The School Life of an Orc

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  1. Vanra Moonlight stepped off the bus, getting pushed out of the way but some of the other students. She felt a bit useless without her axe but it was school policy and she could eventually use her mind-affecting powers... After walking around, she looked up at the school, reading the name of it very slowly. "Aliqua Academy? Sounds familiar...."

    Despite this, she just carries her stuff into the nearby dorm. How a no-name poor girl made it into this prestigious school was beyond her and the students but maybe the teachers knew. She set down her bags and looks around for her room mate. "Hmmm..."
  2. Aoba was just out to get some things that she had forgotten outside. She was in plain jeans, a button shirt and a sweater on top of it. She was wearing big glasses, and her hair was over her shoulder. Her haircut made her hair look shorter than it was, and it was only the black hair on the back that was long. Among the raven streaks were a single, white hair lock, the double length of the rest of her hair. When she came into her room, her eyes met a person she'd never seen before. She cast down her gaze and mumbled something that sounded like a greeting.

    When she was done with tidying up, she changed her shoes and grabbed a jacket. Her heart was pounding. Her new room mate frightened her a little bit. Not in a negative way, but Aoba wasn't used to meeting new people, and she wasn't really in the mood for socializing. She was also getting awkward, seeing as the female felt like she was the double size of her.
  3. Vanra jumped a bit at the female's mumbled greeting and quickly turned around while shaking in her work boots. With squinting eyes from her sweat, the massive-sized girl looked to a rather dorky-looking girl. She was not expecting a student to be her room mate, let alone a girl as slender-shaped and shy as Aoba was. Dusting off her loose-fitting hoodie and exterminating the wrinkles, Vanra began to introduce herself. Her shy personality showed from the bright-red cheeks and quivering, sweaty palm.

    "H-H-Hi... I a-am Vanr-ra and I... I will b-be staying here for a while..." Her voice became hurried and rushed near the end of her words. The waterfall of sweatdrops slid down her face but it kind of looks like tears from her watery eyes and shaky smile. She did not talk to humans before so it was hard to tell how embarassed she was suppose to be.
  4. Aoba nodded as she looked away. She wasn't one for many words, she had always been told that she should avoid talking as much as she could. So that was all she did, found ways to avoid talking. In this case, she was actually just too nervous to say anything, the rule forgotten in her hazy mind. She had never had a roommate before, and she was scared as to what that would bring her in the future. She was biting her lip awkwardly, thinking back and forth to what she should do, and she decided on the one thing that she knew how.

    Running. She bowed her head to excuse herself, grabbed a bag from the back of a chair and dashed out of the room. It was obvious that she was scared and nervous more than anything, and it wasn't that she didnt't want to talk to Vanra. she was just so nervous... she didn't want to mess up with this new person. If she did, everything would go wrong. She knew it would.
  5. Watching the girl make a scene of herself, she tilted her head and scratched the back of her head. Vanra was reminded a bit of herself in that little moment and began to follow Aoba, although a bit hesitant to do so. She did feel intimidated with this human but also fiercely intrigued and curious to how it goes. If it ends badly, then she would have no regrets.

    She would sniff a bit from her recent cold, which made her seem pale and out of breath the moment she could ever reach the shy girl. The orc didn't run after her but instead followed from afar, ducking away anytime she would sense her turning back out of fear of scaring her away permanently.
  6. Aoba settled a bit away from her, and she took the one white lock of hair she had, looking at it strangely. "Why... are you like this?" She seemed to be asking her hair, and winced a bit as her fingers accidentally squeezed. She immediately let go of her hair, surprised. She pulled the hood of her jacket up to cover her face, sitting there to think. She felt so strange, and it was a bit annoying.

    Normal. She wanted to be normal. There wasn't much else that she wanted to do. No, she just wanted to be normal, a person who wasn't strange. But she couldn't be. She knew that she was strange, but the frustrating part was what she was strange about. Was it her voice, that she had not been allowed to use?
  7. Vanra takes a deep breath as she steps forward silently and slowly, not wanting to scare the girl. "Well... You are a room mate and I do not feel awkward but... I kinda understand how ya feel... At first, I was sure I might have been scared if you were like some kind of jock or something... But... Could we be friends? I'm afraid of being alone here for four years."

    In her eyes was the look of lonliness, sadness, fear of being alienated from everyone else. It might have been a reflection of Aoba herself but those eyes even got a bit watery from some tears but Vanra steps a bit closer, despite not knowing what dangers belied the girl.
  8. "D-don't..." Aoba didn't finish her sentence and held her hand up to stop Vanra from getting closer. The use of her voice was so sparesome. She couldn't use words. She nodded as if saying that they could be friends, but she did not let Vanra any closer to her. The white lock of hair seemed to stand out more... as if it had grown just a little bit larger. Maybe it was just her imagination.

