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  1. The Scrolls of Gelbaron
    The Forsaken Saga
    In Character Thread

    In the beginning, there were the Ancients. They, both of them created from the same being that time has all but forgotten, were both held responsible for creating the planet Gelbaron. The Light Ancient, representing life and everything is good, set about creating all life that is on there through their own births. The Dark Ancient, representing Death and everything that is dire, carved the landscape and defined every living thing's life span. When both of them worked together, they created the laws of the world, the natural progression of evolution and then formed a mystical force that represented their essence: magic. Once the world was completed, they both had sworn an oath that their balance as opposite sides of a coin and not interfere with the balance that they had created, making sure that whatever one does, the other does something to restore balance. They have both agreed to this and allowed each other to work to their own roles for thousands of eons.

    However, seeing as the world they had created just floating around in their existence and remaining ever so dull for such a long time, the Dark Ancient decided to seize the power of the world for himself and ridding the higher planes of his sister. Looking onto the world, he had planned for years in order for him to control the world and cast the Light Ancient into Limbo. During this time, he poured nearly all of his essence into 20 spheres of pure evil. He created a spell that, depending on the attempts that he needed to gain full control of the world, would allow him to use 4, 6 or 10 of these orbs in order of attempts to gain control of both the planet and the higher planes. Before the Light Ancient had a chance to realize her brother was attempting, he cast them down from his platform onto the different continents of the world.

    Knowing that the oath that they agreed to was broken and something needed to be done to restore balance, the Light Ancient had, with the use of her Light Aura, created a spell and cast it onto 20 random people, hoping that this spell will then create the perfect method to balance the acts the Dark Ancient had created. These people, along with their descendants or objects that have their blood, would then have the purpose of destroying these orbs, with the destruction consuming the living essence of the person or object. Whether these people would realize their own destiny or not is something that only time could tell. As the spell was cast, the Dark Ancient looked on helplessly as his plans were being distorted by this revelation. While he had done everything that he could to prevent his plans from failing with causing disruption that would, hopefully, destroy these Disciples of Light, the balance between the two warring deities stood at a fickle equilibrium.

    Millennia had passed and while the factuality of this battle of the gods had faded into religious texts, this had not stopped the fanatics from searching for these mythical beings or objects. This had been the subject of many wars, ranging from the Schism of the Conuence Empire to the War of 3 Continents, have claimed the lives of many living beings. Everything has been silent for many years, despite some skirmishes. However, something lurks in the unknown future and a storm is brewing over in the Amroth Mountains and the Werepyre Mountains. Another evil voice, the name only known as Lord Sacremento, is uniting these forces for an as-of-yet unknown reason.

    Towns and cities fell to these forces, with many people slain for this cause. It is marching on the gates of the capitals of the two largest empires in the world, Conuence and Terrubane. Yet despite the dire climate in Gelbaron, only a glimmer of hope remains. As history had seen time and again, a band of warriors of all backgrounds join together and, with their might and determination, will stop this madness. Will this madness stop? Only time will tell...
    Playable Races

    Void Creature
    Other Information

    As more information of Gelbaron is transferred to my blog (some important, some just general info), I will be updating this section with important links to that information for you guys to have.
    While I tend to be very flexible when it comes to some of the stuff that appears in this RP as they are Gelbaron-specific, these are the rules that I want everyone to abide to:
    These rules can change or be added to at any time when necessary.
    Character Sheet
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  2. Cast list
    PlayerCharacter name (w/ link)OccupationCustom Title (OP created only)
    Mercinus3Auroreon GreybackMercenary 
    SnowdayAtlys TacitusYoung Herbalist 
    kikinkiRasiro TywalKrimntaar Traveller 
    WitchChildSareth EltariCrossbow-wielding Magister 
    ShienvienNarandailAgiroan Sharpshooter 
    Legion X51Raeviir Seldsyl El'AnadarVampyric Ranger 
    ShimmereneElric Aradryan (Belial Arsovia)Eternal Silvæan Warrior 
    Inactive Characters

    PlayerCharacter name (w/ link)OccupationCustom Title (OP created only)
    Soñar GardiánAurora 'Rora' BelindorFemale Warrior 
    TemmUmbra UltionemSpirit Warrior 
    AlidaMariaCailinnSilvæan Noble 
    Now, without further ado, here is my character:

