The Sebrine Quest

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  1. [​IMG] Luna gazed out over the long expanse of meadow that connected to the Dyire Forest of her homeland Sebrine. She loved it here, and she wanted to stay here the rest of her life, creating potions and trinkets for her friends, family, and customers. Luna sighed softly and gracefully got up from the green grass of the meadow smoothed out the skirt of her long blue dress that clung to her curvy frame. She smiled up at the slightly overcast sky and began walking towards the forest, to the home of the viður verur. Which was her home. The viður verur were peaceful creatures that lived in Sebrine Country, and they rarely ever caused and fights between the other species in the forest, or any where else in Sebrine. They were witches through and through, although they had pointed ears and unnatural colored hair.

    Luna smiled as she entered her home; the forest. Everything seemed to be at peace, and nothing seemed to be out of place, or wrong. But, what was that feeling Luna had in the pit of her stomach? She shook her head to clear the feeling, and began humming softly to herself, and soon she came upon the forest wall that was the entrance to her home. She called out in her people's language.
    "Lítill Þruska vaknar skóginn." She sang softly, and soon the wall began to vibrate and hum, and it slowly moved to the side; inch by inch. Luna waited patiently and then spoke again once she entered through the opening.
    "Skógurinn bregst." She listened for the wall to began it's short journey back to it's resting place and then continued walking through the village. Everyone greeted her with a wave and a smile as she walked to her father's and mother's palace. She was the queen and king's daughter after all.

    The palace was made up of trees and entwined in roots and vines, it just looked very plant like. She called to the guard to open the door to the throne room, and as he did so, she walked in. She called to her mother and father who were talking amongst themselves.
    "Mama! Papa! I feel as if there is something you must tell me." She bit her soft pink lip and waited for them to speak to her.Her mother spoke first.
    "Yes, Luna. We have someone here to meet you.." Luna sighed and rolled her eyes.
    "Another suitor, Mama?" She asked angrily, and when her mother shook her head she raised an inquisitive eyebrow.
    "Than who?" She asked curiously, just as the door to the throne room opened.

  2. The world of light and sky had made the elven kind weak. Once a vast empire had littered the globe, unchallenged by the race of man. But through years of peace they became soft; it was the flaccid delusion of serenity which stripped them of their pride and authority. Now man has risen from beneath their feet and has claimed most of the realm as their own. Pushing the once immortal faeries deep into the wood work. In the shade of the trees they live, waiting for their inevitable extinction.


    This world was a foreign one, in which men held themselves above women. A reality void of the terrors that inhabit the deep. And though still dangerous, it lacked the Underdark ferocity. Protected by stone walls the weak strived, with a few strong ones scattered within their keeps. In the mother land no such thing existed, the weak were killed off and only the strong healthy genes were permitted to thrive. A frigid notion but one necessary in such a world. A world of hostility, yet a world of beauty. It was Palithio’s strength that permitted him to stand out amongst the other men of the land.

    His Drow pride and conviction that wouldn’t let him accept death even during the swarthiest days of his life. Even when exiled and thrown into the deepest bowels of this world, against all odds he endured. He could not falter, nor will he now. For the moment he did so he was a dead man. There is an old proverb amongst his kind, “The most dangerous knife is the unseen one.” This simple saying had two meanings, firstly that betrayal was everywhere. Secondly that one’s demise always lurked within the shadows. Life was nothing but a waltz, a bargain with death. One can eat healthy and become strong but at best this will only buy you time. Ultimately everyone has to pay up, as such nothing is own…only borrowed. Even our faintest of breaths.

    Rumors of this masked drow, a vigilante with strength greater than an ogre had spread both under the earth and on top. His slaying of a Griffin had recently reached the ears of an elven king. A king of the people who many thousand years ago casted his kind into the moist tunnels of the Underdark to die. This same leader wanted to hire him as a body guard for his spoiled child. If there is one thing Palithio loathed more than other elves it would have to be politics. But the gold was good, his pockets empty. And in this world looting often led to one’s death. So he felt compelled to accept the offer.

