The Scales of Lucky Seven

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    Nana Izumi
    "Kon'nichiwa! My name is Nana Izumi, but everyone calls me Lucky Seven."
    " Tch, I am Scales, don't get in my way."
    Welcome to the show ladies and gentlemen, meet Nana and Scales, they will be your lovely partners in today's story. Two parts of a whole, the two females co-exist inside a single being, one being the host, the other a parasite.
    Recently I have discovered an anime called Parasyte, if you've seen it, this story might be a little easier for you to adapt to. It's been many years since the original outbreak and it seems that they parasites are still taking over hosts, though their numbers are very few, we still have the occasional problem parasite but really they have learned to regulate their diets and even if the government refuses to admit it their need for human flesh is sustained by the criminals on death row. This is a story of a very strange case, the one between Nana and the parasite named Scales.

    This story will include, gore, death, violence, Strong Language and a little romance if the occasion should arise.

    If you are interested just let me know and we can talk about it.

  2. This seems very interesting.
  3. Im glad you think so, it was certianly an idea that was made up on the spot.
  4. Lol so we both have that ability to make up ideas on that spot XD
  5. I love stories that just go, they have no real plot or story and its just woven on the spot, I had one that escalated into a love between a siren whos song killed demons and a demon who seemed to only go insane from its sound. Or a witch who fell in love with a demon prince who saved her from being killed by another demon. I love when stories just bloom from nothing into something beautiful.
  6. Then the other half is the dark side when they don't bloom. Though we don't talk about that but we can call it Roleplay hell XD. Anyways shall we discuss more about the rp in the pm?
  7. Ive only had a vew that didnt bloom nicely and they ended in nothing but death and dispare. But yes of course, feel free to message me.
  8. This is certainly interesting. If you are still looking, I would like to discuss this further.
  9. I can assure you I am always looking to weave another story.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.