The Secret Lover

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    Name: Ellie Winters
    History: Ellie has lived in the same town for all her life, she is shy but very sweet and she tends to keep more to herself then to interact with people because since she was small she has been bullied by the schools most popular boy. She is what people would call a nerd.

    Plot:Ellie has been invited to a party by one of her old friends, she had not spoken to Mary for years for Mary had become one of the popular kids and had left Ellie behind, so Ellie was a little surprised but happily accept the invite. What she doesn't know is the the school bully has asked for Mary to invite Ellie to his party for he has a secret. Even though he picks on her endlessly he has been in love with her for a long time. But he has a reputation to consider, he comes from a very rich and powerful family and so can get and do what ever he wants and what he wants is Ellie and so forces Ellie into his bed.

    He knows no one will believe he had harmed her, why would he have to force anyone into his bed? And because his family is so powerful and Ellie is going to school on a scholarship, he uses that to blackmail her into staying in his bed. Once she is in his bed his love just deepens but he still teases her when they are at school and he keeps the relationship secret, at first and so this means he takes every chance to be with her, sneaking around, climbing in and out of windows and what not. Slowly Ellie finds her self falling for him.

    We can discuss this further, work out any kinks so either message me here or P.M me.
  2. Sure, I would be willing to attempt this.
  3. Sweet do you have any questions or just want to jump into this?
  4. Nope. No questions, you described it pretty well.
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