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  1. Hey guys! I think it is time for me to start up my first One on One Roleplay on this site! So you won't be going in completely blind, here is some info about me and what I prefer RP-wise:

    - I have been roleplaying since March 2014, so you won't have to walk me through the basics or anything like that.

    - I am more used to forum RPs with just one subject(Like a Bleach RP site), and because of that I have never really made a plot with just me and another person, since the owner of the forum RPs had the rules and settings down.

    - Regardless of the above note, I promise I will try not to screw up a 1x1 RP, and besides, everyone had to start somewhere, right?

    - English is my first language, so you don't have to worry about silly grammar mistakes.

    - I don't believe I am a writing genius or anything, but I would say I am decent enough.

    - I can adapt to a higher word count if you like long posts (My average is 350 - 500, 600+ when doing intros).

    - I can guarantee at least one post a day, and will try for two a day if I can. Starting school on Monday, so I am going to be very busy. This is the queue for impatient RPers to find someone else it seems.

    - As for my RP Preferences, I am a big fan of Fantasy and Fandom. Never really RPed anything besides the two, but I guess I can try others depending on which one you want to do.

    - For Fantasy sub genres, I usually like the stuff that takes you off of earth and gives us a new continent to travel around in. I also could do modern fantasy, but I would prefer not to.

    - For Fandoms, I only do anime, and usually do One Piece, Bleach, Dragon Ball Z and Fairy Tail, but there may be others I want to do, but only if I have seen the series/read the manga. I could also try video game fandom if I have played it. Note that when I mean fandom, I don't do canon characters, but instead I just like to borrow the concepts and settings from them.

    - I have never done romance RPs and I know that seems to be the usual around here, so if you want to, just ask. Though I will ask that we keep it PG-13, as I don't think I will ever try out Libertine Roleplay.

    - I am used to being passive in RPs, but as this will be a collab I will promise to break out of that.

    - I can play multiple main characters in the RP if needed.

    - I have only played Male characters, but I can switch to female if we need one as a main character.

    Now, onto what I ask of you, my partner:

    - No posts below 200 words please.

    - Please alert me if you won't be able to post for longer than 3 days. I don't want to be waiting for a post that won't come, much like most people.

    - I would like to ask that you stay dedicated to our RP for at least a month, and please give me a 3 day notice before you have to leave it so we can try to give it a proper ending or something like that. Also let me know if it because of the roleplay itself, as I want to know what I need to improve on if it causes peeps to leave.

    And finally, some closing notes:

    - As for plots, we can discuss that in a PM chat. I want both of us to think up something together instead of a passive-aggressive relationship.

    - I prefer thread RPs since it allows anyone to look at my writing and be entertained(hopefully), but I wouldn't mind if you want to RP via PM. We will always have an OOC PM chat separate from the RP however.

    - Just leave a message below if you wish to RP. I only have enough time to take one for now, so if peeps start coming all at the same time I will have to pick.
  2. Hm, I'm interested~
  3. Sorry, someone already PM'd me and we came up with some ideas. Next time I need a partner I will PM you though, @Red Revolver
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