    General Information
    Character Name: Auroreon Greyback
    Age: 26
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Profession: Mercenary
    Physical Characteristics
    Height: 6'0”
    Weight: 178lbs
    Eyes: His eyes are downturned in shape, with his irises a deep shade of sapphire blue.
    Hair: He has shoulder length dark blond hair, with the hair going towards his face tied back in a ponytail to keep it out of his eyes. He cuts his hair himself, so it is shaggy in shape as well.
    He has a muscular build, his strength coming from the 7 years of working as a mercenary. He has one large scar running across his face, jagged in shape that misses both of his eyes and touches the bridge of his nose down to his right cheek. He often wears a cotton shirt underneath his armour and leather trousers, wearing worn brown leather riding boots. When he does have his shirt off, he has one neat-cut scar across his left pectoral. His hands are calloused from the constant use of his weapons. Apart from the occasions where he gets the chance to wash, he is often dirty in appearance.
    Mental Characteristics
    Outer Personality: Cynical, calculating, determined and authoritative
    Inner Personality: His eyes, despite his outer personality, portray a kinder, more intelligent person.
    Aspirations: While he just mucks in and tries his best, he hopes to become a legend himself and become one of the best warriors that is out there

    • Tactical – Whilst observing his mentor, he is able to read the battlefield and formulate an appropriate response
    • Leadership – He has an air about him to be able to command other mercenaries and students under his mentor's supervision in the latter years of his training.
    • Eye for detail – his mentor taught him that a warrior is as good as the equipment he has, so he checks his equipment to keep him at his best
    • He goes things alone – Due to learning that the demise of his mentor was due to a renegade member, he finds it hard to trust other people when working in a group
    • Facing his past – When he meets people that are from his past, he us uncertain how they would react to seeing him after what happened.
    • Areas that stank of ambush material – Losing his mentor causes him to be uneasy in those areas, plus it reduces his options on fending off the ambush if people died.
    • Making life-or-death choices – See ambush material
    • Technology – Witnessing the destruction of some of the new technology that is brought out frightens him, making him feel worthless.
    • Swordsmanship – His many years of training, both from his own work and under his mentor, has bolstered his ability with the sword
    • Knife throwing – before meeting his mentor, the only weapon he had was a simple throwing knife, which he was able to use quickly and efficiently
    • Marksmanship – When he was left with his mentor's pistol after they died, he had no training with it at all, so he uses it only if he is in a desperate.
    • Lack of Magic – He is ignorant on the beneficial uses of magic, believing that brute strength could win any battlefield

    Armour – He has a studded leather jerkin, worn from the years of use. There are places in the torn leather where there is a chain mail inside the item, giving him some protection against some attacks. The shoulders are protected by spaulders, with the leather coming down to the hard-boiled leather vambraces that cover his forearms and hands. The jerkin is held in place by a fauld, created by lamellar strips of steel to protect his waist. His boots are covered with hard-boiled greaves and sabatons, which gives him protection but allows his speed to be unhindered. Around his waist, at the join between the jerkin and the fauld, is a brown belt that has a pouch on it for storing his gun's bullets, scabbards for his claymore and daggers and a pouch that contains ammunition for his gun.

    Silver Moon – Silver Moon is a claymore. With the blade that is 115cm long, it appears that it was made by a fine craftsman of an unknown origin. While it is an impressive weapon to hold, the one thing that attracted people's attention was the fact that the blade was an icy-blue colour, with the fact that it was made of the rare mineral talunite, and it's aura had shone with a similar colour. There are gold runes that go along the fuller of the blade, roughly translating to Silver Moon in the ancient language. The handle itself was made of gold, with the cross hilt slightly curving towards the area of the pommel. The pommel itself has an embedded gem made of pure talunite, giving it a deep turquoise colour of pure clarity. There is a turquoise leather fabric on the hilt so that the weapon was easier to hold in either one hand or both.

    Throwing knives and a dagger – He has a small collection of throwing knives that he utilises when needed. As for the dagger, it was given to him by his old master, the blade is what anyone would have expected. It has a simple, leather bound handle with no hilt. The blade is a foot long, the edge curving up towards a deadly point. Unlike the claymore, the dagger does not have any magical properties, not having talunite within the blade, and it just has a cold, steel grey colour to it. He mainly uses this knife now for menial things like hunting and, on occasion, shaving. However, he can rely on the sturdy blade if things get out of hand and Silver Moon is out of reach.

