The Schism(IC)

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  1. The tall figure looked out upon the desolate landscape, nothing but a vast expanse of dirt and debris...the twinkling of far off illumination from the hint of large skyscrapers in the distance. The sky was dark, with plumes of reds and violets scattered throughout the tapestry of black clouds. This was the refugee planet of Erebus. The man looked back, peering under his tattered brown hood at the several campfires that dotted the ruined overhang of a long forgotten bridge. Under this cavernous place, there was a makeshift village made up of tents and populated by vagrants and transients of every every alien species that occupied this sector of the galaxy. Darric Kel'Zavier leaned back on a nearby wall and let out a breath of exasperation. It had taken him every bit of resolve and mental strength he had left to even make it this far. Fifteen long, perilous ayons he had spent running, betrayed by someone he once called brother. He was a hunted fugitive and supposed hated enemy of a "harmonious collective" simply because he was born as part of a species that everyone said deserved obliteration. His heinous crime...being born Human. But to look at Darric these days, one would not right away guess he was as such. His face bore the scars of many semi successful genetic modifications that would hide his true nature. His eyes, were the most troubling and unsettling of his characteristics however. They were a spattered collection of many unnatural hues, the one lone thing his Amorite protectors just couldn't get quite right.

    "Hey, you over by the wall..." whisperes a nearby vagrant to Darric.

    Darric looks over and sees the beckoning figure sitting by a nearby campfire.

    "Yea you, you want some this Krendak? It's a little charred on the outside but a grumbling belly can't complain much now can it?" says the vagrant.

    Darric smiles weakly, walks over and sits by the transient "Much obliged" he says as he takes a chunk of the cooked animal meat and eats a few mouthfuls.

    It was here that Darric could see that his random benefactor was a Carthan, a close cousin species to Amorites. He saw the tell tale bony ridges above the man's eyebrows and discerned that this Carthan was a young adolescent, because the ridges had not spouted into the spikes of a fully grown and mature adult.

    "Good Krendak huh?" asks the Carthan.

    "It'll do..." says Darric ingesting another morsel.

    "Your Amorite aren't you? You look like you've been through the ringer though. How long you been on Erebus?"

    Darric grins "Only about four solar days or so. To tell you the truth I'm only passing through."

    "Yea that's the story with most around here. I've been on this dump hole of a planet for more than three ayons, but I will say one thing. It's a hell of a good place to hide and disappear."

    Just than a noise catches Darric's attention and he snaps his head up in alert. A few camp fires over he sees something that fills him with dread, the very thing he had committed the last fifteen ayons of his life running from "Oh living hell, Stri'Goi..." he whispers in fear.

    The Stri'Goi, a ruthless militaristic organization who were directly subservient to the Dra'Kesh, was made up of many different alien species. Their fearsome looking black studded armor,with red trim was their calling card.

    "Oh yea, I wouldn't worry to much about them though. The city usually has regular Stri'Goi patrols to keep some kind of order. There probably just checking Gen-Indents, routine." says the Carthan.

    "Not when your part of a hunted, near extinct species..." Darric thought to himself. It was the Stri'Goi who had viciously murdered his adoptive parents for aiding and abetting an enemy creed. The Stri'Goi who had forced him into a life on the run and all for the edict of their Dra'Kesh masters. Now two of them were mere yards away checking Gen-Idents among the vagrants. If they scanned his eyes, he would be revealed to be a Human and would be as good as dead. As the two armored enforcers neared the campfire in which Darric was sitting at, he grew increasingly anxious. If he simply got up and left it would be far to obvious, as his mind raced. The fugitive Human fondled the grip of his concealed plasma rifle, it was clear he might have to fight his way out of this one...
  2. Hadrian watched from a nearby building as the two Stri moved in among the many vagrants and scanned their genetic IDs, these two were his marks his HUD had IDed them as such. He pulled up his rifle and attached the suppressor to the end of the barrel and leveled the cross hairs upon the two, he was about to squeeze the trigger until he saw one of the vagrants seem agitated as the Stri approached him this indicated one of two things, either he was a fugitive and knew when they scanned him he would be made or he had something to hide from those scanners. He would concern himself with this later since he had a paycheck to earn, the two Stri stopped for a second to confer about a result on the scanner; this would be their last mistake as they lined themselves up for Hadrian. He fired a single shot which traveled through the air and in a instant sliced through their heads sending them to their promised land, his HUD had been taking video and was confirmation enough to gain him his credits. The last thing anyone knew of him was the displaced dust in his shooting position but no one would notice the place had been occupied by the shooter of the two Stri'Goi thugs that had been scanning the many beings that called this small alley home.
  3. The vagrant denizens were sent into an uproar as two loud shots rang out. Darric recoils in disbelief as he sees the two Stri'Goi troopers tumble to the dusty ground. He wastes no time in running out of the vicinity as chaos descends onto the makeshift town. Darric doesn't know what was going on and furthermore, he really doesn't care. All the occupies his mind at this moment is getting as far away from this place as possible before he potentially runs into more Stri'Goi. As he gallops faster and faster away from the scene, he is stopped cold by a rifle butt to the face which sends him head first into the dirt. Dazed and bleeding, he is scooped up by a number of hands and slammed hard against a nearby wall, the barrel of a plasma rifle mere inches from his head.

    "Ok drek, your gonna explain to us just what the hell you had to do with that little fiasco back there?" says the hooded figure holding the weapon on Darric.

    "I don't know what your talking about!" yells Darric.

    "He's one of em' Corpus! I say you waste him right here!" yells another man amongst the five or six figures that hold Darric captive.

    "Shut up Brandt! Ok than, answer me this, if you didn't have anything to do with that, than why did you run?" asks Corpus.

    "Two Stri'Goi just had their heads damn near blown clean off about two feet from me, how would you react?" asks Darric defiantly as he continues to struggle against his captors.

    Corpus smiles beneath his hood "Search him!"

    The others plant Darric face first into the wall and aggressively begin to frisk him, a moment later they discover his hidden weapon.

    "A grade X-Reaver Plasma Rifle, nice. Where did you get it?" asks Corpus.

    "None of your damn business!" shouts Darric.

    "Let me kill em Corpus, I'm tellin you he's one of them!" says Brandt.

    Corpus throws up his hand to silence Brandt "You see the problem this poses don't you drek. Now being armed isn't a crime, especially in this neck of the woods. But a grade X-Reaver...that's strictly Dra'Kesh tech." he flips Darric over and forcefully jams the gun into his throat "Now I'm gonna ask you one last time, what were you running from...are you working for the Stri'Goi? Who fired those shots, you one of their little spies, talk!"

    "For the last time I don't know! I was just passing through, I don't understand one damn thing that's going on!" says Darric.

    Corpus narrows his eyes, grabs Darric and forces his head back, peering deep into his eyes "Brandt, get the scanner over here, I gotta hunch."

    Brandt nods with a grin "Comin right up boss."

    A moment later the muscle bound henchman hands Corpus a long metallic object with a glowing red probe on the end..."We're gonna find out if your hiding something drek" says Corpus as he moves the object closer to Darric's eyes.
  4. Hadrian skulked nearby with his stealth field active watching the scene play out, the Amorite was less than keen to have that scanner passed over him it seemed. He picked up a bottle and threw it at one Stri'Goi, it impacted an he fell tot he ground while his partner swung around but saw nothing as Hadrian's stealth field was still up, the one who had fallen was getting up but had a nasty gash on his head and was now tying to look for him just as his partner was but as they now had their attention focused on finding him the Amorite who they had held up would hopefully slip away with the distraction Hadrian had provided.
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