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    Coming to their final year, four students will come together for the wildest rides of their lives. But when one
    of them knows a bit of dirt on another... What will happen? Will the teens find light at the end of the tunnel
    or will there be chaos with what will happen? Only time will allow us to tell what will happen. By the end
    of this year... What will be of the secret? Will the secret be blurted out to the others? Or will there be
    something else that happens to it? What will these interactions lead to? What will become of those who are
    affected by those around them?



    Played by EternalMusic


    :: Name ::
    "Hello there~ Who might you be~? I haven't seen you around before~"
    Sakashima Ryoto

    :: Age ::
    "Well~ I am an adult~ but maybe not~ I guess it comes down to what you believe~"

    :: Sexuality ::
    "Does love need tobe held down by gender~? I d not think it should~ Why should we care~?"

    :: Gender ::
    "Well~ Last time i checked~ I am pretty sure those were male parts~ haha~"


    :: Personality ::
    "Well~ You and me could go have some fun~ What do you say~?"
    A tease and a flirt, Ryoto likes to have a bit of fun with those around him - no matter if they are a good boy or girl. A childish nature with his outer appearance, Eric is everyone's favourite bad boy. Playing the stereotype perfectly one would think he was the embodiment of them without the alternative personality/history.

    Unfortunately he does have that alternative personality and such, although it is a nice personality. Despite his flirtatious attitude and such, Ryoto has a bit more of an innocent nature when it comes to "real" love. Not that his love for others around him isn't "real" but a one on one relationship.

    :: Hobbies ::
    "Well~ I have some~ Maybe you could be one of them as well~"
    ~ Dancing ~
    ~ Flirting ~
    ~ Acting ~
    ~ Drinking Tea ~
    ~ Playing Darts ~

    :: Voice Sample ::
    "Oh-hoho~ You want to hear my deep sexy voice~?"

    ~ Speaking ~

    ((A bit more kind and sexy though~ *winks*))

    ~ Singing ~

    ((I know the lyrics are weird but I love his voice so much~ <3))

    :: Theme Song ::
    "Want to find out what it means~?"

    "See you soon~"


    :: Name ::
    "Ah~ A new person? Well, I extend my hello to you~"
    Sakashima Chihaya

    :: Age ::
    "haha I might not seem that old but I am actually seventeen years old"

    :: Sexuality ::
    "Oh! Uhm... I don't mind if others prefer to date other genders but I....."

    :: Gender ::
    "Pardon? Oh gosh! Well I will say female."


    :: Personality ::
    "Uhm... I have been told that I am like a mouse....?"
    Shy beyond belief most of the time Chihaya likes to hide behind her older brother Ryoto and prefers to not be placed in awkward situations. She likes it when something new and exciting comes up but she likes it when everything is set straight.

    A kind girl though, Chiya can be found in the gardens most of the time and has managed to collect a wide group of animal friends during her times in the garden.

    :: Hobbies ::
    "Well... I have a couple...."
    ~ Gardening ~
    ~ Making tea ~
    ~ Cooking ~
    ~ Time Alone ~

    :: Voice Sample ::
    "Oh! Uhm..... hello~"

    ~ Speaking ~

    "Eh~!? ...... Uhm...... But Ryoto is the singer......"

    ~ Singing ~

    ((The girl in the yellow.... She is at the end of the song~ *feels terrible for forgetting her name*))

    :: Theme Song ::
    "My theme song....... I would like it to be this I guess......"

    "I shall see you soon...."

    Played by growl

    Name: "Takenaka." He pauses, and then adds, "Takenaka Kazune." He holds a hand out to shake.
    Takenaka Kazune

    Age: "Seventeen."

    Sexuality: Kazune considers you for a long moment and speaks slowly. "I'd... be okay with a guy. But I like girls. Anyways, it's none of your business."
    Heterosexual biromantic

    Gender: "...Male."

    Personality: He shrugs and runs a finger around the rim of his glass."That's really for you to decide, isn't it?"
    Kazune is your typical stoic, introspective high school student. He's usually quiet, cool, and calm, although he does open up more to his friends. He thinks before he speaks, but he's more inclined to tell you what you want to hear, not what's really on his mind. However if he thinks it's serious then he is realistic to a fault, as he personally values truth more than emotions.

    Hobbies: He sighs and puts a hand in his hair as if out of habit. "I don't know. Um, spending time with my friends? Listening to music? Reading?"
    - Browsing the internet
    - Searching music websites for new music
    - Hanging out with his friends
    - Reading
    - Journaling

    Appearance: "Brown hair, brown eyes." Kazune touches the lock of hair between his eyes before continuing. "I'm five nine and otherwise average looking."