    She knew how Vanra felt, but using her words carelessly was a bad thing. If she did something to Vanra because her voice could do something strange... she didn't want to say anything, then she'd rather stay completely quiet. She bit her lip as she thought about all of the bad things that could happen.
  9. Vanra stopped in her tracks, blinking softly at the signal. She tilted her head like a confused puppy and scratched at her temple with her surprisingly clean nails. "Is something wrong miss? I just wanted to get to know you... Are you afraid to talk? I'm sure there's nothing to be scared off..." Her voice got soft and silent, almost to the point where Aobi would not hear her if they were not alone.

    A bright idea came into her mind, although a bit literal one. "Hang one second!" She ran off back to their dorm room and pulled out a white board and some markers from her bag before rushing as fast as possible back to her location. "Maybe you could talk like this? You won't use your voice, although it's very pretty." She was a bit upset that she had to use the board she uses for tabletop games but it's only two silver coins worth of stuff.
  10. Aoba's eyes were cautious, as if she was waiting for something bad to happen. She looked down shamefully. She couldn't use her voice. She'd been instructed never to speak up. She didn't want for Vanra to know that she was such a stupid person. It was weird for a person to speak to Aoba so gently, usually people were rough for her lack of words in any kind of situation, no matter what she did. She looked up at Vanra as she spoke, her eyes still holding caution, though not fear. She wanted to be safe. But Vanra didn't directly scare her, at least not enough for her to feel fear.

    Wondering what was going on, she nodded numbly as she watched Vanra leave the room. When the girl was out of the room, Aoba wiped the tears she could feel prickling at the corners of her eyes. She felt like she was going to fall apart from this frustration. She couldn't just be normal and have friends. When she was handed the board and a pen, she took it, and stared at the white surface before writing. I'm not allowed to use my voice recklessly. She wrote as she handed it back to Vanra for her to read. Her gaze flickered as she looked away.
  11. When Vanra took the board and her eyes read what was written, her heart grew heavy. A slightly guilty look came upon her face from making her feel like she should talk. She sighs softly and puts the board down on Aoba's lap carefully and spoke even softer. "Dear... It will be fine. You can keep the board if you want. But, I am curious... Why can you not use your voice? Sore throat?"

    She was oblivious to the power the woman in front of her had. All she is physically was a thin, young girl and she did not certainly look like one to sneak around or pray to a deity or study the arcane arts. A defenseless looking human made Vanra curious and she wanted to test what the average human could do. The boyish woman wrapped her arms around Aoba and pulled her into a hug. It was part test, part this-girl-needed-a-hug.
  12. Aoba felt her hands starting to shake, but she slowly brought her hand holding the pen to the board. Her throat clenched. Why? She didn't know. She didn't have a sore throat. She didn't have any problems with her voice, but she wasn't allowed to use it. She felt horrible that someone was being nice for her sake when she was the one who was stupid and supposed to apologize. I don't know. I'm sorry. She wrote on the board and put it on Vanra's lap, looking down at her hands.

    She wanted to say that she knew, but she didn't know anything like that. No, the only thing she knew was that something bad would happen if she used it. She took the board back when Vanra had read it and gently wrote again. Ever since I was little, after my grandfather died, they told me that I could only speak if I couldn't find any other way to avoid it. I'm not allowed to speak clearly and I can't say anything decisive. I... I'm some kind of strange creature, it seems. She flinched as she was hugged, but didn't pull away. She sat silently and let herself be hugged, though not hugging back.
  13. Vanra raised an eyebrow at the response, but shrugged it off and just held the hug in. Her arms were a bit tough from the muscles underneath the shirt, reinforcing the whole "Vanra could be a boy" theory few students already believe. Despite the hug, however, she was getting wary of the girl because of her weird responses. Not allowed to speak, she thought to herself, what would happen? She did not feel comfortable asking these questions to Aoba just yet so she decided to continue the hug for a few more seconds. "Don't worry... I don't care if you speak, just be my friend, alright?"

    Giving the woman a pat on the back before pulling herself away, she stood up and offered the girl her hand, wanting to help her off the floor. No matter what, this girl was a lone wolf who wanted to be loved like her. With a grunt, she arched her back. The soft cracking sound coming from it means her often slacking posture was unusual even for an orc. "Come on, wanna go back to our room? It's getting a bit late..." Vanra was right, as the sun was setting down fast. Seems like making a scene passes the time quickly.
  14. Aoba looked up at Vanra and nodded at her words. She couldn't explain it. If she could, she'd do it. But she couldn't. She was strange and she didn't know why or how. But her voice would bring danger. And that was what scared her the most. If she spoke, she might hurt someone. Even this person who seemed so strong and aware of herself. Even that person could be hurt by Aoba because she was strange. She felt like crying, but her face remained neutral, holding back the feelings successfully. The hug continued for what seemed like an eternity to the tense and awkward Aoba. She never returned the hug, she didn't have the courage to do so. Whenever she met new people, it'd be like that. They'd become close friends with her only to try and pry her to speak up with that voice she didn't want to use. She was scared that Vanra was the same.

