The Scarred Lands.. [CANCELLED]

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  1. The Story

    January 34, 3007

    A nimble-footed red-haired beauty rushed down the hall, quickly dodging the different people in white coats that flooded the tight space. Her hair was tied in a intricate braid and her glasses laid on the tip of her nose and a frantic look plagued her natural beauty.
    She carried a touch screen clipboard of sorts close to her chest and stopped at the familiar titanium elevator door. She gave a hoarse, heavy breath, clearly relived from the break of running.

    When the titanium door slid open and the occupants rushed out like a tidal wave, the girl slipped inside and pressed the twentieth button, the top floor of the skyscraper and turned to the glass window on the other side of the elevator. She saw the city she grew up in. With skyscrapers as far as the eye could see that and people the flooded the streets. The whole city seem to illuminate the black sky with a orangish glow. A warm glow, a glow she had known forever. She smiled, but it faded quickly.

    Then, all of the sudden. WHOOSH.

    "Oh no..No!" The girl shouted as she laid her delicate hands on the glass.

    She saw one last glimpse of her beautiful orange city, before it was engulfed by the reddest of flames. The high-tech clipboard fell to the ground and on the screen it read;


    This events served to be true. USA was bombarded with so much destructive power that the population was almost cut a complete quarter. However, some cities managed to get a hold of these information before it was too late and hid. The remaining population of America then fired their own nuclear bombs. This lead to a war between nations. Country versus Country, Man versus Man.

    This left the world in complete and utter ruins. As for those who somehow survived? They will have to learn to scavenge for fod, they will have to learn how to fight against mutated animals, they will have to learn how to survive with each other.

    How will this end for them?

    This is their story.

    The Rules

    1.) There can be romance between the survivors, HOWEVER nothing rated 18+

    2.)No PERFECT characters.

    3.)No Controlling of other characters.

    4.)Please make your roleplay with maybe a paragraph's length.

    5.)If you wanna kill off a character or get in a relationship with other you must inform the other RPer of the current situation.

    6.) No demeaning other roleplayers, if one were to break a rule please inform me and I shall take it from there.

    How to Join
    Go to our recruitment thread located..


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