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  1. The Greeting Voice.

    You approach the grand doors of a wonderful building called The 360. You have heard this building before and you have decided it was time for a little luxury.
    You hear a voice echoing as you step through the doors, you look everywhere to try and find the source of it. You come across a being whose head looks particularly strange. You can tell by its well fitting and formal attire that it’s a male. But you don’t mind his strange little megaphone head, as he is friendly, and greets you with a warmed welcome and a cheery tone. His voice has a slight English accent and if you listen closely, some static,

    “Hello fellow wanderer, thank you for accompanying us at the 360. I certainly hope you enjoy your stay. Oh, speaking of, would you like to stay here and have a room? Oh! Perhaps you would like to enjoy the lavish food that awaits you upstairs. You can also choose to pick both, I’m sure our captain Mister Daytoria will not mind. I sure don’t.”

    The greeting figure spoke excitedly and in a rushed voice. It was certainly a warm welcome. His voice faded into the background as your eyes wandered past him as he was standing right in front of you. All you can see is a steel elevator. The doors were decorated with a well designed engraving. But that was it. There was nothing else but an elevator and a house plant. This strange place was certainly formal if just a simple elevator looked the way it did. A single voice broke your train of thought. It was the figure, who was being a little peculiar as he was staring. You didn’t know how it was doing such a thing, as it had no eyes. But you could just feel it.

    “So, what will it be? A room? A nice meal? Both?”

    As you state your decision he bobbed his little megaphone like head.
    “Perfect. Welcome to the 360. Enjoy your stay, and have a safe journey.”

    He has grown quite fond of you, and he feels a bit terrible, for there is a secret that lies within the 360. He gives you a little warning with another rushed voice as you enter the elevator.
    “Oh! I forgot to tell you! Don’t be afraid of your fears! I’m so sorry!”

    Wait.. What?
    It was too late to ask him more questions, the elevator door has closed, and you are now making your way up and into the 360 with the sound of jazzy elevator music drowning your thoughts.

    T H E G O A L.
    The people that reside on the 360 must stay sane during Fear Inducing. If they go too far into their fears and go insane, they will be stuck inside the building forever. Unfortunately, Fear Inducing will run for thirty days and turn off for a mere hour before it is back on again. When Fear Inducing is off, escaping will be difficult. The hallucinations will not be completely gone as well, so all the elevators, windows, and rooms are barred shut. Some rooms like the Captain’s Room and Floor 1, Floor 21, and Floor 22, have security guards on close watch. If someone has a fear of heights, jumping out the windows would not be a good thing to do for means of escape. Just a heads up.

    When your mental state begins to lower, the building will look more frightening.
    First, the patrons will have the same symptoms of waiters and waitresses alike. Small but very vivid hallucinations and flashes will appear, it won't be much, but it will definitely cause a small freak out.
    As time moves on, the patron will begin to see their fears out the window, lasting for about half a minute before disappearing again. Their rooms won't be a safe place for them when this happens, as they also have windows to look out of.
    Soon, their fears will last at windows for a much longer time period, five minutes at the most. If it prolongs for more than that, the fears will seep into the building for twenty seconds before vanishing.
    If a patron were to go insane, the fears will stay in the windows for half an hour. Then, fears go into the building for ten. The 360 will begin to darken as hallucinations and flashes will pop up every ten seconds. Some people can't even close their eyes, as their fears have already gone too far into their mind, haunting their every waking hour.

    Good luck. And remember, don't be afraid of your fears.

    The 360. (open)

    The 360.
    The 360 is a large building that is originally located in the city of Loren. With a whopping twenty-two floors, it has been named the tallest building in the city.
    The first twenty floors are living spaces, each floor carrying five well-spaced rooms fit for all the singles, siblings, and couples. The fun part is what’s behind the room doors. The furniture inside is exactly similar to what a normal hotel room would have, with the beds being very comfortable, the television that hangs upon the walls with no traces of wire or cable, and a small kitchen. All rooms have windows, so the residents can look upon the stars, lights, and buildings that reside in the different worlds the 360 will travel to.
    Floor 21 and 22 is where the food heaven is. A revolving restaurant with the free meals ranging from cheeseburgers to Bloody Marys, and even absinthe. If there is something that is not on the menu, Captain Daytoria will make sure that the waiters and cooks get informed of what the meal is and prepare it with success. These two floors spin at a well enough pace, so there shouldn’t be anyone getting dizzy. Each revolving floor will be able to show the diners an amazing view from up above, getting a 360-degree view of the area the building landed on, giving it its name.

