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  1. Thousands of years ago, humans and dragons used to live in harmony with one another...but humans began to get more and more violent towards one another. And as a result, the dragons completely one could figure out why and figure out where they went to. Some believe that they went back into the ocean from once they came while others say that they buried themselves deep under the ground near the planets core in a sort of deep hibernation. Of course that was thousands of years ago, so humans have learned to live without them, and now of course just have stories that the elders have told- which have been handed down for centuries on how it used to be. King Merthais and Queen Esther rule over most of the countries, they have a daughter and soon to be a son...

    The babe was doing quite well and was very healthy until the queen did something against what the doctors told her to do and loses the baby. Grief stricken and full of despair, Queen Esther began to be distant from her family and subjects. A month or two after she lost the baby- while walking alone along the bank of a river, she finds a baby boy. He was wrapped in a tattered and torn cloth and put in a wicker basket that had seen better days. If she didn't do something quick, the babe would drown. She then goes into the middle of the river and retrieves the babe, only to find out that he was half dragon. Not caring and grief stricken, Esther took him back to the castle, of course wrapped up so no one could see what he truly looked like. And she named him Lyle. The King is the only other person who knows of Lyle's existence.

    They had simply told their subjects and their daughter that the queen had lost her baby. And they set new rules, so that their daughter didn't find her adopted sibling. He had the West Wing all to himself. While he was growing up, maids and maidens took care of him. But that was about 19 years ago. The secret is still safe, but the King and Queen felt that Lyle needed someone to teach him and guide him. So the announced a new position upon their kingdom. Many people came and tried for the position, but most failed...The King and Queen began to talk it over as they left the young woman standing in the other room, they had not still found anyone to fill the new position. The king sighs and so did the queen. "At this rate we shall never find someone." The King says. The Queen sighs again, and then peers through the door at the young female in the other room. She then made a decision. "I think she is perfect. I'll go tell her she has the job." She says and walks through the doors. "Ms. Avellana...we have thought it over, if you can start right away, you get the job." She says to her with a smile.
  2. Avellana had been waiting for who knows how long in that room trying countless things before being told to wait... As the Queen stepped out and told her she got the job, she looked quite surprised at this, her gut instinct had told her she had little to no chance of making it, but maybe it was just her being a pessimist. She nodded though with a smile but she was uncertain what to do next "What do I do first?" she asked a little nervously, it was the classic feeling she got when she was finally able to do something like this, at the same time though, this made her feel a little excited and curious at the same time. What would the dragon-boy look like? Hopefully not nearly as bad as some have said dragons... After all, from what she had heard about most dragons from others, they tended to be nice, so perhaps the boy would be just as nice...
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  3. The Queen looks at her, "You'll start right away. Meaning a servant will show you where you will be staying and introduce you to your responsablity. I'll have other servants go to your home and move all your belongings into the castle at once." She says and then walks away disappearing into the doors again. A young female came up to her, "My name is Sophie. Please follow me." She says and then begins to walk away. She leds her down long winding hallways that have portraits of family memembers as well as art work hanging on the walls. Every so often there would be an empty suit of armor on a pedistal. As well as vases filled with plants. Soon they got to a different part, the east wing as Sophie called it. Right off the bat, she could tell that no one has used this area for a long time or maybe not at all. For everything besides being a little dusty looked rather brand new. Sophie walks over to the large doors and unlocks them. "This is as far as I go. No one is allowed beyond this point besides you, The King and Queen. Once on the other side, please use this key to lock it. And when you are leaving please make sure you lock the doors at all times." She says and gives her a key and then with out further interaction she briskly walks away.

