The Second Land

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    As decreed by the Lord, Ib Dhas'aad En,

    the first world handed down to him by his mother, the Sky and his father, the Sun,
    shall be left to it's own devices!
    To never receive aid!
    To be left to wallow in it's own darkness!
    The lord, Ib Dhas'aad En shall create a new world!
    The second world! Dhelir Datohya, shall be home to the purest of beings!
    So has it been said. So has it been written.

    "So I need you to pretend to be my fiancee at the reunion and then later on that night I need you to pretend to be my sister so I can relate to my boss about having an overbearing older sister."

    Sometimes Candace couldn't believe the things that came out of her clients' mouths. Pretend to be the fiancee at a function that's less than five miles away from the employer-employee outing? Honestly. This was ridiculous. But...It would be hilarious to witness the shit storm that erupted after someone saw them at both parties.

    "Alright." The woman agreed and the dorky looking man in front of her grinned wildly and thanked her about a thousand times before signing the contract, giving her quite a few about him and even some videos of him when he was a child. "Wow." She said dryly, gesturing at the heinous stack of notes and flash drive that was probably filled with home videos. "You're really going the extra mile."
    Usually she just spent a few weeks getting to know her clients, reading notes and watching videos wasn't really her thing. But, the double tasks was going to bring in a lot of money, so she didn't mind spending a few hours going through his life story. Maybe she'd go and get some popcorn from the--

    Suddenly she wasn't standing in her office anymore and her goofy client was nowhere to be seen. "Mr. Logan?" She called out, whirling around and trying to figure out where she was. But all she could gather was that she was in some sort of ancient village. There was a massive wooden statue depicting a young--and kind of hot--man with broad wings, extending his hands as if he were reaching towards her.

    "Where the hell am I?" She demanded, but she received no answer. How could she have--How could she have just appeared here? There were no warnings! No sounds! She didn't even blink or fall over and hit her head on something! She was just. Here.
    But where was here?
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  2. Aðalbjörn looked out the window and pouted. Why did he have to take this stupid test, anyway? He absolutely hated history, and frankly, he couldn't see the reason as to why they had to learn the names of some stupid roman emperors and 'how they each contributed to the evolution of Rome". He thought that last sentence in a dumb, snarky voice, because it was the question staring up at him from the paper on his desk. There really was no way for him to answer this, and so, he came up with a last resort... "God, I know that I'm not the most religious person... Okay, I'm not religious at all, but if you exist, then please, hear my prayer and grant it. I want to be anywhere, and I mean ANYWHERE except for here!" No reply. He laughed a bit to himself, and wondered if he had gone crazy for actually thinking that he would somehow be magically whisked away from having to write the test for a while. He ruffled his blond hair, trying to scratch a solution out of his brain but it didn't work. So, instead, he lay his head down on the desk to rest.

    Suddenly, he hit his head on something hard, like pavement. Shocked, he pulled himself up with his arms. He realized he wasn't sitting in his chair at schol anymore. Instead, he was standing on all fours in a place he'd never seen before. He stood up, patted some dirt of his clothes and looked ahead of himself, where he saw a wooden statue depicting a man with a ridiculously toned body. Björn could feel the blood rushing to his head, and so he turned around and covered his face with his hands to disguise the fact that it looked like a sunripe tomato. Slowly, he turned his head back, and separated his fingers to look at the statue again. His heart now began throbbing like crazy, but he could also see that the man had wings, which he found strange. Was it, perhaps, a statue of the angel that had heard his wish and whisked him away from that horrible place?! As Björn looked around to further investigate his surroundings, he noticed a woman. He shrieked slightly, panicking while wondering if she had seen the strange behaviour of his.

    "What is this place!? Who are you!?" He screamed in icelandic.
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  3. "Blergh, sometimes I can't believe what they serve us in this place..."

    Fredrica smiled as her friend slowly lifted up her spoon only to let the contents drip back down into her bowl. Today, the school cafeteria was serving a questionable beef stew of a monotonous brown colour. She herself had chosen the vegetarian option, lasagna verde, and happily took another bite. It was a mystery to her why others didn't choose the vegetarian alternative more often, as if they thought it was unetical not to eat meat, when in truth, it was often more delicious.

    The group of friends left the cafeteria as lunch was over and classes were starting soon, some of them still hungering after not eating at all.