    Whispers circled around the city of his coming, they say an elf with snow white hair, amethyst eyes and skin as dark as night had passed through the gate. That he was adorned in a beautiful mask, and had the appearance of a brute due to his sheer size. A Drow they say, the enigmatic race which slept beneath their feet. A whimsical tale which seemed more like the start of a terrible adventure novel. But such fables were truth, though some details a bit exaggerated. Within the palace Palithio was ordered to wait, as if he were some common hound.

    Such an action bode ill for his stomach, oh how he wanted to regurgitate. If this royal family expected a bow they would be sorely disappointed. For a Drow bows for no one, save for both a Matron or Lolth. Even the males are considered of higher birth than the highest of kings in this world. The door would fly open, accepting this as an invitation Palithio would remove himself from the wall he leaned against. Stepping through its threshold.

    His long white dreadlocks dancing to the call of a gentle breeze as his stride proclaimed his status. As if commanding respect of all those in the room, even the king. His muscular body adorned in leather strapping’s, displaying from his impressive physique to the scars which decorated his body. Each one a memory, each marking a mistake well learned. His face though somewhat guised by his mask, still seemed strong and masculine. The paint on his face a tale of his exile, a mark which would never fade. On his hips rested two blades, twin blades which were chipped. But despite their poor condition he would never part from them.

    “You called?”
    He said, those amethyst pools of his averting from the king to his daughter. No doubt the royalty he was soon to protect. Those eyes of his were frigid, battle harden and stern. The eyes of a man who never averted his eyes form death. But at the same time a man suffering from pain or guilt. For a moment he’d permit silence to creep amongst them before addressing this princess. “My name is Palithio…Son of the people you damned, Slave of the house of Silvermoon. Weapon master and assassin of the merchant’s guild. The walker of the lonesome road and the one known as risen. But none of this carries weight in this world of sun and trees. Instead you people care only for the slaying of a simple griffin.”


    He would reply, not truly caring for the reaction of the King or his wife. His eyes passing from the daughter toward her father.
    ”You hired me because I am good at what I do. A master at the art of killing. I accepted for the payment promised. I care not for your treatment, nor your respect. As such I do not wish to be fed, clothed, spoken to or even forced to play your petty games of court. I am just an extension on your arm, a ghost who shall vanish as quickly as I appeared. I will find my own food, and sleep under the stars. I need no bed nor shower, such things I will find and make. I will not insult my mother’s by becoming the pet of an elf.”


    Palithio was fully aware of the sheer number of guards around him; it almost seemed as if he viewed them as no threat. As if he was so confident he could take on their entire royal guard force. The question remained…was this arrogance or confidence merited? Time shall tell…

  3. Luna turned slightly to the entrance of the man. He was everything the stories had told of. The dark skin, the beautiful eyes. But Luna noticed the scars strewn across his body and she looked away. She knew that her people had cast the Drow kind away, down to the Underdark. She chose neither side of the battle, neither favoring her people, or the drow's. She sighed and looked up to the parents that had given her life, and she wondered if they had any part of sending the drow's to their dark home. She shook her head clearing her thoughts and waited for her parents to speak, after the man named Palithio spoke. Her mother was the first to speak, she was kind to everyone, and this did not change, even to someone as looked down upon as Palithio.
    "We will certainly not make you our "pet" as you call it. We just need your services. Welcome to our home, the Dyire Forest, in the Country of Sebrine. Your duty is to protect our daughter with your life. You must go with her on the journey for her to become rightful ruler of this kingdom. My husband and I are getting old, and we must make sure Luna is ready for the occupation of a queen. Will you accept?" Luna watched her mother move to look from Luna, to Palithio, to her husband. Luna's father spoke then.
    "Your payment will be whatever you wish, within reason. Gold, jewels, anything. This is a big task for any one to do, you must first travel across the meadow that borders our forest, than at the edge of the meadow is the great Tamirine Lake. You must row across it, and be careful not to disturb the merpeople that live within it's waters. After you cross the lake, there is a small desert to be crossed, we have granted you safe passage with the öken tribe people. At the end of the desert is the beginning of mountains and waterfalls. You must scale them, and go to the very top of the
    Lumine mountains, there is a temple there. Luna must bathe in the water and become a hár dyire elf. Then you must make the journey back here, and you are welcome to stay for the banquet."