    Lyle was used to having the enitre wing to himself. His so called parents hardly ever came and saw him. But he prefered solitude. He heard the creaking of the doors, signaling that someone was coming into the east wing. It's probably Mother, coming to check on me. He thinks. He then heard foot steps and grew curious, since his mother would call out to him. He decided to see who it was. Maybe someone new accidentally wondered down here. He thinks. He walks over very silently as silently as he could will claws on his toes and peers around the corner of a wall. Having better eye sight than humans, he could spot her instantly. Who is she? What is she doing here? He thinks. Is she looking for me? He thinks again as he noticed that Avellana was looking around. He then dashes off and goes and hides.
  4. After listening carefully to the Queen's words Avellana nods with a slightly nervous smile glad that she didn't have too many belongings... She would feel bed to trouble the servants with an excessive amount of belongings they needed to transfer, then a younger girl came up to her, about her age perhaps telling Avellana to follow her quich she did. As they walked down the long and winding hallways she couldn't help but glance in wonder at all the different portraits and various works of art haning around the walls, even the looming suits of armor seemed to have a fancy sort of feeling to them. She'd never seen a place with more than a few plants around either, which there were plenty of here in vases and some even being tended to by servants, this was her first time being in a castle or any build remotely the size of a castle, everything was so clean around here despite maybe a little dust here and there. Then they stopped at a large set of doors which the girl promptly unlocked explaining that she wasn't allowed past this point, in fact no-one was except for Avellana herself, the King and the Queen and how she absolutely had to lock the doors once she was inside and when she left. She nodded and took the key before stepping inside, locking the door behind her not entirely sure what to expect. Walking down the rather empty halls with no servant in sight, she looked around trying to see where the boy that she was supposed to meet was hearing the distinct clicking noise of claws against the stone floor going off in the opposite direction of her. Curiously turning to the sounds for a moment listening to the direction they were going in, she began to follow them wondering if the boy was running from her or if this was just some other secret test to prove her abilities...
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  5. Lyle realized that his toe claws were making noise still, giving him away. Wait why am I running, when I can fly? He thinks and then lifts himself up off the floor, silently flapping his wings. He was still trying to find a place to hide, he was afraid. He was afraid because he had never seen another living person in his life except his mother. He then spots the chandler and lightly and quietly as possible, he lands on it. It swung back and forth like a pendulum for a few moments, and once Lyle stopped moving, after he got his balance, it stopped moving. Since he didn't have experience with the people on the outside world or the outside world in general, he had no clue on how to act. He hears her foot falls on the floor as he tried to hide. He continued to listen until she came into sight. He began watching her on top of the chandler. Of course trying not to move, for it would give him away. His tail twitched and it caused the chandler crystals jingle. Oh man. He thinks and silently flies up into the darkness of the ceiling just as she looks up. All she would see is a moving chandler. He was lurking in the shadows of the room as he tries to land silently on a wooden edge near the ceiling in one of corners of a room as he watched her look around. He was hoping that she didn't find him. But he misstepped and tumbled to the ground, hitting a suit of armor- making a very very loud crash, as the suit of armor fell apart and he was at the bottom of the pile. Crap....she's gonna see me...he thinks.
  6. Avellana heard movement every now and then but every time she turned to try and see who was making the noises, that person was already gone... That boy was pretty elusive, but she didn't understand why he was hiding from her, wasn't he notified someone new was staying with him? It confused her a little but just the the jingling of a few glass crystals on that chandalier caught her attention and she turned towards it quickly but even then she was too slow as the chandalier would be seen swaying a little but no-one was on it, or at least not anymore. Looking around some more, she tried to see where that boy could have gone, he shouldn't have been able to get too far from that chandalier, right? Starting to walk around a little the sudden noise of something tumbling to tne ground and the loud clanging noises of a suit of armor falling apart, Avellana turned around again. The boy was laying in the middle of the pile, he looked almost human with the exception of dragon-like wings and a corresponding tail growing from his body. She couldn't help but stare, a little curious as to how he came to be like this before she snapped out of it and approached him slowly not talking just yet, she was afraid she might scare him away.
