EXERCISE The Seasons

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  1. We're all familiar with Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter! But even with these periods of time named, the actual seasons for locations and environments can be completely different.

    In a desert landscape, there might be the Sandstorm Season.

    In a rainforest, you may have the Rainy Season, Dry Season, Flood Season, etc.

    Some locations might have winter last for 6 months and then a few months of spring.

    In this exercise, pick one of your locations and jot down the different SEASONS.

    Some Things to List

    • How long does each season last?
    • Are the seasons here the "norm" for the world?
    • How many seasons are there?
    • Do the season correlate with the world's rotation around the sun?
    • Are the seasons artificial? Or done my magic or gods?
  2. I'm just going to screw the rules entirely and say that my world does NOT revolve around a sun and is in fact rotated by three other celestial objects, and that while each one is in the sky, a different season takes place. Meteorolgoy wise, instead of having a season of life, fruitfulness, death, hibernation (spring summer fall winter) etc, it's pretty much things live and grow and die according to their own times and ecosystems. The seasons are more to do with the movements of magic and deities than natural life.


    Each season lasts 150 days. 450 days being a standard year.

    NAERTI; The season of magic. While Naerti is in the air, magic power of everything is like, doubled or tripled. Wars that rely heavily on mages often put their enemies into siege positions until the season of Naerti to increase their advantage.

    LEUDDA; Leudda is the season of wind. The zephyrs and gods and other spirits of the air and wind visit earth; if hurricanes, tornadoes, sandstorms, and other phenomenon occur, it's probably in the season of Leudda. The domains and magical dominions of these spirits are also increased in power during this time, and festivals and worship ceremonies for these deities are during this season.

    MONIK; In ancient times it was called the season of Terror. Now it's more of a memorial season. This used to be the season when the gods would, well, go down to the world and do whatever made them happy. You can guess how it got it's name; not all gods are nice. Now it's mostly the season where most religious festivals, sacrifices, and please-don't-kill-us ceremonies happen.
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