    Luna sighed at the long task ahead of her and her "bodyguard". Her parents nodded to her and she nodded back, her long blue hair swaying softly. She turned to face Palithio and smiled softly to him.
    "Please return my daughter safe and sound.." Luna's mother told Palithio and Luna walked up to her new bodyguard and gazed at him with her ice blue eyes. He was rather handsome, but he seemed very hard and edgy, but she knew why. Her people and his didn't get along very well. She looked away and walked to the plant like door and opened it. She waited for Palithio to come and spoke softly.
    "Hello, Palithio. I'm Lunalestia, but please just call me Luna. Shall we start our journey?" She asked slightly hesitant, not sure if he would bite her head off or not.

  4. The exchange of information proved mutual, much to Palithio’s surprise it seemed that the royalty of this land hearkened to his plea. The hoarse whisper of steel friction against steel absent within the room. Thus dawned an eerie yet surprising silence. A silence he’d permit to linger for a few moments as those Amethyst eyes of his jumped from one royal member to the next. Arching a brow slightly as if to express the perplexity fermenting within. The Drow would offer them a simple nod, seeing no need to clash needlessly with their kind. For such an action failed to serve in his best interest
    . “Thank you for granting me this simple request.” He retorted, displaying but a fragment of proper social etiquette. Those words of his posed with a sense of elegance, adorned with a rhythmic tone.

    <o:p> </o:p>

    Silently he admired their generosity, the reward seemed almost limitless. But the task ahead was grand and the journey difficult. Entire realms would have to be crossed, countless dangers thwarted. For if this royal child was to fall to a merman’s spear, no doubt it would be his head held accountable. But being a son of the Drow he was more than confident that he could defend her when the need arose. Though trusting this tribe didn’t sit well with him. His instincts forbidding him to blindly trust others, even his contractors were held with skepticism. For he had been crossed more than once before. With a heavy sight parting from his lips those Amethyst pools of his would lock onto the princess. Who seemed a bit to anxious for such a perilous undertaking. Perhaps she was confident that she’d succeed? Confidence was an admirable trait, but left uncheck could evolve into a false sense of egoism. Which often wrought only one’s own destruction.

    <o:p> </o:p>

    “So be it, it shall be done. You have my word that while I still draw breath no harm will befall your child.”
    He replied as if to offerreassurance, unsure how the princess would react to being liken to a child. Though to be blunt he couldn’t honestly careless, for compared to others of her race she was still but a babe. A babe who has been fed with a silver spoon her entire life. Hopefully she would prove somewhat useful in combat, otherwise this old Drow had his work cut out from him. As the elven princess closed the princess between them peering up at his face. The arches of Palithio’s lips would contort, permitting a subtle grin to plaster itself on his swarthy face.

    <o:p> </o:p>

    “Is something the matter?”
    He questioned, watching as she turned her back toward him and made her way toward the exit. Introducingherself as a noble, this was to be expected. Such honeyed words in Palithio’s experience ofttimes proved as insipid as it did sweet. Such a dark and twisted texture only served to beguile the risen. For he was often drawn to such ill pleasures. Though seldom would he openly proclaim such things. For a few would label and judge him, which may ultimately impede his overall mission. For one knew not how far the ripples of their actions can traverse.

    <o:p> </o:p>

    He replied, making his way toward her at a casual pace. As if he wa sin no immediate need to exercise haste. “If you’re ready then so be it. But I advice you pack light and wisely. If we are to make the journey with haste there will be little time to dawdle. And we may be without supplies for some time.” Palithio forewarned, not truly caring if she adhered to his wisdom. “Just do me a favor…don’t get too comfortable I am not your friend. Just an extension of your arm.” He wished to conclude the professional relation they’d share. Though at the same time not ruling out the potential that the situation may change. For a wise man often considered all potential avenues of approach fate may weave.

  5. Luna nodded solemnly to the Drow. She didn't expect much more from him, he was probably already very uncomfortable with the fact that he was helping the people that bid him into the ground. Luna sighed and stepped forward through the door and held it open for Palithio to come, but a guard soon retrieved the door from her and she narrowed her eyes at him. She rolled her ice blue orbs and walked a few feet out into the clearing of the kingdom. It was a beautiful day to start the journey, and she hoped that the first day of the voyage would be successful.