  7. Lyle peered through the pile, watching her walk closer to him. He was frozen like a deer caught in headlights. And then his brain finally caught up to his body. He was afraid now, since he barely had any human contact. He lets out a dragon-like hiss as he began to back up away from her. He even growled at her, as a warning not to come any closer to him. He then fled away from her and flew down the hall to hide once again. He was going to make sure that she didn't find him at all. He goes and hides under his bed as a little kid would do when they are frightened. He was curled up in to a very tight ball, with his tail wrapped around him and his wings over him, trying to hid him in the darkness of the under neath. It would take a lot for her to get him to trust her or even coaks him to come out of hiding.
  8. As the boy stopped poking out through the pile watching her walk towards him for a moment, Avellana grew even more curious about to reach out and touch him curious about how his skin might feel like for some reason. She flinched away from him as he hissed at hear realizing he was probably still rather scared, she simply watched as he fled away from her for a while before continueing after him. Hearing his faint footsteps fade out down the hall she followed them again eventually making it to what looked like a bedroom, taking a look around she noticed nothing suspicious about the room yet. Then she noticed something, it was a small difference but the bed had a slight lump coming from underneath it, and peeking carefully underneath she decided to speak this time rather than scare him some more "It's ok... I-It's ok." she said reassuringly attempting to convey that she didn't mean any harm.
  9. When she poked her head under the bed and started to talk to him, he was still frightened by her. He tried to back up as much as possible to get away from her. When his behind hit the wall, he just stared at her and then decided it would be best to try and talk to her. "W-what do you want? W-why are you here?" He asks. He then began to study her. Something told him that she wasn't a threat and decided to come out from under the bed. Of course on the opposite side from her. He stood there at his full height and looked at her, still studying her. He cocked his head to one side. He did think that she was pretty even though she was simply a human being. He then deicdes to speak again. "Did Mother send you here?" He asks her. He then decides to walk a little closer to her but stay at a distance still. She was making him curious. If she made the slightest movement toward him or make the slightest movement in general, he would back up and go and hide again. He looked rather skiddish. He was nervous still as he shifted his weight from foot to foot.
  10. Avellana stood almost perfectly still as the boy asked her questions nodding a little to confirm his last question before answering his first two "I'm Avellana... Your tutor and caretaker I guess." she sais her voice growing a little quiet. Admittedly she herself was nervous, maybe not as nervous as the boy in front of her but nonetheless still nervous. It was uncertain what might happen here, but she knew she had to do what she came here to do sooner or later after they both were accustomed to each other, he needed to be educated and guided through what tthe real world is like, and other such things that the hadn't yet learned himself. The only problem was that she wasn't too sure how to go about it quite yet, but that would have to come later; it was the least of their concerns right now.
  11. Lyle heard what she was saying, but he was still too afraid to move. He was definitely afraid of her, and she could probably tell. He didn't really know what to do at this point, he just wished that he could disappear. It would take him a while to get used to her being around. He was frozen like a statue, unable to move. But something told him to move, so he started to slowly move. He wanted to go around her, so that he could get out of the corner he had put himself in, since it was making him uncomfortable. He awkwardly walks around her, being rather taller than her. Lyle stood behind her, thinking about what she had said about being his care giver and also teacher. The word care giver stuck in his mind, even though he didn't know what it meant. To him, it sounded bad and he was getting a bad feeling from him. He had understood what teacher was, since he had heard that word before. That meant to him, that she would be teaching him things- that he would be learning things. He then turns his head and looks at her as he walks around her, he was now sort of face to face with her. He turned his head to the other side, "What does care giver mean?" He asks. "I never heard that one before. Is it something bad or good? And will I like what ever it is?" He asks, asking her a whole slew of new questions. "Mother never used that word or said it around me, so it must be bad." He adds to his questions. He sort of sounded like a little child.
