The Search for the Shepherd: A Zestiria RP

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What should we do?

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  2. Get the ball rolling (Move to be an IC and OOC, Either open or closed signups)

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  1. Just a Question. Who here would be interested in a Zestiria RP?

    Plot would involve Calamity occurring, Seraphim falling out of Benevolence, resuting in the formation of some dragons, and hellions, to the point where a player becomes the Shepherd and goes about purifying the Hellions?
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  2. ive never seen zestiria, but your idea sounds interesting
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  3. Its primarily a game. xD Tales of Zestiria.

    I'd love to have you along for the ride. ^w^
  4. oh cool, not sure if theres any relation between the two but ive played tales of vesperia
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  5. Played through Zestiria, and currently watching the series; the world it's based on is interesting and I'd love to be a part of it.
    Are we retconning Sorey and co?
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  6. That would depend what everyone else thinks. it could come after
    Zestiria Plot / Ending Spoilers (open)
    Shepherd Rose and While Sorey is still trying to purify Maotelus.
    or before.

    and I don't believe Vesperia and Zestiria tie in, But Berseria (only out in Japan so far, game after Zestiria developmentally, mayby not chronologically) does.
  7. so, if you two are still interested I'll see about trying to get a banner up tonight to further the checking O the Interest. wanna keep this show going after all. There are Hellions to Quell. xP
  8. im still interested
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  9. Alright. I'll work on photoshopping together a banner for us then. ^w^
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  10. Set up a banner, So if ? when approved, you should see it. its nothing special, I attached it below.

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  11. love the tales game :) started with Tales of Xillia, Still playing Tales of Zestira and can't wait for the new one coming out soon. Would love to be a part of this :)
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  12. Awesome! My start was with Graces F, Then Xillia 1 and 2, Then Zestiria. since you say you haven't completed it yet, How far are you so I don't spoil it? ^w^

    and welcome aboard!
  13. hm...I can't remember XD I haven't played it for a while since i've been busy with school and stuff. Let's see...the last thing I can clearly remember me doing in the game was..Rose and Dezel joining Sorey in the quest and Rose becoming Sorey's squire. That's the last thing I can clearly remember doing.
  14. ahh, So you're now heading the 4 trial shrines.
    if you kill Kittybeard too early (hes on the map and you can initiate conflict with him like other creatures) you actually can get a bad ending. my advice is to be SUPER observant in the trial shrines, I spent hours aimlessly wandering until small details were noticed that describe how to solve some of the puzzles. xD
  15. really? There's more then one ending? I don't know if that's completely right. Not saying your wrong just saying from what I understand that shouldn't be a case. I mean..I know in Tales of Xillia 2 there are multiple endings but I didn't know that there were in Zestiria
  16. Well, I'm sure. you learn stuff about Heldalf late in the game about him and one particular hellion. Both are a problem. if you only take out one the others left to rampage. and there is a cgi cutscene by ufotable on it. I'd show you but I don't want to spoil it.
  17. ahh ok then. Well..I'll have to make sure that I take both of them out then XD
  18. just ignore heldalf if you see him standing somewhere like a normal monster. then you don't have to worry. hes a SUPER hard foe anyway. xP
  19. advice taken XD
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  20. Heres some Cryptic Advice about the trials by the way.

    Igraine (Fire) : Beware the tick marks.
    Lefay (Water) : Beware the Seraphic eyes.
    Morgause (Earth) : Beware where there is no marked path on the map.
    Guinevere (Wind) : Take care when 'Spinning the Mist'.

    For me, Water was annoying, Air Confusing, Fire easy and Earth Super easy. that mural in the ruins if you inspect it will give you the EXACT Locations of the shrines to the field It can be found in.

    I've finished Zestiria so if you need help let me know.
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