    She had everything she needed with her. The ingredients that were found around Sebrine would be useful for health potions and the like. She could hunt as well as any elf such as herself, maybe even a little bit better. She once had an old friend that taught her everything she knew now. He also gave her a magnificent ivory bow as well as arrows that could replenish themselves. He was a good friend, it was a sad thing when he had to leave back to his home. She had forgotten the name of it, it was so long ago when she had last spoken to him.

    Luna shook her head and began walking through the kingdom, going towards the entrance to the wall in which she had entered the Dyire Forest. She would every so often check back to see if Palithio was following, which indeed he was. She smiled slightly and looked up at the sunlight filtering in through the branches of the trees. She would miss home, surely. But she yearned for the adventure that was about to unfold. Luna and Palithio finally came upon the mossy vine covered wall that stood at the forests east entrance. She spoke softly, in a melodic and whispery voice.

    "Vindurinn hvíslar mjúk ævintýri.." She watched as the wall slid back to reveal the exit out of the east side of the forest and to the long beautiful meadow she was just in a few moments ago. She sighed softly and walked ahead a few steps and waited for Palithio to catch up to, to where he was walking by her side. She called back to the still open wall.
    "Sem skógur svör.." It started it's slow but dutiful journey back to it's resting place and Luna looked out into the few remaining trees of the forest and her eyes lit up when she spotted it.

    Luna ran up to a seemingly regular tree, and tapped on the trunk twice. It made two hollow sounds, revealing that the inside of the tree was hollowed out, and obviously containing something. She grinned and fitted her fingernails in the almost invisible cracks of the panel and lifted it out of place and put it down onto the ground. Inside was her magnificent Ivory bow and her arrows. She smiled at them softly and retrieved them from their hiding place and slung the bow and arrows over her shoulder. She looked back at Palithio.
    "We shan't be without food now." She grinned and slightly winked at her "body guard". She smiled and spoke again.
    "So, do you know where we are going? If not, there is an easy way to find out." She smiled at him, and waited for a response.

  6. He could sense her pity, which seemed somewhat wrought under the false pretense of understanding. How could she, a child of the sun fathom the swarthy embrace of the Underdark? In truth she should consider herself blessed for this world though vicarious in nature; was far less destructive than what lurked within the belly of the earth. But such foolish notions wouldn’t sow seeds of chaos amongst them. For Palithio in an odd way respected her desire to extend an olive branch, foolish by nature but admirable nonetheless. Together they would press onward, taking the first few steps of their long journey. Exiting out of the mouth of the root forged palace. The streets of her home seemed paved with hope and serenity, constructs artificial in nature meant to bring forth a sense of enlightenment.

    <o:p> </o:p>

    The commoners here seemed to live a simple existence, their flaccid frames and theologies reeked. A harrowing tale that death here was weak, its grip frail even compared to the other towns he had visited in his journey thus far. One might rejoice over such news; however complacency was the most baneful woe of all. Often it could be liken to a wolf in sheep’s clothing in the sense that it was very deceptive, subtle but potent in its lethality. Without the desire to progress, without confrontations one’s evolution or progress is deferred if not completely halted. In his eyes such a fate was worse than death, a hibernal hell meant only for the weak and foolish. But perhaps this was the inner Drow in him?

    <o:p> </o:p>

    As much as Paithio may hate to admit it he found their architecture to be beguiling, almost mystical in nature. Something about their attire and even way of life though an illusion, had an ironic sense of appeal. But the masked Drow knew better than to assume he could thrive in such a place. Peace was a luxury meant not for him, war was in his blood and his bones ached for a fresh kill. Can a man with so much blood on his hands truly taste redemption? Can such crimson stained soul be cleansed with such morbid marks engraved into his very fibers? No, he didn’t deserve such blissfulness nor would he know what to do if such soothing rains were to be showered down on him.

