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  1. Once upon a time, there was a young maid. She appeared to be like any other maid who occupied the castle. She was pale, poor, and quiet. But she had a secret that she struggled to keep... Until along came a handsome Knight, who she vowed to herself would get to take her from the castle if she could convince him... But would her company be the start to his life, or the end of it?

    Primm (open)

    Name: Primm
    Age: Appears 19
    Height: 5"5
    Weight: 109 lbs.
    Occupation: Maid
    Personality: Primm wears her heart on her sleeve. She always wished she would fall in love with someone who would care for her and love her for who she really is. Despite this wishful thinking, she is down to earth, loving, anxious. She can be seen as serious or sad, but often is simply letting her thoughts wander to places far more beautiful than the inside of the castle. She looks small and weak but is quite frequently underestimated.
    History: TBR.

    Inside the castle
    Dining Hall
    Throne Room
  2. Sir Allister (open)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Name: Sir Allister
    Age: 23
    Height: 6'3
    Occupation: Hedge Knight
    Personality: Headstrong, Kind, Fair, Courageous.
    History: Allister was brought up by a traveling knight, who taught him the ropes of becoming a knight. At the age of 10, Allister was named a page by Sir Alexander the fourth. many years of training has allowed sir Allister to grow in the way of the knight, however before he could complete his training, Sir Alaxander the Fourth was Murdered by a pack of Werewolves. Allister set of to find the pack that has Murdered the closest thing to a family he had to get his revenge. After many long months Allister had found and slain the Pack and had received his revenge, however it was then that he learned revenge means nothing but bringing more sorrow. The day that he walked into the next Kingdom was the day he became a Full Knight by King Lancelot the third. Allister then decided to travel the world protecting the innocent and completing tasks sent to him by the kingdoms to bring about peace.
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  3. Primm shifted silently from her bed, making it neatly before dressing in her 'uniform'. She gazed at herself in the small standing mirror. Her skin was especially pale and her eyes dark. She was thirsty, but wouldn't be able to have anything until her lunch time, which was hours from now. She reached out, brushing her hair up into a thick pony tail, allowing some stray pieces to frame her face. She shifted toward her bedroom door, taking one last look inside the room to ensure everything was clean and tidy.

    Silently and in bare feet, Primm made her way to the Throne Room, where she often met with the King or a messenger of him to be given her daily tasks. The king favored her over all of the other maids in the castle simply because she was young, but the favor never came in a good way. She kept her eyes cast downward as she was taught when she first arrived here in the castle. She approached finally with hesitation, but the King ushered her forward.

    "Come here, my darling," he spoke, slurring slightly through a drink of wine. Primm moved forward toward the base of his throne and he grabbed her by the wrist, causing her to inhale sharply, though the sound was inaudible. He tugged her closer so she stood mere inches from him. She kept her eyes down, and he shifted his hand around her back, resting just above her rear. She said nothing and didn't move, simply waiting for his orders. "You can work outside today in the gardens. It'll be like, a treat, you might call it. Be good, and you might find yourself with another treat later." As he finished speaking, he turned Primm around, patting her rear with his hand to move her forward away from his throne. She quickly stepped away and shuddered to herself. She couldn't stand him, but did as she was told, otherwise she would be out in the streets to die.

    Silently, Primm made her way out into the gardens though she wasn't entirely sure what it was she needed to be doing, so simply wandered about for a while, before coming closer to the main gates of the Castle, where two castle guards stood watch. She ensured to keep out of their sight, and simply watched as common folk and other rich people passed by on the street in front.
  4. Sir Allister walked through the gates of Elvaston Castle where he was requested by the King. As he passed through the garden he saw a beautiful young girl who he bowed his head to and continued walking towards the throne room. "Good day my king what is it that you would like from me?" Allister Spoke firmly kneeling at the foot of the throne. "There has been reports of lesser demons attacking the smaller villages on my land" "i would like for you to set out and rid me of these pests" King Edward replied before taking a sip of his wine. "As you Wish my lord". As Allister turned around to leave the throne, the king said "oh and if you do a good job you might just get paid" laughing the last few words.

    As Allister was leaving the castle he noticed the young girl was watching him as he was leaving to grab his horse to set out on the three day journey. Before he leaves for his journey, Allister heads into town to grab some equipment and food before he sets out to the outskirt villages. As he and Epona move through the market place they pass by a few shops before they come to a place where he could buy some food for Epona and to his luck a place for him to eat was not far from it. A Few hours later he has finished eating and has grabbed all the supplies he needs for the road.

