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  1. It's been some time since I've been on the roleplaying scene, and I'm looking to find myself a few partners. Since I'll be asking you lovelies to sign on, I'll try to give you an idea of what to expect from me, and what I expect from my partners in turn.

    Things to know about how I play:

    -I love worldcrafting. I can spend as long as a week, or as short as a few minutes building the world that we play in. The longer it takes, the more detail, and direction the roleplay will have.

    -I tend to create a cast of characters to draw from in my off-time as a sort of writing-practice, and to further develop our world.

    -I tend to reach out to my partners through PMs, or through chats. Conversation warms the story, and makes it feel cozier to me.

    -It is rare for me to post fewer than two paragraphs, and I can become quite longwinded at the beginning of a scene. The more you give me, the more you can expect back.

    Things to know about my schedule:

    -I am busy during most weekdays, though I try to get a few posts in in the evening before bed. Weekends are a good time to catch me for back-and-forth posting.
    -I don't stick to a strict schedule, but I try to post no fewer than once a day. More, if I can catch my partners online.

    And now some things that I expect from you all!

    -Let me know if you're going to disappear from roleplay for longer than a week's time, or if you're getting bored with the story and want to try something different, or stop altogether. I won't be offended, I promise.

    -Give me a rough estimate of how frequently you try to post, so I know when to check for your responses.

    -Give me as clear a picture of what you mean to convey as you can, without fluff and filler.

    -Work with me to enrich the world we're building, and feel free to jump in feet-first to plot development. Working together, we'll make worlds flourish!

    As to the content you can expect from me, I suppose I can make you a list down below as well.

    Steampunk: I've really only got one world for this one, but I'm certainly willing to branch out and make another.
    Post Apocolyptic: There are more flavors of the apocalypse than people realize. This is my bread and butter.
    Romance: I love good romance, but all too often, it gets in the way of roleplay.
    Sci-Fi: Probably my least comfortable, but still well-loved genre. Inexperience is no reason not to practice!
    Modern Fantasy: This takes a special place in my heart. Occasionally, it even shuffles off towards the Post Apocalyptic section. It is near and dear to my heart.
    Modern: This one takes a bit of convincing for me. I've yet to play a modern story that held my attention.
    Fantasy: I'm passably familiar with this, and with sufficient worldbuilding, I can make it come to life.
  2. I notice we've got a fair bit in common, here. Before I go ahead and say that I'd like to be your partner, I have a few questions as well, but first, my manners tell me to answer yours first.

    My post frequency varies based on my mood, obviously, sometimes I can post multiple times a day, others maybe only once every 3 or 4 days. I may not be the fastest write, but that's because I believe in quality of quantity. I've seen people write entire essays about one sword swing, which is just silly.

    As stated above, quality over quantity, fluff is, at best, annoying. I try to be as detailed as I can when I have the reigns, otherwise I'm passive and allow my partner(s) to expand the detail if I feel uncomfortable doing so (like describing the inside of a shop that another player brought me into, the other(s) probably have a certain layout in their head ready to convey.)

    And lastly, I love world building! It's more than creating a world for your characters to live in, it's making a world that allows you to stretch the imagination, making worlds function in certain ways can absolutely change the way your characters work. Everything from politics to machinery, and even the sciences of magic. I firmly believe that even if it's magic, you still have to explain it in one way or another. "Well it's magic" never cuts it.

    Now for me to ask ;D

    I don't see a mention about Cyberpunk, is that something you'd be into? I rarely do cyber punk, but I'm willing to do just about anything, just asking for the sake of knowing.

    How do you feel about plot making? Typically I have some ideas, but to be perfectly honest, I'm more of an idea bouncer than a plot maker, but I make sure to be detailed when it counts.

    And lastly, do you have skype? If so, it'll make contacting one another much faster and easier, but if not, then no worries.

    I really don't know what I'm looking for at the moment, but I know that I feel the need for a new RP to join, and one[x]one can be really fun, so hopefully we can work together to make a great story!
  3. I've heard the term Cyberpunk tossed about, and I'll admit that it's piqued my interest. I didn't add it to the list thus far, as I've never done it before, and wouldn't be comfortable spearheading a world I knew next to nothing about, although I am certainly willing to try it out if I'm working with someone who knows what they're doing. ^.^

    As for plot-making, I'm pretty comfortable with coming up with things to drive the story forward, though I'll always try to clear it with my partners, unless they've asked me to surprise them.

    And as for Skype, I'll PM you my account. ^.^
  4. Hello! You really piqued my interest. World building is a huge love of mine, though I've spent far more than a week on a single world... got a project that's been going on a year. So, as you can tell, I love detail. The more, the better. The more layers(sometimes literal) and forces, people, countries, cultures, the better. Not just detail, complexity. Having characters who are thought of as near living Gods, or even Gods themselves questioning and being amazed by what's going on in their world is wonderful in my opinion. I also like Gods, as you can tell haha they're good plot tools as well as interesting characters to flesh out. Also have a love for magic, Squee up there mostly took the words out of my mouth for what I'd say about it. (Yo Squee you can hit me up as well if you want)

    I'm new to this site, though not to roleplaying(been doing it roughly,6 or so years?). Not entirely sure what to say about myself, we have a lot in common though I've done few pure post apocalyptic rps. My bread and butter is high/epic fantasy, though I like mixing it up and not doing pure medieval.

    I'm cool with trying some pure apocalyptic stuff, as well as most genres.

    For post length, I can get pretty wordy when the fancy takes me(or character's style brings it out). I try to make more than 2-3 paragraphs, same rule as you:More you give me, more I can give back.

    I've also got skype and would be interested in chatting more.
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