    <o:p> </o:p>

    Silently he watched as she spoke her elven tongue, watching as the plant life moved to her will. An ability which may prove useful if they could be applied to a combat setting. Setting foot back into the wilds, away from the sanctuary of the elves he remained vigilant…keeping a watchful eye as they approached a hollowed out tree. Observing as this elven princess removed supplies stashed within it’s shell. His ears twitching as he picked up on the words she conjured his way.
    “I assumed you knew the path. But I do have a map if not.” He replied, taking note of her wink. His lips bending thus forming a wide grin. Those Amethyst eyes of his peering into her own, glinting with admiration toward her picturesque face and slender frame. Not caring to mask his wandering eyes.

  7. Luna didn't mind the wandering eyes. She was quite frankly; use to it. She wasn't trying to seem like she received everyone's attention all the time, but she was the princess and heir to the throne, after all.
    "No, I have heard stories of the journey to Lumine Mountains. But I have not traveled there, the only way one would have reason to travel there, is to either seek wisdom from the Gods, or bathe in the water's of the Urtësia Pastër. Our reason is the second." Luna knew she was stating the obvious, she knew the man was no fool. She just wanted to reassure herself really, that this was actually happening, and that they were actually going to take the long journey for her to become the queen. Luna shook her head slightly, her deep azure hair slightly swaying with her movement. She removed herself from her thoughts and looked about.

    Ahead was the exit of the forest, and the beginning of the meadow, that naturally had no cover, but no predatory animals would harm them there, the meadow was a place of peace and of calming sensations. Nothing was to be harmed, and no animal to be consumed. The meadow had a light feeling to it, as if you were walking on air itself, Luna often would sit in the meadow and daydream about other places. About the friend who had taught her, her hunting skills. Luna turned her gaze to Palithio.
    "I know the way to the lake from here, and rowing across the lake is straight forward, once we reach the other side of the lake, the öken tribe will lead us across the desert to the beginning of the mountains and the waterfalls. We must go through a valley and then to the base of the Lumine Mountains and climb. We will only need a map once we get past the desert. I have never been past the desert." Luna nodded slightly and began walking into the open field, slightly swaying in her step. She felt good, but nervous. She did a slight spin and face Palithio.

    "So, what is it like in the Underdark? I mean I'm sure it's dark." Luna laughed nervously at her bad joke, and then spoke again.
    "Do you like it there? I mean..I know our people sent you there.." Luna trailed off and looked down at her bare feet.

  8. Like all royalty this one seemed somewhat sure of herself, as well as over infatuated with her looks. At least such arrogance was merited on her part. So no ill thoughts would be harbored toward her. Contently Palithio would lend Luna his ear as she expressed her ignorance regarding the path best to take. Ultimately such a mild set back would fail to impede their progress to any real degree. Assuming of course the maps he had were at all accurate.
    "I see, it doesn't matter one way or another we shall make this journey." The masked Drow replied, also attempting to reassure her all would be well. Though such promises were never written in stone, for there are far too many variables to say for sure how this quest would end. The muscles along his lips would tug, morphing them like a puppet on a string to grace the princess with a subtle smirk.

    That once adventurous gaze of his becoming sedated, as his sexual hunger for the moment would be kept at bay. Focusing instead on the coin which would soon line his pockets. The risen had plans, plans bigger than one might at first assume. But to transcend to his dreams he required gold and lot of it to boot.
    "I don't understand your kinds culture, we are risking our lives so you can shower?" He arched a brow, expressing the perplexity that coursed within. Honestly he found such a thought to be humorous, but less he inflict offense and strife between them, the Drow would keep such thoughts at bay. Masking them well due to the guise his military bearing wrought.

    The time for squandering had wilted, as the time for business once more was in full bloom. Together the odd pair of faerie kind would step out from the solitude offered by the monolithic trees. The clear plains were full of life, here lush arrays of wild flowers were in bloom. The open terrain served them well, offering a sense of security as they tread down the broad path. Yet at the same token such a terrain offered a tactical weakness. It was open, favoring those of speed. Here Calvary would thrive...scouts could see countless miles clearly and set up traps and ambushes with ease. That is what the old book said about such plains. A field of blood and massacre. For the beautiful flowers which decorated this open stretch of land. Were once watered with the blood of countless men.

    It was mind baffling to believe that from such carnage and decay, something so awe inspiring can arise. His egoism kicking in as the masked Drow began to liken such truth unto himself. For from the darkness, from the pile of corpses and disease he arose. The only difference is that this rose had thorns far more lethal than any flower in this open stretch of land.

