The School of Sins and Virtues

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    Millington Academy, what a lovely place for your children to attend. A high school that wills for the academic success and talent to be brought forth through our highly trained teachers, coaches and counselors on the premise. We have a full nursing facility not to far from the courtyard and easily accessible throughout the school. Our classes range in size depending on the needs that should be met to keep your children at the highest of their class. Grades any lower then a C will not be accepted and of course will count for a punishment of a degree. The courtyard offers a place for the children to roam about on their time off, along with various other places to cool down. Such as the pool, the library, the art room, the music room and our gym. We shall hope that their stay here will be completely magical and they come back to you for the summer as well rounded individuals.

    "You have got to be joking. There is no way in bloody hell am I going to that wreck of a school. The brochures are bull mum, I refuse to even step foot anywhere near there!" Another lecture from the stubborn red head directed towards the person that had raised her to be a successful young lady. Her black nails tapped against the table, jade green eyes narrowed into slits as she waited for her mother to say something she didn't like to hear. "Darling, your a growing young lady..and we have been told that you can't go back to your school because of your issues. Therefore we have no choice but to send you there!" A smart and well balanced comment back from the older lady in the room, though in Jess's mind they were sending her to hell. Jumping out of her seat she let out a sound of rage before storming up to her room and throwing stuff into her suitcase rather haphazardly.

    Arriving there however she was not pleased, stepping out of the car and slamming it with some force. "Good riddance" She mumbled under her breath, grabbing her suitcase from the back and heading into the double doors at the front entryway. Looking around, she immediately knew this was some kind of place for hidden crazies. Sighing, she let headed up towards her assigned dorm, shoving the key into the lock and throwing it open. "Not only am I here but I have to share my living quarters with an annoying little wench of some sort. Ugh just kill me now why dontcha!" Plopping down onto the bed, she took out a cigarette and lit it up right there, not even caring if her roommate or a school official happened to see her.

    But her calm didn't seem well suited because just then some lady with a horrible voice decided to come onto the loud speaker and interrupt her moment of peace. There was an starting day assembly. What joy, oh how fun this shall be. Getting up, she changed into her uniform and headed downstairs towards the auditorium.

    Uniform (open)

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  2. Aarin, brown Aarin gazed up at the large main building of his school, a soft smile spread across his face. This would be his second year here at Millington Academy, and frankly, he was looking forward to it. The bullying wasn't nearly as bad as it had been at his previous school, after all~
    Chuckling happily to himself, the ridiculously tall sweetheart set off to find his new dorm room. He couldn't wait to meet the boy he'd be rooming with. He loved making new friends more than anything. Well... Almost anything. Nothing could compare to the warm fuzzy feeling he would always get from helping others.

    Soon finding his room with relative ease, Aarin unlocked the door and stepped inside, having to duck slightly to get passed the doorway. Looking around the rather plain interior, he paused and stepped over to the desk that already had a few boxes and bags piled next to it, gently setting down a plate of cookies the Home Economics teacher had allowed him to make earlier in the day. Idly hoping his new roommate would like the chocolate chip delights, he blinked a few times as he was caught off guard by the announcement.

    His mouth spreading into another excited, but soft, smile, He set his bag next to his own desk before heading back out of the room and off to the assembly. He loved assemblies. There was always so many new people to meet...

    Profile Link

    Karson, green Karson took his time as he climbed out of the taxi in front of the ancient looking academy building, grabbing his two bags and shutting the door behind him before he began trudging along the path to the entrance. He only carried two bags with him, but the rest of his belongings had already been shipped to the school. They were probably already in his dorm room. The bags with him were only a small bag for writing supplies and a much larger bag for his stash of sweats.

    Slowly looking around the school yard, swishing a lollipop around in his mouth as he walked, Karson took note of his surroundings. He didn't like getting lost, he hated it, so he always tried to memorize new surroundings. He'd become quite efficient at the task over the years. Humming quietly to himself, the green-haired first year pulled a small piece of paper from his pocket, to remind himself of his dorm room number. Though he wasn't even sure where the dorms were... It was annoying to even think about. He didn't want to have to ask some one... Even his dad would agree that a man never asks for directions.