    But just before he leaves he thinks to him self "Just who was that girl at the castle" so he heads back hoping to see her still outside.
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  5. Primm was standing silently behind some flowers and tall trees so she was mostly covered from the view of the guards. She was never told she wasn't allowed this close to the walls, but since she could see outside and talk to passers by, she simply assumed it was forbidden. As her mind was wandering while watching people pass, she saw a tall Knight upon a black horse walk by. He nodded once to her and she took a step towards the fence, wrapping her slender fingers around the wrought iron to watch after him. She saw the Guards open the gate up and allow him entrance, and she followed quietly a little closer through the garden.

    She wondered who he was as she admired his appearance. He was handsome, that was for certain. But surely, he wouldn't give a second though to her. She was merely a maid. A servant girl who had no purpose really. Within moments he disappeared into the castle and returned again to fetch his horse from the courtyard near by, taking his leave easily. Despite the fact she probably wouldn't see him ever again in her entire life, she still hoped one day she would be let free from the life she was chained to and be loved by someone. As Primm day dreamed, a few hours had passed. Not a single person from the castle concerned themselves with her whereabouts or what she was doing just wandering around. It was a nice change for once. Luckily, her skin could stand the sunlight that barely peered through the low ceiling of clouds.

    Eventually, Primm was tired of wandering, and headed back to the wrought iron fence, letting herself kneel in front of it behind some tall flowers. No one would look for her, she knew, at least until nightfall, and so she had a while to people watch and daydream. This was like a special treat, but she knew despite the fact she didn't do anything or have anyone get her in trouble, the King would still "favor" her. She shook her head, looking up suddenly at the sound of hooves against cobblestone. The Knight was seated upon his horse, his shoulders squared. She waited to speak, wondering if he would say anything to her. She was never supposed to speak unless spoken to, and even then she rarely said anything to anybody for fear of angering them.
  6. As Allister went back to the castle hoping to find the young girl, he notice nothing had changed, so he got off his horse and went back to where he had seen her last. He walked up to her and spoke quietly and nervously to her "You are the most beautiful girl i have ever seen, may i ask you name? What are you doing just wondering around out here?" he stared in awe at her beautiful pale face and gorgeous green eyes. With how beautiful the flowers and the warm air was, it brought out her beauty even more. Wondering what she may say he was trying to keep his calm hoping that his nervousness would not show.
  7. Primm took a moment, listening to him speak.

    "You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. May I ask your name? What are you doing just wandering around out here?" he asked.

    She wasn't entirely sure what to say, in all honesty. No one had spoken to her freely this way; only to give orders. She gazed upon his face in silence for a little while longer, looking over each shoulder to make sure no one else was in hearing range of them before speaking.

    "They call me Primm. I was given a treat, I suppose. I usually work inside," she said, her pale green eyes shining. "King Edward said, if I was good I would get another treat... But those treats aren't treats at all, really. I think it's more like Hell."

    The knights horse stood calmly in front of her, and she hesitantly reached her hand out to touch it after she stood. She was short, and the top of her head barely came to the horse's shoulder. The Horse was beautiful and calm, and she pet its nose softly. She wondered what the King had ordered this knight to do. It must have been a simple quest, as he had come and gone so quickly from within the castle. But he had returned before even leaving the city. Why? She was nothing more than a maid. She wasn't important at all, and she was curious. Deciding on asking him a question was risky, but she did anyway.

    "Why did you come back? I saw you enter the gates and leave again."
  8. "A beautiful name to a beautiful young woman. The king can be a real jerk from what I've been told. I'm not really from around here if you haven't guessed that by now. I travel around just looking for jobs so I can one day build my own castle and live freely from demons and other non-humans that have caused great pain and strife in my life. I chose came back because i wanted to talk to you. i saw you out here earlier and you were all i could think about since i left, i just needed to know your name" he replied smiling back at her. He then reaches a hand out towards Epona to pet her "her names Epona by the way in case you were wondering". He stared at her and watched her movements as he spoke to her. "say how did you even become the kings maid? you don't look like someone on such a low class. Where are you from originally?" his Armour clanging as he shifted to get a different view of her whom he almost towered over. "well i must be on my way to get rid of those foul lesser demons. It was nice meeting you Primm i hope to one day see you again." he said as he jumped onto Epona, and putting on his helmet.
  9. Primm listened to his story, surprised he was a Supernatural hunter. She supposed maybe that wasn't his title, but she suddenly felt hesitant. What would he do if he found out...?