    Voice Sample: "Tch. Why don't you just record what I say from now on?... Wait, you want me to sing?" His alarm is somewhat comical.

    note from growl: Yoshiki is my bae, but I didn't think his voice really fit Kazune.

    note from growl: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Kazune looks very, very nervous about this. He opens his mouth and-- WOAH why is his voice so high? He looks physically pained, but as he relaxes into the song, his singing noticeably improves.

    Theme Song: "Well there's this song I really like right now, but I don't know if I would call it my theme song."
    Theme Song

    Name: She smiles, but you can tell it's only to be polite. "I'm Nagano Harumi. It's nice to meet you."
    Nagano Harumi

    Age: "I'm seventeen."

    Sexuality: "I only go for guys, if that's what you're asking." Harumi rests her head on her hand, clearly bored.
    Heterosexual heteroromantic

    Gender: She furrows her brows at you. "Is that supposed to be a joke? I'm a girl."

    Personality: "Mmmm... I'm not super-friendly, as you can probably tell, but I'm honest. Like, I won't be fake with you. I've been called bossy, but I call it getting things done. I'm pretty blunt too, now that I think about it."
    Harumi knows what she wants, and she won't hesitate to get it. She acts a bit aloof with everyone, but she's very expressive. She has a bit of a superiority complex, and she doesn't like showing weakness. Harumi often bottles up her negative feelings. She likes showing off her (many) skills, and she has a sarcastic sense of humor. With she's with her friends, she's considerably kinder.

    Hobbies: She rattles these off in rapid succession, raising a finger for every hobby. "Singing, acting, gardening, photography, and playing the piano."
    - Singing
    - Acting
    - Gardening
    - Photography
    - Playing the piano

    Appearance: "I have black hair and I wear red contacts, but my eyes are actually brown. Before you ask, I do need the contacts to see." She adjusts her bangs. "I'm five five and pretty with makeup on." She says this in a matter-of-fact tone, leaving no room for disagreement.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Voice Sample: "What do you want me to do, sing or something? You do want me to sing?" Harumi's eyes widen, but she breaks into a genuine smile.


    note from growl: I haven't even watched Psycho Pass, but it made it in here somehow.

    For some reason, you aren't surprised by the screaming. Harumi looks pleased with herself when she finishes.

    Theme Song: She asks you for a sticky note and a pen. You give these items to her. When she hands back the sticky note, it has a song title and artists written on it.
    Theme Song



    :: Name ::

    Kagachima Ichiyo

    :: Age ::

    :: Gender ::
    "Let's have a look~"

    :: Sexuality ::
    "Well I hold the same idea as Ryoto~ Why should we only be held down by one gender~?"

    :: Personality/Affiliation/ Rumours ::
    "Well I get called the teddy bear~"
    Due to the fact that he is so small and that he is so friendly to everyone always giving them hugs and such. Many people know him and he has spoken to nearly everyone. He is like everyone's personal teddy bear and he is one of the nicest people to talk to. A good friend of Ryoto's many people now him by the Affiliation - Ryoto's friend. Not that he likes it or dislikes it Ichi just prefers if he doesn't have others calling him such things.

    Name: "Oh, hey, I'm Sawuda Isamu. But you can call me Isamu if you want."
    Sawuda Isamu

    Age: "I turned eighteen pretty recently! I'm an adult now." He chuckles to himself.

    Gender: "I'm a guy!" He pouts, and you can't tell if he's actually offended or not.

    Sexuality: Isamu shrugs and says, "girls all the way, man."

    Personality/Affiliation/Rumors: "Oh, I don't know. Shouldn't you be asking other people?"
    Isamu transferred to this school only last year, and joined a group of friends consisting of Takenaka Kazune and a few others. He's refreshingly optimistic and straightforward about what's on his mind. He always has a smile for everyone, but gets irritated easily if he thinks you're being a jerk. There's a rumor that he comes from a ridiculously wealthy family, and more rumors that he transferred from his old school because he was a delinquent student who vandalized and stole. However, there have been no indications that these rumors are true.


    ~ The Building where their classes are held ~
    It is a two story building and once you climb up you make your way to classroom 3B and there is where the classroom is set. The inside of the classroom is a typical japanese classroom found in anime's and just in images in general.
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  2. Stretching his arms up into the air Ryoto sighed with relief as the bell rang loud and clear announcing that the entrance assembly had finished. The students began to slowly come out one by one to start their new lives as high school students or to return from previous years and to go through another and for a few their final. Ryoto grinned as he looked at all the young ladies who were around him and he couldn't help but smirk a little at the way they all seemed so innocent. I wonder how many of them I could play with~ Smirking some more he shook his head at the thought and then looked beside him where his younger sibling trotted beside him a nervous expression upon her face.

