The Sea Forest

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  1. On the island, fish and birds of all varieties flew about in the vast skies, travelling from area to area, tree to tree, cloud to cloud. This island was filled with unique wildlife, most of which cannot be found in your old Metropolis. It was magnificent, beautiful, a rainbow of creatures-

    Nevermind, let's get to the main point.

    From the neighbouring oceans of the beach, what appears to be a mermaid jumps from the shallow seas onto the fine sand. Her magnifique, glistening scales of her tail began to vanish as they were morphed into legs. She then proceeded to enter the forest area, which was basically her second home.

    This mermaid was known as Stargazer, transliterated from her other-language name. She was a Forest Mermaid, a race exclusive to this island, this island that houses

    The Sea Forest​
  2. Jack Atwood had just finished tying his washed up lifeboat to the closest tree to the shore. There was sand on his legs and hands, for he stumbled a few times and had to catch himself. He climbed into his lifeboat sluggishly, and looked at the small pile of bones that was the fish he caught most recently. Fortunately, he still had some rain he had caught in a bucket. He proceeded to use an empty can as a cup, and take a drink, as he was about to go into the forest to try and find food, as he didn't want to keep trying his luck at catching fish. The last thing he tried to harpoon somehow knew to dodge the spear...

    Jack picked up his harpoon gun, for he knew not what wildlife this island held, and started to stumble his way into the forest. He was roughly thirty feet into the forest... when a fish swam past his head. Jack nearly jumped out of his skin. He stared at it as it swam up, into one of the myriad schools of colorful fish as they weave their way around leaves and branches. He dropped his harpoon gun, and just kept looking upwards, with his eyes wide.
  3. Ravi

    Ravi, the silver tongued snake as he was otherwise known, was curled up on a branch toward the interior of the island. His dark eyes watched for some kind of prey to ambush, be it a wild hog or some other unfortunate creature. The naga's expression was one of near boredom, but he was much more vigilant than he appeared. He had heard that Yori would be coming onto the land today and he was not in the mood to deal with a stubborn dragon. Ravi was hungry, but when nothing came by for several hours he descended to the forest floor. He found a nice sunny patch near a waterfall of freshwater and it was there amongst the reeds that he chose to sun himself. As long as Ravi remained still, he'd have nothing to fear from the dragon.


    The azure shaded dragon opened his eyes as the sunlight filtered down toward his underwater nook. He slept on top of the main part of the nook, if only to throw others off of what he was hiding. All the residents of the island knew better to mess with Yori's nook, especially as he had established it as the central part of his territory. He swam to the surface of the ocean, blowing a spray of water out of his nose before swimming along the top of the water with a serpentine movement. The dragon headed for the island, which was also part of his perceived territory, and soon enough he came up on the shore. A few steps toward the interior of the island brought him to the currents and it was there that he took to the air. Yori regularly patrolled the island, and he was adamant to do so on this particular day. He had sunk a human ship a few days ago simply because it had crossed too close to the island. The dragon was sure that there were no survivors, but he knew better than to rest on his laurels. He scanned the forest floor as he swam along one of the higher currents, his keen eyes finding Stargazer in her legged form, but no one else at the moment.

  4. Chrysa
    Chrysa was happily swimming on the waterfall when a Naga caught her eye. Smiling, she swam near the figure and looked at him out of curiosity, hiding between the tall reeds. "Strange" she whispered as her long lavender hair flowed around her, her dress floating. "I've never seen a Naga around this area before."

    She moves closer to the figure, making sure that she was unseen, and watched him with curious eyes: his silver hair and scales sparkles under the light of the sun and his tail is incredibly long. She looked at him in awe, she had never seen such beautiful creature in her entire jellyfish life. "So pretty~" she said out loud and covered her mouth. Not sure of what to do, she hid under the water, hoping that he didn't hear her.

  5. Ravi

    Ravi had let his eyes slip closed for a few brief moments, but a sound caught his ear. He looked up, his forked tongue flickering out from between his lips to scent the air as he scanned the immediate area around him with his dark eyes. The naga didn't see anything, and if there had been someone nearby their scent had gone from the air. He cautiously laid his front half back down, remaining even more still as the sound of Yori the dragon flying by overhead caught his ears. The dragon passed quickly and the serpent could relax. Well, somewhat. Ravi knew he had heard something, a voice perhaps, but he hadn't been awake enough to fully register it. He kept still where he laid, but kept his senses open and aware. It wouldn't be befitting of an ambush predator to be ambushed himself after all.

  6. Over the past weeks, Emi had sadly been noticing many of her fish friends stopped coming back, they would disappear and it made her oh so sad. Emi softly traced her fingertips over one of her friends before waving goodbye sweetly and going up on land to get some fresh sun. She smiled warmly and stretched her slim arms out, a busted up rowboat catching her attention out of the corner of her eye. Her bright ocean blue eyes widened in shock and confusion as she slowly tip-toed over to it, peeking inside of it quickly before taking her head away in fear.

