The scariest zombie apocalypse?

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  1. "I'm unlike Alexander, I have not associated with any kind on the mortalcworld besides humans. I don't even know where to begin let alone which pet they would like." *john gently pet anjuus fur to make evelyn happy*
  2. "Yet you choose me and wrestle Alexander to give me as a gift." Anjuu smirk. She was just a pup then but she remember well how she ended up with Kunari.

    Ichiru stare at John, "He fought someone else just to get a gift for a girl. That sounds nothing like my father, he is all about keeping the peace and not upsetting his angels. Are you sure they are the same person?" He smirk teasingly.
  3. Astorath chuckled and tickled her as he walked around the room gathering things.
  4. Ashley giggles as she play around, trying to fight him off.
  5. "So cute." He eventually stopped tickling her.
  6. The makeup I ordered will be here very soon!! Can't wait!

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