    "Quit your worrying Chichi~ It will be fine~"
    Winking at his sister and ruffling her hair a little she gave a small pout as she straightened her straight bangs and then sighed ever so softly and Ryoto just laughed. Chichi is always so cute~ Chuckling some more he then turned a corner and entered one of the many buildings on the campus and made his way up a flight of stairs. Chihaya behind him kept up as she skipped up the steps one by one and they made their way to their classroom.
    "Yo!!! Hey bro!"
    "Hey Ichi~"

    Looking down Ryoto grinned and waved at his friend who charged up to him and ruffled his hair happily. The little boy in front of him grinned and seemed to enjoy the ruffling of the hair and chuckling some more and then watched as he smiled and waved at Chihaya standing beside him.
    "Oh~! Chihaya Chan~ Your here~ Are you in this class as well~?"
    Chuckling as Chihaya gave a small shy nod Ryoto chuckled and made his way into the classroom and his sister followed silently in.
    "OMG!!! Ryoto~!"
    "Yo Ryoto Kun~"
    "Hey you free tomorrow~?"
    "Are you free today~?"

    Chucking at the amount of attention he was getting Ryoto raised a hand and they all fell silent. I can actually do that? Awesome..... Looking at everyone Ryoto grinned happily and then allowed his hand to fall by his side and ran his fingers through his hair and looked at all the females in the room with a sly smirk.
    "Well maybe we can all go and play~ Together~"
    Squealing and the boys yelling protests - about how Ryoto was stealing all the girls - rose and Ryoto just laughed. Out of the corner of his eye Ryoto noticed that his sister had grabbed a seat by the window and he shrugged. He would find a seat soon enough.

    Looking out the window, Chihaya knew that she was going to be moved out of her seat later but she wanted to stay there while she could. It is the best place to see the garden... Smiling down at the garden, Chihaya allowed the smile to spread from her heart to her face and she took a peak up at the male's in the classroom and just her classmates in general. It was always loud when she was in the same class as Ryoto but she could see the amount of which his popularity had grown over the year that they had been here in this school.

    Although she wasn't wanting to be alone for the day or such she wanted to just look outside and enjoy the sun and the streaks that came into the room in which they all had gathered together in. Like a flower.... We all need the sun.... Smiling softly at her thought she jumped slightly when a figure came and pulled up a chair beside her.
    "What 'cha looking at~?"
    Smiling softly at Ichiyo, Chihaya pointed out the window.
    "See the garden over there.....?" As he nodded she smiled softly and then continued to speak, "Thats my garden.... The principal gave it to me..."

    "Oh!!! You were the one who tended to it last year~!!!"
    Nodding her head she giggled softly at the surprised expression that flickered across his face and then shook his head laughing.
    "I should have seen that coming from a mile away~!"
    the two of them giggled and laughed and Chihaya couldn't help but be thankful that Ryoto and Ichiyo became such good friends, if Ryoto had become friends with someone who was just like him. Chihaya didn't know what she would have done, but the fact that Ichiyo is so easy to talk to she couldn't help but feel happy.​
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  3. xxxxHarumi fiddled with the ribbon on her school uniform, although there was nothing wrong with the bow. The uniform felt new and crisp and perfect on her. Everything in this city was new and crisp. There were so many strangers, so many colors and smells and noises that she had only caught flashes of in Shikao. She loved it.
    xxxxWhen her father had told her that they were moving to the big city for his work, he had been hesitant and fidgety, as if there was even a possibility that his daughter (and his only child for that matter) didn't want to leave Shikao. Shikao, where her nose dripped because of her allergy to the local weeds, and where there was nothing to do but wade in the shallow streams down by the bank or go "out" to eat at the same restaurant every other day. Where the popular girls were so bored that they had nothing better to do than make up rumors about their classmates (except one such rumor about Harumi had been more than a rumor). Where everyone knew everyone and therefore they knew everything in just a matter of hours. Harumi knew that the country feel of a town like Shikao might appeal to some, but not to her. She couldn't sing without others listening to criticize her, couldn't take care of her beloved tulips without some brats stomping them into the ground by morning, couldn't take pictures of the scenery without someone calling her a weirdo. Couldn't go to school without feeling the itch of other people's not-so-furtive glances.
    xxxxHarumi didn't try to reminisce any further. She was sitting in a seat by the window, looking out at the grounds. God, would she ever get used to the spaciousness here? She noticed a small but charming garden not far away that looked well-tended to, and she wondered if there was a conservation club or something like it that was took care of it. Behind her, two other students were chatting. Well, if she was going to reach her resolutions, then it was better to start sooner than later. She twisted her body slightly towards them so that she could eavesdrop and have something to add to the conversation.
    xxxx"That's my garden... The principal gave it to me," the girl was saying.
    xxxx"Oh! you were the one who tended to it last year! I should have seen that coming from a mile away!" the boy crowed.
    xxxxHarumi took the opportunity and jumped in, turning in her desk-chair to face them completely. "Wow, really? You're allowed to take care of the garden all by yourself?" she asked as sweetly as possible. The sincerity in her voice was real; she wondered if the principal would let her do that. The boy was bright-eyed and blonde, and the girl was also blonde and had hair that was cut to her shoulders. Harumi felt her smile freeze in place. She recognized the shy smile, the big green eyes, the girl. Ohgodohgodohgodohgod. Calm down! Sakashima hasn't changed at all, and you've changed dramatically, Harumi reminded herself. Her hair had grown out, she had slimmed down, and she wore contacts now. Chihaya Sakashima might not even remember her name.