    "Ugh, now we have to go all the way up to the third floor of the science building to have chemistry with that awful Kerstin... I mean, I don't understand why the school's keeping her around, she can't even talk properly."

    The others laughed

    "I always have trouble staying awake during her class. Last time she tried to show us a video, but it took 20 minutes for her to get it to work."

    The other friends looked a bit shocked at Fredrica.

    "Oh yeah, I keep forgetting she's the only teacher we have you can't stand. Otherwise you don't seem to mind much when they're being annoying."

    Fredrica shrugged
    "I don't know, maybe I just don't have very high expectations."

    As the group walked past the big oak tree in the middle of the school yard connecting all the different buildings, Fredrica felt a strong wind. Her hair blew up in her face, and obscured her vision. When it died out, she noticed that her surroundings were unfamiliar. She looked around, and nothing was the same. She could see some people standing not too far from her, but they were not her friends, they didn't even go to her school. All she could do was stand still with her lips slightly ajar, not understanding what was happening.
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  4. Yasmine's foot stomped down hard on the floor of the dance studio. Loud music was playing in the speakers, but she was the only one there. The mirrors on the walls reflected her lone silhouette as her body moved across the room, temperamentally but controlled. Right now she was exceptionally mad, and so she was dancing a flamenco to vent her anger. She had been in an argument with her mother, who had told her off for not showing up at the birthday party of a distant cousin. Yasmine had an important recital that day and couldn't come, not that she told her mother, but even if she didn't she saw no reason to go. Her mother thought it was important to socialize, but Yasmine argued that she wanted her to go out more, yet stay inside and study at the same time, which was impossible. Then her mother had shouted that anything was better than going around the streets acting promiscuous, after which Yasmine stormed out the house. Thinking about it over and over raised her pulse again, contributed by the music which was starting to pick up in speed. Beads of sweat were forming all over her body as she went faster with each determined step. She closed her eyes, and let her arms move to the rhythm of the song. Around and around, faster and faster, but suddenly, as the dance was about to reach its climax, it ground to a sudden halt. Yasmine didn't notice that she wasn't in the dance studio anymore, and before she knew what was going on, she hit her head hard on a wooden statue, and passed out on the ground.
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  5. Marco Morales
    "No,no,no your not getting the POINT!"
    "We should worry about our price to pay if this gets out to our neighbors? Especially El Norte? They'll get furious and stop rendering our foreign aid!"
    "Why not just tell our 'friends' of El Norte to just screw off? It's not their business."
    And to think this is all over cheese.
    It was two days ago, when the government decided to use cheese as contraband for a certain hostage situation by a serial-killer, known as the 'cheese man', he a weird guy who, as the name states, brutally murder people with blocks of cheese, I don't know how he does it. In order to save 26 people, we had to give the killer inside a ton of cheese or he would kill the cheese, instead of using our police force, like normal people would, we decided to give the man his cheese, and he ran off, rich, causing the stir we currently have at out hands. Marco turned on his iphone and propped out a can of Mountain dew whist in the chaos, he watched as the papers flew and the people screamed, and merely put his feet upon the table he was sitting at, playing Angry Birds. El Presidente wasn't in the room to silence everybody, apparently he was on a coffee break or something like that. Anyways it didn't matter, what DID matter was when he could have a chance to speak, which seemed like forever.
    He took another sip of his drink.
    then suddenly...
    ...this beautiful senator came up to hi and sat in a chair next to him and crossed her arms. "I don't see why they're fighting about, I hope you know that
    El Norte knows about that crap, they got satellites." Marco smiled and looked at her "Now I am glad SOMEONE knows that!" he looks at the woman, put away his phone, and scratched his head "Uhh, what's your name anyways?" she smiled. "Irene Sauce, Senator Irene Sauce." Marco put his hand on his chin, giving great thought before answering. "Irene Sauce, that is a strange're not like most of the senators here, most of them are old and, frankly, quite ugly." Irene giggled. "Yes it is a strange name, you should see the reactions of the people up in El Norte! Some of those people are very strange...and pretty funny! Oh and I got into politics at a young age."
    "¡De ninguna manera! ¡Yo también!You've been to El Norte before?"
    "Once or twice, its such a beautiful place you know, given you dont go to Los Angeles, that place is mean. ¿y tú?" she said as she tilted her head to the right. Marco got up from the seat.
    ", I have been there before. A place called New York, had to do an 'interview'. They are not very nice people up there, they think us mexicanos steal all of their jobs! Que lata! I say to them,
    ...say... you want to get out of here? go for some food? I know a good place!"