    Flintlock pistol – After the death of his mentor, he was left with this pistol. It is a standard, smooth bore pistol that has a simple flintlock mechanism and a bog-standard wooden grip and trigger mechanism.

    Short History

    Auroreon was born and raised in Terrubane's heart to a family of no particular honour or fame. While he did not know who his mother was, his father had been a member of the Terrubane Police Force who was easily corruptible. This was something that a few people at his school had picked up on and used day in, day out to make sure his life was miserable. While he found this school life uninteresting, he pressed on, making sure that he at least got through this so he can be his own self and get away from these people. However, when it came to a point where the group had almost beat him to death, an incident which he rarely talks to people about and a confrontation with his father about these things and his corruption, Auroreon decided to leave his home and never return to it.

    While he was in down-town Terrubane, roaming the streets to try and make a living, he encountered the man who gave him the career path that he decided to take: a mercenary called Damenth. While the old mercenary rejected his advances, Auroreon's persistence and determination allowed Damenth to give the young boy a chance and taught him everything that he knew, ranging from combat training to tactics. During this time, the old man had given his apprentice a dagger to use for training and to defend himself. However, during one contract when Auroreon was 20, while being accompanied by two other mercenaries, a group of bandits ambushed them, fatally wounding Damenth and killing the two mercenaries. Auroreon had managed to fend them off at the cost of the thing that they were protecting being taken. However, he rushed over to his dying mentor's side. Damenth had placed his weapon, a claymore with the ancient runes calling it Silver Moon, in his own hands and uttered one sentence, “Always be strong and always go for what feels right...” Taking the claymore, he also looted the other mercenaries, which the only thing he obtained was a pistol. Since that day, he pushed himself as a mercenary.

    Other Information

    This will be updated with other information that isn't covered by any of the sections above as the RP progresses.
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  3. General Information
    Character Name: Sareth Eltari. Known as Sareth the Magnificent, High Magus in the Making Eltari, The Tall Son of a Bitch.
    Age: 29
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Hetero
    Physical Characteristics
    Height: 199cm
    Weight: 80kg
    Eyes: (R)Blue and (L) Hazel
    Hair: Black
    Mental Characteristics
    Outer Personality: Sareth is a rather outgoing sort of person. He likes to make small talk and has an air of someone that minds his own style, sporting a pointy looking hat and an impressively crafted cane. He is polite unless angered a lot and maybe be a little flirty to women he finds attractive regardless of species.
    Inner Personality: Sareth is sort of an anti-deist. He believes that there are gods and that they may be responsible for the lives of the world but his view is that they have no right and no business any longer in their creation's lives. He doesn't believe in pre-destined paths, sometimes ridiculin it and avoids discussions of faith. His faith is in himself and his peers. His faith is in the power he has, the power he uses and, most importantly, why he uses it. Mortals and the such have outgrown deities. He is also a little bit sexist. Not in such a way that women have predetermined roles or anything but in the way that finds crimes committed against women and children all the more horrible and may be driven quickly to anger because of it, irrationally so some times. He has a drive to be the one who rescues or helps those who come to him and he can be tricked by a pretty face. Not even necessarily a pretty face, just as long as it's a female. Nothing sexual about it either. Women should not face horrors or distress when it is prevented and should be helped when they are in need, simple as that.
    Aspirations: Simple. Becoming the most powerful wizard in the world of each school of magic. After that, possibly find ways to make certain that no god like beings or anything of that sort would never interfere with the lives of the world's inhabitants.