    xxxxMeanwhile, across the classroom, Kazune was trying to calm the eager yet earnest Sawuda Isamu. "It's the first day of school; we are not inviting the girls to 'check out that new ice cream place on the corner,'" Kazune repeated. Perhaps the most aggravating thing about Isamu was that he was Kazune's only good friend in this class, meaning that they were now best friends by default.
    xxxx"But Kazu!" Isamu threw his arm out and gestured at the span of the room. "There are so many cute girls in this class! Uyeno-chan, Sakashima-chan, Okane-chan, just to name a few. And we even have the new girl! We should at least try to find out her name." Kazune followed Isamu's gaze to a black-haired girl who was, he could admit, rather pretty.
    xxxxHe sighed and ran a hand through his honey brown hair. "If you're so desperate, wouldn't it be better to focus all your energy on one girl instead of the whole class?" He paused, and then added, "Besides, Sakashima Ryoto's in our class as well, in case you've forgotten."
    xxxxIsamu frowned. "Yes, that does complicate things quite a bit..." He bumped Kazune's shoulder with a good-natured smile. "Wouldn't it be great if you got a girlfriend, though?"
    xxxxKazune just barely stopped himself from rolling his eyes. "I don't need female companionship to keep me happy, Isamu-kun. Unlike yourself. I'm probably going to be a terrible wingman."
    xxxxIsamu's eyes lit up. "Does that mean you accept your position as my wingman, and me as yours?" The young man tried to look solemn, like the words he was saying were lines from an ancient high school ritual, but the quirk at the corner of his mouth ruined the effect.
    xxxx"If it'll get you to stop nagging me, then yes," Kazune replied bluntly.
    xxxx"I'll take it!" Isamu thumped Kazune on the back, and the latter nearly fell out of his chair. "Doesn't it feel great to finally be in our third and final year here, Kazu?"
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  4. The two were chatting away about the garden but a voice spoke and interrupted it and the pair looked over at the beautiful black haired girl who had spoken. Smiling shyly at her with a nod at her question and pushed her hair behind her ear and looked at the female. She is very beautiful.... A small thought of familiarity tugged at the back of her head but she ignored the thought. I doubt anyone I know from that old town would be at this school. Opening her mouth to answer her question Chihaya stopped as the bright jumpy Ichiyo kun as he grinned at the girl.

    "Oh! Your the new girl right~? The name is Kagachima Ichiyo~ Call me Ichiyo~"
    "My name is Sakashima Chihaya... You may call me Chihaya..."
    Smiling at the girl Chihaya then looked at the garden and a softer look on her face appeared and she gave a shy look over at the girl.
    "Well the garden wasn't having anyone look after it and since I moved here last year I have been tending to that garden cause no one else was.... Then the principal said that I could have the garden........... I haven't had any others that have seemed to be interested....... in joining the group...... when I placed a banner up.... No one really came who was interested........ they were really only interested in talking.........."

    A sad expression covered her face, flowers needed to be spoken to, to be sung to. But those people who had come that time were not interested in doing anything like that. They only seemed to be interested in one another, which was fine by her but she wanted others to come and tend to the garden. She had noticed though that there were a couple of students that come and stop by the garden once in a while when they could and she didn't really mind. To be honest she was happy that others tended to the garden.

    "Hey~ If you are interested in the garden you should help Chihaya Chan out~!"
    Looking over at the excited Ichiyo, Chihaya looked over at the girl with hope in her eyes. I would love for her to come and help out! I would have someone else to help out! I wonder if I can get those other girls who were caring for the garden as well and have them join the club and we can make it official!? Her eyes sparkled at the thought and her thought process was written all over her face.
    "Haha looks like Chihaya Chan approves of the idea~"

    Blushing Chihaya looked at the ground and twiddled her fingers, her shy attitude hadn't really improved since they had made their way to the city and she was still the shy Chihaya from two years ago.
    ".... Well..... If only she wants to.... I don't want to push her into it......."
    Looking up at the female in front of her from underneath her blonde bangs Chihaya blushed a little and gave a shy smile and blushed a little more embarrassed from what Ichiyo had pointed out before. Oh gosh I hope I don't always have my expressions on my face.... But of course she did, it hasn't changed since she was younger.