    When she was offered a hand, she stared at it for what seemed like minutes. She then turned her head with a light shake, getting up on her own. She wasn't keen on physical contact. That hug alone had made cold sweat break out on her forehead. She had always been alone. She was used to the life while being alone. It was calm and quiet and she didn't have to think about the importance of physical closeness. No, all she had to think about was herself and how to keep her dangerous ability away from others. She nodded slightly at going back to the room, her hands shaking lightly as she stood there at Vanra's side. She was not going to break down. Not here, not now. She'd fight it back. Her fear, her sadness. She'd fight it all back.
  15. Vanra was a bit strange herself but through her violent community back at home, she had the chance to develop her powers more than the other woman could have. Although it was not as destructive, it still singles herself among orc-kind and being an orc singles her out of the world of humans as well. She was alone until this very moment, although she could not have guessed the woman could hold powers above her own. However, the aura the woman gave off made Vanra shudder a bit for whatever reason.

    Although being physically bullied in the past would have made any human afraid of physical contact, Vanra enjoyed it. She might have been a bit touchier, giving hugs to friends and kisses to those that were her best friends but that's because she read a lot when she was young and a big thing to read was romance novels. Vanra always thought these were stories about friends and not lovers, so things might get awkward as she uses these moves on Aoba.
  16. Aoba had never been exposed much to the outside world. She'd been kept locked up in a room until her start of high school. She had never learnt of anything but those four, concealed walls, with a strain on her throat so that she wouldn't get the idea of speaking. Now, she had a lot more freedom but her fears wouldn't fade. Her body showed the remnants of her time locked up; marks on her wrists when she'd been too resistant and they'd tied her down, and she had scars almost anywhere, but especially on her arms when she had tried to break the doors open.

    For that simple reason, she was always dressed from head to toe, and only took off her clothes when alone inside confined spaces where no one would have the chance of seeing. Any other situation made her awkward. That's why she didn't take any P.E. classes, or went to places like the beach, a swimming pool and whatnot. She never dressed in anything less than long sleeves and pants. When they got back to the room, she sat down on her bed and drew her knees to her chin, curling up on her bed.
  17. Her head tilted at the woman as she walked back with her. She was not going to ask a thing but might try doing something together later. When she got back, she walked beside Aoba's bed with a soft sigh, shaking her head as the girl laid there in a loner's position, at least to Vanra and her romance novels. She tried hugging her on the bed once more but it ended up being a cuddle somehow. After a few second, Vanra rolled off the bed and walked over to the bathroom.

    "I'm going to take a bath, I have not had one in a month or so." She laughed, but it was an awkward and somewhat forced laugh. Her cheeks were bright red from the cuddle but if she looked at her, the way she moved into the bathroom was so quick, quiet, and shy that it was kind of like Aoba seeing a green reflection of herself.
  18. Aoba just nodded, her eyes focused on something below her. Maybe her feet. Her eyes weren't really all that focused. She sighed as she closed her eyes, trying not to remember those prying, painful words. You're special. You're dangerous. You can't hurt others, Aoba. You need to stop being a danger. Stop using your voice so recklessly, you know what'll happen. But she didn't know. Or rather, didn't remember. She had no recollection whatsoever of why she was dangerous or what her voice could really do.

    All she had ever known was that it was dangerous. There was nothing else, and it made her heart clench painfully. If she could just help it somehow... get the dangerous thing out of her, then it'd be much easier... when Vanra was in the shower, she quickly changed in order to be covered back up when Vanra came back. She didn't want the other to see her scars.
  19. Vanra yawns as she was in the shower, washing every inch of her body. She was tired from this day, not from exhaustion, but of relief. Although the humans were unfriendly, they were not straight up hostile like most orcs. She closed her eyes, almost falling asleep in the shower as the woman nodded off for a bit before shaking it off and stepping out of the shower to grab a towel and dry off.

    She came out of the room with a towel wrapped around her boyish figure tightly and looks back over to Aoba with a smile upon her face. "Are you doing alright dear? If you do not have the board, just shake your head yes or no." Vanra wanted to make sure she was fine before even thinking about getting dressed. Her new friend was more important than someone looking at her body. They probably don't like green skin anyways.
  20. Aoba looked away quickly without answering. It wasn't because Vanra was naked, she could care less about that, but her thoughts had caused her to almost burst into tears, and she had ended up with a pretty bad expression, thus she didn't want Vanra to see it. She timidly nodded, even if it was a big, fat lie. Because she was never okay. She had never been okay. She wanted to say that but knew that she couldn't. It wasn't right of her to bother others with her own selfish problems. Just because she wanted to be able to talk, she didn't have the right to complain.

    She traced the line of her throat with a careful finger, closing her eyes. It even felt normal. Like an average human. But she wasn't even close to average. Apparently she was dangerous. Her hand slipped to her one, white hair lock and she stared at it for a long time. She'd always wondered where it came from and why it sometimes seemed to get bigger. She hadn't heard about something like that happening to a young person, and more than that, the hair lock was way longer than the rest of her hair for no apparent reason. But it gave her a feeling of familiarity. Why was a thing she didn't know.
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