    The sugar-holic's thoughts were interrupted as he stepped through the building's halls, a voice coming out from the intercom and bouncing clearly around the naturally acoustic interior. Sighing as all students were instructed to head for the auditorium before he could even find his dorm room, Karson popped another lollipop into his mouth alongside the first as he began following the crowd of students.

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  3. [​IMG]
    Ariella McCraig
    sloth // female // 17

    "Ariella," Mrs. McCraig gently began. "Your father and I have decided to send you to a wonderful school called Millington Academy. It is a boarding school, but we feel that it would be in our family's best interests if you studied there, with teachers who can motivate you. They have a wonderful student history, and I'm sure you will be happy there."

    Ariella remained silent, eyes tired and bored. "Is this all that you've woken me for?" she asked sleepily, enforced by the fact that the clock on her bedside table read 5 A.M. Ariella never woke up at five in the morning. Mrs. McCraig pursed her lips, glancing at the time before gesturing to the luggage resting beside the bedroom door.

    "You're leaving in an hour," she clarified, noticing her daughter's confused expression. Ariella sat on her bed in silence, considering the pros and cons of getting angry. She ignored the twinge of irritation in favor of a heavy sigh. Without another word, the girl raised herself from the mattress and trudged to her closet. She sluggishly tugged off her clothes, despite her mother's presence, and dressed herself in the brand new uniform hanging on the closet door. Her mother's hand produced a comb, and she brushed her hair without a word of complaint. The rest of her morning activities were completed at a slightly quicker pace than usual.

    After she was ready, Mrs. McCraig escorted her to the waiting car, where her father sat behind the wheel. A few words were exchanged between the two adults before the car started up and sped off towards Millington Academy.

    When Ariella arrived, it was already time for the morning assembly. A few men took her luggage to whichever room she would be sleeping in while she leisurely walked to the auditorium.


    Evander Airaldi
    male hunter // male // 17

    When the announcement for morning assembly was made, Evander was already dressed, freshened up, and very excited for the start of the new semester. The blonde made a quick stop in front of the bathroom mirror, making sure he was all in order. Noticing a few stray hairs sticking up, Evander efficiently patted them into submission, grinning smugly at his reflection. Feeling his pockets to make sure his wallet was contained within, Evander smiled with a confident nod. With a distasteful glare at the uniform's tie(yellow clashed with his eyes), the teen was off.

    He snatched up the room key and locked the door behind him before power walking down the halls. He had been sent by the Hunters the year prior to locate and destroy the sins that were rumored to appear in a Millington Academy. They must've been early, because no demons were found. However, Evander was determined to find them this year. When the blonde reached the auditorium doors, he grinned to himself before entering.
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  4. Emse looked up at the school with an impending feeling of dread, her eyes wide and filled with curious and confusion. Stepping forward ever so slowly, she clutched her bag tightly with both of her hands, and resumed her walk towards the large building. Waving a farewell to the person that had so kindly taken time out of their day to bring her to her new school, she picked up her pace walking much faster and more brisk then she had in a while. Hopping up the steps, she peered into the room and set her bag down on the counter, raising a brow. "This can't be right, they couldn't have thought." This only caused her some discouragement, she must have been wrong. There was no way she was in with a boy, that would be outrageous.

    Then she remembered her parent's words. "We know it might not be the most conventional setting but there was not enough spots so we placed you in the next best category."

