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  1. Name:
    Power or race:
    If you would like to post a character
  2. Name: Kira
    Age: 18
    Power or race: Race is Nekomimi Power is flame and mechanics plus fighting skills
    Personality: Concealed, Violent, Smart, agile, timid, and nice to people she knows
    Bio: She was taken here at a young age by the government due to her being a national "threat". They told her not to harness her powers but she did anyways. At the moment she is held in a locked room away from everyone in solitary.
    Other: Help her
  3. Name: Dominique

    Age: 19

    Looks: Light green skin only wearing 3 quarters Blue jeans. Always wears a Cap. He’s Skinny and 6 foot 6. Sometimes there are rips in his skin for where he’s been training or holes in his chest. His bone is always showing from the elbow and Knees.

    Power or race: Zombie with humanity. Can fall into pieces and make things with his bones.
    Personality: Fun, carefree, enjoys his life or would you call it afterlife.

    Bio: Dominique, Dom for short never had a home he was going town to town via a skateboard made out of his ribcage. He enjoyed his life and with a fresh pair of clothes with a hat he can pass as a human. Dom fed of brains and intestines of any animal once a day from each town, he never realised someone was tracking him down. He was being tracked probably because of his 1st few feeds which were human.

    That was 5 years ago now and now he lives happily at the school of the gifted and has honed his bone carving skills. He’s still a little shaky on his regeneration (Putting his bones the way it was before) but is it because he doesn’t want to ruin his creation, Dom is still unsure of that.
    Other: Dom will never leave a person behind and always regretted of the humans he fed on when he first awakened.
  4. Name: Iris
    Age: 17
    Power/race: She's a cyborg, she has the power to "communicate" with and even hack less advanced electronics using physical contact with them (Could put more detail into that if neccesary), she's also capable of advanced combat due to the amount of "training" she's been given
    Personality: Intelligent, but rather reserved most of the time, she's kind, but usually alot kinder to other machines rather than humans in most cases
    Bio: As a young child, she had been known to "talk" to machines as if they were alive, however most people thought she was crazy, taking the "responses" the machines gave as pure coincidence, this eventually led to her beng shipped off to a mental rehabilitation facility when she was 15. That's when the government stepped in and took her away to this and raised her up in their care constantly telling her she was the "perfect subject", and when she hit her 16th birthday they began modifying her body fitting her with a "better one" leaving very few parts of her still with flesh on it. Her skeleton itself has been replaced with mechanical components which her "suporvisors" told her were "better than what she had".
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