    Such poetic idle thoughts would vanish as the princess called out to him. Pulling him out of such a meditative state, once more being faced with their present situation. Which was something less than ideal in his own eyes. Those amethyst pools of his peered through his mask and once more graced this royal child. His ears becoming tickled by her words, for he found it amusing.
    "A desert? I don't think you'll enjoy the heat and arid air much. It is a vast sea of rolling sands, a realm which embodies death. Water is scarce and food almost as much. There only one rule stands out among all others...survival of the fittest. Such a place is ideal for a man such as I." He proclaimed, Palithio's words reverberated a sense of excitement. Bordering on that of ecstasy at the thought of once more proving himself.

    One might find themselves disturbed by his tone of voice when speaking of such morbid affairs. Almost as if he was some sort of twisted masochist, taking pleasure in pain and death. As Luna inquired into the Underdark Palithio would come to an abrupt halt. His eyes narrowing as they honed in on this woman. She seemed needlessly draped in a veil of guilt and shame. Such a display was enough to sicken Palithio, but he suppose such was the way of those of the surface world. To take pity on a sleeping giant, a ticking time bomb which when erupted will carve a blight across the land. Once more these flowers will know the taste of blood, their roots quenched.

    The Drow often refrained from discussing the Underdark and it's affairs amongst outlanders. For their enigmatic and xenophobic approach toward other races has served them well throughout the centuries.
    "If you and your armies were to venture into the Underdark only death will you find. The Drow needn't raise a sword...for our world will spit you out. And if somehow you managed by some miracle to have survived the first few days, than you'd face the greatest army beneath your feet. If disease, hunger, exposure and the Fungi don't kill you. Surely the other inhabitants will long before you descend into the deeper bowls. The gap between your world and mine is greater than that of heaven. You can't fathom what my world is like. You have known sun, wealth, abundance of food, love and peace. Such luxuries do not abound for one such as I in the Underdark." He spoke, but not out of anger nor regret...rather pride.

    Such a display would undoubtedly evoke at the very least and arch of the brow.
    "What I like is irrelevant. Such a concept of self entitlement is not mine to seek after." He'd reply, offering her a nod. "In truth I thank your people, thank you for betraying us and casting us beneath the stone. If we had lingered under cerulean skies than my kind would be fattened, brittle, complacent and weak. Areion degahr udos sinair, areion jiv'undus udos elendar. L' oloth zhah udossta uyl'udith an'kin lu' Lolth udossta dron. (OOC translation: Through tribulations we grow, through pain we thrive. The darkness is our greatest teacher and Lolth our lives.)" He uttered in the Drow dialect, a language lost to those of this world. Quoting a famous nursery rhyme which summed up their history and ethos. Luna should feel flattered, for only a handful of ever heard a Drow speak his/her tongue among outlanders.

  9. Luna listened at the beautiful words that escaped Palithio's mouth. She smiled softly, and looked up ahead of them, she could almost see the beginnings of the lake, as it lapped against the shore. She turned back to Palithio, and spoke.
    "That was beautiful, much more mysterious and deep than our language." Luna laughed slightly and ran her nimble fingers through her deep azure hair.

    A silence had fallen upon them. Luna hadn't a clue of what to say to the Drow, and she was just letting the warm air, and the smell of the fresh water invade her nostrils. Although she wasn't as careless as to let the scent of the merpeople confuse and take over her senses, she still let the smell in and out of her breathing airways, which caused a high and relaxed feeling into her body. She turned her hues of ice to Palithio and spoke.
    "Some times, our people gather the water and burn it like incense to help our wounded or sick relax and feel an essence of euphoria. It helps, but if you didn't know, if you breathe in to much of the smell, you will go stark raving mad, and you will always want to go into the lake and never return. Some say you just die, when you drown, other say if you are worthy enough, you will become one of the merpeople."

