The secret for big naturals

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  1. Dudes and Dudettes,
    In case you haven't noticed there are mainly 4 sorts of boobs:
    1- tiny flat table
    2- medium
    3- big naturals
    4- plastic

    Most of people rather number 3, what's the secret for number 3?
    Some claim genetic, others pure luck.
    Well after little research and lots of theorizing I have come the a conclusion.

    When women gain pounds first place the pounds go - Boobs!
    When women lose pounds first place the pounds leave - Boobs!

    So the secret is:

    Step1 - get in shape, make an healthy eat plan and exercise plan that you can imagine yourself following forever, fast diets to lose weight don't work, cause they aren't diets that you can follow forever, and when you stop your body is in shock and you'll gain weigh even easier.

    Step 2 - You're in shape now, follow your routine till you have nearly no weight variations for like six months and you're happy with your life, food plan and exercise plan.

    Step 3 - grow your breasts! had to your plan a candy bar, once a month, don't work out more to compensate it's just once a month, it's so lil you won't even notice it, keep like that for six months.

    Step 4 - check your pictures you'll realize your boobs are slightly bigger than 6 months ago, if you not happy with that size, replace the candy bar with an ice cream.

    Step 5 - if you want even bigger breasts keep introducing small fat things in low doses in your plan, each time you enter a new item, or replace one item for a fatter one, wait 6 months see the effect and then if you need add more, or remove.

    Step 6 - follow the steps, don't had tons of fat at once or you'll get fat, what you need is to wait those 6 month periods so you body realizes what it shape is, so when it starts gaining weight it sends it to the boobs, then you don't gain weight, just start gaining all those time every six months, so the result should be big naturals.

    This is a theory, please test and give me feed back!
  2. The inquisition approves of this.
  3. Question! Why is a male poster suggesting a boob-enchaning plan to females? This sounds suspicious and non-evidence-based!

    Batman disapproves! Pettanko pride!
  4. Dammit, Razilin, you're a doctor! JUST TELL US IF IT WORKS!
  5. Life needs mystery, Asmo. =D

    Besides, I'm more concerned what makes a nice, rounded ass. (Dedicated ass man here.)
  6. I promote testing this out on Hades himself.... :yeti:
  7. Bicycle commuting and squats. Lots and lots of squats.

  8. I've got pretty big boo- Oh I'm a guy. Nevermind.
  9. Oh yeah, also this is bullshit because it assumes that every woman's body distributes fat in the same way. Sorry Hades, you're going to have to fork over thousands of dollars for those enhancements. :(
  10. AS I said this is a theory!
    I hear all the time that first place you notice you gaining weigh are boobs, so I was thinking about boobs and came up with it, just sharing my thoughts, it may work, it makes sense, I know allot about weight loss and staying in shape or get even fatter, so I compined my knowledge with the boob theory.
  11. Quoted.
  12. I've noticed that goes to the hips not the boobs...Stop focusing on the baby feeding areas, so much, son~
  13. LOL - For one sec there I thought someone was being serious about this!

  14. Now, now, Kitti. Sometimes, women need to take one for the team!
  15. You mean people don't gravitate towards smaller breasts?

    The world is made of stupid.
  16. They don't have the same deep level of love or respect for the loli as you do.