The Schizm

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  1. The cavernous expanse of the large deck stood as a dark and foreboding cave, a large port window gave way to a breathtaking sight. A magnificent blue sphere, with dancing clouds and vibrant patches of green stood against the stark background of outer space...this is planet Earth, shimmering like a jewel. On board the porthole deck, a pair of massive cybernetic doors slide open and several black armored figures drag in an emaciated man, his face and body worn by what seems to been a lifetime of hardship and struggle. The armored guardsmen drop the man to the cold metallic floor.

    [BCOLOR=#ff0000]"Do you know where you are?"[/BCOLOR] asks an eerie disembodied voice coming from a massively tall figure standing by the port window.

    "In hell..." says the man.

    The tall figure by the window turns around and begins to walk towards the man. This ghostly entity stands well over eight feet tall and lacks any features, just a black mass with the vague outline of a hooded creature. Two arms can be clearly seen by the creature's sides, sporting monstrous hands with elongated razor like talons. This is the Great Empiron Dra'Talos...demonic leader of the shadow hordes of the Stri'Goi.

    [BCOLOR=#ff0000]"I take it your quest to find the omnipotent power of the Schizm has failed."[/BCOLOR] says Dra'Talos in a ghostly moan.

    The man simply looks up to the faceless demon, his face full of anger and defiance.

    [BCOLOR=#ff0000]"You disappoint me Jericho Sangrayal.[/BCOLOR]" says Dra'Talos.

    Jericho sneers and spits at his captors. The gaurdsmen restrain Jericho and violently knock him back to the ground.

    [BCOLOR=#ff0000]"...and now your homeworld will pay the price for your failure."[/BCOLOR] says Dra'Talos.

    "No..." says Jericho in a weakened voice.

    [BCOLOR=#ff0000]"Do it now."[/BCOLOR] says Dra'Talos to one of the guardsman.

    "Yes Great Empiron..." says a guard as he moves over to blinking console.

    "No Dra'Talos, this is my fault! Take my life in trade, anything but spare my homeworld, I beg you!" yells Jericho as he is again restrained by the guards.

    Dra'Talos raises one of his arms and signals with a long talon. A beam of black energy surges towards the planet and engulfs the Earth, causing the planet to disintegrate in shards of obsidian like crystals...

    "No...God no!!!!" yells Jericho as he breaks free of his captors and runs towards the port window, only dead space greeting his frantic gaze. The Earth is completely gone. Tears stream down the man's face as he collapses to the floor, moans of agonized grief belching out of his throat.

    [BCOLOR=#ff0000]"You'll find out, Jericho Sangrayal, that God has very little to do with this."[/BCOLOR] says Dra'Talos.

    These words cause Jericho to stop sobbing, his grief replaced by unbridled rage "You murdering son of a bitch!" he yells as he charges the demon at full speed. He suddenly stop in his tracks, being seized by an unseen force. Dra'Talos slightly motions and Jericho is levitated vertically off the ground, paralyzed and struggling to even breathe.

    Dra'Talos makes his way over to the suspended form and stops just inches from the floating man [BCOLOR=#ff0000]"You have failed all those around you...your home planet has been obliterated. Tell me Jericho Sangrayal, how does that make you feel?"[/BCOLOR]

    Jericho still struggles to move, but his defiance is evident as he refuses to answer...

    [BCOLOR=#ff0000]"I have tasted this emotion of anger several times before. But this is something different, similar but totally new at the same time. It is almost intoxicating, I sense rage mixed with a much rawer instinct...tell me boy, what does your kind call this feeling? Ahhh, there it is...never before have I experienced this thing you call revenge, it is absolutely delicious!"[/BCOLOR]

    "I will get you in the next life Dra'Talos! Mark my words, you and the rest of the Stri'Goi will this I swear! Now matter how many incarnations it takes, on every life you just stole, I pledge my oath...vengeance will be done!"

    [BCOLOR=#ff0000]"No doubt in the next life you will be as feeble as you are now."[/BCOLOR] says Dra'Talos as he outstretches his talons in the air.

    At this Jericho is seized up in the air with even more force and violence as Dra'Talos begins to psychically rip through the contents of his very life essence. Jericho screams in bloodcurdling agony as he begins to bleed from his eyes, nose and mouth. Claw marks randomly appear throughout his body by unseen hands. Than suddenly the onslaught ceases and Jericho is dropped to ground.

    [BCOLOR=#ff0000]"I wish to experience so much more of this essence you call vengeance, tis a sweet treat for me mortal. Your sentence is not death, but a life in which everything you hold dear has been torn asunder and your very life force will be consumed by unquenched retribution! I have spoken..."[/BCOLOR]

    With a wave of Dra'Talos arm, Jericho is dragged across the metallic floor by the same unseen force and thrown into the darkness beyond the cybernetic doors as they swiftly seal shut...
    In the succeeding centuries Mankind has finally put his anger and hunger for senseless war aside. He has blossomed throughout the galaxy coming into contact with countless alien and exotic civilizations. For some two millenia, Humans and other alien civilizations have existed in harmony and peace throughout the galactic rim. That is until "They" came...

    No one knew where they came from or what they truly wanted, but one thing was for certain...they were bent on destruction. The Stri'Goi...a race of demonic space fairing entities had siezed upon the galaxy. Their dark powers and countenance, seemingly of an almost supernatural caliber. They are led by the most powerful of their numbers, a demon like creature known only as Dra'Talos. A monster who commands hellish and dark forces at his whim, a seemingly invinsible evil who psychically feeds off fear, misery and death.

    For three hundred years, the galatic rebels have waged a losing war with the Stri'Goi, placing all their faith in a forlorn prophecy of something called "The Schizm". Supposedly an omnipotent power source that contians the very life essence of the universe itself. The rebels believe that only The Schizm can tip the balance of the war in their favor and drive off the Stri'Goi once and for all...
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