    "W-what is t-this?" She questioned, noticing light tracks in the golden sand right next it. They looked like normal human feet. This instant caught Emi interest, she looked closely at the ground and started walking slowly into the forest, looking at the ground and following the strange tracks. She finally caught up to whatever was making the markings and it seemed it was Jack. Emi gasped but, quickly stopped herself by hiding behind a tree and covering her mouth. A human? Here? How wonderful! She watched his every moment as he look just as astonished as he by the everyday fish that swam through the dense air in the forest. She peeked her head out to look at the human closer, only to accidentally trip on a root lodged into the ground. She yelped loudly and fell down on her butt, right in front of him. Her cheeks were bright red and her eyes widened, staring into his. "I-I..."

  7. Jack looked in her direction, then took two quick steps back. He looked at her for a few seconds. His expression seemed quite tense, and it wouldn't be a lie to say he had no idea what to do, say, or think. As a result, he decided to ignore the very laws of physics being broken all around him, for a moment. He spoke with a slightly hoarse voice.
    "Excuse me... are you alright?"
    He looked around at the floating fish once more... it's hard to ignore them for long... He wondered if he could be insane... but he was only on the boat for five weeks... and he wasn't sure if he could go straight from harsh reality to seeing fish swimming in air. He decided to risk convincing this person he was a madman.
    "Also... are you seeing these flying fish too?
    His eyes went up towards the sky, to take one more look at the flying fish. They looked real... Then he saw a blue serpentine creature flying far above the trees, a shiver went down his spine. He looked back at the girl he had just encountered.
    "I really am glad to see another person... I just washed up on shore a few hours ago."
  8. Emi watched as the poor human looked confused and scared at the same time. Her eyes widened in shock as he spoke, his voice so interesting to her for some odd reason. "I-I'm fine..." She pushed herself up on her webbed feet and tilted her, examining the man more. Her flowing fish hair blinked, and she was pulled back to reality once Jack spoke again. She looked up at the fish and smiled, calling one down to her and petting it lovingly. "W-well.. Of course I do! Don't be silly!" Emi nuzzled the fish sweetly before letting it go and watching it float back away in the air. She pulled her attention back to the interesting human and got pulled back into her focusing state of mind. She stared at the man and took a step forward, lightly reaching out with her orange webbed fingers. "A human... I've never seen one before..." She mumbles, astonished.
  9. Jack heard the girl confirm that she saw the fish, so, Jack thought that perhaps he wasn't mad. On the other hand, he saw her hair blinked. He concluded that the best decision would be to just go with it, and assume that he is not crazy.
    "So... I guess I've never seen... one of you before as well... My name is Jack Atwood."
    He proceeded to reach out and shake her hand, he was only twenty percent sure that was what she was going to do, but he had a feeling that if he didn't do anything, she was going to pet him or poke his face or something.
    "Is there anything else I should know about this... wait a minute."
    He stopped for a moment, and stared into space as he made a realization. He quickly asked;
    "...Are there flying sharks?"
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  10. Chrysa

    Chrysa peeked out the water after a couple of minutes, staring back at the Naga. He still laid there umoved and feeling a little courageous, she swam closer to him. She can hear his breathing and it fascinates her how relaxed he can be like he has no care in the world. She reached out her hand, about to touch his short silver locks but abruptly stopped and retracted her hand.

    Being the jellyfish she is, she cannot touch monsters so casually. She has the ability to sting by just a touch and she cannot risk hurting such a beautiful creature.

    "You look even prettier up close~" she softly giggled, afraid that she'll disturb the relaxing creature.

  11. Ravi

    Ravi kept his ears open, listening as something disturbed the water next to him. His forked tongue flickered out once more, this time bringing back the scent of a someone. It wasn't some stupid fish or animal, it was another of the residents. The naga's suspicions were confirmed when he heard a soft giggle, something about being pretty. His dark eyes slid over in the direction of the sound, but whoever it was had settled just on the periphery of his vision. Ravi caught sight of something flowy and pink, like a dress, and without a word lashed out with his tail to capture the person and bring them closer. His coils wrapped around the body as he raised his front half to look, finding that it was a female water dweller and her other half was akin to that of a jellyfish. It barely had time to register in the naga's mind before he felt the sting, which caused him to immediately let go with a pained hiss.
    "What are you doing, spying on someone in their slumber?" He hissed, bringing his tail closer to take a look at it.

  12. Chrysa
    Chrysa yelped back as a tail coiled around her and brought her to the relaxing naga. She squirmed out of his grasps and accidentally stung him, making him let go of her and examining his tail. "I-I'm so sorry!" she apologized, deeply bowing her head. "I didn't mean to sting you!" she exclaimed and went closer to the naga to check his tail. "Uhm.. just leave it be for a couple of minutes.. the sting will go away.." she explained, trying not to touch him or she'll sting him again.