    Ryoto of course was still talking to the girls and boys that were surrounding him and he grinned and soaked in the attention and looked down at one of the girls and tilted her chin up and smirked. A squeal rose up as the girls all wished that they could be that one girl and she blushed at the look he gave her.
    "How did you enjoy your holidays my rose~?"
    "... Eh~? Uhm... It was..... amazing............"
    The words seemed to have fallen out of her mouth pulled out by Ryoto's gaze and he smiled and then allowed his hand to fall to his side and he grinned.
    "That is lovely news~"

    The girls fangirled harder and Ryoto chuckled sexily, his voice deep and resonating then the girls that had asked about him being free today made her way forward and she smirked softly.
    "So~ you said you were free~?"
    "Yep~ What do you want to do Uyeno Chan~?"
    The girl flicked her long red hair behind her shoulder and thought for a bit and Ryoto laughed at her reaction.
    "What so you don't have anything planned?"
    "Come on give me a break Sakashima Kun!"

    The girls were now starting to slowly disperse knowing that they wouldn't have any chance of catching Ryoto's attention now that Uyeno Mikasa was here. The pair continued to talk not really caring about the fact that the group had dissolved.
    "So what do you want to do?"
    Turning to face the excited Ichiyo, Ryoto laughed and looked down at him as he jumped excitedly. He noticed that he had basically just jumped up from his conversation with his sibling and another female who he didn't know but quickly he returned to focusing his attention on Ichiyo.
    "What do you say Mika Chan~?"
    "I think that sounds like an awesome idea~"

    "Hey Chihaya Chan~!!!"
    Ryoto allowed Ichiyo to drag him over to his younger sister who looked up at him with her green eyes and tilted her head to the side.
    "What is wrong Ichiyo Kun?"
    "Say~ Let's go for Karaoke~!!!"
    "Eh~!?!?! ME!?!?!?"
    "Come on it will be fun~!! You too~ You should come~!"

    Ryoto looked at the girl who Ichiyo had spoken to and he tilted his head and then knelt in front of her and looked into her eyes.
    "Do I know you from - OUCH!"
    "Stop flirting with every single girl you lay your eyes on!"
    Mikasa huffed and looked at Chihaya and sighed.
    "You should do something about him...."
    "....... I can't........"

    Ichiyo laughed at Chihaya's comment and then looked at the boys who were sitting not too far from them.
    "What about you two? You wanna come?"
    Turning his gaze over to the males who Ichiyo had spoken to this time and he recognised one of them as Sawuda Isamu and Takenaka Kazune. Grinning at the two Ryoto gestured them to come over and he lent onto his sisters desk sitting on the top of it and grinned cheekily at his sister.
    "Yeah come along~ I don't want to be the only guy~ And the ore people the more fun~"

    "What about me!?"
    "You are a stuff toy shush~"
    Laughing at the way that Ichiyo pouted Ryoto ruffled his hair and chuckled some more and then looked at the girl who was sitting on the other side of the desk and gazed into her eyes. Why do i feel like I know her?
    "So what do you two say?"
    Snapping out of his trance Ryoto looked at Mikasa and then looked at the pair waiting to hear their reply.

    "I still don't want to be a stuffed toy...."
    "Oh come on~ Your so cuddly~!!"
    Hugging his friend Ichiyo tried to get of Ryoto's clutches and he grinned at the feeble attempts.
    "Let him go Sakashima Kun."
    ".......... Nii Chan........"
    "Okay okay~"
    Letting go of Ichiyo, Ryoto laughed at the way his hair had messed up.

