The School of Life

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    • The School of Life is a very special school. It takes in all sorts of kids from orphans sent there because they are too difficult to place, kids who've been kicked out of other schools for various reasons, last chance kids who chose this over reform school or juvie, and even some kids sent there by parents who think they need a kick in the pants.
      The schools philosophy is different than most schools. There are high expectations, but the adults don't get involved a lot. Adults simply supervise and teach. If there is a need for adult intervention like a fight breaks out or there is an emergency than adults will step in and help, but other than that they prefer for the kids to hand themselves.
      The students are expected to keep their grades up, keep their personal spaces orderly, help and support other students, and lastly the students are expected to work at various places on the school grounds. At the end of each month students are paid based on their performance. If you slacked you will get less than those who worked hard. To teach responsibility older students are assigned to newer and younger students to help them.
      The goal of the school is to raise adults who can go out into the real world and know how to work and be responsible citizens without feeding off the system. When children are released at 18 they are given all their savings from living in the school and recomendation letters from the adults they worked with.

      The school located near the Mississippi near the Pearl River. The nearest town, Florence, is about 20 miles away. The school has a small crop and animal farm.
      When you drive down the long private road you will pass a field with animals on your right and crops on your left. You will first come to a small parking lot and a large stone building that is the school house and in-processing center.
      Behind the school is a network of dirt paths that go to various locations on the campus.
      Go to the left and you'll be led to a barn with a chicken coop on the wall facing the field where the animals are during the day.
      Go to the right and you'll find another barn with farming equipment and even further on, near the river, you'll find a greenhouse. The field stretch out the way you entered though they aren't very big.
      If you keep going straight you'll come to another fork in the road. This time if you go the right you'll get to a stone path and a small grouping of building. These are the workshops where kids learn mechanics, carpentry, and other skills.
      If you go the left at the second fork you'll come to town sqaure type place of dirt. On the left are two large stone houses and on the right are two stone houses. Straight in front is a small stone house that almost backs up the river. These are the dorms.
      HOUSING INFO: Each large stone house is a dorm building and is able to house up to 24 children. It has a kitchen, a rec room, a laundry room, and 6 rooms that hold 4 children each. All 6 bedrooms are on the second floor along with 3 bathrooms.
      The smaller stone house is for the over-night adult staff.

      Every Sunday night if you to the edge of the school property down on the river banks you'll see a small group of young adults and students. Here is where kids can get cigarettes, alcohol, and whatever they aren't allowed to buy. The ring is run by some young adults in town who don't feel they earn enough at their own jobs or have no jobs. Staff does not currently know about, a downside to low supervision, and not even all the students know about it.

    • RULES:

      ~Posts & Language & Literacy~

      Please Try To Limit The Cussing.

      Keep all OOC to this thread. No RPing takes place here, only OOC and forms are here.

      I prefer at least a small paragraph per character, but 2+ lines at the very least please...

      Try To Have Proper Spelling...I know spelling is hard for some people(Like me), but use google and the built in spellcheck. (I accept both British and American spellings don't worry I'm not a jerk. :-P)

      Do not make this into a 1x1 and go pages with one other RPer and ignore everyone else. If you've gone three times back and forth with out anyone else posting pause and wait for for another person to get on.


      You Can Have As Many Characters As You Want, But Please Keep Genders Even {No Twenty Girls And One Guy}

      Please Keep All Of Your Characters Active... I Understand It Can Be Hard Sometimes, But Post For All Of Them At Least Once Every Three Pages.

      You May NOT Use Anime Or Cartoons For This RP, All Images Should Be Of Real People {Or Animals}

      Romance is fine however both players must be willing and any hokey pokey must fade to black. Nothing more than light kissing and like hand holding.

      No Mary-Sues, Gary-Sues, Or God-Modding. Powerplaying should not be an issue since there are, simply put, no powers, but there is none of that either.

