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Hello there

I am here looking for parents who would be wiling to do BxB romance roleplays with me (Despite being queer as all hell it will probably sound odd that I have never actually engaged in such scenarios. Oh, the irony!). Since said plot-lines might contain some mature themes, another requirement would be for my possible potential roleplay buddy to be over the age of 18 and not a minor, seeing as I am not one myself.

Some other requirements (this word sounds so menacing but, please, bare with me) are:
- Grammar - English is not my mother tongue, hence sometimes fuck ups can happen. But do not fret! I always do checks on my replies and so request the same of my roleplay partner. Having a good understanding of grammar, punctuation and so forth is very important to me personally aids in creating a pleasant writing experience free of misunderstandings
- Post Lenght - I am someone who enjoys writing a butt load... like, a ton of butts. However, this is a bad habit of mine since it usually sacrifices dynamics and fluidity for details. Thus, I have been trying to get rid of this personal plague, but would still enjoy collaborating with someone who is flexible and willing to go a maximum of a few well fleshed-out paragraphs. My minimum, when the occasion calls for it, is one sole paragraph
- Frequency - I live in Eastern Europe so time zones have always been an issue for me, which also makes it hard to communicate with a foreign roleplaying partner. However, being in contact with people on the other end of the world is always fun! Due to a location differences as well as me being preoccupied on certain days, I am not too uptight when it comes down to frequency. Guess that at least once a day is the bottom line
- Chill - As a relaxed roleplayer that enjoys laid back and slow storytelling (most of the time), it would be preferable to find someone with a similar affinity for writing in a more relaxed way

Now, last but not least (as a matter of fact, this is arguably the most important part of it all) I have some set scenarios that I would like to try out so, if you are interested in any of them, do PM me!
- best friends
- roommates
- teacher/student
- guardian angel/human
- demon/human
- demon/angel
- knight/rogue
- cop/criminal
- detective/killer
- hitman/target
- psychologist/patient

- artist/muse
- mortal enemies
- rivals

I am also open to further suggestions!
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I live in Europe too! Would be nice to rp with someone at the same side of the planet.
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