  12. As the boy suddenly started launching a barrage of questions at her after moving around her, practically towering over her behind her, Avellana turned around slowly witha nervous smile on her face as she started to figure out the answers to all of them. "Well... A care-giver is someone who takes care of someone... In this case I'll be taking care of you... Whenever you need it of course." She said, quickly adding onto her sentence, a little afraid that she was giving off the wrong impression or something, then she spoke again, hoping to answer his other questions "I guess it depends on who the caretaker is... It's usually not a bad thing unless you're not liking the caretaker." she explained with a mild nervous look in her eyes... Avelanna wasn't entirely sure how well she'd bve able to handle the boy, but she'd done well according to the tests she underwent, so as long as she didn't make any mistakes, things should go well. It would definitely take her a while to teach the boy everything that she needed to though, there were alot of things he didn't seem to be aware of just yet. She just really hoped they didn't have to read all the books laying around this place, it might bore the boy too much, and probably make things a little harder to manage than normal... Whatever could be considered normal anyways.
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  13. Lyle stood there with his head cocked to one side, as he listened to her explaining what a care giver was. Then another thought popped into his hean and this one made him rather unhappy. "So...does that mean...Mother won't be coming to see me anymore?" He asks- of course this wasn't exactly directed to her. He was more of speaking outloud to no one in particular. Besides the saddened look, the look he had on his face seemed rather lonely as well. But then he pushed the thought away and looks at Avellana. He didn't want to think about what he just asked out loud. He didn't want to feel sad. Indeed there was a lot of things that Avellana was going to need to teach him, and it would take time and patience to do so. "Miss.... Avellana...since you are going to be teaching me and such. What shall we do first?" He asks. Since he didn't have any schooling, she would have to start from the bottom up- start with the basics and then go on from there. "Umm...the only thing I know how to do is to count up to ten." He adds to his sentence. "That's as far as Mother got with me." He adds again. "Oh and read little words the words rat and cat." He says and then he stands there thinking over things. He was trying to tell her all the he had already learned. "But I think that's it." He adds. He was a rather smart boy, he just needed someone to teach him.
  14. As the boy asked if her being here means that his mother isn't going to be coming to see her anymore Avellana had a concerned expression on her face "Well... I think she'll be coming to see you every now and then... I'll ask her." she said with a little smile. However his next question followed by a summary of what he knew so far proved that this job wasn't going to be very easy, he seemed bright and could probably pick up on things easily but he had alot to learn, and to be honest with herself she wasn't so sure where to start. "Is there anything you'd like to learn about right now?" Avellana asked hoping for a good answer, this way, she could have a place to start and work her way through everything else she could teach the boy, she'd probably have to do a fair amount of digging through the books around here though. However, just as long as they were getting somewhere, she didn't mind that extra work she'd inevitably have to do, after all, she didn't know everything she had been asked to teach the boy so she'd have to improvise. All of a sudden, she looked as if she remembered something "Oh, and before we do anything else... Would you mind telling me your name?" she asked looking a little embarassed, during all that had happened, she had forgotten about proper introductions just like that.
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  15. Lyle shakes his head no when she asks if he knew of anything that she wanted to teach him right now, he couldn't think of anything. And then he turns his head when she asks what his name his, he cocked his head to once side, listening to her. "My name is...Lyle." He says to her. "And what is your name again? I was so scared, that I didn't get it because I was too scared." He says to her. His tail twitched slightly to the left side. Lyle then looks at her as if he was studying her. "And where did you come from...I mean where did you live before you came here?" He asks. He was showing her that he was willing to get to know her and to get to where he can trust her. "And how old are you?" He adds as he walks around her, studying her actually. He gently pulls on her sleeves of her shirt as if he was wondering what it was that she was wearing. And then after a third time of circling around her, he gently takes some of her hair in one of his clawed hands and looks at it closely. Then he lets go of it and stands in front of her, still with his head cocked to one side. He sort of looked like a small puppy dog, who was curious about things.