    ((Sorry~ I just used that last name you gave~ ^^;; And I changed Chihaya's colour to teal and gave Uyeno Mikasa that colour cause it suited her more and teal works with Chihaya Chan~ Sorry won't change it again after this~ And god I think I wrote a lot... Sorry~))
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  5. xxxx"Yes, I'm the new girl," Harumi answered. She nodded as each of them stated their names, and then hesitated. "I'm Nagano." They wouldn't think she was rude for not giving her first name when both of them had, right? After all, she was new here and even if she didn't feel particularly uncomfortable in the unfamiliar environment, they didn't know that. She was just afraid that if she said her full name, it would ring a bell for Sakashima. She listened to Sakashima's story about the gardening group she had tried to form and hmmmmed in sympathy. She was just about to offer to help Sakashima, but Ichiyo beat her to it.
    xxxx"Hey, if you are interested in the garden you should help Chihaya-chan out!" he exclaimed. Harumi felt her lips quirk up as she watched Chihaya murmur shyly, even as her eyes sparkled with hope.
    xxxx"No, no, of course I'll help you," she cut in. "I also love gardening, so I think it would be fun." She smiled at both of them. Suddenly, Ichiyo spun around and shouted something about a karaoke party to some other students. Harumi was a little surprised, but she figured that she would have to get used to it if she was going to be friends with this guy. She turned her head away from the racket and gazed down at Chihaya's garden. Maybe she could even bring in some plants-- some hyacinths around the morning glories would look nice--
    xxxx"You too! You should come!" Harumi startled and turned her head to see Ichiyo, a girl with red hair, and oh god it's the other Sakashima.
    xxxx"Huh?" she said stupidly. Her red eyes darted around frantically to avoid looking at Ryoto, but then he was kneeling in font of her and there was no way to avoid his stare. He started to ask her a question, and she knew she was caught now, but thankfully the redhead flicked the back of Ryoto's head, and she was safe again.
    xxxx"Stop flirting with every single girl you lay your eyes on!" the girl scolded, and Harumi allowed herself to hope that maybe that was all Ryoto had been doing. Just like that, she was surrounded by people. She didn't know half of their names, and all but two of them didn't know hers, and she had been swept up on this karaoke trip when she hadn't even accepted. Harumi had never liked being pushed around. It was just her luck that she had been put in the same class as the two people who knew her old life. And as refreshing as it felt to have people flock around her, she definitely did not want to be Sakashima Ryoto's friend.
    xxxx"Oh, I don't know..." Harumi began. There weren't many plausible excuses that she could think of; it was only their first day, so it's not like any of them had to study for anything. It would probably be fun, and she liked Chihaya and Ichiyo. Maybe if she just avoided Ryoto, she could still enjoy the trip? "Yeah, I think I'll go," she said, even though she wasn't sure anyone was listening. It was more to steel her own nerves anyways.

    xxxxKazune had resigned himself to listening to Isamu's goals for their third year, when someone spoke loud enough to drown his friend out.
    xxxx"What about you two? You wanna come?" Kazune recognized Sakashima Ryoto's friend, what'shisface, Kagachima or something?
    xxxx"What?" he yelped. He blushed and glanced away.
    xxxx"Cool, what are you guys doing?" Isamu smoothly intercepted. The brunet chuckled at Kazune, and the two of them walked to the cluster of people when Ryoto waved them over. Isamu looked at home, but Kazune still felt a little uncomfortable. He had never been one to lounge in the center of a group (as Ryoto was doing). Ryoto's sister, Chihaya, and Uyeno Mikasa were there. The new girl was with them as well, though she looked as unsettled as he felt.
    xxxx"So what do you two say?" Uyeno asked.
    xxxx"We're down with karaoke," Isamu answered, shrugging casually, but Kazune knew him well enough to see how he was radiating happiness. "Are we going after class today then?"
    xxxxKazune laughed quietly at the way Ryoto's friend's hair stuck up in all directions once he was released before a stunning realization crept up on him. Wait... is this my friend group now? It was probably a dream come true for Isamu, and Kazune didn't feel like complaining as long as these people didn't cause him too much pain.
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  6. "You will go~!?!?!? YESH!!!!"
    Chihaya smiled softly at Nagano and then touched the girls hand lightly trying to give her reassurance. reassurance? Why should I be doing that? .... She doesn't look nervous.... Her body more used to acting to the hidden emotions that others didn't show was something that Chihaya had never gotten used to. Despite the fact that she herself didn't understand her subconscious did causing her to do certain things at times. Blushing a little at the sudden touch she quickly took her hand back placing it in her lap and looking downwards.
    "I am so sorry! I d-d-didn't mean to be so r-r-rude!!"

    Looking up at Nagano, Chihaya gave a nervous smile and her face was bright red and she looked downwards again too embarrassed to look up again to face the girl and looked back down.
    "Ah come on Chihaya Chan~ You need to become more confident in yourself."
    Looking up at Mikasa, Chihaya began to calm down and then jumped shocked by the way that she just went and hugged Nagano with one arm and then pulled the two of them up.
    "Come on~! We are going to go and get some songs~!!"

    "We are going to need earplugs when teddy bear here sings~"
    Looking at her brother, Chihaya frowned a little and Ichiyo began to hit Ryoto's arm playfully.
    "Awww~!! Come on~!!! Stop being so mean to meee~!!!"
    "Nah it is way too fun~"
    Sighing softly Chihaya turned her gaze away from the pair. He really is a lost cause... Thinking about her brother she looked back at the two playing away and then turned to the males who Ichiyo had invited.