    The marvelous building gives off a very safe and fancy feel to it. But alas, there is always a catch to something as heavenly as the 360.
    As the building travels from place to place using quantum tunneling, it loses its magical power of making the patrons feel at ease. Instead, it gives the people who stay in the building their biggest fears, draining their sanity by creating a frightening sight in their mind. It differs for many people, as fears are different, but it’s all the same. You look out the window to find spiders, walls, water or your biggest fear right outside. You should be grateful that the 360 is keeping you safe from the thing you fear most.
    The biggest problem, however, is that you can’t leave while it’s in this state. The more people that enter the 360, the worse it will be. This is a safe haven after all, where all your luxurious needs come true.
    To the people that just enter while it’s in this state, it will appear completely normal and lovely. But as time goes on and the 360 keeps traveling, they too will become trapped with their biggest fear staring into the looking glass

    Marlo Daytoria. (open)

    Marlo Daytoria.
    “Hello everyone, and welcome to the 360. Thank you so much for joining me and my crew. I hope you have a wonderful stay and enjoy the amazing adventures that await you on your journey.”
    Marlo Daytoria, a very kind and cheery man who is the founder and owner of the 360. He is also the captain aboard the building, and he is the one who takes everyone on an insane adventure. But as a child, he was raised by a single father, Viktor Daytoria, who loved Marlo with all his heart. Viktor wanted him to be strong and fearless, so he forcefully pressured his son to handle all of his fears and worries head on, and as Marlo grew older, he soon became fearless to everything but one. His own father. He left the house when he was old enough to do so and his father broke into an insane outrage. After many years of moving out, Marlo earned a great wealth and built the 360. The building became very well known, and many people liked what he was doing, but he wanted it to be even greater. He wanted to be just like his father and teach people that there was nothing to be afraid of. So he closed the 360 for remodeling. He called it Operation: Fear Inducer and his mission was to renovate the 360 and make it amazing so people can face their darkest fears. Many years later, Daytoria was back in business, excited that he was able to create such a brilliant idea but alas, it only drove people insane. He didn’t understand why people were acting this way, he only wanted them to be strong so they didn't have to go through the worries of life.
    The 360 was shut down twice, but Marlo always came back with something that people were intrigued by. With a few more extra work he made his crew absentminded to the Fears to hook more people in with kind service, but he thought it wasn’t fair that the only people who get to be strong were the participants. So he decided that if he kept Fear Inducing Mode on long enough, his crew would slowly get small amounts of their fears in small flashes or hallucinations.
    For him to get a feel of what your biggest fear(s) are, he has to meet you. The crew on the 360 say that he has never come out of the Captain’s Room but much to their surprise he has met every single patron. Including you. How has he already met you, you ask? I’ll give you a hint. He is very welcoming and he seems to talk in a rushed voice. c;
    Marlo Daytoria can be seen out of his Captain's Room once in a while. Just lurking around the 360. Who knows? He might bump into you. If that's the case. Don't run. It will only make things worse for you and Mr. Daytoria's grand plan.

    The City Named Loren. (open)

    As the earth continued to age, so did the minds of many influential people; ranging from scientists, philosophers, doctors, slam poets, and many more. Together they were able to discover many technological advances, battle strategies, and different universes. The city of Loren used this knowledge to their advantage the most out of many countries and cities. Mastering quantum physics to space engineering, Loren was open to a whole new and inspirational world. They have come across species, races, planets, galaxies, and solar systems. Everyone in the city was fascinated by the discovery of space travel. Including Marlo Daytoria.

    Well into the future, Loren's scientists have figured out that some of the species they have encountered were able to live on earth. They called it the A.S.R. Adaptable Species Research.
    Loren's philosophers hypothesized and claimed many things about the discovery, going back to John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau to enlighten humans about the scenarios of the A.S.R. when human nature is put into play.
    And Loren's famous slam poets inspired and motivated the humans; saying that it was going to be fine. The world isn't going to end. Claiming that unfamiliarity is a huge shock to put this world into chaos but if they all just believe that they are going be fine, the A.S.R is going to be as well.
    Each role calmed millions and sparked many intellectual debates, deep thinkers, and dreamers. Of course, there were going to be a few hotheaded people around the world but the pros triumphed the cons. When every debate and riot had calmed down, a wide variety of races and species traveled to earth for adaptability and research. So far, things have been going great, and nothing is going wrong.