    Luna and Palithio came upon the lake's shore, and resting partly in the water and partly on the pebbly sand were five oar boats. They were crafted from the wood of the trees in her home, and they were sturdy and very buoyant. Although they all looked generally the same, one had the markings of the royal family. Luna pointed to this boat and smiled at Palithio.
    "We will be taking this one for our journey, it is a must and a ritual for our people to take the boat our family has crafted over centuries upon centuries." She smiled and walked towards the one with the markings of her family, and was about to get in it when a soft, almost inaudible tune played in her ears. She shook her head and looked back at Palithio.

    "The mer-women are like the sirens of the lake, they will drag you down and feast on your blood and flesh if you so much as touch the water with a bare hand. Be careful Palithio, the song of these mer-women are more powerful to male ears than to female." Luna bit her lip and gracefully got into the boat and waited for her "bodyguard" to follow. Whether he would head her warning or not, would soon be found out.
    "I can help with the oars, if you'd like?" Luna asked and smiled softly.
  10. She had found his words beautiful, despite their meaning eluding her grasp? It seemed this royal elf had no idea how blessed she should consider herself. For all Drow, even one exiled refrain from seeking their dialect amongst those of the surface world. The culture differences between there worlds were indeed great. The gap of which far exceeded the comprehensions of mortal and immortal alike. Perhaps it could be liken to the gap between the earth and the sky. This much became ever more apparent as she spoke of aiding the weak and ill. Wasting resources and time to save those unworthy of the dust they will become. Those deep amethyst eyes of his would narrow, as the Drow peered toward the vast lake. The overlapping gentle tides of the water wrought a sense of serenity.

    This land of light was indeed blessed, so many luxuries yet it seemed those whom inhabit were ungrateful. In town he had noticed a lake of appreciation for the sun, cerulean skies and even the flora. Palithio found it hard to believe that there was a time when his people called this world their own. The years in the shadows have not been kind to them, yet still it welcomed them. Or perhaps at best tolerated them. Through his mask the Drow could sense this elven woman's discomfort as she struggled with a reply. Such a struggled birthed a sly grin as the muscles along his lips were tugged, much like that of a puppets sting.

    "From corpses they rise, beings once unworthy of their breath. To assume a new form, a new role to begin life again. There is something morbidly poetic with such a tale. Sadly your peoples legends are a bit whimsical for my taste. And I have learned the people say and claim a lot. The only problem is that more times than not...they're full of shit." He would boldly proclaim, shedding some light on his realist mentality. One which some would assume to be more pessimistic than anything else. With snow white dreads dancing in the gentle breeze, Palithio's gaze averted toward the elf. Those purple irises of his attempting to lock with her own. The Drow would make a mental note on how frigid he had become toward this one. So less he birth offense in the wake of his insipid words. Palithio would shed light on the other spectrum of his thoughts toward such a tale.

    "Still such stories though false, provide a sense of mystery. A muse which can inspire both good and evil. Your people are an enchanting lot if nothing else, I admire your vivid imagination." He would retort, eyes drifting to the boat which rocked to and fro among the gentle waves. Her harrowing plight of the danger which lurked ahead would be heeded. For if there is one thing not even a Drow can resist and is the scorn of a woman. Though he doubted these merpeople could be more cruel than the female counter parts of his own race. "I they wile men with their songs? And than drag them into a watery grave to await a dreaded fate? Sounds like half the woman I know.." He would attempted a sense of humor, chuckling under his breath.

    Stepping onto the boat Palithio would extend his hand, offering to assist her. Momentarily casting her inquiry about lending aid aside. He wasn't ignoring her, he just didn't feel the need to reply right away.
    "You may do whatever it is you like. I am hired to assist you, which means I am obligated to follow our orders. But a warning...if you command me to do anything that violates my honor and pride, I may be forced to kill you. I wouldn't fret over my warnings though, somehow I doubt things would come to that. You don't seem like the type to trample on others due to a sense of entitlement. Which makes you unique when compared to the contrast of the Drowesses." Palithio spoke with a sense of integrity. His words though honeyed seemed void of any malicious elf serving intents. Something in complete defiance when compared to the normal behaviors of his kind.
  11. Luna chuckled softly at the "threat" of his.
    "Well, Palithio, I will be sure to make you strip down to nothing, and than dance about like a fool." She winked and laughed deeply, a rich beautiful laugh and put her pale hands on the oars and pushed the boat off of the shore and out onto the lake, as Palithio sat down. She smiled at him and began rowing softly, not putting much effort into it and watching as the fragrant waters lapped at the boat.