    "I'm not allowed to say where it is I'm from. But I was brought here when I was younger. I had no parents and someone found me abandoned in that place," she said. Surely he would leave if she told him anymore. She wondered if she would be able to convince him to come back later that night to take her away. She didn't want to deal with the King anymore.

    "Can I come with you?" she asked, pausing before continuing. "I know a place in the fence I could get out of. I search around whenever the King lets me outside, since no one pays much mind to me. I could meet you there at midnight? The spot is on the East wall, behind the castle near the forests edge. There's a hole there that is covered by plants like how it is right here. I would owe my life to you if you took me with you... I might even be of some help in your quest..."

    She gazed up at him, her head tilted almost all the way back now that he was sitting back on Epona. She had never considered leaving before on her own. She knew she could survive, but staying here allowed her a place to stay and somewhere to be with a job to do. If she had left earlier, she wasn't sure where she would be without someone's help. The sky was beginning to darken, and soon it would be nightfall. She didn't have time to wait for an answer, as she had to head back inside the Castle to face the King.

    "I'm sorry. I have to go. If you decide to bring me with you, I will be outside the East wall at midnight."
  10. "I'm not allowed to say where it is I'm from. But I was brought here when I was younger. I had no parents and someone found me abandoned in that place,""Can I come with you?" "I know a place in the fence I could get out of. I search around whenever the King lets me outside, since no one pays much mind to me. I could meet you there at midnight? The spot is on the East wall, behind the castle near the forests edge. There's a hole there that is covered by plants like how it is right here. I would owe my life to you if you took me with you... I might even be of some help in your quest...""I'm sorry. I have to go. If you decide to bring me with you, I will be outside the East wall at midnight." She said to him. Allister thought about it for a moment and replied back to her "ill be here for you my lady, but what if the king finds out?" "i don't want to cause any problems" all he knew is that something was stopping him from leaving, he just isn't sure what it was that stopped him from just leaving. i took another second and trotted off on Epona to look for the east wall so he knew were he was meeting her and had decided to hide Epona there just in case he got lost and couldn't find his way there again. He had decided to wander the market place till it was midnight where he started wondering back to where he was meeting Primm. it was starting to get a bit cold outside as he walked through the marketplace to get back to where he was meeting Primm. As he walked his heart started beating faster and he was wondering why he was so nervous in the first place as it was the first time he has ever felt this way before.
  11. Primm barely heard his words before disappearing into the courtyard and toward the castle door. The guards at the door barely looked at her as she slipped inside. She ran quickly in her bare feet towards the Throne room, knowing she might be in trouble for being late.

    "Good! You're h-here!" the King belted as Primm entered through the tall arched doorways. He was drunk, she could tell by his stutter. How someone could rule that way, she had no idea. It was always worse like this. Instinctively, her eyes shot to the floor and she slowed down, walking up to the few stairs before his throne, and knelt before him.

    Taken Advantage (open)

    "You think you can disobey m-me! You know the rules around here you little s-slut!" he shouted down at her, moved to stand and while doing so, stumbled forward towards her, spilling his half empty glass of wine over her head and shoulders, staining her dress. Primm inhaled slowly, not letting any emotion go over her expression or eyes, despite she felt nauseous and angry. Taking another long swig of his wine, the King placed the cup down next to his throne and grabbed Primm roughly by the shoulder, tugging her upwards onto her feet, which were stained with dirt and grass from being outside.

    "You know what hap-happens to girls who disobey, don't you?" he asked her, though the question was rhetorical. Primm didn't say a word the entire time, and he turned her around so her back was to him. His eyes then shifted to the guards, who immediately moved and left the area, closing the door behind them. Once the guards were gone, Primm knew she was in trouble. He shoved her forward up the two steps to his throne, and bent her over, lifting the hem of her dress up over her thighs to her waist. Instinctively, Primm shut her eyes and blocked out any and all sensation for the few moments he took advantage of her. Her vision went black and when she awoke it was in her room. She was laying on her bed fully clothed still, though her hair was tangled and her body was sore. She groaned slightly, shifting her eyes to the small clock placed on the dresser. It was 11:50pm. She had ten minutes to be outside.

