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  1. I am looking for multiple partners.
    I am mainly looking for MxM.
    But I will consider MxF or FxF if the you can convince me.

    I like age difference as long is isn't super huge. (for example 18x40)
    I want to play specific characters I have.

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    Age: 23
    (Uke Type)
    Best suited to a man with scruff. He likes his men to have a stylish look.
    Any genre

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    Age: 24
    (seke Type)
    Best suited to any man.
    Roleplay types

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    Age: 26
    (Seke type)
    Best suited to men same age or older.
    Any RP Setting.

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    (Uke type)
    Best suited to any type of man. (males at least 5-6 years older.)
    Preferred roleplay
    Prince/Noble x Knight/Assassin/Thief/Pirate
  2. I am open to anything, if you got something you are craving throw it at me.
  3. I just watched Epic so there's an idea.
  4. Hey I'd like to RP with you.
  5. @Sora Blade Sure is there anyone in particular you liked? or did you have an idea what you wanted to do?
  6. No I'm good with any but to tell you the truth I play Uke parts better then Seme.
  7. I see that you like Kuroko and I have ideas for basketball rps.
  8. @Kal-El oh that sounds like fun.
  9. I'm partial to MxF but I can do MxM for this if you want. Shoot me a message if you want people falling in love over the passion of Basketball while also doing sick Basketball tricks. I love Kuroko so much.
  10. @Kal-El
    I'll go ahead and message you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.