    "uhm.. I was just..uhm.."she trailed off, unable to answer his question. Gulping and twiddling with her fingers, she took all the courage she has and said "YOU LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL UNDER THE SUN I JUST CAN'T HELP BUT STARE!" she shouted due to nervousness but quickly covered her mouth, her face a deep shade of red. Not knowing what to do, she activated her defense mechanism and became transparent.
  13. Ravi

    Ravi trained his eyes on the girl as she hurried out an apology for stinging him. He wasn't about to let her touch him, his coils visibly flinching back when she took a look at his tail. The naga allowed his tail to rest when she mentioned that the sting would probably go away after a few minutes. He'd hold her to that, but for now he crossed his arms and gave her a good long look until she spoke up. So, he looked beautiful under the sun that she had found herself mesmerized? Interesting. Even more interesting was the way the jellyfish turned transparent under the stress of scrutiny.
    "Oh, is that so?" Ravi replied smoothly. "Then why not be more upfront with your approach? I almost mistook you for prey."
    Technically she could still be prey, but the snake wasn't about to mention that.

  14. Chrysa
    "B-because I was afraid that I'll wake you up..." she stated, showing herself once again. She was quite nervous meeting his gaze, horrified that the naga is mad at her.

    "F-forgive me for disturbing you...” she bowed, her lavender hair softly falling in front, hiding how ashamed she is “Uhm... I'll just go..."she stated and started to walk away from him.

    She wanted to be friends with the naga and yet she decided not to. By the attitude he's giving her, she's certain that he doesn't want to have any connection with her and that, made her heart ache.

    She never had any friends besides the fishes swimming around and she always felt lonely. Upon stumbling to the snake-like creature, she thought, somehow, she found someone who she can be friends with. Well, looks like she’s wrong.

  15. Stargazer takes a great leap, jumping onto the top of a tree. As she hides in the green tops of the trees, she looks back, almost feeling as if she was being watched, which she was.

    But... who or what was it? She did not know. It could be a harmless one, or a predator.

    With that, her bare state dashed through the trees of the forest, attempting to escape the potential watcher.

  16. Ravi

    Ravi chuckled when the jellyfish girl reappeared and stated that she had been afraid she'd wake him up. How strangely courteous.
    "If you want to get close to a snake, the best way is simply to be upfront." He said as she turned to retreat.
    The naga slipped into the water and swam through the reeds to catch up with the jellyfish girl. If she thought he was done with her, she was mistaken.
    "The way I act when startled hasn't made me many friends here." Ravi commented. "I'm sure the same can be said about your tentacles."
    Jellyfish were elegant yet dangerous and he'd rather be on the good side of one.

  17. Yori

    Yori noticed a change in Stargazer's demeanor and descended to a lower current to get a better eye on what it might be. It could be a human, if one had managed to survive the squall he had created. Before long, Stargazer was flitting through the trees as if being pursued and after a moment of realization, the dragon had a guess as to why she was acting in such a way. He sped up and descended even further, now weaving through the trees the mermaid was jumping between. It wasn't until he was parallel with the female that Yori finally spoke up.
    "What are you running from, young Stargazer?" He asked of the considerably smaller female. "Have you spotted an intruder to our lands?"
    Hopefully she hadn't, but if she had the dragon could take care of the problem.

  18. Chrysa
    Chrysa simply nodded. "I have never met a naga before so I have no idea how to approach one. If I have offended you, then forgive me" she said swimming past him. He's right she thought my tentacles wouldn't allow me to have friends. I'll just hurt them and they'll hate me.

    Sitting on the water she looked over the naga and smiled sadly "I guess your right. Who would want a friend like me?" she sniffled and started to cry. Shaking her head furiously she let out a smile, ignoring the tears brimming down her eyes "Well then, sorry for disturbing you. I guess I'll be on my way then.." she mumbled and headed back to the waterfall.
  19. Ravi

    Ravi shook his head when the jellyfish spoke of having offended him.
    "There was no offense on my part, simply instinct." He replied as she stopped swimming to actually regard what he had said about her tentacles.
    And it was then that she started to cry. The naga hadn't fully intended such an outcome, but he'd keep it in mind nonetheless.
    "Why so quick to retreat, jellyfish?" He asked as once again she made her way toward the waterfall. "You have nothing to fear from me."
    After all, it wasn't as if Ravi could simply wrap her up and choke her to death before eating her. He was one of many creatures that couldn't eat a jellyfish and wasn't used to its stinging. Still, jellies had their uses, and perhaps this one would too.

  20. Chrysa
    "I am not afraid of you" she declared, a bit baffled on what he said. "It's just that I might sting you or something..." she mumbled, unable to look him in the eyes "Most creatures fear me because of my sting. Do you know how lonely I feel? I'm sorry.. I know my problems are none of your concern" she said laughing and twiddling with her fingers.

    How awkward this conversation is Chrysa taught. All she did in front of this snake is to apologize. Gulping down her nervousness, she suddenly asked "So, what does a creature like you doing in a place like this? I've never seen you around here before..."