    Marlo Daytoria was inspired by the excellent effort the influentials put through, and he took it upon himself to learn quantum physics and everything there is about it. He has come across a thing called quantum tunneling, which allows a particle to tunnel through a barrier that isn't meant to be impossible by standard physics. He has mastered this technique and made it work for The 360. Quantum tunneling is the main source for 360 travels and every calculation that Daytoria has made for a successful travel had triumphed. He has been doing this method for many years now, and has completely mastered the art of quantum tunneling, making the 360 a huge success.

    Everything has been going great according to the city of Loren and Marlo Daytoria. Not a single thing has gone out of plan. For now.

    ℜ Character Sheet. ℜ

    (A picture of your character. It can be real, anime, drawn, etc.)
    Current Residence:
    It could be in Loren, or a different made up universe that the 360 will travel to. If it is different, just post a description or a picture of what it looks like. The description doesn’t have to be super detailed, but it is much appreciated.)
    General Appearance:
    (If you have a picture, this is optional, if not, please describe your character here.)

    How did you hear about the 360?:
    What is your relationship to the 360?:
    Are you a server? Cook? A mere patron?)
    Room Location:
    (Floor and number.)

    Biggest Fear(s):
    How do you plan to escape the 360?:
    Weapons: (A weapon that makes you immune to mind control/reading isn’t going to work and a weapon cannot contradict your fear.)

    Special Abilities: (Immunity to mind control/reading isn’t going to be a thing around these parts either, and your ability cannot contradict your fear. Let's say that James have a fear of spiders, James cannot kill spiders with a snap of a finger.)
    Other:(Whatever was not mentioned up there goes riiight in here.)

    ♦◊ RULES. ◊♦
    1. Follow all of Iwaku's terms and rules.
    2. No Mary Sues or Gary Stues. You know the drill.
    3. If you don't think you will be able to post for a length of time (Four days or longer), please let me know!~
    4. No God-Modding. The escape of the 360 is supposed to be hard. This cannot be a walk through the park.
    5. Please don't control other people's characters.
    6. By all means, your escape, weapons, or special abilities cannot destroy the 360.
    7. Have fun. If you have any questions, ask me. I'll be happy to answer as thoroughly as possible.

    ♦◊ RULES. ◊♦

    ♦◊ CLARITY. ◊♦
    1. The goal of this RP is to escape the 360 and deal with your fears head on. Kind of like a life lesson, but more morbid.
    2. It is very unlikely that you would escape on the first post. You are sane when you first enter the building, then, as time goes on and more people come in, that's when the fears start to occur. So give it a while before you plan your grand escape.
    3. I'm open to ideas. Hell, I'm very open-minded. If you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know.
    4. You don't have to follow the exact guidelines of how Fear Inducing will go, you can play around a bit. Instead of hallucinations or flashes, you can go with your fears sitting right in front of you while you eat. Be creative.
    5. If there is something I don't like, I will let you know. I'm not a mean GM, not at all, but I want this RP to be the best it can be.
    6.. There will most likely be a little bit of romance between the 360 patrons. If that is the case, fade it to black. Ya nasties.~
    7. There is a chance of Character Death, or, in this case, they go insane. If they end up staying in the 360 due to insanity, they could become quite the important character in the long run. Details to be announced if asked.
    8. When a person enters the 360, they will be just fine and dandy, enjoying life and whatnot. When another person enters, that means the 360 has traveled, so it will drain the previous person's mental sanity. But the person who has just entered will be completely oblivious to Fear Inducing. It's kind of like dominos. But more morbid.

    ♦◊ CLARITY. ◊♦
    To confirm that you have read the rules & clarity, put a "←" in your CS.
    I will and can change the rules & clarity if necessary.
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  2. Oooooo I love this. A few questions before I get to work on a CS: What sorts of species are you looking for? (Humanoid? High fantasy? Creative? etc.) How does the 360's travel between universes work? (Does the entire building move, or what? And how, exactly?) And is Loren located in our universe, or something else?
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  3. I will answer ALL of your questions to my best capability. Thank you for taking interest. Now! Questions and Answers!