    • Extremely talented magic user. He possesses not only raw talent but also skills, using fire magic in not only destructive ways and shows promise to learn more.. He knows a single spell for Nature spell which consist of summoning a small minion. It has limited offensive and defensive capabilities but is a good assistant and follows orders well. Sareth's that is.
    • Great intelligence. Studies nearly any magic he comes across and anything to do with potions, chemistry, alchemy and engineering.
    • Reach. Outside of magic, his limbs are rather long due to his height, allowing him to use it well with his fencing skills.
    • Exceptional Crossbowman.
    • Excellent cardio. "When in doubt and lacking in magical Fast. Especially from something big with claws or, worse, has a debt that you owe"
    • A magnificent beard and string playing skills.
    • Sareth isn't much of a brute fighter. He will never be the sort that over powers his opponents. His style is that of finesse and grace, evasion and dodging. He will not hold up well against a person in full plate armor, shield and warhammer. That is if he doesn't have access to his mojo.
    • Too dedicated: He tends to forget about his own physical requirements outside of those that require him to use a chamber pot. He has been known to bury himself in his studies so long that he was found passed out, dehydrated and starving. He has been looking out for that a bit longer, begrudgingly running and jogging for exercise but sometimes he forgets.
    • Chivalrous to the end. Regardless of past mistakes, women may find slightly easy to manipulate him if they are subtle enough, especially younger "helpless" women who are in need.
    • A bit of a lightweight. He won't he entering any drinking contests to win or anything and is usually the second or third person under the table in a full bar. But he likes his drink some times so he won't be stopping that any time soon.
    • Failure. Hopeless, nothing else I can do, failure.
    • Large Insects
    • Losing his magic with his ambitions unfinished
    • Losing his free will
    • Use of fire magic as if it was going out of style.
    • Excellent string musician
    • Craftsman of clothing, potions and clockwork along with chemistry. Academic knowledge of metal working.
    • Able to blend in high society
    • Ballroom dancing
    • Using a firearm reliably due to his magical juju
    • Not helping a woman in danger.
    • Resisting puppies and kittens or just dogs and cats in general
    • Go into houses of faith comfortably.
    • Resisting revolutionary discoveries
    • Keeping a book closed and unfinished
    • Making a bad omelette
    • Quality clothing. Silk shirts and the such.
    • Leather tunic along with pants, bracers and boots.
    • Light chain shirt
    • Pointy hat
    • Travelling cloak
    • Polished Blackwood cane with a silver dragon's head and sapphires for eyes. His magical foci.
    • An edged steel rapier
    • A doubled edged long dagger
    • A special repeating crossbow with 7 bolt magazine and 4 separate magazines
    • Satchel
    • Belt Pouches
    • Spell book
    • Leather bound journals with potion recipes, smithing instructions, leather working instructions, food recipes, his own magical theories and one as a regular daily journal.
    • Pencils, Charchol and a quill
    • Tapped inkwell
    • Needle and Thread
    • A golden ruby ring and a plain silver ring with a silver crafted wolf's head
    • Golden pocket chain watch
    • Backpack
    Short History He's a wizard. (will expand)
    Other Information (In case I missed anything)
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  4. That's fine, WitchChild.

  5. Waaaaaooooooowwwwww.........

    I was completely mystified by your introduction to this RolePlay, it was almost as if I was reading the cover to a major book series! I could definitely see this turning into a Best-Seller, no time flat!

    *Bows the deepest bow I've ever done*
    I would be so honored if you would allow me to participate in this story, and I will follow ALL rules! I'll try to make myself have inspiration, though I'm mostly a Passive player, I can be Aggressive when needed :D
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  6. Hey there, BountyHunter.

    Thank you very much for the compliment. I appreciate that this RP is liked and compared to a Best-Seller.

    I definitely have no problems with you joining in the RP :) I just hope that there is more interest for me to start the RP.

  7. I honestly think it deserves more love ~~~:heart::heartbeat::heartsmile:

    I hope there are more people to join too! Although others might be a tad intimidated by the long intro.
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  8. I'm in :)

    And I can totally agree with The Bounty Hunter, this does look like the introduction to a popular book series :D
  9. Hehe thanks, kikinki. Glad you find this RP interesting as well. I'll still need to wait for a few more interests before I post my character sheet.

  10. Have you still kept the ad up? I think a lot more Role Plays are found through the circulation of ads up there. ^.^
  11. The 'Extend Ad' button in My Ads wasn't working. I'll reactivate it as it has expired last week.

    EDIT: The Ad is now back up.

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  12. Hey there, I have not read the part concerning magic thus far (since I'm in a bit of a hurry at the moment) though I do wish to inform you that this roleplay seems too interesting to resist, much like the other two already stated. So if you'll have me, I would love to join :). I do have some questions regarding the playable characters and the character sheet, but that will have to wait untill another time.

