The Search of a Lonely Heart

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  1. It was early morning, in the dead of summer. The air was warm, yet Max Russell Derozier, seemed to be freezing. He didn't understand it. He was out standing in the sun waiting, and watching, watching for any signs that his future will be as bright as the day itself. But for now it was as dark as a deep cave at night without a flashlight.
  2. Lucy Bello took her time as she walk along, bare feet enjoying the feeling of the warm ground and as the sun warmed her light skin. Her brown hear was up in a ponytail, though a few strands slipped the tie she tucked them gingerly behind her ear. Blue eyes glanced around at the scenery in front of her, her head tilting as she listened to far off birds singing to one another, not paying much attention to where she was going.
  3. Tired of just standing, Max began walking down the road. He soon got lost in the sound of the singing birds to a point where he began to whistle a tune that reminded him of his home, a place he felt he's never see again. He soon began to feel the warmth of the day. His light brown crossed with a strawberry blond hair shimmering slightly. His hazel eyes fading out of focus. As he whistled his tune with unfocused eyes, he began to relax. But soon the darkness that seemed to haunt him returned. His eyes returned focus and his head lowered to hide his saddened eyes.
  4. Her fingers played at one of the seems of her yellow sundress, the fabric dancing along her legs as she walked. Pausing for a moment she hear a bird's song she didn't recognize, but after a moment of listening she realized it wasn't a bird but a whistle. Stepping closer to the road she was walking along she looked down left and then right hoping to see what, or who, it was coming from. Her rosebud lips puckering in thought as she squints looking down the road "Hello?" she called out hoping for a response.
  5. Having lost track of where he was, he heard a voice, a female voice, saying "Hello?" It caught him off guard and he quickly looked up to see a girl in a yellow sundress looking up and down the road looking for something. Hoping that maybe this was the sigh he was looking for he said, "Excuse me young lady, are you alright anything I can do to help?"
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    Cupping her hand over her eyes for shade she finally saw the man and smiles stretching out her hand in a wave "Yes I'm fine." she shouts to him down the road. Jogging down the road a bit, the skirt of her dress blowing behind her until she comes to a stop about ten feet from the man "What about you? Are you alright?" her voice was soft and quiet as she spoke, the smile still placed on her lips.
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    Unuse to this situation he said, Not really, but I'm used to it." Smiling back at her as he looked into her blue eyes. Remembering he had failed to introduce himself he said, Name's Max, what's yours?"
  8. Quickly she took a few steps forward, her small nimble hand jolting out in front of her to shake his hand "Nice to meet you, Max. I'm Lucy. What are you doing out here by the road?" she was always a curious one when it came to other people.
  9. "Mostly walking, enjoying the songs of the birds, whistleing a song that reminds me of home, and sometimes wondering if my life is worth living if I have to live it alone." The sadness returned to his eyes, but being around someone new, he quickly hid the pain. " What about you, why are you here?"
  10. Frowns slightly that he didn't shake her hand and let it fall to her side, "No one is ever really alone... At least that's how I see it. As for me..." she paused looking around for a moment "I honestly don't know where I am. I'm new here and went for a walk. Guess I was lost in my thoughts." looking back at Max she smiles some "Do you live around here?"
  11. "Kinda, I've only been here for three years after the loss of my father. I don't know the town that well but i know a few places we could go and talk more." Scared that he's moving too fast, he said "If you want to that is.", as he gave her a shy smile.
  12. "Sure! It beats being lost." she said excitedly and began walking down the road but froze, she didn't know where she was suppose to go "Max? Which way is it?" she asked timidly as a blushed pushed at her pale cheeks.
  13. "This way", he said, pointing to the right. "So how long you been in town? I don't get out often anymore. Walking around alone attracts unwanted attention around here."
  14. Walking up next to him she going the right direction this time, she took a step closer to them as they walked after hearing his statement, "Not long... Maybe a few days. I live close to the town, maybe a ten minute walk from there."
  15. Noticing his statement scared her a little he said, "Sorry if I scared you, it just seems that the police around here are a bit 'over protective' when it comes to keeping the town safe trom troublemakers." Looking into her eyes as they walked he couldn't help but smile as he notice how beautiful she looked in the sun.
  16. Blinked and looked away as her body straightened up "I wasn't scared!" she claimed and looked down at her hands as she played with her fingers "Do... Are you wanted?" she hesitantly asked and nibbled at her bottom lip.
  17. "No, not that I know of anyway. As I usually walk alone it makes it easy to do something wrong and not even realize it until it's too late." Looking forward he thought to himself, "You idiot, your making her worry that she's in danger being near you."
  18. "Oh." she said softly "I'm sorry... I shouldn't have assumed..." she was embarrassed as she glanced up at him, worrying that she had hurt his feelings and figured she would change the subject "So, Max... What do you do for fun?"
  19. "Depends on what mood I'm in, but usually I either walk around my yard at home listening to the songs of the birds, or head into town to see if maybe I can make my first friend since arriving in town myself."
  20. Looks at him as her 'brows pinch together in confusion, "I thought you said that you have been here for three years?"