    1. The 360 does travel EVERYWHERE, from galaxies to planets in our real life solar system, and even to burnt-out stars. But doing so does come with a price, of course. As this is the case, all species are able to climb aboard the 360. There are no specifics as to who (or what) cannot enter the building.

    2. The entire building travels between universes using quantum tunneling. The analogy with the ball and the hill should do just nicely as to how The 360 travels. It does involve a little bit of math to fix the tunneling problem, but Marlo Daytoria has done his fair share of research to fix any problems that could occur during the process of traveling. (If you have any more scientific questions about quantum tunneling. Don't be afraid to ask me. Kiiind of a physics nerd.)

    3. Loren is located in our universe, specifically planet Earth.

    If I have not satisfied your questions, pleaaase tell me. I don't mind it a bit.~
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  4. So I take it this version of Earth is more technologically advanced? :o Do other, nonhuman species live there? Or is Daytoria just waaayy ahead of his time?
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  5. Oh! Good question! I forgot to add that the Earth is very advanced and is set to a few years in the future. Letting scientists, philosophers, slam poets, and other influential people to come across many new ways of technology. Discovering other species along the way as well, some discovered species were well enough adaptable and capable of moving to Earth, but many chose to stay in their place, which is very convenient for Daytoria.
  6. This sounds like a great roleplay, agh I forgot the question I wanted to ask you though! >_<

    Oh I remember now..

    In history, do we have to explain how they ended up going to 360?
  7. No, you don't have to explain that in history. I think it would be best if you put it under "How did you hear about the 360?" section in the CS. Thanks for taking interest!
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  8. Alright :3 *brings along a friend*

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  9. Wonderful, thanks for the thorough answers! I'll get to work on a CS asap. :3
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  10. Thanks so much guys!~ If I have enough people taking interest, I will immediately start working on a CS. I'll probably get a general idea of a character today.
  11. Oh! Also, because of the questions asked, I'll put up more descriptions about how the 360 works, what the city of Loren is, and how it came to be.
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  12. Hello again!

    Name: Fitsgerald
    Nicknames: Fitz G
    Age: 20 in human years
    Gender: unknown
    Personality: Very sparky and bubbly. They love to tell jokes and serve as a comedian on Mars; their home planet.
    Species: human looking alien thing who knows?
    Current Residence:
    History: ??
    Relationships: ??
    Likes: Human jokes and formal wear
    Dislikes: Boring beings like the schmorgs
    General Appearance:

    How did you hear about the 360?:
    A "fan" of their's suggested it as a great travelling hotel.
    What is your relationship to the 360?:
    Just a guest.
    Room Location:
    Biggest Fear(s): Drowning
    How do you plan to escape the 360?: Calling his spaceship and crashing out.
    Weapons: a hella laser gun
    Special Abilities: Able to breathe in low/no oxygen areas
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  13. Aaaand edited! There are new rules, and a little more to what the patrons of the 360 will be experiencing.
  14. You might need a little more work on your character, unfortunately. It's pretty vague and needs a little change on the escape, weapons, and special abilities. I noticed that you did post this before I posted my rules, and I apologize for the inconvenience. But for now you're going to have to put a little more work into it before I can accept it.

    Use W.E. Hickson. as motivation. "If at first you don't succeed, try try try again."
  15. Oh, sorry. I'll try to work on it by adding more details.
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  16. Thank you! You're the best. Make sure you read the rules as well.~ c;
  17. Name: Stanley Modus
    Nicknames: Stanley usually goes by "Flare." He hates his birth name, so you should call him that too.
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human

    Personality: Flare embodies pride and arrogance. He is impulsive, selfish, and an insistent womanizer. His temper is usually cooler than his hairstyle and nickname would lead you to believe -- actions speak louder than words, after all -- but when you push him too far, usually by using his birth name, he explodes. Destructive behavior, both to himself and other people's property, isn't above him either; in fact he has mild pyromania and often starts playing with fire when anxious or upset. Cut off his powers -- or worse, turn his powers against him -- and a mental breakdown may be imminent.

    Current Residence: Flare's home planet, Mundus, is quite similar to Earth in many ways, but the development of its humans make it stand out. Even though it has an even higher water-to-land ratio than Earth with just two continents, inter-territorial travel is not encouraged, and walking is the dominant method of getting around. This means there are stark varieties of technological and cultural development: one area has tech comparable to our own, while another sits firmly on an economy based around farming. Magic is common on Mundus and thus permeates its culture, setting it far apart from the tech-savvy residents of Loren. A lack of centralized law enforcement throughout the planet also makes some combat training a necessity for anyone who wants to make a name for themselves. Independence from the family as early as possible is encouraged as well, partially because the mortality rate is fairly high. Mundusians typically live by the ideal, "every man for himself."

