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  1. In the time before time, known to this region of the galaxy as the pre Dra'Kesh era (P.D.). The Human species spread far and wide throughout the cosmos, gaining in power and strength. Race after race, planet after planet they conquered...their dominance and empire going unchallenged. Than about a thousand ayons(years) ago, everything changed.

    Who they were, or where they came from remains a mystery, but one thing was certain...they came to destroy. Out of the shadows they emerged, possessing wondrous and almost god like technology the likes of which the galaxy had never seen. They called themselves the Dra'Kesh and upon their arrival, they declared all out war on Mankind. But that was the odd thing, they claimed to have no quarrel with any other sentient race and in fact billed themselves as liberators to every world that fell under Human rule. The Humans fought ferociously against the invaders, but soon found themselves hopelessly outmatched by these shadowy and demon like aliens. Within one hundred ayons, the Human Galactic Empire crumbled, Humans fleeing to all parts of the galaxy. After they had lost the war, the systematic extermination of their kind began, the Dra'Kesh mercilessly hunting them down in a bloody purge. Thus began the common epoch, what we now call the Post Human Purge(P.H.P.) era.

    Now some one thousand ayons after the Dra'Kesh first appeared, they rule supreme over the galaxy. Their dominion is absolute, all other sentient races living in autonomy but governed by fear that they will the next target of these wraith like invaders. But unbeknownst to the Dra'Kesh, a few Humans still cling to life, however their kind teetering on the very edge of extinction. In a desperate bid to rise from the ashes, they seek out a mythical life force. Rumored to be a source of such infinite power, it is thought to be the very compendium of life, death and eternity. Legend calls it only by one name...The Schism. If Mankind ever hopes to strike back against the Dra'Kesh and exact vengeance, their only hope is to find the Schism, whatever or where ever it may be...

    Character Sheet

    Physical Appearance:(photo or description)


    Name: Darric Kel'Zavier
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Physical Appearance: Tall, muscular yet lean build. His face is adorned with many scars, due to his extensive genetic surgeries as a child. Wears worn and rag tag body armor, usually covered by a hooded and dusty tunic. His eyes bear a chimera like color mix of reds, blues, orange, violet and greens all mixed together within his iris'.
    Occupation: Nomadic Wanderer
    Weapon(s): Armed with a single plasma rifle
    Bio: The man who grew up to be Darric Kel'Zavier was born to a refugee pair of Humans who were fleeing from a marauding squad of Stri'Goi...the ruthless and maniacal shock troops and enforcers of the Dra'Kesh. Fleeing for her life, Darric's mother ran across two Amorites and begged them to give her infant son asylum. Knowing it be death to conceal a Human, the two nevertheless felt pity and reluctantly agreed to hide the child, but also saying that there was nothing they could or would do for her. The woman ran off and was killed by the Stri'Goi marauders a short time later. The Amorites, a mated pair of doctors, decided to raise the infant, but knew that if he was to survive, he would need extensive genetic modifications to hide his Human identity from the Dra'Kesh.

    The Amorites named the boy Darric and began to raise him as an Amorite on their home planet of Kortair. Over the years, he underwent several painful and secret surgeries to make his appearance more Amorite. This left him with several scars on his face and his eyes a permanent amalgamation of unnatural colors. Unfortunately, his younger adoptive brother, wind of Darric's secret. In a bid to join the elite ranks of the Stri'Goi, Jacx betrayed his older brother and outed him to Stri'Goi officials to gain their favor. In the melee that followed, Darric was forced to flee for his life, while his Amorite parents were slaughtered by the Stri'Goi in their attempt to shied him from his pursuers.

    Darric has been running ever since, his urge for vengeance against the brother that betrayed him, burning in his soul. He now seeks out a whispered coalition that may harbor the galaxy's only surviving Humans...
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  2. Name: Hadrian Jaecar

    Age: 30

    Height: 6'0"

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human mostly

    Physical Appearance: In armor and with rifle. unarmored Hadrian's eye's are a metallic purple where his Iris's move as they take in information and feed it to his HUD, his hair is a light brown and is short while he also has a small beard of the same pigment growing on his jawline.