    Quickly Primm got up, her sore body aching now as she walked into the bathroom nearby, just outside of her room. She ensured no one was around and cleaned herself up a bit, feeling unclean. Heading back into her bedroom, she grabbed a small leather bag from under her bed, filling it with the one other dress she owned, and her brush. She couldn't take anything that didn't belong to her or it would be obvious right away. She wanted them to be unaware of her being gone for as long as she could, assuming the knight returned to take her away. She was lucky, her bedroom was close to the East wall, and the window opened silently from the third floor. It was a bit of a ways down, but there were thick vines along the castle walls and she could easily climb down using them, as she had done before simply to get away from being inside, or to go feed....

    As she made her way down, she kept her ears in tuned with the sounds around her, ensuring no guards were walking by when she landed on the ground below. It would take her only a couple of minutes to escape out of the hole in the wall, and as she moved through the grass towards the wall, the wind picked up. The trees rustled around her and she relaxed a little, knowing it would make it easier for her to move through them without being heard or seen. Finally she reached the hole, and pushed passed the thick brush and flowers that surrounded each side, eventually coming out on the other side, though her dress was now dirtier than it was before.

    She stood up fully, brushing herself off, and noticed something tall standing near by; Epona. Primm smiled, feeling more at ease now than she ever had. She was finally going to escape.
  12. As Allister got closer to the east wall where Epona was hidden waiting for Primm to arrive and as soon as she did he would leave and be on his way to start his quest by the king. However a thought had come across his mind "what if the king notices she is missing? will he blame me from the start? should i take this girl and possibly be the target for the next Knight to kill? or will i get away with it?" these are the questions he pondered to him self. Allister knew the answer to most of these questions but for some reason he was still willing to go through with it even though it could possibly start the end of his life. As he approached the wall where Epona was he could see something or someone else by the wall, it was Primm and as he got closer he noticed that her cloths that she was wearing earlier were in worst shape then before. "Do you have any other clothing to wear? or is that all that you have?" He asked hoping "yes" would not be her answer. Thinking to him self as he saw her "I have made up my mind i will no longer think of what will happen to me, I will take this girl with me on my quest and hope that I will be able to make her happier then she looks." "If you are ready we will set out at once and get as as far out as we can before morning" He said to her while getting on Epona "carefull It's going to be a bumpy ride" he said smiling to her and motioning her to get on
  13. Primm waited and watched into the distance for the knight, hoping he would arrive soon to take her and his horse away. Within a few moments, she saw him approach, and he looked as though to be contemplating something, though by the time he reached her, his expression turned concerned.

    "Do you have any other clothing to wear? Or is that all that you have?" he asked her.

    Primm's eyes shifted downward onto the ground, holding out her leather bag for him to see. "I have one other dress and a hair brush..." she said. That was all she ever had. She arrived to the castle in one dress, which she's had for years. Luckily she didn't grow much, and so the dress still kind of fit her. They gave her, her working dress when she was given her job. She didn't want that dress anymore. It reminded her of too many bad things. Her life was going to start anew. She would make sure of it.

    Her mind was wandering a little when the knights voice interrupted her thoughts, "If you are ready, we will set out at once, and get as far out as we can before morning. Careful, it's going to be a bumpy ride." He smiled down at her and motioned for her to climb up onto the horse's back. She struggled, grabbing his arm with her hand, which was extraordinarily cold. She sat in front of him, her tiny body fitting easily on the horse with him.

    "I'm ready..." she whispered, realizing he never told her his name.
  14. "I'm ready..." she said to him sitting on the horse in front of him. "Heya" he yelled to Epona motioning her to go. They left the castle for the job he was told to do. They rode for several hours before stopping for something to eat and to let the horse take a rest "By the way if you are curious my names Allister.. Sir Allister" He said smiling at her while making the fire to cook food with. "Are you hungry?" he wondered if she was hungry after all that happened and he also wondered if she even ate meat with the figure she had. the air was a bit cold but after the fire was started it began to be a bit warmer. He studied her movements and her face trying to get every detail he could of how she looked so he would never forget her. Allister Thought to him self " i will need to find another source of food soon I only bought enough for three days for one person so what i have will now last half" He stared up at the sky to study the stars "have you ever just stared up at the stars and wondered what is out there besides us? I mean its a silly question but i mean there's us the humans then there's also vampires, werewolves, demons, and angels but do you think there's more out there?" he said to Primm with a mindful of wonder.
  15. Primm listened to Allister, watching him set up the fire and take some food out of wherever it was he kept it, readying it to be cooked. He asked her if she was hungry, and instinctively her eyes shot down as she answered, "No, I'm not hungry. I don't really eat much..."