    Her jaw dropped, and she looked at the paper by the door. This couldn't be deemed true? They surely must have made a mistake. Or maybe her mother had meant that she put her in for a male position despite her gender. "Evan Carlton? Oh goodness me..what do I do? I don't look anything like a boy" Patience, that's all she ever harbored for a person, her parents would get the same treatment. Swallowing down her pride, she grabbed a pair of stray scissors and began to chop at her hair, tears slowly rolling down her cheeks as she did so. She then threw on a fair share of shirts and layered them so her small chest wouldn't be too noticeable. To the assembly she goes.
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  5. Joseph, red

    Joseph's Bio (open)

    Name: Joseph Alexander Avry

    Gender: Male

    Age: 17

    Personality: Joseph is the main man no one wants to get on his bad side. He does not hesitate to lash at those that irritate him or that deserve it, though he does have very few restrictions. Joseph does not hit girls, but will hit her "if the b**ch had it coming". He is quick to anger and holds zero tolerance for those of that are a nuisance to himself. This gentleman often vandalizes public property and is accused of assault on many occasions. But in his defense, "those sh*theads had it coming".

    Bio: Joseph grew up breaking everything he could get his hands on when he is infuriated. His parents tried anger management and therapy sessions to try and get him to calm down in any shape, way, or form. They had even considered slipping in drugs for him to mellow out and calm down, but even that didn't work. As the years went by, Joseph's parents had to sit back and watch as their son became worse and worse. He was getting in countless fights at school, for which most of them he started, and was often suspended from school. It came to the faithful day where Joseph had gotten into one too many fights and the head of the school couldn't have him walking around campus anymore. So, he was expelled from the school. Joseph's parents had gone to the final resort of sending their son off to boarding school, which was exactly what they did.

    Reason they were sent to boarding school: Expulsion from his last school for multiple counts of assault; His parents couldn't handle him anymore either.



    Joseph Avry had arrived to the campus of Millington Academy just an hour prior so that he could settle himself in his new room. He had received more stuff from his parents to move into the dorm and it just couldn't wait. With a box in hand and a bag over his shoulder, he walked through the main building to his assigned room. The black haired man had just about finished moving his belongings in, when he spotted chocolate chip cookies next to where he had settled his stuff. His dark blue eyes looked around the room for any sign of someone else there, and shortly afterwards, spotted another bag of belongings. This meant his roommate was there, and had left a plate of cookies. If this person didn't want him to eat any, then this person wouldn't have set the cookies right next to his stuff. Joseph took a couple of cookies and walked off in the direction of where the announcement had called the students to gather, taking a bite to try it.

    Whoever this person was really knew their way around culinary delights, but it was going to take more than sugar to get on his good side.

    Crystelle, orange

    Crystelle's Bio (open)

    Name: Crystelle van Deverson

    Gender: Female

    Age: 16

    Personality: Crystelle is a sweet and kind girl who is very passive about what happens, no matter what it is. She is the type of person to refuse food at a party if she is not hungry, and refuses to smoke cigarettes or drink any type of alcoholic beverage. She is what one would consider a "goody-two shoes", though she doesn't consider herself such a thing. She is just the type of girl to not consume more than she needs.

    Bio: Crystelle has grown up in a good home, always known to share her food with others or give away something she didn't want (instead of forcing it upon herself). She had issues with bullies in the past, but never allowed her anger to get the best of her; she was the type to just count to ten then go about her day. Even the staff of the school had to commend her for her self control and patience with the other students who made fun of her.

    Reason they were sent to boarding school: She and her parents agreed that this would be a wonderful opportunity for new experiences.



    Crystelle paid the taxi driver the amount of money necessary then stepped out with her bags. As much as the young girl wanted to tip him extra, she didn't. Her temperance didn't allow for her to give the man all of the contents in her purse. Crystelle didn't have too much items in her bags, just clothes and one of everything needed for a girl. Hording items all to herself just wasn't for her. The orange haired girl loved giving whatever she didn't want or need to have to those who did, but of course, she never gave too much. If Crystelle played as a walking charity, then there would be nothing for herself!

    Crystelle had heard the announcement play over the intercom, making her rush to the dorm so she could drop off her stuff then make her way to attend to the assembly. She didn't want to be late, after all! The orange haired girl followed what her dorm room number was then quickly dumped her bags there. She didn't know if she even had a roommate yet, but that didn't matter. The only thing that did was getting to the assembly on time.

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    "Are you excited for your first day?"

    "Of course!"

    "That's our baby girl."

