The Sea Forest

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  1. The Sea Forest

    It is named so due to its odd, magical nature.

    You sea, the Sea Forest is located on an island without civilization. In fact, the whole island is forest, caves, some mountains and streams. It houses many kinds of beings, mythical and regular.

    The unique part lies in the magic that governs this forest. This magic allows aquatic beings to not only breathe above the surface, but also 'swim' among the forests. Thus, one can see birds and fishes flying in the sky together if you were to gaze upwards.

    So, how will you live around this wild, wild island?



    (Insert Picture here, preferably anime-themed)
    Appearance: Add to the picture above, since it might not exactly be what you had in mind.
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  2. [​IMG]




    Forest Mermaid

    She is about 1.62 metres from head to tail, and only 1.60 metres in human form. She does not wear any form of clothing, no matter the form. Her long, wavy hair is the hue of wood, and her sparkling eyes, the colour of leaves. Her bust is between a B and C. Her scales may appear a more bluish-green - the hue of the grassy forests - while within land area, and become fully blue in the blue sea.

    Apart from water manipulation, she also has great weaponless combat skills. She can switch between her mermaid form and human form with ease, the latter having her replace her tail with human legs. Via contact, she can choose to discharge electricity upon her opponents, or release temporarily paralysing poison upon them.
    She can take the form of an animal - specifically - a stargazer.
    Like all Forest Mermaids, she is able to communicate with and charismatically control nature's inhabitants, such as trees and little animals, although this is limited to non-sapient beings and NPCs.

    Stargazer, as she is called, is always seen swimming around, not caring about anything else. Actually, she is always wary, for as long as she is on this island, she knows that there are many others who wish to battle or kill her, mainly for survival purposes, since this is the wild. As such, she cares about personal combat training and doesn't seem to care about anyone but herself - in other words - survival of the fittest.

    Forest mermaids are adapted to fly around and walk on this island, as well as its nearby water bodies. They are exclusive to this island and the surrounding waters.​
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  3. This seems interesting, though I have a question. Do characters have to be types of mer-folk, or can they be other supernatural creatures?
  4. They can be other kinds as well.
  5. Okey-dokey. I'll see if I can cook up a character that'll fit in the world.
  6. [​IMG]
    Appears 25
    Ravi is 12.5 feet long from head to tail.
    Despite his somewhat light coloring, Ravi is able to hide in trees and underbrush in order to ambush his prey. He is a constrictor, so he relies on the element of surprise to better his attacks.
    Ravi can come across as a rather retiring serpent, but that is merely the surface of his personality. He is a good listener and as such, he knows about certain goings-on in the forest before others. While the naga is willing to help others, it's always for a price. He runs on a tit-for-tat system and it is well known to those who reside on the island. Many are wary of Ravi's silver tongue due to rumors that have circulated around him.
    Ravi can swim in regular water, but not in the air.
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  7. I guess I'll accept it.
  8. Is there something wrong with my application?
  9. Nothing really. I juat updated the previous skeleton with gender and others.
  10. Okay. I'll update my profile to match the skelly. :)
  11. jellyfish_by_hitana-d7xixzw.jpg





    Chrysa is 5'3 feet tall. Sje has lavender hair that is parted on the middle, shaded with lilac, and she keeps the bangs above her eyes, covering her forehead. Her eyes are amber, but has a slight tinge of purple. Her ears are pierced, and she wears blue nail polish on her finger nails. She also has long slender legs and pale skin.

    Chrysa can sting by physical contact and make herself transparent for easy hiding

    Chrysa has a lot of energy and has an up-beat personality. At times, she can be very hot-headed and a bit defensive, especially when it comes to her being teased about her height.

    She can walk on land due to her feet
    She doesn't have a tail
    The tentacles in her dress helps her swim faster​
  12. Another addition to this wonderful sea forest.

  13. @Crow Would it be okay if I made another character?
    Keep things balanced and all that.
  14. Very well. Go ahead.
  15. Thanks!
    There any specific kind of character you want or maybe don't want?
  16. I don't have any specific preferences or non-preferences, but try to avoid anything too technological unless you have a reason that will be stated in 'others', as a form of backstory. Magic-powered stone golems are alright through.

    If you do have something that doesn't fit, I might suggest ways to make them fit more, such as originating from off the island.

  17. Appearance (open)

    200 Years
    Water Dragon
    Yori is 52 feet long with a slender body and four strong legs. The blue shade of his scales helps him to blend in with the water.
    Yori is able to manipulate water and, to some extent, the weather upon it. For example, he could feasibly create a squall if the island was threatened by a ship.
    Strong and silent, Yori is extremely protective of his home island. His protectiveness is extreme enough for the dragon to be provoked to violence by outsiders and outright hostility if he deems it necessary. However, despite his hostility toward outsiders he treats the other residents of the island with respect and tends to look after them. Yori is more than willing to help another resident in need, so long as he isn't in the ocean. He prefers to swim through the ocean currents, but the other currents on the island are useful enough.
    Yori has a penchant for shiny objects and keeps a secret horde under the waves.
    Yori doesn't get along with Ravi AT ALL.
  18. Accepted.

    I was waiting for animalistic characters.
  19. Question, can I be a human researcher? Like in modern day one who just got caught up in a storm and somehow ended up in this forest.

    If not, can we create our own supernatural?