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The Search for the Canavarian Rose

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Sedition, May 5, 2016.

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  1. Hi, there! So, before we waltz off to the plot of the Canavarian Rose, I'd just like for you to know about me :D

    1. I do work as a part-time tutor, so, if I do have delays in my replies, I will inform you. Typically, on average, I can reply once a day.
    2. I do like to consider myself as somewhat an adept when it comes to roleplaying. As such, I do like people who meld, build, and create the plot WITH me. Sometimes, tangoing alone is lonely. If my partner will be able to add more to the plot, even including major events, I will love that partner forever. I crave for people who also like to build the world and story as much as I do.
    3. When it comes to god-modding and meta-gaming, I am pretty lenient. If you drag my character off to a location, go ahead (within reasonable logic). If you wish to plunge a knife through my character's shoulder, fine with me (within reasonable logic). If there's something I can assure you from this writing, it's the fact that I will never pressure you with strict rules. Of course, I do hope you're open to my mini-godmodding from time to time.
    4. My posts' length is quite dependent on yours. While I typically type up about three or more paragraphs, I can still adjust.
    5. I am not good with grammar but I will appreciate it if you can at least make your posts as grammatically accurate as possible. It will be helpful for the two of us.
    6. I am really friendly :D My writing might seem that I am a mean guy, but trust me, I am as cool and calm as a cucumber! Chat with me if you want someone to talk to!
    7. Also, PM me if you are interested :D I might not be able to check this thread regularly.
    8. Romance is definitely welcome in the plot, but I would prefer if it comes along naturally, not forced.


    The Search for the Canavarian Rose

    You are known as one of the deadliest blades-for-hire in the country of Vepsohr. You clamored your way to the top, and everything you have now has been rightfully earned whether through sweat or blood. A lot of people tremble at just the sound of your name, making your services the highest of premiums. However, with your fame, you only take the most thrilling jobs, leaving the mediocre ones to the rabble below the food chain. Thus, it came as an utter surprise when Vepsohr's worst magician barged into your tavern one momentous night. With his bespectacled face and weary expression, he pleaded for your services to aid him in a legendary search for the Canavarian Rose. This rose was legend because its petals, once eaten, would grant one wish to the consumer. Well, it was more of a myth, really. However, Mel Preth, the magician, claimed that he had found remnants of a map that could lead to the Canavarian Rose's final resting place. Furthermore, he posited that he was the only one who could read this map. As a reward, he offered you a petal from the Canavarian Rose.

    With the other sellswords made aware of such a potent reward, they began clamoring to get the job instead. But, the young Mel set his gaze upon you, his very lips quivering in anticipation.

    The big question would be: will you accept Mel Preth's offer?

    That would be all for now! I hope you find the plot interesting and would be willing to build it with me! I look forward to your response! Oh, and by the way, I'll only be accepting one person per plot.


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  2. I can dig it. I'm interested in this. Maybe with a couple tweaks, but I'm interested.
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