    A young girl with light brown hair beamed brightly before turning to face the window, watching the scenery flash by. Her parents continued to talk about adult things, sometimes pulling her in for a bit. As the scenery started to slow down enough where the teenager can actually analyze it, she assumed that they had reached their destination. Eagerly, she pressed her face against the window, eyes wide and glowing with awe. The school was so big! A lot bigger than her previous school. And it looked so, so....sophisticated. She knew that she was going to like it here.

    Quickly, she climbed out of the car as soon as it came to a stop. While she was getting her luggage out of the trunk, her parents had also climbed out and walked towards her. Setting her suitcases and bags down, she glanced at each other them, beaming as bright as ever. "Well, this is it, Bonnie. This is where we say our good-byes," her mother said in a slight choked voice. Bonnie raised her arms and wrapped them around her mother, squeezing her as tightly as she could without hurting her. Soon, another pair of arms wrapped around them. Her dad had joined them, creating a group hug.

    As they hugged and enjoyed each other's presence one late time before Bonnie was off for a couple months, an announcement was sounded. It was a lady talking about the starting day ceremony. Bonnie's eyes widened at the announcement and wiggled herself out of her parent's iron grips. "Guys, I have to go! Or else, I'll be late on my first day!" Her parents seemed to understand the urgency of the situation and let her get her luggage and start going to her dorm. "Bye, honey! We love you! Make sure to call us every now and then!" The brunet laughed at their words. They made it seem like she was going away for good. It's only 'til the summer, she thought as she entered the school through the double doors. Without a moment's pause, she bolted to her dorm.

    Being late enough, Bonnie didn't have time to relax and check out her room. She set her suitcase down as soon as she got in, flinging it open. She fished out her uniform and quickly changed into it. When she was making her way out of the dorm, she was tugging her vest on. She preferred vests over coats and blazers. Slowing down just a bit, she ran a hand through her hair and fixed her skirt as she made her way to the auditorium.

    [About Bonnie.]
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  7. OOC, aqua Oof, I've been sitting here pondering whether it's okay to post again, since I don't want to throw off the timeline before everyone gets their characters to the auditorium.. I'm just so eager to keep it goin'.

    Aarin, brown Aarin looked about in excitement as he waited in the auditorium. It would probably be a good half hour before the assembly actually got started. There were so many new faces..~ He just wanted to go around and get to know everyone. Sadly, that would take hours... His smile saddened slightly as he realized he'd never get to know all of the people as much as he wanted to, though it quickly brightened again as he noticed something out near the back of the crowd. Well... Someone. There was another student eating cookies. No doubt the same cookies he'd left on the desk for his roommate. Well, maybe there was a little doubt, but Aarin was far too optimistic to be a nitpicker.

    His smile spreading into a happy grin, the sweet giant gently made his way through the crowd, uttering an 'escuse me' or 'pardon me' every few seconds. He stopped in front of the dark haired boy munching on a cookie, smiling down at him for a good few moments before realizing he should probably speak. "--Hello, I'm Aarin." He started, tilting his head a bit as he held out a hand to shake. He seemed like a nice fellow. Everyone seemed like a nice fellow to Aarin.
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  8. Joseph, red

    The black haired male had made a stop to grab some napkins for the cookies. They were absolutely delicious, but he didn't want to mess his clothes with chocolate stains or cookie crumbs. He didn't want to make a vicious threat to someone when he had sweet chocolate all over his mouth. Who the Hell was going to take him seriously if he did that? Joseph sat back in his seat, dressed in the school's uniform, as he awaited for the assembly to begin. Perhaps the black haired man should have brought more of those cookies. Or maybe the whole plate. If this assembly didn't start soon, he just might run back to the dorm and bring that plate with him. No one else could have a cookie; they were set for Joseph and Joseph only.

    His dark blue eyes caught sight of a very tall person coming towards the back of the assembly, where Joseph was seated. He paid no mind to it and continued eating his cookie until said Big Friendly Giant made his way over to him and stood over, smiling to Joseph. He sat there returning the other's gaze, slowly eating the same bite of cookie as he awaited for the other man to speak. Honestly, this guy's smile was so sweet it was giving Joseph more cavities than the cookies were. He needed to stop it before he was labeled a 'creep'.

