him. He bolted down the alleyway, the assassins bolting with him and continuing to fire upon him. The bolts cut through his cloak and almost pinned him to the pavement. He could see the exit of the alleyway and he rushed through it with determined vigor, meshing into the crowd with a flash of crimson.
  17. The Assassins came back to me, "he got away."
    I stood up abruptly, "you chased after him?"
    They said nothing knowing I wouldn't be pleased with this.
    "I told you guys to leave him alone," I walked away and sat outside looking at the moonlight.
    Suddenly a woman joins me, she was an old friend Meredith.
    "I heard about what happened with Tyberion...Elizabeth, I think your in love."
    Elizabeth sighed, "yes but I cannot let him know save these people...they come first..."
    Meredith smiled and said "could you even shoot Tyberion?"
    Elizabeth sighed, "unfortunately I cannot...I care about him too much...I dont even know my my fellow assassins tried to hurt him without my order..."
    Meredith said to Elezabeth that she will figure a way out, but what Elizabeth didnt know was that she was recording this conversation the whole time.
    Meredith showed the recording to Tyberion, "her weakness is you and thats how we take her down..."
  18. He watched the video this woman had taken.
    "What is your interest in all this?" She did not respond, but kept silent. This woman knew plenty of things..that much was certain. She knew about him and Elizabeth, she knew about the crossbow, she knew about their history and she knew..and now so did he..that she loved him.

    "Give it to me."
    "Why? Do you miss her voice that much?" He turned on her, his eyes ablaze in fury and malice. She handed it over freely.
    "Remember what i said Tyberion...weakness in one is strength in another. Use it to your advantage."
    She vanished from the room and Tyberion sighed, listening to the recording again.
  19. Elizabeth was doing her usual morning run, jumping from rooftop to rooftop making sure everythings okay. No stirring of the gaurds, no trouble...nothing. She finally sat on the highest roof relaxing.
  20. The streets were clear today. Not much going on, but Tyberion could feel tension in the air. He ran into the tallest building, making his way to the top. There he could get a better view of the whole town. Maybe then I can find out where this feeling is coming from.

    As he opened the door to the roof, he saw a person relaxing up there. He instantly recognized them. "Hello again Elizabeth."
    She turned towards him. She didn't look shocked or surprised to see him.
    "Why are you up here?"
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