    History: Flare got his start unleashing hell by joining the Council, a group dedicated to taking out their goddess, known as the Creator, and thereby snatching up her omnipotence and reshaping the universe as they saw fit. He was roped in by his friend and poker buddy Kelkov Aerio during the group's beginnings, when they were most interested in recruiting an army to help them tackle their daunting goal. Flare was more interested in wanton destruction than recruitment, so he often provided the group's muscle and played the "bad cop" side of the Council's more smooth talkers.

    Unfortunately his fun didn't last long: before the Council could really take off, one of their key figures, Emelia Reragon, was killed by the group's major opposition. The dominoes tumbled down after that, eventually leading to the Council's dissolution. Kelkov in particular quit the group in an uncharacteristic burst of anger -- he had loved Emelia and rapidly lost motivation to fight for a cause that even she couldn't carry. Flare's friendship with him has been strained since then, though they still occasionally meet up for a game of cards.

    Flare's trust towards authority figures was never quite the same after that. He'd been so excited about fighting alongside the Council, but they turned out to be spouting nothing but hot air. Well, Flare himself was no slouch, and he moved on to his own pursuits, becoming a household name in the medieval-style monarchy across the continent. He found himself rather attracted to the ruling princess there, and began expressing his feelings the only way he knew how: by trying to burn her castle to the ground and take her home with him. Naturally this hasn't gone down very well, especially since the new royal guards were instated.

    Relationships: Flare's relationships don't extend far past the people he knew from the Council, most of which he can still call his friends. His best friend, who he keeps in regular contact with, is an earth dragon named Addlor. His family kicked him out years ago and he hasn't seem them since, so he has no idea what happened to them. They were always on bad terms.

    Likes: Dominant women, fighting dirty, parties, puns
    Dislikes: His real name, alcohol, tight spaces, the smell of metal

    General Appearance: Flare's most striking feature is his hair. It's styled, of course, to look like fire: spikes of random size that point vaguely upwards, dyed with a haphazard gradient of red at the bottom to yellow at the top. He's got some decent muscle on him and he has a slight underbite, both of which he loves to accentuate it with short sleeves, ripped jeans, and a popped collar. Though he's no weakling when it comes to combat, his dexterity is hurt by the burn scars on his fingers, hands, arms, and feet. Orange eyes and a cocky smirk let everyone know that he does things his own way, and he won't listen to anybody who tells him otherwise.

    How did you hear about the 360?: Since the interplanetary industry is just getting started on Mundus, when news spread about a building that could jump between universes, tons of people were intrigued. News spreads fast on the small world, and Flare thought maybe it was time for a vacation.

    What is your relationship to the 360?: A patron, and happy to be one. Hopefully there'll be some hot babes on this ride, eh?
    Room Location: Floor 3, room 7. He wanted to be as close to the ground as possible, since elevators freak him out. (He takes the stairs.)

    Biggest Fear(s): Claustrophobia, the fear of tight spaces. Flare's bravado dissolves entirely if he feels trapped in a small space, and doing anything to restrict his movement will only make it worse. He can control standing flames (see abilities), but not the heat they give off, so things like electric heaters and stoves -- anything that produces heat he can't control -- will also make him nervous.

    How do you plan to escape the 360?: If he can't fight his way out when the building lands somewhere hospitable, Flare plans to tackle the captain and shut off the whole fear-inducing system. If he can make it that far, of course...

    Weapons: None
    Special Abilities: Pyrokinesis, the ability to generate and control fire. Things like maintaining smaller flames or firing jets of fire from his palms are easy for him, but more powerful maneuvers like creating explosions require time to charge and quickly exhaust him. He has to concentrate to keep from burning himself -- his numerous scars are certainly a testament to that. He can also control fire, bending it to his will with a thought, though he can't put it out on command.

    Other: Hope you like cheesy pickup lines! :D
  18. Accepted! :D
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  19. Agh.

    I will just be observing this roleplay now :< It does look very good though, maybe I'll join later on.
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  20. That's perfectly fine. Hope you join soon.~
    I hope I didn't do anything to scare you off. T^T
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