The Scroll of Absyinthe

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  1. You seem to have stumbled upon a worn and very old scroll. You unravel it and it seems that the name of the scroll is simply: The Scroll of Absyinthe. What does this mean, you wonder? You begin reading, and soon enough find a list of ideas scribbled in a messy cursive on the parchment. Each list has a category name at the beginning of the list. You start at the very top of the scroll.


    1. There is a plague coming. A terrible and dangerous one. Your character [Or mine] must send a message to the next town of Treselene to ask for help from their witches to help stop the plague from reaching the southern kingdom. [Which is yours and my kingdom] [You or I] have to go with you as one of the witch elders [does not have to be old] and aid the messengers village and help stop the plague. Many perils and treacherous plots along the way.

    2. There was an air ship docked in one of the ports at the edge of the platform. You notice a person step off of the ship. You can obviously tell they are a pirate. A very well known pirate. What are they doing here? It seems as if he/she is walking up to you, and calls to you. What do they want? They want to take you to the floating isles? What do you say?


    1. A sick and uneasy feeling riddles through you as you step into the abandoned asylum. Why did you ever think this was a good idea? A strange and eery tone comes from one of the rooms. It's an old music box with a mirror glued to the bottom of the lid. A face is inside of the mirror, screaming. Your mouth drops to the floor and you wait to see what happens, but the face is gone.

    2. You don't even think that the stories of the swamp are real. That it isn't haunted, and there definitely isn't a monster living in there. So why are you so afraid to go in there? The most popular kid at school is holding a scavenger hunt in the swamp on halloween. he/she has even invited you to go? Should you?
    [I could be the main character or you could.]

    Like any of these ideas? Do YOU have some input, or have any ideas of your own? Message me or comment on this if you are interested!
  2. I would like to do that pirate idea ^^
  3. Haha alright! I'll message you!