    As they got further out into the deep blue-green lake, Luna looked down into the murky waters and watched as colorful fish darted here and there, and as she sometimes caught a glimpse of a large tail fin disappearing into the depths. The soft tune that Luna had heard on the shore, was getting stronger as Luna and Palithio neared the kingdom of the mer-people. When she looked back into the waters from time to time, she caught more glimpses of many large tail fins and maybe a glimpse of a beautiful face, once or twice.

    "Do you hear the music? It may seem much louder to you than to me, it is the song of the mer-women. Tell me, what does it sound like to you?" She asked Palithio curiously and kept rowing, letting the oars glide through the water. They were soon out into the middle of the large lake, most likely where exactly the kingdom of the mer-people was. Luna stopped for a moment to rest her arms and she gazed down into the water and saw nothing. She raised a slender brow. Not a fish, or mer-persoon was swimming about in the almost clear water. This was rather strange.

    Luna was about to comment on the odd behaviour of the fish and the like when a something hard hit the boat, it rocked dangerously, almost throwing both Palithio and Luna into the water. She bit her lip and gazed about wildly. What was this about?
    "The mer-people never usually do this. This is strange.." Luna bit her lip as another hit rocked the boat.

  12. This woman seemed to enjoy flirting with the devil. If only she could fathom the pain and pleasure he would wrought on her petite frame. The very thought birthing the contortion of his arches. Plastering a wide grin on his swarthy skin. Those amethyst irises of his portraying the obvious thought racing through his mind. Seeing no need to obscure such a natural reaction. Palithio cared not for the foolish courting of the surface world, for marriage and love were concepts rarely prevalent within Drow society. Lust and offspring were the sole reason for sexual activity. A trait that was imparted deep within his soul. Assuming he still possessed such a thing.

    "Tempt the devil and you will surely get burned." The masked Drow forewarned. Not denying his own musing over such a possibility, but at the same time declaring the potential negative implications. Those potent eyes of his averting from that of this woman, observing the fluid overlapping of the lakes surface. Hearkening it to the subtle changes which in time change the very weaving of our world. Hardly felt or noticed at first, yet ultimately morphing the lives of everyone and everything around it. A rather poetic observation for that of a warrior, still even those with blood stained eyes can sometimes stand to admire the simple beauties of this world.

    Without further delay they would find themselves setting off. The princess seeing fit to row the tiny vessel as they traversed its calm surface. An illusion that held a dark yet insidious slumbering giant. As they made their way toward the epicenter of this body of water they would awaken. The disturbance caused by the oars of the vessel jolted these beings from their state or torpor. Like the sirens of old they uttered a beautiful harmony. The insipid poison would taint the minds of most, however Palithio was not like most men. For generations the Drow have often fought against beholders and mind flayers. Beings alien to this world.

    Entities able to enthrall and control the minds of other sentient life forms. An art that surpassed a simple charm spell or this enticing melody. Nonetheless he could feel them attempting to burrow themselves into his mind. Their influence only being surpassed by the prying inquisitive nature of the elven princess.
    "Indeed their clamor is great, sadly most women I know love to talk too much..." He'd pause for a moment, offering her a sheepish grin. "Though sometimes you ladies do have something wise to say." He retorted. "But they will not find me to be such easy prey. Such mental attacks is something my people have grown somewhat accustom to." Vaguely the masked Drow would elaborate, leaving specifics out purposely.

    Suddenly the Mer people would crash against their boat, no doubt in a vain effort to capsize their vessel. Being unfamiliar with their kind he saw nothing odd about it. Though her reaction would illuminate on the extent of the peculiar turn of events.
    "Is this not usual?' Palithio inquired into, arching a brow as his eyes attempted to lock with her own. Knowing full well that in the water they had the advantage. This epiphany painting a dreadfully bleak picture if they should succeed. "Keep rowing...Death by fish is hardly a glorious way to go." He would jest in a sarcastic tone of voice. The hoarse whisper of metal friction against metal piercing the volume generated by the Mer people. A precaution if they should continue to grow ballsy with their approach.