    Joseph put the cookie down on the white napkin with the rest and quickly brushed his hands together to get the crumbs off. "Joseph..." He introduced himself and reluctantly shook the other man's hand. "Why are you talking to me?"

    Crystelle, orange

    Crystelle had made it to the auditorium on time, which earned a big grin and a sigh of relief. At the very least she wouldn't give off a bad impression of herself. She went around the rows before locating a seat that wasn't too close or too far from everyone else. She liked to let others know that she wasn't anti-social, but respected them enough to give them their personal space. It was a win-win for her and the people around her. The orange haired girl claimed the seat then sat back, awaiting for the assembly to begin.

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  9. Aarin, brown

    "O-oh, well..." Aarin started, shuffling to the side to sit in the free seat next to Joseph. "I saw you eating the cookies." He replied with a small nod, only realizing he'd left out a bit of crucial context a few moments later. "I mean-- I left some cookies for my room mate, earlier. Your cookies look a lot like the cookies I baked, so I was just wondering if it's you. My room mate, that is." He explained, his smile remaining even as he fumbled over words. As much as he loved chatting and making friends, he just wasn't much of a wordsmith and often had difficulty properly navigating his way through a sentence.

    "Oh-- A lot of the others around here call me Fawn. It's my last name, but I guess it's kind of like a nickname, too, so I think that's nice to have. You can call me Fawn, too. Or Aarin. It's up to you." He finished, laughing lightly. It was ridiculously difficult for the Virtue to refrain from firing off dozens of questions before Joseph could even speak. He continuously had to remind himself, 'one question at a time.'

  10. [​IMG]
    Ariella McCraig
    sloth // female // 17

    Ariella pushed the double oak doors open and entered the auditorium in silence. Inside, students were milling around and occasionally engaging in small talk. She saw an open seat near the front, where she'd be able to see better, but soon decided against it. It was too much effort to walk there just so she would receive a better view. Without another thought on the matter, Ariella seated herself in the nearest chair. Almost immediately, the brunette allowed her head to loll forward and shut her eyes, attempting to doze amoung the buzz of conversation.


    Evander Airaldi
    male hunter // male // 17

    Evander entered the audiotorium soon after leaving his dorm, excitment sparkling in his eyes. He couldn't believe all the new faces! Delight welled up inside him like a spring, and the blonde rushed towards the first person he saw, who just so happened to be Crystalle. "Heya!" the excitable teenager chirped. "I'm Evander, you?" His eyes rapidly scanned the girl, assessing her as he had been taught. Nails are short and manicured. Result: Subject has enough free time for frivolous activities. Subject's body is soft and has no visible calluses. Result: Subject does not eat in excess and is nutritious, but doesn't work out often enough to build up substantial muscle mass. Subject's danger level out of ten is a one.
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  11. Jessabelle found herself walking incredibly slowly towards the auditorium. She was so not in the mood for this crap, she hated everything about this school already and she had been here for less then five minutes. Sucking in a breath, her eyes scanned the various people in the room. A satisfied smirk came to her lips, and she couldn't help but let out a squeal of delight. There was so many people here, she could deal with this factor of the game. Maybe she could even find a new flame to play with.

    Strolling around, she raised a brow at the incredibly tall boy. He was too tall and the boy next to him was vacuuming cookies up like nobody's business. A smirk appeared on her features however when she spotted the adorable blonde who was conversing with someone much to cutesy for him. Taking a seat next to him, she placed a hand on his knee. "Hello"
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  12. Joseph, red

    He listened to the words of the other male, not caring that this giant had decided to sit next to him. Joseph continued to nonchalantly take another bite of the cookie and chew; that is, until the other man only said that he was talking to him because he was eating cookies. What kind of freak randomly went up to someone and decides to make conversation just because they were eating cookies? The raven haired man was about to tell the other to scram until he mentioned that he had made cookies for his roommate. Coincidentally, his roommate left cookies for him as well.