    "Do you know any good Karaoke bars to go to?"
    She didn't want the pair to feel left out but it seemed as though Ichiyo had planned it all out and jumped onto - Was it... Sawuda Kun? - Sawuda's back and grinned.
    "I HAVE OUR PLACE~!!! LET'S GO~!!!"
    A soft giggle escaped her lips and she looked at Ichiyo with a small shake of amazement.
    "Why are you looking at me like that sweet Chihaya Chan~?"
    "........ no reason~"

    Giggling a little Chihaya looked at Mikasa who shook her head with a laugh and then the two girls looked at Nagano with a smile.
    "Call me Mikasa okay?"
    "Mika Chan~!!!"
    The girls turned to look at Ichiyo who had already packed his bag and then made his way to the door with his bag and such.
    "LET'S GO~!!!!!"
    "Go where exactly Kagachima Kun?"
    Everyone froze and the girls quickly went to their seats pulling Nagano with them and the three sitting in a triangle with Chihaya behind Nagano and Mikasa beside Chihaya. The reason why Mikasa hadn't sat down beside Nagano was because of the fact that Ryoto had sat down there already.

    "Well Kagachima Kun?"
    "Hahahaha.... Hey Ren....."
    "Sit down."
    "Yes sir~"
    Quickly, a blushing Ichiyo sat down in front of Nagano and gave the others a weak smile. Chihaya and Mikasa looked at one another with a laugh and then turned back to look at the teacher.
    "Mornin' Everyone!!! I will be your homeroom teacher! Takami Ren is the name! But you lot can cal me Ren."
    Chihaya looked up at Ren and looked at the others around them, there was some people from their last class who was in Ren's homeroom last year as well. A little sly and a little bit sexy as Chihaya had heard some of the girls call him, but he was a new teacher who had appeared last year and had managed to become one of the most famous - well rather infamous - teachers at their school.

    Everyone quickly snapped back to attention and looked at Ren, he was pointing right at Ryoto and he charged up to her brother. Groaning internally she knew where this was going to go but it seemed as though her brother was smart and moved accordingly.
    "Ren. You are teaching."
    "Ah. You are right."
    Anyone who had been in Ren's class year would have remembered the strange relationship that Ryoto and Ren had. The two should just get along... There is no problem with the two wanting to play sports with one another but in all honesty the two of them are too busy trying to be the "better" man.... Sighing softly and shaking her head she felt Mikasa's gaze on her.

    "Hey...... Do you think Ren is gay?"
    Blinking, Chihaya stared at Mikasa in shock and shook her head quickly.
    "No I don't think so....."
    Staring at Mikasa Chihaya wondered where the thought had come from, but she returned her focus on the class. I hope I don't have to go first with the introductions.... I suck at them.....
    "Don't worry you will be fine."
    Smiling at her Mikasa patted her back and Chihaya threw her a small smile.

    "So~! Let's start with introductions!!! Chihaya you start!!!"
    Looking behind him to stare at his younger sibling Ryoto chuckled softly at her shy state as the chair scraped slowly against the floor as she stood up.
    "Well.... UHm..... My name is Sakashima Chihaya.... Uhm......... It is a pleasure to meet you all....... I...... I hope we can all get along......"
    Rolling his eyes as she quickly sat down and buried her face he looked around the class at the males who all had gotten hit by cupids arrow just then.