    she nodded. "Sure, that sounds like a good idea!"
    they sneaked out of the room and the building all together, jumped into Marco's amazing sports car, and drove off, leaving nothing but a trail of dust and a couple of love-struck mexicans. Marco gave a brief turn of his head to see her beautiful face once more.
    And he crashed...into a wooden wall.
    All of a sudden, Marco was not in his car, nor I the police precinct, in fact, it looked like he wasn't in Mexico city at all he peered over the side of the wall to see the rest of what 'twas happening. He saw two lovely ladies and a man. very young-looking in age. in front of what looked like a super-model with wings He turned his back again to the wall. and took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes as he cannot believe what he is seeing.

    "No bueno! Where am I?" Marco said, rubbing my head while taking a seat on the grassleanng p against the wood wall he just banged his head in.
    he started thinking.
    maybe it is a village of some sort, i don't know, whatever it is...
    its weird!

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  6. Candace whipped around when someone screamed something unintelligible at her. Her eyes widened when she saw the boy behind her. He definitely wasn't there before! Was he the one who brought her here? But...He didn't look like some crazed magician monster thing that could whisk people away to the middle of nowhere. He looked just as freaked out as her. But what was he saying? What language was that? How was she supposed to communicate with him?!

    She held out her hands and tried to make herself look as non threatening as possible. "Um, English? Do you speak English?" She called out but her voice soon turned into a scream when another person appeared. This time a girl with a girl with light blonde hair. "What is going on-n!" Candace wailed as another girl appeared, hit her head on the statue and fell to the ground.

    "Oh my god! Oh my god!" Candace shrieked rushing towards the unconscious girl. "Are you okay? Holy shit, of course you're not okay you just got knocked the fuck out!" The older woman cried answering her own panicked questions. Candace knew CPR and how to administer basic first aid, but what the hell was she supposed to do with someone who hit their head?

    Okay, okay. Calm down Candace. Basic first aid, think think! Check her pulse. Breathing. Stabilize the head and neck. As she did that Candace looked back at the boy and the girl, being very careful to not move her hands, and called out again. Maybe the girl knew some English. "Do you have an ice pack or something? If her head injury swells she'll need to apply an ice pack!"
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  7. Björn notice that the woman in front of him had no idea what he was saying. But she spoke english, which was one of his best subjects at school! "I, uh, talk english!" If only his nerves didn't keep him from forming sentences in his mind... Suddenly, a blonde girl appeared, standing completely still. Shortly after her followed a girl with long, black hair, who hit her head on the statue and fainted. He ran up to her together with the other woman to see if she was okay. It seemed like she was breathing and her heart rate was fine, but the damage to her head could be pretty bad. After all, her crash had produced quite a loud baning sound. The woman spoke some more, but it appeared as if her words were directed to the girl standing in the back, not him. Perhaps his initial reaction made her doubt his linguistic skills. "Oh, I know where to get ice!" He said and was about to turn around and run to the nurse's office, before realizing that there was no nurse's office. He could try and look around in some of these houses, but he didn't have any clue where to start...
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  8. Fredrica was choking on her own words. The confusion of not knowing where she was combined with the horrific event that unfolded in front of her made her panic. A woman speaking english was talking to her, asking for help. "I... I..." Was all she managed to stutter. Her eyes were also starting to tear up. Why did she have to be so weak at a crucial time like this!? She clenched her fists, and went up to the gathering of people around the statue. She cupped the head of the fainted girl with her hand, and at least it didn't feel swollen. "I'm sorry, I don't have any ice, and I doubt we'll be able to find any here. Luckily it doesn't seem that bad. We should just keep checking on her to see if it gets worse, but otherwise, she'll probably be fine." Fredrica tried her hardest to act mature and calm, but a sliver of nervousness probably slipped through her speech.
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  9. Yasmine could hear some people speaking english around her, but she couldn't see anything. They sounded friendly though, so at least it didn't seem like she was in any harm. Finally, her eyelids started to separate, and she could distinguish three characters looking worriedly at her. She raised her arm to touch her forehead, but when she made contact, she quickly pulled it back as it stung quite fiercely. She tried to feel around it again, and this time, it didn't hurt as bad. Slowly, she heaved her body up into a sitting position, rubbing her head. She could now see that she was no longer in the dance studio. What had happened after she passed out? Or rather, why did she pass out in the first place?