  16. "It's nice to meet you Lyle, I'm Avellana." Avellana said with a small smile, normally she would have tried to put a hand on his shoulder or something like that, but as skittish as he was, she feared he might run off again. His second question was just as easy to answer as his first one thankfully "I lived here... In this city, my house is further away from here though; I'm no noble or Baron." she said, however she realized she might have to explain the definition of some of her words in a moment. Then he asked her how old she was which she responded to almost on instinct "I'm 18 I guess... How old are you?" she asked, a little curious herself, watching carefully as he started to pull on the sleeves of her shirt and circling around her a little. She laughs a little when he grabbed a little of her hair in one of his hands, looking at it closely before standing in front of her with that curious look on his face... She could recognize it anywhere; most newborn infants always looked that way, except they were laying down, even young animals were prone to do these sorts of things, she smiled a little at that thought.
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  17. He listened to her closely and then nods when she said that she had been living in the city and that she was going to live in the castle. Since Lyle couldn't count passed ten, he thought about it and hoped that she knew what he meant. "Well...I'm how you would say 9 years passed 10." He says to her. And then he decided to ask another question. "What is it like out in the city?" He asks. "I've never been there." He adds. Since he looked like a dragon boy creature, his mother never took him out of the castle because she was afraid that someone would kill or harm him. "But I can see the city or at least parts of it from the windows here. As well as different parts of the castle outside. Like the thing that shoots up water." He says. He of course was meaning the fountain. "And also the place were they keep and ride animals that make a clippity cloppity noise." He says- which he was meaning or trying to describe horses. "Oh and also I can see humans who don't live here or work here, come and go all day long." He adds. She would have to teach him to say people instead of humans. Which is because he was never taught how to.
  18. "19 huh... I guess you're not far from my age then." Avellana managed to say before he asked another question, he was curious what it was like in the city, though he did catch a few glimpses of things it contained as well as having ridden horses. First of all though, she decided to adress how he usually called other humans "Just to let you know... Usually other humans like to be referred to as people in the city... Or at least most of the time that's the case." she said with an encouraging look. Then she answerted his first question "About the city though, it's a nice place but there's times when there's more people than there usually is. There's many houses and places between them, usually people travel on the larger spaces which are called streets." she explained as much as she could attempting to make things easy to understand. After she was done, she realized she knew where to start "Before we talk any more though... How about I teach you how to count past 10?" she asked with another smile, it seemed like a good place to start.
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  19. Lyle stood there listening to her intently, for he seemed to be really interested in what she was saying. "People." He says repeating the word that she just said. When she asks if they should start by teaching him to count past ten, he nods. "Ok." He says to her. "Oh and another thing, what would you call one people?" He asks. He was pretty bright, so he would be good at learning and she would probably only have to say something to him once. He then stood there thinking about the people in the city and in the castle. And then he deicdes to speak again, "I heard Mother say this once. But is this right a person is what you call one people?" He asks her. But before she could answer his question, he flies off and comes back with a quil and some paper. But he stood there looking at her intently again, for now he was waiting for her answer about the last question that he had asked her about. "And here I got you these things, what ever they are. I saw some people outside using these. I figured we would need to use them for you to teach me." He says to her.
  20. Avelana was about to talk before the boy spoke again, answering his own question for him surprisingly enough, even if he wasn't aware of it. She smiled and was about to confirm his answer before he flew off and came back with a paper and a quil, before she could ask him where he got it from, he talked again explaining how he had taken it from some people. "I guess this would be nice... And yes, you're correct, the correct term for one people is person... As in, one person." She said with a sweet tone in her voice as she wrote down the short sentence she had spoken. "Did you ask permission before taking these?" She asked after a moment, if he didn't, that would have to be another thing to teach him... Despite his age he was still young and had many things to learn; right from wrong, what was acceptable in society and what was not, what he could do when he grew up, and perhaps one day how to rule the lands he sees before him. That is whenever the king passed away, which she hoped wouldn't happen for a while, otherwise the boy may not be prepared for the responsibility that would lie on his shoulders...
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