    "I will go next~! My name is Uyeno Mikasa~! Nice to meet you all~!!! I hope we can all get along this year and enjoy our time together!!!"
    Staring at the enthusiastic Uyeno, Ryoto smirked a little at the boys who seemed to be shot twice by the arrows.
    "Me next~ The name is Sakashima Ryoto! I hope to get along with each. and. every. single. one. of. you."
    Winking and smirking at the heart strings that were pulled as he sat down he looked pleased with himself. Looking over at Nagano beside him Ryoto motioned to her to get up to introduce herself. But before she could Ichiyo stood up.
    "The name is Kagachima Ichiyo! Let's all get along this year and make amazing memories for our final year!!!"
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  7. xxxxIchiyo seemed to have a talent for drawing smiles out of her. She couldn't help the smile that graced her lips as she observed his enthusiasm in response her acceptance. She felt a warm touch on her hand and looked up in surprise. When her red eyes met Chihaya's green ones, the other girl's face went completely pink. It seemed that Chihaya had unconsciously touched her hand, probably to reassure her. Harumi let a nervous titter slip as Chihaya apologized profusely. She was afraid that her new friend's distress over doing something embarrassing would always be partly her fault, whether she had done anything or not.
    xxxxThankfully, the redheaded girl interrupted before Chihaya could get too worked up. Harumi's eyes widened a little when the girl wrapped an arm around her to pull them up. She didn't have a sister or any siblings for that matter, but this gesture, along with the touch from Chihaya, felt like things a sister would do. Redhead said something about getting songs, and Harumi nodded even though she was a little confused. Get songs? What does she mean? Oh well, she would find out in due time. She wondered if Redhead could sing really well. She wondered if any of them could sing really well; it would be cool to share a talent with some of her new friends. Not to mention she and Chihaya could even be reviving a garden club. Calm down, stop getting overexcited about things, she told herself sternly.
    xxxxKazune and Isamu were bickering amongst themselves. They listened to the conversations taking place between the others, of course, but were content to not contribute. "I'm just saying that coffee is overrated," argued Isamu. "It doesn't even taste good unless you put an ungodly amount of sugar into it."
    xxxxKazune rolled his eyes. "Contrary to what you may believe, your unrelenting drive is an idiosyncrasy in this world. Not all of us can power through the day out of sheer will. Myself and the majority of Japan need the help of caffeine."
    xxxxIsamu sent Kazune an impish grin. "Feeling sassy today, aren't you, Kazu-kun?"
    xxxxA small, effeminate voice interrupted their debate to ask if they knew any good karaoke bars. Kazune had only ever gone to the one by the train station near the school. Coffee shops and local parks were more his forte. Isamu probably knew some. As if on cue, his friend piped up, "Oh yeah, there are a whole bunch in the agh!" Kagachima's head popped up above Isamu's shoulder, his wide grin dazzling Kazune.
    xxxxRedhead introduced herself as Mikasa, and Harumi smiled a close-lipped smile and said, "I'm Nagano Ha-- I'm Nagano. It's nice to meet you, Mikasa." Suddenly they were pulling her to their seats, and she sat reluctantly beside Ryoto while the other girls sat behind her. She sat up in her desk-chair when their homeroom teacher introduced himself. Takami Ren was... attractive. Granted, Ichiyo and the boy with the honey brown hair whose name she hadn't yet learned were cutesy in their own right, and Sakashima Ryoto had always been too hot for his own damn good, but Ren-sensei had a mature and somewhat sexy air about him that was alluring to her.
    xxxxThis imaginary air poofed out of existence as soon as he walked up to Sakashima with his arm flung out, like he was challenging him to a duel. She turned her body and propped her elbow on Chihaya's desk, resting her head in her palm as she suppressed a sigh. First she landed in the same class as the only two people who knew her past, and now she was stuck with a wonky homeroom teacher. Chihaya and Mikasa started talking behind her, and she tilted her head towards them so that they would know she was listening as well. Mikasa asked Chihaya if she thought their teacher was gay. Wait, what? Harumi stared at Mikasa as Chihaya had and was about to ask her why she had asked, when Ren-sensei clapped his hands and said something that Harumi had not been expecting. Introductions?! She'd never had to introduce herself to her class before. Then again, in Shikao she'd had the same 25 classmates since elementary school, and all of them knew each other's names.
    xxxxChihaya and Mikasa went first. Harumi noticed that after they went, all of the boys' eyes seemed to glaze over. Then Sakashima Ryoto went, but this time there were a few squeee!'s from the girls. He sat down and gestured for her to introduce herself next. Uhm, how about no. Ichiyo jumped up when she hesitated and declared himself. Harumi shrank down, knowing she would have to go eventually.
    xxxx"I'm Takenaka Kazune." Kazune stated after Kagachima went. He sat back down, not bothering with the "I hope we get along!" nonsense.
    xxxxAfter shooting Kazune an unimpressed look, Isamu stood. "My name is Sawuda Isamu! Let's all have fun together this year!" Following this amazingly cheesy line was a wink just to further annoy Kazune.
    xxxxThere were a few seconds of silence during which many people turned to look at Nagano, because it was obviously her turn. In these few seconds, a single kid-unfriendly thought ran on repeat through Harumi's head. "I'm new here...." She trailed off, trying to think of other things she could say that would stall the inevitable. But if she hesitated too long, people would think she was weird. Harumi drew herself up, took a deep breath, and rushed on, consequences be damned. "My name is Nagano Harumi. It's nice to meet all of you." She stood long enough to register that all of the boys' faces took on the same stunned expression that had accompanied Chihaya and Mikasa's introductions before she quickly sat back down. Her introduction had been quite curt when compared to everyone else's (with the exception of the boy who she now knew as Takenaka). She would've worried about whether it made a good impression of her classmates or not, but she was preoccupied with thoughts of Chihaya's disappointed face and Ryoto spreading the stories about her all over the school. Worst case scenario, she would be friendless for the rest of the year.
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