    "Nicknames are for friends. You're not my friend, so I will address you by your name." He told the other male. Hell, if this walking ball of awkwardness was going to be his roommate, he'd just have to tune him out at appropriate times. "What room number are you, Aarin?" Joseph asked. If this guy's dorm number was different, the black haired man was going to tell him to go away.

    Crystelle, orange

    The orange haired girl sat alone with her legs crossed as she awaited for the assembly to begin. She hadn't been expecting any person to come up and speak to her, but when she heard someone introduce themself to her, her head spun quick enough in their direction to mess her bangs up a bit. "Oh, my name is Crystelle. It's a pleasure to meet you Evander." She told the other boy with a smile, taking a mental picture of his face while offering her hand to shake with his. Crystelle wanted to know a few faces, since people did enjoy when someone remembered who they were. Evander seemed like the friendly type of gentleman; perhaps she could make friends with him?

  13. Aarin, brown

    "Oh... My room number is 201B. Yours, too right? ...Are the cookies good?" Aarin asked, already positive he was right about Joseph being his roommate. Perhaps simply because he wanted him to be. After it was stated so bluntly, though it was completely understandable seeing as they'd just just met, that he was not the dark-haired boy's friend, he really wanted to be. "Is this your first year here?" He continued unable to help himself. He just wanted to know so much. He wanted to chat properly and get to know each other and make a new friend and be happy. Honestly, for a boy so selfless, he wanted far too many things.

    Karson, green

    Growing bored as he waiting for the assembly to begin, Karson spent his time looking around the large room. He only paused as his eyes landed upon another boy devouring some cookies. Despite the fact that he currently held two lollipops in his mouth already, his need for cookies was suddenly insatiable... Swallowing, he stared for another good few seconds before biting down on the lollipops to break the hard candy and finish them off. The pack of cookies in his bag were suddenly far more interesting.


    Bonnie had finally made it into the auditorium. She looked around and saw all of the students. Some were chatting with each other while others were just sitting and waiting patiently. The brunet walked towards a seat that was a bit far away from everyone else. As she sat in it, she rested her hands in her lap, folding them. Her ankles were crossed as her mind wandered while she waited. I wonder who my roommate is. I didn't get to see her, but I did see some other luggage during my rush. Gosh, I hope she's nice, she rambled in her mind. Glancing around, she wondered how long it was going to take to start the ceremony. She wanted to meet everyone and make some new friends, possibly. Friends always made the school year just a little bit better.​
  15. Melanie Perkins
    (Charity. F. 17)

    Melanie sat quietly in her new room, lounging across the bed she had claimed with a book in her lap. Hours ago she had waved farewell to her aunt, uncle, and cousins alone at the front of the school. Not
    that being alone bothered her. She was never truly alone , not with her books and God at her side. Melanie took a deep breath before she began her way to her dormroom, reading over the school flyer as she
    walked on. After getting lost twice, the girl finally had made her way to her room where she had spent the next half an hour carefully putting away her personal items and clothing. Next to her bed, Melanie
    had left out a worn, white bible, her new alarm clock, and a photograph of her family. She didn't have much, only the things she couldn't ever think of parting with.

    With a soft sigh the small girl brought herself back to the present and glanced at the time. Fifteen minutes ago, an announcement had chimed in through the speaker system to notify the students​
    that an starting day assembly was to be held. "Oh no!" Melanie cried to herself as she jumped from her bed and quickly changed into the school uniform. Being so used to wearing pants all
    the time, the skirt felt awkward on her body and Melanie reminded herself to request several pairs of charcoal trousers later. Pulling on her blazer, she scurried out the door and half walk half
    jogged down to the assembly. The room was already full of bodies mulling around when she arrived, huffing slightly. Some people were conversing while others simply sat and waited for everything
    to start. She decided to join the latter group, and plopped herself down in the closest vacant chair.
  16. Joseph, red

    Joseph paused in answering the other's questions just so he could ask all that he had in mind. This guy really asked a lot of questions, and he was the one who made the cookies. At least he could bake, otherwise Joseph may end up throwing Aarin out the window because of his constant chattering. Sheesh, did this Big Friendly Giant never shut up? Maybe a little duct tape would do wonders... He continued eating his cookies, catching a sugarhead staring at him while he ate. That person was met with a glare before the raven haired boy turned his gaze forward again.

