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  1. Really wanting to add, 2 or 3 Rps to my roleplay list.
    I am looking for Dom, but I wouldn't mind doubling so that we can both have a dom and a sub. Or we can simply play switch characters.

    I am open to all ideas and limits are next to none. (except for scat, etc)
    I am pretty active, or as active as I can be. If I suddenly disappear I promise to let you know what happened.
    I will also tell you if I lose interest and would appreciate if you do the same.
    I tend to write at least two paragraphs and as much as five to six.
    If we do Fandoms I do prefer OCxOC, or if we do OCxCanon I highly suggest we double.


    Attack on Titan
    Final fantasy 7
    FF 8
    FF 10
    FF 12
    FF 13
    Tales of Symphonia
    Tales of the Abyss ****
    Magna Carta: Tears of Blood
    Legend of Dragoon ****
    Resident Evil ****
    Devil May Cry
    Metal Gear Solid
    Kingdom Hearts
    Kuroko no Basket ****

    Pairing ideas

    Prince/ess x Knight ****
    Prince/ess x Assassin
    Prince/ess x Thief
    Kidnapped x Kidnapper
    Neko x human
    Demon x human
    Demon x angel
    Demon x exorcist
    Demon x summoner
    Master x Slave
    Inu x human
    Gifted x Human ****
    Gifted x Gifted **** (plot?)
    Ex-military x lover
    Ex-military x civilian
    Scientist x Experiment
    Famous Artist x normal person
    Model x Normal person

    I also have a plot for zombie apocalypse.

    I am up for combining any of these ideas and hearing your ideas!
  2. Hey there, I'm interested in the KnB OCxOC if your still looking =)
  3. Of course message me and we can work out the details.
  4. Definitely still looking for a few.
  5. Demon and Summonner sounds sweet. May not be quite capable for quantity, but will make up in quality?
  6. Sure shoot me a pm and we can discuss more.
  7. Kuroko no Basket why are you almost over!? D:

    It's too soon damn it.
  8. Really craving more KnB roleplays.
  9. Dang it. I really want to see Jurassic World. >x<
  10. Holy crap, I never thought Id see another Ace Combat fan here.

    Well, now we have to RP... Wanna do something in that universe, or that zombie apocolypse idea I would like to hear.
  11. asdfghjkl, oh you just made my day. I love Ace Combat 4 and 5 are my favorite, can't tell you how many times I have played them.

    A Dangerous pathogen known as the "Vrykolas-Romero Virus" (VRV) began infecting humans throughout eastern Pennsylvania approximately 6 weeks ago. The VRV is unlike any other virus humankind has ever seen before. It kills its hosts quickly and within moments reanimates the corpse as a "Walker" or "Walking Dead" creature that is compelled to bite humans and spread the virus. These abominations are now known as "Zombies."
    Since the appearance of the VRV, world wide chaos has ensued. The power grid is down, supplies are finite, and zombies are roaming the landscape. Government officials are determined to find a cure for the VRV, but until they do you must try to survive on your own under desperate and unpredictable circumstances.
    A new development in the infection. The government has wronged the world again by lieing to us and instead of finding a cure they have been releasing an even stronger virus which, depending on who gets infected, will cause not only physical changes but a change in the senses as well. We have listed all the mutations that we know of and what we have begun to call them. There are those who somehow have an immunity to any and all of the virus. These people are however carriers of the virus and can still infect others, we have begun to call these people "Carriers."
  12. Four, Five and Zero were my favorites. I also, cant remember how many times I played through and beat them. Hell, I'm listening to the Megalith soundtrack right now. I have a pretty good and relevant plot that we could use for an Ace Ccombat play if you wanted.

    So, I'm seeing Left for Dead, pretty much.
  13. I would love to hear what you have for Ace Combat.

    Yeah, pretty much like Left for Dead, but I combined it with my Zombie survival guide book. XD
  14. The year is 2025, and the face of air war is changing. Once it was a war of aces, of feared pilots against one another. Rather like fuedal times, knight versus knight. The age of the drone has begun, faceless vehicles proforming feats no human could fathom, ushering in this new age. Now, an new enemy with the thinking of an old one lashes out to accomplish his fathers goals. The son of Larry "Solo Wing" Faulke rises to power in former Belkan run Grunder Industries, the worlds leading arms manufactuter. Hidden int the code of thousands of pieces of hardware is the takeover code. At James Faulkes order, every Grunder manufactured piece of equiptment goes rouge. Presidents and prime ministers die, thousands are massacured, all in the name of a world without borders. A world with no boundries. Rumor has it that Faulke has even taken over Avalon Dam, and is constructing a weapon that makes the V2 look like a firecracker.

    Many of the knights of old, the aces of the old guard, are retired, out of shape to fly. But there is a new breed, spearheaded by their descendents. It is up to them, the last of the true fighter pilots, to stop this assault.

    So, we could use the superplanes like the Falken, Morgan, or one of those (I'm torn between the X-02 and the CFA-44 now) for ours, and basically do anything we wanted.
  15. Oh, I love the idea quite a bit. I've also loved the Falken and CFA-44. So that would be fun. :D
  16. I never liked the look of the Falken, but I went with it because of its laser. But for an overpowered race, I give it to the -44, because of the ADMM. One shotting 8+ targets at once? Its hard to do with the laser or with the Morgans burst missle.

    Want to figure this out in PMs?
  18. I am always in search for more.
  19. Yo! if you are still looking for someone I would be interested in doing a bleach rp.

    Possibly an Attack on Titan one.
    Pm me if you are interested.
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