    She wondered where they were headed to, and how long it would take. Smoke from the fire swirled around them, keeping any bugs away that might be wanting to bother them. Despite the natural insect repellent, the smoke naturally hurt her eyes, which she squinted every now and then to clear. The air around them was cold, but it didn't bother her at all, as her skin was always cool to the touch. She sat on a tree that had fallen onto the side of the pathway they had been riding on. As her mind wandered, Allister spoke again.

    "Have you ever just stared up at the stars and wondered what i out there besides us? I mean, it's a silly question, but I mean, there's us; the humans. Then there's also Vampire, Werewolves, Demons, and angels. But do you think there are more out there?"

    Primm inhaled sharply at his questions, and thought about her answer for a long while. How could she explain in a way that wouldn't make what she was, obvious to him? She didn't want him to slay here right there. And she didn't want to be left alone. She didn't want to lie, but for her own safety, she decided she had to.

    "Well, I know about Vampires and Werewolves. I've never really came in contact with a Demon or Angel, I don't think, or anything else really. I believe in Dragons though, if that helps to answer your question at all," she said, before chewing on the inside of her bottom lip.

    She hoped she hadn't said too much. Or at least as little as she could without raising his curiosity. She decided though that if he inquired, she would answer as honestly as she could without telling him the full truth. A white lie, they called it. Even that kind of lie was bad, but she felt like she had no choice.

    Suddenly, interrupting her worries, her throat began to burn sharply from thirst. She hadn't been able to feed in two nights now. She was used to keeping her thirst controlled around the humans she worked for, though she could have so easily killed them to satisfy the burning ache she felt a lot of the time. Most of the time at night, she would sneak into the hospital ward of the castle and steal blood to drink, but it was old and didn't taste very good compared to warm, fresh blood. Primm inhaled now slowly through her nose, allowing herself to track any nearby animals, other than Epona. She wouldn't hurt the horse, she liked it too much. Animals were the easiest to kill because their death could be blamed simply on another animal or a human hunter. She always preyed on animals of different types in different areas so not to leave a pattern, when she did allow herself to hunt without hesitation.

    "What do you think of Supernaturals, anyhow?" she finally asked, unsure how she felt about his coming response.
  16. "No, I'm not hungry. I don't really eat much..." she replied to him and he guessed that's what she was use to so he didn't ask her again. "Well, I know about Vampires and Werewolves. I've never really came in contact with a Demon or Angel, I don't think, or anything else really. I believe in Dragons though, if that helps to answer your question at all," she said answering his question. "I've only read about Dragons in my life i really wish i could see one though" "What do you think of Supernaturals, anyhow?" she curiously asked him, Still looking up to the sky he replied"well you see, I've had nothing but bad experiences with them so in my opinion I despise them to be honest they just kill the innocent... sometimes i think kings could be supernaturals too" he said with a smirk. "I understand that they might have families like us humans but there aren't to many similarities and they just end up causing harm" as he was answering her Question he remembered all that had happened in his life before and after becoming a knight. "I'm sorry if I am being a bit bothersome its just all they have done is hurt and i have not found anyother emotion for them maybe one day things might change but for now im not sure"
  17. "But don't you think they are just trying to survive like you? I understand that you might have had bad experiences, but haven't you ever had a good one? Or even a good thought about one?" she asked, feeling slightly hurt that he would simply assume all supernaturals were bad and out to kill. She couldn't really blame him though for feeling that way. Her race and other races weren't really doing things to give themselves a better reputation as it was.

    Primm sighed, twining her fingers into the tears of her dress after placing her hands in her lap. She enjoyed the heat of the fire, and even though Allister was cooking food for himself, it did smell good. She was trying to keep her mind of her thirst as well, which most of the time was fairly easily done when she had a task. But now, she had nothing to do but be free and tag along with Allister on his quests. She thought again about how long the quest might be. Thinking of this, she realized that eventually Allister would have to go back to the castle to inform King Edward of it's completion. Maybe he could get someone to write a letter instead? But then he wouldn't be paid. Although she doubted the King would pay him in the first place. He was a greedy bastard.