    Also, the ad worked ^_^
  13. Hey, Alida! I'd be more than happy for you to join the RP. And feel free to shoot some questions about your character my way and I'll do my best to answer them :)

    I'm also glad that the ad works ^_^

  14. Awesome! Very well then Mercinus, brace yourself for some silly questions.

    1. You mentioned elves and humans in several spots, though they aren't described in the 'playable characters' section. Do elves and humans exist? And if they do, are we allowed to play them?(Perhaps it's just too obvious that we can pick those, but I'd just like to make sure we're on the same page c;)
    2. There were two parts in the character sheet that I never came across before, so it would be lovely if you could explain these further. Firstly, you mentioned "outer personality" and "inner personality". What's the difference between these two? Secondly, you mentioned "inabilities". Do you mean this as 'flaws', such as 'afraid of water' or do you mean this in a more abstract way, such as 'would be unable to choose between friends and family'? (Perhaps this is another silly question, just like the first one but hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained
    3. [....Yep, now that I think about it... all of these questions are silly xD So, as for the third question:] What exactly is the purpose of the Forsaken weapons of Callelotte? Can our characters claim them as family heirlooms or weapons they stole or bought somewhere?
      Moreover, it seems like they will play an important part in the RP, seeing how much you have claimed already, so will there be any sort of restrictions as to who may wield one of them and how exactly will their powers work? (Or is all of this something that will be revealed in it's own due time?)
    4. Will all of our characters have magical abilities or will mages be somewhat less common?
    5. Is it okay if I already start creating my character? (I'm really excited about this rp, since it's looking so good x3)
  15. Hey there, Alida. Here are my answers to your questions.

    1. Humans are in the RP itself as the standard race, so they don't really need a description at this moment in time. As for the elves, they weren't originally supposed to be in the RP as the world's equivalent (although some drastic differences) are the Silvæans, where they gain their immortality through the Ritual of the Eternal Light (which was somehow omitted from the race description, so I'll need to add that in). The playable races mentioned above are the Gelbarean-specific races that are in the world that are playable. If you want to play an elven character, feel free to create one though I would highly recommend going with one of the races mentioned above. That's entirely up to you though :)
    2. The outer and inner personalities are something that I first encountered on this forum. What I think it is is that the Outer personality is their personality that they do portray to other people (so vile if they are a villanous people as an example). Inner personality is, I think, the personality that they don't fully show in public (so using the outer personality example as mentioned, they are vile but do have a caring personality to plants). Now thinking about it, it's probably a silly thing to have on the sheet and just combine them together. As for inabilities, that's basically showing what your character is useless at doing (so for one of my characters, he is a great swordsman but he is a useless marksman considering that he has a flintlock pistol in his arsenal).
    3. As you have rightly assumed, the Forsaken Weapons of Callelotte play an important part in the RP, so I won't dwell on going into the details of them. If you want your character to wield one of these weapons, then just let me know. As long as they are available (which is mentioned below their hand drawn pictures) then you can claim them. How your character claims them is something that I'll let you decide :)
    4. Not all characters will have the abilities of using magic (which is something I dabbled in in the Precendata Arcana #1). My character won't be able to use magic throughout the RP. There is also technology that players could use (though that part of the RP is still a WIP). As for their rarity, magisters are uncommon in the majority of the world with the exception of Conuence, where it is uncommon for someone to not use magic). I won't restrict using magisters for the RP as I'll be basing the encounters on the strongest character for that particular encounter.
    5. Feel free to create a character (BountyHunter and kikiniki, you can do the same as well if you want).
    I hope this helps answering your questions.

  16. Thank you very much for those answers Mercinus! I had assumed most of the answers would be something along those lines, but I higly appreciate the clarity that has been given. Therefore, thanks again. I will start working on my cs tomorrow, looking forward to what all of you come up with ;)
  17. I'm very interested in this roleplay, it seems very well developed and it appears you're passionate about it. I'll join if you'll have me. I'll most likely be playing some sort Drægarian with ice magic but much less physically strong than others of his race. Surviving the harsh landscape with his own ancestral magic along with the defensive and healing aspects of ice magic, if that would be okay.
  18. :bouncy: Wow there's so many adult players =^.^= Bring it on, I will type just as much as you guys!
  19. Hey there, Temm. I'd be more than happy for you to join the RP. I'm also glad to see that you are interested in the Drægarians.

    I'll be looking forward to your character sheets, guys. I'll add my character sheet to the second post :)

  20. I love roleplaying Nagas and they seem pretty much identical so that should be fun. Do we put our CSs here or somewhere else?
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