    "Don't worry about me, I'm fine. But who are you people? And what is this place?"
  10. Such a lovely day. Just sitting in his small home, practicing on his piano, playing a lovely song. He felt like he was purely content with his life. America is a wonderful place, even if it's government was a little crazy. Or a lot. But no matter, he wasn't one to get into politics. Just listen to his own music, watch the notes, his the keys, sway a little with a smile- He shut his eyes for a moment, playing by memory. That was, until he suddenly fell out of his bench and the keys disappeared. After dropping on his back and opening his eyes, he realized he wasn't in his house anymore. He stood up, and brushed himself off. Luckily, he had his long coat and boots on.

    He looked around. Oh boy, this was most definitely not like anything he'd ever seen. In fact, he looked up to see... what seemed like the back of a wooden man with wings. Slowly, he went around it, silent, until finding a group of people, standing. They were all different, and he was pretty sure none of them were the same race. Nor did they look to be like locals.

    "Excuse me..." He interrupted in his very slight southeast asian accent. "None of you are from here, are you?"
  11. Relieved that the woman was alive and somewhat well, Candace released her and stood up quickly. A bubble of nervous laughter burst out of her when the questions that was probably running around everyone's mind, was asked. "I don't know. I was hoping one of you would know." She sighed, rubbing her hands down her face. When another person appeared, Candace didn't even scream this time. She was already used to the spontaneous appearances.

    "No, I'm not from here. I don't think any of us are. One minute I was dealing with a client in my office and the next minute I was just..." She waved her hands around to gesture at their surroundings. "here." Turning around, she spotted a man sitting on a wall near them. She frowned not sure if she should approach him. Was he the one who had abducted them?

    "Hey!" She called hoping she sounded at least slightly intimidating. "Who are you?" She called, and made a sort of 'come here' gesture. Although maybe that wasn't very smart. If he was the one who had brought them to this place, he might be insane or worse.
  12. The man had the nerve to look around the place. It was foreign, but amazed him. It was very interesting to him, as he began to examine the area, paying little mind to the rest of the people around him who seemed to be in a similar situation as his. It was impossible, really. Just swept from his spot and ten to another- no warning, no great dark and ominous clouds, no smoke, he didn't even pass out. He was just- here.

    And the statue in particular also interested him, though he tried not to look at it for two long to avoid gaining a blush. Some sort of god, possibly. Body of a (exemplary) human, with foreign clothes and animalistic features. Looked like a god to him.

    But putting it away in his mind, he turned back to the other individuals, quietly waiting for something good to happen. Maybe he'd wake up?
  13. Marco Morales
    Whilst in the middle of his thinking and the constant rubbing of his head, he was rudely interrupted by one of the women who was recently over by the statue
    "Hey!" She called, in a shy yet demanding voice, like a mouse trying to play the role of a cat. "Who are you?" She called, and made a sort of 'come here' gesture. Marco stopped rubbing his head and instead replaced it with a cool wipe of his forehead. He got up, brushed himself off, and gave the strange woman a smolder before talking. "Me? I am merely a Mexican senator, which it appears I am not in...Caribbean vacation I suppose?" He chuckled and looked at the beautiful horizon facing away from the village, he took it all in and exhaled emotionally before talking again. "I am going to take a guess that, since this is not America either, supposing I guess right as to where you came from...You are on a vacation too?"
    He plucked a piece of grass and started to twirl it in his fingers while thinking to himself about this woman. She looked in her twenties, with smooth, Black hair, it obviously showed that she wasn't from here as she must have a hairdryer to make the hair like that, which this place clearly lacked. But, what caught Marco's attention the most was the fact that she also wore an amazing pair of shades, perhaps even better than his...or maybe not. She stood like a stonewall when she asked her questions, and what a serious look on her face. She would have made with the act too, if it were not for the fact that she was too stiff! It happens in business all the time, and he knows he would win when people got so stiff that it affected their voice, and the faltered, thus making them look more stupid, thus making him earn twice the profit. For some strange reason however, this woman alone appealed to him, she was probably like that perfect girl he met back at the office...Irene Sauce.
    No doubt though, he like this stranger, love at first sight. He asked her one more, important question. In an informative tone.

    "Now that I have told you my name and profession, I think its only generous for you to do the same no?"
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