    Occupation: Hunter, bomber

    Weapon(s): high power rail sniper and IEDs

    Bio: Hadrian was born human but his parents were killed only hours after he was born, but before their death they hid the newborn among the warrens. His cry's brought the attention of very few and the action of none until a rather aged looking Merdec scientist who saved Hadrian for his own twisted purposes. The scientist raised Hadrian but never spoke his name, only prompting Hadrian to call him father and for awhile Hadrian saw nothing wrong that his "father" and he looked different but unbeknownst to Hadrian the Merdec was giving him stimulants for growth, aggression and strength while also teaching Hadrian everything he could from music to string theory to human and alien combat forms. After ten years of this Hadrian had grown to his height of 6'0" and had the intelligence of a genius but he was still ten and still saw his "father" as a kind "man" but that all changed when the augmentations, Hadrian awoke one night to his "father" standing over him but before he could say anything Hadrian was injected with a sedative that rendered him awake but paralyzed as he watched and felt his "father" amputate his arms, legs and several organs then replace them with cybernetic parts. His legs, arms and organs were replaced with more efficient machine parts but the worst part was what came next, his "father" came to his eyes with a blade and soon replace them as well with cybernetic parts. His skin was replaced with a nano weave that bonded with his skin giving him some protection but more importantly it allowed him to cloak himself. Soon the Merdec wiped Hadrian's memory's except for his knowledge and fighting skills, he turned Hadrian into his own personal assassin and unleashed him on the galaxy. Hadrian spent thirteen years like this until one of his targets knocked him in the head before dying and this simple blow changed everything as Hadrian's life before and his memories returned to him. He crucified the Merdec that made him this way and ran, his new and old memories combined allowing him to learn about his races near extinction and of his real parent's fate, now he hunts all the Dra'Kesh and Dra'Kesh supporters while making the attacks look like the work of alien terrorists as to cause tension in the Dra'Kesh empire. He now seeks the rebel front in hopes of putting his skills to work for a larger organization for human freedom.
  3. I see species. So, non-humans, huh? I'll think on that.
  4. Dakota K5, accepted...

    Verbal Abuse, yes this RP will contain many alien races, feel free to invent your own. Only one stipulation, all sentient species recognize the dominance of the Dra'Kesh as the supreme rulers of the galaxy and all races are subservient to them...
  5. It's time for me to bring back my old friends, the Andi'Sisha! Give me awhile. Maybe a day or two.
  6. Sounds like an interesting race, lol. No rush, take all the time you need.
  7. Name: Sidicus " The White Plague " Me'knar
    Age: 27
    Height: 5'8"
    Gender: M
    Species: Cahmylian
    Physical Appearance:

    Occupation: Wandering aimlessly through the galaxy
    Weapon(s): A powerful blaster and a small electric baton .
    Bio: Born with a unique condition that makes his skin white rather than orange as the other Cahmylians , Sidicus was abandoned at a young age by his parents due to him being a disgrace to his family . After struggling to survive for days , relying solely on the generosity of strangers for food , Sidicus joined what was shadily advertized as a military program . It turned out to be a mercenary group working all over the galaxy who would enslave any young lads looking to join ( they'd place special collars on their necks that would give them powerful shocks at the press of a button ) . Sidicus was trained to kill and was sent out on different missions all over the world . He became quite proficient at killing and eventually gained the respect and trust of the mercenaries which ended up taking his collar off . Sidicus continued working with the mercenaries however he would return alone from every mission . By the time the mercenary leader realized Sidicus was murdering his partners , he had already grown too strong . Having killed the mercenaries and freed all prisoners , Sidicus retired from his life of killing . He started traveling all over the galaxy in the mercenary vessel in the hopes of gathering as much knowledge as possible . A deadly killer turned into a scholar and a philosopher , Sidicus wonders aimlessly through the galaxy . Little does he know that he will soon have to uncover an old side of him .
  8. Sergui Ploscar...accepted, good character.

    Look for the IC to start up in a few days...
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  10. Name:
    "Karachi Paradox. I know, my last name is a bit strange..."


    " I have lost count of my age..."


    " Something around five foot eight..."


    "Well, given my alien origins I suppose you wouldn't know by looking, I am a female..."


    " My species is one of ancient descent for I am a Ka' Paoin..."

    Physical Appearance:(photo or description)


    " Weapon's dealer and Pilot..."


    " I have my ways. Don't necessarily need my own weapons..."

    " I was born without a father and my mother left when I was in my middle- years
    never to return. So I got a ride to a nearby planet for those who were abandoned and grew up living like
    a rogue of sorts. Learning the trade of weaponry and how to pilot some of the most advanced air-crafts.
    I was good at what I did so I took it up as my official line of work and moved on beyond my past and
    became a refugee after war destroyed my home. I now take up residence as a freelancer amongst the inhabitants of this small
    planet, keeping to myself most of the time but taking up in a little brawling every now and then to keep up my game."
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