    "Yes, yes, yes. Do you always ask questions?" He asked the other in return. How many questions was this guy going to ask on a daily basis? Sheesh. The least Aarin could do was answer so Joseph could prepare himself for the future. They were roommates in this damn academy... and Joseph didn't feel like taking the risk of being paired with someone worse. Aarin would have to do.

  17. Aarin, brown

    "--Oh, I'm sorry! I'm being rude... I just get a little excited when meeting new people, s'all. I can't help myself... You can ask questions, too, if you want. We'll be roommates for a while, so we best get to know each other, right?" Aarin reasoned, his hands fiddling with the fabric of the chair he was seated in. He was completely oblivious to just how annoyed Joseph was at his chattering. The brunette still seemed like a perfectly friendly person. Even with the rather un-friendly expression on his face...

    "This'll be my second year here. It's a pretty good place, the other students and faculty are all mostly nice. It's a lot better than my last school, though I guess that's not nice to say, my last school had it's good points, too... Um. Do you like it here, so far? I could show you around after the assembly, if you'd like. Though I guess you'd prefer to get all your stuff unpacked, first... I'll help with that, then." The blue-eyed giant decided, his lips spread into another friendly smile. He really did love to help others. "--What was your last school like?"

  18. Joseph, red

    Joseph once again listened to the other man's babbling. The cookies were gradually disappearing, but his annoyance with the other man wasn't going away. This person next to him was so talkative, he felt like he could shoot himself. "Right.." He drawled at the other's most recent question. The raven haired man hadn't fully paid attention to it, but at the same time, didn't give two shits.

    "It's alright here. I'll unpack my own stuff." Joseph answered the next question before taking a second to think of the next response. "Everyone was afraid of me. Those who anger me end up going to the hospital." He told the other male.

  19. Aarin, brown

    "--Oh... You shouldn't hurt people.." Aarin replied quietly, rubbing at the back of his neck. "Though I guess everyone is different. It would be rude to judge you for it..." He added, tilting his head in thought. The friendly giant was about physically incapable of thinking badly of anyone. He wanted far too much to love everyone. Even if he were beaten, he'd be more worried for the attacker's fist than his own face. "Are you sure you want to unpack, yourself? I'd be happy to help~" He continued on the previous subject, all smiles again. Even after the earlier threatening comment, he could only see his roommate as a potential friend.

    "I don't have as much stuff, myself, so I have the time.." He continued, wondering if perhaps the other male was just worried about burdening him. The opportunity to help a potential friend could never be a burden, so of course that idea was just silly.

  20. Flare Modus ~ 19 ~ Senior


    Smudging out the stub of his cigarette on his lucky ashtray, Flare breathed in the deliciously comforting stench of smoke pervading the room. His things lay all over the floor of his dorm, as of yet unpacked, while he leaned back in his chair. He was wearing his uniform, but nothing about it was proper; the jacket was left open, the tie was askew, the shoes were covered in dust. This was real bliss, that first smoke of the new year. So incredibly relaxing. And when his roommate showed up, they'd know exactly what was in store for them. Of course, Flare loved nothing more than to talk about himself and how awesome he was, but he also loved giving a particularly memorable first impression. No one was allowed to forget him. If the officials came in to bust him, whatever, they wouldn't be getting the smell of smoke out of the furniture any time soon.

    And that was just the way he liked it.

    By now, he was about ten minutes late to the assembly that'd been announced over the PA a little while ago. Whatever. He refused to move until his buzz started to wear off, or some hot chick came by looking for a good time. Either one would work, he supposed. The point was, he'd get off his ass when he was good and ready, and anyone who told him otherwise could suck his dick.
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