The Secret of The Dragon Boy

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  1. Thousands of years ago, humans and dragons used to live in harmony with one another...but humans began to get more and more violent towards one another. And as a result, the dragons completely one could figure out why and figure out where they went to. Some believe that they went back into the ocean from once they came while others say that they buried themselves deep under the ground near the planets core in a sort of deep hibernation. Of course that was thousands of years ago, so humans have learned to live without them, and now of course just have stories that the elders have told- which have been handed down for centuries on how it used to be. King Merthais and Queen Esther rule over most of the countries, they have a daughter and soon to be a son- but she loses the baby. The Queen goes into a deep depression and is very distant from her family and subjects. While walking along the river bank she hears a cry and follows it to find a baby boy...but the baby boy was different...he was half dragon. Not caring the Queen took him back and raised him as her own. Of course this was the royal families secret...

    I'll dish out more on it once someone joins.
  2. Hmm... I'm interested I guess o-o sounds intrigueing and the story does have a whole lot of potential :3
  3. lol ok, and if you would like you can add more to the idea. Your ideas are more than welcome. ^.^
  4. Hmm... I think I'll do that later along the line o.o (mostly because the good ideas don't come until later X.X)
  5. Alright. ^.^ My character would be the dragon boy- which is what I originally designed the plot for. So would you be playing another of the royal family, I can tweak it to where there are already two more siblings, or would you play a different character? Like a villager or someone else?
  6. I guess I'll play as a female XD whom shall be a visitor or something o.o (perhaps just a regular villager if it seems to suit the plot better :P)
  7. ok xD Well maybe how about this, she is hired to be the dragon boy's companion? Like as well as to serve him, guide him, and teach him? And just plain be company for him, so he isn't so lonely. Since he would be locked up- hidden from the world in the castle. The whole left wing to himself.
  8. Hmm... Sure! o.o I think that would work, it seems like a good thing to start off the RP with :3
  9. ok. ^.^ Would you mind if we did the CS here?
  10. Sure that's good XD I don't mind where it goes tbh
  11. Alright, well when it comes to CS I am not very detailed, for I like the characters to develop throughout the story as it unfolds. But if you want you can add more to it. And I will be posting my character ASAP.

    The basic CS

    Appearance: (Description or picture- picture can be anime or real or what ever)
  12. That's fine I guess o.o I shall get started on mine too X3
  13. Name: Lyle
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Race: Half Dragon or dragon human hybrid.
    Appearance (open)
  14. Name: Avellana
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Appearance (open)

  15. Alrighty since we both have our characters, I'll post the IC ASAP.
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  16. Okie! I guess I shall wait till then o.o
  17. Ok :D, I hope that the first post is ok.
  18. Yeah it's pretty good so far X3
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