The Secret of Lexington Hall

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  1. Setting: Salem, Massachusetts, Halloween 1992
    Plot: In the halls of Watson Prep School, there lay a dormitory named Lexington Hall. However, it is haunted by a gruesome and unspeakable past. Not even the administrators discuss what happened on Halloween Night, 1942. But one day, when Terri Farrows becomes a student, she soon discovers the horrible event that occurred on October 31, 1942. It'll take every once of courage that she has to unmask the unspeakable date.

    Terri stepped into her dorm room after a long day of classes. She sat down at a desk to finish an essay for her Civics class due next week. She finished the essay when she looked at the clock and saw it was 7:30 PM. "Oh crud, I'm late for Sara's party!" She changed her kitty sweater and jeans into her Halloween costume. She tucked at bit of her Orange hair as she saw herself in the mirror in her tiger costume. She felt sure that Sara would like her costume and rushed out to another building on the campus for the party.
  2. Outside the west dorm building, Erika tapped her feet impatiently on the stone, her boots making a satisfying clapping that rang into the night. It was rather cold,but the adventurers cloak for her Halloween costume shielded her from the wind. She stood with a great sigh and looked at her phone, "7:55, we're late already." She grumbled, but just as she was about to go up and get her, Terri came nearly running from the dorm entrance and Erika rolled her eyes. "About time dude! Don't you have your phone? I was texting you for like an hour, c'mon let's get over there before they start anything cool" she said excitedly to her friend.
  3. Sara waited at the door for her best friend to arrive. Terri rushed into the house making Sara frustrated. "You could've at least knocked." Sara sighed as her best friend fumbled through the door. She and Terri met when Terri became lost and helped her out. Terri sat down and had some apple cider, her favorite autumn drink. "Hey, can we tell the story of what happened Halloween 1942?" Terri asked from the living room. "Maybe later." Sara said from the kitchen. As Terri sat there sipping her cider, she couldn't help but feel that she wasn't alone.