    "Tell me more about your past. How did you become a Knight? What kinds of things happened to make you have such a hatred for non-humans?"
  18. "unfortunately I have not. and i do understand that not all are the same but from what i have seen it just seems that way." He replied to her while taking a bite of his food. While staring at her trying to figure out her thoughts and why she would defend them. "Tell me more about your past. How did you become a Knight? What kinds of things happened to make you have such a hatred for non-humans?" " when i was a young boy about 5 or 6 i was a poor boy with no family until this knight came wondering through the town that i was living in at the time. His name was Sir Alexander the Fourth. He saw me and asked me my name, I told him my name while asking for money or food. He asked if i wanted to learn to be a knight and i was so excited, not just to be a knight but because someone was paying me head. We traveled together for years till i was about 16 where I was almost a full knight under him, till that one fateful night. A pack of Werewolves came rampaging through a near by town we were out side so being the brave knight that he was he went in to save people how ever he never came out. When all the commotion was done I went in to find him, however all i found was his dead body instead it was horrifying as that was the first time I saw non-humans. I vowed to my self that I would get my revenge. I was 18 when I thought I was strong enough to join a pack of Were hunters and we hunted the very pack that had killed him. We had slain them all to stop them from destroying any more villages." He said to her remembering his past of dread. " I was name a Full knight after that. I decided to become a wondering Knight because you see I don't really have a home at all, which is why i travel between towns and do odd jobs for kings. The next incident was when i went to another town for rest when it was attacked by demons. First thing it was quiet then all of a sudden I heard screaming and saw people running. What did I do? I faced those demons. Unfortunately i didn't get out of it without any marks, i ended up getting scars from it." Takes of his Armour as he is talking "here on my chest is one and my right shoulder is the other"
  19. Primm listened to Allister talk for a while. His story was sad and she felt bad for him. He seemed to have had a rough childhood. His capabilities shocked her though. The fact he took on an entire pack of Lycans startled her into realizing that he could kill her at any moment if he found out. He would find out eventually if he planned to keep her around the entire time, though.

    "I'm really sorry those things happened to you. And I'm sorry for the loss of Alexander," she said, sounding sincere.

    She knew the death of Allister's friend was many years ago, but still said sorry nonetheless. Over the years in the castle she had met many people who had been killed in battle or for some other reason. It was sad, especially because she was to live a long time. She would watch the people she loved grow old and die. And new people would come along and the cycle would repeat. Very rarely did she come across any other Supernatural being around the castle. There was a lycan boy she befriended once when she was a little younger, but he was put to death after being found out. She would never forget him, despite he was gone.

    Primm sighed slightly, though the need to breathe was unnecessary. Her heart didn't beat and the venom that was now in her veins didn't run through anymore. The only time the venom would ever run, would be if she were to change someone. She's never done it, and never really thought much about it. She barely remembered what it was like when she was changed, but she knew it was painful. The pain was crippling, but if she thought past the pain, it was pleasurable, but only after the pain ebbed enough for her to focus.

    Primm shook her head slightly, shaking the faint memory from her mind, and while she did, Allister showed her his scars. He easily lifted the heavy armor off of his body to expose his bare chest. Her bright green eyes averted themselves a little before noticing how big the scars were. He has another along his arm that resembled scratch marks. He was handsome, and oddly, the scars added to it. Maybe because it added depth to him; showed he was something more than just a simple Knight. She tore her eyes from his body and shifted slightly, the fire now dulling itself a bit after burning for quite a while. Instead, she looked at his face, locking her eyes with his, wondering what he was thinking about after he finished speaking.
  20. "I'm sorry if any of what i said bothered you.. You see you are the first person i have really told my story to. I'm glad i brought you along you make me feel a bit happier then I have been in a long time i actually don't remember when was the last time." he sat there thinking for a moment. "well if you are ready we can head out again or we can rest for the night." he started thinking about what he is to do if danger had hit them while she is with him, the last thing he wants is for her to get hurt. Before she answered his question he put his amour back on and pack up everything but the bedroll just in case they stayed the night where they were. he started looking around to make sure it was just them.He made sure Epona was rested and had enough to eat and drink. He started thinking to himself about how everything was going to work out as far as him having to talk to the king when they return. If she truly does not want to go back to the king he will have to either not get paid or risk being found out about her leaving with him. He thought about how her life could have been, from just looking at her he could tell the king was very unpleasant in every shape and form.
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