      I expect you to read the rules and basically understand everything. If you have a question please ask

      :3. If you have read this write your characters favorite color somewhere in the form.


      Wait To Be Accepted By Me or a Co-GM Before RPing(none assigned yet)

      No Power-Playing, Mary-Sues, Gary-Sues, Or God-Modding.

      You May NOT Be Your Own Crush, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Fiance, Or Spouse {Mates For Animals may have both sides played by the same user}.

      No transgender because it's too confusing for me to display and makes things way compicated for housing placement and stuff.

      Don't Ignore Someone, And If A Recap Or Repost Is Asked For Be Friendly And Kind And Try To Give It To The Person. Nobody likes a jerk! Be nice people.

      ~Have Fun!~

      The Most Important Rule Of All... If You Don't Have Fun, Then There's No Point To The RP. Keep The Drama And Romance And Action Coming. But Beware, I Will Add More Rules If I Need To
      Rules Credit: @~Happily.Ever.After~

      Students are split into houses by gender. The school believes that mixing ages promotes responsibility, however rooms are splits by age. Ages 12-14 are in the same rooms and ages 15-18 are in the same rooms.
      When students first arrive they are provided with clothes if needed, hygiene supplies, bedding, and school supplies. However after the initial supplying they are supposed to provide and pay for their own with the money provided.
      Students have schools 5 days a week and there is work 6 days a week. Sunday is considered a free day and students can go to religious services or just relax. Every night, if s student manages his time right, there is free time to relax and write to family.
      Homework handed out is minimal because the school believes is more detrimental than helpful. Mostly homework given out is reading or papers.
      Students' schedules are not forced upon them. If you choose to not show up for school or work you lose pay.
      The only required show up is every morning at 6:00 Am and every evening at 9:30 PM an adult staff members takes roll call at each house. Other than that the adults stay out of the kids schedules.
      Twice a month there is a trip to town for kids to pick up hygiene supplies and whatever they needs. It is scheduled by house and not everyone can go every time. One month the girl houses will go and the next the boys will go.
      Students are released either when they turn 18 or when they graduate high school.
      Students earn anywhere from 0$-80$ a month.


      School day goes from 8 AM- Midday and then after that students do work/vocational training until 6:00 PM.
      Schooling is Mon-Fri
      Work is everyday(But on weekends it can get done faster because there is no school)

      House Chores:
      Cooking- Providing Breakfast and Dinner for the house.
      Cleaning the Bathrooms
      Cleaning the Rec room
      Keeping personal spaces clean(Room, locker)
      Laundry(Done by room. i.e. Room 2 does their own laundry and Room 1 does their own laundry.)
      Head Of House- The house holds a mini election as to who they want to be Head Kid(And then the head Kid's term would last 3 months so the elections would be quarterly). This job is only up for 17-18 year olds.

      School Chores(in Building):
      Cafeteria- Provide lunch for school, makes food items to sell at the schools open house
      Janitorial- Keeps school building clean, can do basic plumbing and electrician work
      Library- Run library including stocking shelves, making sure books get put back, and checking out and in books.
      Teacher's Assistant- Helps teachers in lower classrooms

      School Chores(out of Building):
      Farming(Animals)- Keeps animals, grooms animals, collects eggs and milks, cleans animals stall.
      Farming(Crops)- Works in green house and fields, does basic repairs to farming equipment
      Workshop- Works in carpentry, mechanincs, and some art to make toys and other items to sell at the open house

      School starts at 8:00AM and ends at 12:00 PM. After lunch works goes on until 6:00 PM, sometimes later if needed.
      The building is two stories. The second floor grades 7th-9th. The first floor is grades 10th-12th.
      There is no PE class because the work is considered enough physical education. However there are Health Classes.

