The Second Wind of Heroes

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  1. It... is over.

    We had won. But lost so much.

    Hundreds, perhaps thousands, had died. All to set this wrong right.

    After the death of Queen Catherine, the short-lived queen of Kingdom of Empora, a strange man by the name of Kaganax Deconia seized the throne in Beval. Unknown before then, but powerful and charismatic beyond the imagining of anyone, he proclaimed a new time of unity of Empora.

    That pretty much meant war. As long as the cities around Empora paid tribute and accepted the authority of the Emporean Crown, all was usually fine. Not in the time of Kaganax. Armies were sent to pacify and control the cities. Most were very successful.

    Except in Lorezen. The closest city to Beval, it was extremely unlikely that a small trading city almost within coughing distance of Beval would hold its ground against Kaganax's show of force.

    That was what the militia of Lorezen thought. However, a young man, with shining blue hair and innocent yet resolute eyes would argue otherwise.

    "We fight for right. Might cannot make right when it is steeped in wrong!"

    Gladius was his name. The last stand by the militia of Lorezen, under his command, turned into their own victory. He was the first to stand against Kaganax and win. The Rebellion was born that day. Even though they could not hold onto Lorezen, the belief that right could triumph over might kept the Rebellion alive throughout the best and the worst.

    Though many triumphs and failures chronicle Gladius's struggle against the tyrant-king Kaganax, the Rebellion would soon find many great names at their side. Heroes, like Viscountess Ash Malrena, Nagimatsu Mitsuba, Isabela Sandiego, Ramza Pavel, Damocles Eleison and even Princess Lucrecia herself would fight against Kaganax. It was a time for them. A Time of Heroes.

    But now, it is over. Gladius is dead. So is Kaganax.

    The four Guilds, the leading powers in Beval and the kingdom, threw their weight behind Princess Lucrecia one-by-one as the Rebellion came to a closing end, the royal blood the Rebellion championed as the true queen of Empora. The Fighter's Guild, the Mage's Guild, the Healer's Guild and the Rogue's Guild, alongside the surviving heroes of the Rebellion, would crown her Queen Lucrecia I the Great.

    The Golden Age of Empora would begin. But that is not the title of the story. A new evil would rise over Empora. Or old evils could find their way to relevance.

    The Rebellion was two years ago.

    It was the time for new heroes to make their mark on history.

    This is....

    The Second Wind of Heroes


    Two years after the Rebellion saved the kingdom, adventurers will make their mark upon the world. Even as the Rebellion ended, problems still exist. Some of Kaganax's underlings and lieutenants still exist, plotting their return or simply evading justice. As much as they take centre stage, it will cede someday. To someone else, or something.

    We are here to save the day. We will do our part for fame, money and glory.

    We can be just about anyone despite being no one, within reason of power and fame. Just not sparkling vampires.

    Will you stand with us, for glory of the Kingdom of Empora? For The Second Wind of Heroes?

    (This will be High Beta. Proper grammar is beloved by Ontos. Also, consider character development of your character to be important as well.)

    In addition, there's a... level system in this RP. Imagine a generic JRPG level system. For example:

    1 - 3 : Someone with zero combat skill.
    4 - 7 : Basic training in combat.
    8 - 12: Some skill in combat. (We will be around this level at the start of the RP. Levelling up is to be done with approval by me and hopefully everyone else.)


    58-63: Very, very skilled. The guildmasters of the four guilds are around these levels, and some of the veterans of the Rebellion as well.
    64-70: Extremely skilled. Could take out armies of Lvl 12-20 people when working together. The Heroes of the Rebellion are around these level.
    71-80: Supernaturally skilled. Even the Heroes of the Rebellion will NOT mess with these folks, even when the numbers are on the side.
    80-90: Almost godlike. No one within this level range has any interest in the politics of Empora.
    91-100: Pure gods.

    Any clarifications needed, just ask!

  2. I am interested in this! -squints eyes a little more- but the font is so small >w< It's kind of hard to read...
  3. Lol okay I'll edit that. And thanks.
  4. Just to clarify somethings :

    1) Is the plot fighting against the new evil forces?
    2) This is going to basically have Rp fighting too right?
  5. Yes, and yes. :)
  6. Then count me in Sir! I shall do some kick ass fighting D< *runs around all excited*
  7. I'm interested. ^^ Where's the form?
  8. Ask that again bro. Restate it..
  9. I'm asking if you're going to put a form for us to fill out. What are the requirements? Powers, appearance?
  10. Oh yeah. Totally. That'll be up tomorrow....well actually today, but later today.
  11. I am so interested! *waits for form anxiously*
  12. Character sheet:

    Level: (8-12)
    Race: (if non-human, kindly describe any abilities the race has innate to them. If also, any cultural or political aspects they have.)


    Personality: (if you wish)

    Fame: (if any. Not 'History', but anything the character is known for, even if he/she/it is not famous or well-known.)

    Bonus points if your character accurately reflects any of the Major Arcana in Tarot. Well, bonus points mean nothing, really. Just kudos from me.