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  1. :bouncy:Hello Dolls!:bouncy:
    My name is |~Rebel~Ninja~|, but please call me anything you would like. I am female though so keep that in mind. Some of my nicknames that friends have given me are Vinny, Vert, or Vinne, but like I said I will respond to anything. I'm going to take a paragraph to tell you a little about myself (conceited, lol).

    I'm slightly "new," to this site, I created this account about a year ago, but never got to play it to the full potential because my life got a hold of me and make me incredible busy. Now, I'm back in full force. I'm a teen member and its my summer break right now so I will be more active now then when I will be in school. I'm pretty friendly and won't bite... unless it's consensual :biting:. Check out my resume to see what I like to do. I plan on responding several times a day and depending on how imaginative I feel I will post anywhere from two small paragraph to five large paragraph. Though I will try to match my partner. NO one-liners, please. I may have some misspelled words and not the best grammar, but please always try to have good grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as I will also try. Lastly, I'm open for your plot ideas and pairing, just as long as you are active.

    Plot or Pairing I really want to play.
    Plot or Pairing I would like to play.
    Plot or Pairing that maybe interesting.
    Plot or Pairing that must have a good plot.
    Plot or Pairing that I'm not really interested in, unless you have a brilliant plot.
    Plot or Pairing I won't do because no interest or already doing it.
    [BCOLOR=#0000ff]Males: I would like to play.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#ff00ff]Females: I would like to play.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#339966]Any Gender: I would like to play.[/BCOLOR]
    words with no background are open to either way, we will discuss when we plan.
    [BCOLOR=#ff6600]Character I prefer to play.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#008000]Character you would play. [/BCOLOR]
    Characters with no background is open.

    I do MxM, MxF. Though, I usually don't FxF unless it has a nice plots. I have never played any trans people or anything. Most of these pairings can either be liberteen, though only with other teen members, but it can be fluff or PWP (porn with plot). I don't like it too be too much fluff or too dark. I like it in the middle. Also, I'm not too big into combat and fighting, I just can write fighting well.


    [BCOLOR=#339966]Demon[/BCOLOR] x Angel
    Demon x[BCOLOR=#ff00ff] Human[/BCOLOR]
    Angel x Human
    Werewolf x [BCOLOR=#339966]Human[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#339966]Werewolf[/BCOLOR] x Vampire
    Vampire x Human
    Mermaid/man x Human (or any other supernatural being)
    Monster Hunter x Monster
    Dragon x [BCOLOR=#339966]Dragon-shifter[/BCOLOR]
    Princess/ Prince x Peasant
    Open to other suggestions! :bsmile:

    Slice of Life

    Soilder x Soilder
    Solider x Citizen
    Teacher x [BCOLOR=#ff00ff]Student [/BCOLOR]

    Friend x Friend
    Country Girl x City Boy (or vise versa)
    [BCOLOR=#339966]Newcomer[/BCOLOR] x Neighbor
    [BCOLOR=#339966]Homeless[/BCOLOR] x Friendly Helper
    Mentally Unstable x Therapist
    Open to Other Suggestions
    Sorry if some of these aren't necessarily Slice of Life.


    Warrior Cats
    Ouran High School Host Club
    The Fosters
    The 100
    American Horror Story

    Open to Suggestions

    I'm always open to suggestions, but here are a few of my plot ideas. We could always elaborate and collaborate. :duh:

    Little Red Riding Hood:
    [BCOLOR=#ff6600]Muse A[/BCOLOR] remembers the day, her grandmother died very well. She went to deliver her mother's homemade jam to her grandmother. When, she had reached the house, what she saw was horror. Her grandmother had be torn to shred. screaming, she dropped the basket and ran out where she saw a young wolf [BCOLOR=#008000](Muse B[/BCOLOR]). Her grandmother was murdered by wolves, or so the police say. The rest of the sleepy town was quiet for another 10 years, though Muse A is now terrified by wolves. Muse B is a new student to the town and is extremely mysterious. Muse A is very attracted to them, but is also terrified. Muse B has always known Muse A, he was there the day of the murder. Muse B has been following Muse A ever since. Muse B has to hide the fact that he is a werewolf and that he knows something about that fateful day.
    (Horrible Summary, sorry about that.)

    Daddy's Little Girl:

    This is not a romantic or sexual rp. Its a family one, that could have sexual themes but nothing more.
    Muse A had gotten married at a young age and had a small daughter. Muse A loved muse B very much, but not so much her mother. The mother slowly became a drug addict and was unsuitable as a parent. Muse A divorced his wife and has been raising his daughter on his own. As Muse B gets older, more secrets and dark things about her daddy will be reveal.
    (I have some ideas about the secrets, so pm me if you would like to hear them.)

    Did you Hear about the new guy?
    [BCOLOR=#ff6600]Muse A[/BCOLOR] has always lived in a small, close-minded town. Though, they liked the same sex , no one knew. Then, [BCOLOR=#008000]Muse B[/BCOLOR] moved into this small town and Muse A fell an instant connection. One problem, how will they continue their love without anyone knowing? How would people feel about them, if someone was to find out.

    Other Plots

    ~A summer camp love story
    ~A Forbidden love with a large age difference

    ~Someone accidentally summoning a demon

    More Plots to come soon, I'm always open for new ideas, plots and pairings. I might have missed a feel things so feel free to ask questions or chat with me.
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  2. I like the monster hunter x monster

    Or the Little red riding hood one :D

    We can talk more in a pm if you're interested
  3. I'd like to rp. ^w^
  4. Um..are you ok with an MxM Werewolf x Human?
  5. @slifer Yes, I'm 100% okay with doing a MxM rp, pm me and we will discuss it.

    @wolfgurl1999 Awesome, well just send me a pm and we will getto planning.

    @Knight Zulu 97 Perfect, hit me up on pm!
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