      - Book club
      - Art club
      - Study club
      - Choir Club
      -Theater Club
      - Language club (different foreign languages)
      - Future Planning club (Goes above and beyond the normal classes to assist kids in applying for college, enlisting, and other things that would help kids plan for the future that aren't covered in normal classes)
      - *Sports club (intramurals mostly between houses, but there are some co-ed teams)

      Soccer(Split by house)
      Rugby(Split by age and house)
      Basketball(Split by age and house)
      Swim(In the river split just by age, Co-Ed)
      Capture the Flag(Co-Ed)

      (Clubs credit to @~Happily.Ever.After~)

      Every month there is a sign up sheet for school chores. It's on a first come first serve basis so if you're late you're stuck with the least wanted jobs.

      Teachers must be at least 21 years old. Over night teachers are expected to bring their own clothes, hygiene supplies, etc.
      There is staff there 7 days a weeks. Teachers are only on campus 5 days a weeks while work supervisors are there 6 days a week and on Sunday there are only a few adults that stick around to make sure no one dies or gets seriously hurt.

      Teachers: Math, Science, History, English for grades 7-12 plus a few special education teachers for those who are behind in their studies or need special help.

      Work Supervisors:
      Sewing- Includes quilting, knitting, crocheting, etc.
      Animals Farming-
      Crop Farming/Gardening-
      Cook Supervisors-
      (For in house and in school)
      General Supervisors:
      Adults who stay over night, work after hours, and weekends. They are paid the least and are mostly there to settle violent disputes, do role call, and sometimes counsel students.
      Nurse: there is one nurse during the school hours and two EMTs outside of school hours.
      Some adults work more than one job at the school.

      The school is funded in many ways.
      Government: Because they take in orphans they get some small compensation from the government. They also get surprise check ups by social services because of this.
      Open House: The school has open houses every 3 months selling things made in workshop and food.
      Farmers Market: Once a week some farming students go and sell crops at the farmers market.
      Donations: The school is always open to donations of both supplies and money.

    • FORM-
      {Realistic Picture}
      Name: (First, Middle, Last)
      Chores(Replace with Job for Staff):
      Club(s): (Optional)
      House/Room Number:
      (Houses 1 and 3 are for girls, Houses 2 and 4 are boys. Rooms 1-3 are for ages 12-14 and room 4-6 are for ages 15-18. House #5 is the adults house and there are 6 rooms in it(2 per room))
      Age/Birthday: (12-18 for students 21+ for teachers/staff)
      Religion: Optional

      Ethnic Background:
      Health Ailments:
      Eye Color:
      Hair Description:
      Skin Tone:
      Body Build:
      Natural Markings:

      (at least 4 traits with mini paragraph attached to each trait)
      Favorite Food:
      Favorite Color:
      Favorite Animal:
      (General Credit for form @~Happily.Ever.After~)

      Student: The room are have one window directly in front of you when you walk in. On either side is a set of bunk beds. The room is small, with about 3 feet between the two sets of bed. Under the beds are two large tupperware containers for the students belongings.
      At the end of the bed closest to the door is an old tall locker with no lock. This is where you can hang up clothes if needed. You share it with your bunk mate.
      Kids are allowed to decorate their room however they want. Sheets and blankets are donated to the school so they vary. Students can also buy their own stuff in town.

      Staff: Staff have the same sized room except it's only two per room. There are still two lockers against the wall near the door for staff to hang stuff up in and large storage bins under the bed. Staff are allowed to decorate their rooms however they see fit.

      |House #1|
      Room #1:
      Room #2:
      Room #3:
      Room #4:
      Room #5:
      Room #6:

      |House #3|
      Room #1:
      Room #2:
      Room #3:
      Room #4:
      Room #5:
      Room #6:

      |House #2|
      Room #1:
      Room #2:
      Room #3:
      Room #4:
      Room #5:
      Room #6:

      |House #4|
      Room #1:
      Room #2:
      Room #3:
      Room #4:
      Room #5:
      Room #6:

      |House #5|
      Room #1:
      Room #2:
      Room #3:
      Room #4:
      Room #5:
      Room #6:

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