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  1. we walk through this world alone,people who don't get what and who we really are, We are a complex individuals that cannot get understood but only from people who go through the same heartbreak,tragedy, pain and suffering, When were alone no one knows and no one gets who we really are inside and out,but when were one, than we are not individuals anymore, we are misfits, even saviors of humanity.

    ~So what is this about?~
    Well good thing you asked,The story revolves around misunderstood,And complex heroes of DC/Marvel Universe
    banding together as a team to go against some of the most dangerous and deadly villains around, Even though at first they don't get along, and do not won't to be a team, They learn that their not individuals anymore, they are One.

    ~So why are they a team if they don't wanna be there?~
    The story revolves around a secret terrorist group known as The Lotus hack the main frame in time square, all the lights turn black,but 30 seconds later a man appears on the screens, his outfit black and orange, his hands black? or are they gloves, "Hello Citizens of New York City,I would like you to meet somebody" the man waves his hand, Two men dressed in black bring a man in a suit and drop him next to the man "Hello sir can you tell us your name" the man starts crying "Say your name, or i'll kill you on screen" the man looks at the camera "M-my name is Bill Crowman" "and where do you work?" the man is terrified "The NYPD" "Ah so a police officer huh, okay, well let's show everyone what it's like to help others" the man smiles under the mask and raises his bladed arm and decapitates him on camera "Tonight New York City,another Place tomorrow,I am the Black Beetle and thank you for your cooperation" the man walks off and the screen turns to black, After that announcement a man named foxtrot assembles a team to fight back against the organization The locus

    ~Can i be anyone?~
    Of course! in this universe marvel and DC are one and you can be anyone that is not with a team or is misunderstood, I encourage you to make your own creations also!

    •You may use your own creations
    •Your hero Must not be in a team or is recognized
    •No controlling other peoples characters
    •Only one character for now
    •No mercenaries or villains
    •No fighting or spam
    •I control the villains (only my creations)


    Main Villain:

  2. Name:Parody

    Alias:Amber Oakley

    Personality: Curious, quiet shares little emotion till you get to know her. She is great at listening and wishes to make others feel better. She seems to act more like her mother and a little of her father when it comes to her personality.
    Family: Raven Arella Logan, Garfield Mark Logan
    Main Villain: Trigon (Grandfather) and Deathstroke
    | ABILITIES: | Shape-Shifter, Astral Projection, Empathy, Magic but mostly dark magic some light.

    Appearance: Black hair with a blue tint like her mother. Emerald eyes like her father. Skinny, but stronger than she looks, and a little more of an Athletic body type. She is 5'8" and weights 120 pounds. She usually keeps out cat ears. Her skin is pale like Raven's as well she also has a diamond of chara on her forehead just like her mother.

    Strengths: Senses, range attacks, healing
    LIMITATIONS: | She can shape-shift but because she is still just a teen she has much to learn before she can fully master it and she can only turn into animals that she has seen and when she first becomes a new animal she cannot be in the form long until she has more practice. Astral Projection she can use this for many things but when she uses it on an object the object becomes part of her and its strength depends on her emotion. Empathy yes she can feel others emotions but this can give her there nightmares and she feels there pain along with their joy she tries to mainly block out as much as she can for it can become too strong for her to handle and keep her own emotions intact. She has magic but can mainly only use dark magic and light magic is her natural enemy but she can use some light magic but she prefers mostly the dark for when she uses the light magic it hurts her even when it’s her own.
    WEAKNESSES: | Empathy being too strong at times for her to control that she may lose it. Hand to hand combat without her abilities/powers. She wants to help those she sees in pain even if it may hurt herself. Her senses, animal instincts are stronger and at times it makes her have an extra weakness and at times not all thanks to her being a shape-sifter.

    Bio: Raised by her mother and father. Trying to live up as a hero but like her mother has a demonic influence and she has much to learn. Many misunderstand her but a few do truly get her. She wishes to have a team of her own maybe like the Teen Titans.
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  3. Very important to read the bio.

    Name: H.E.R.O

    Alias: None

    Age: unknown

    Personality: calculating, cold, logical and has an overwhelming lust for justice.

    Family: none

    Main villian: All wrong-doers will feel his cold metal fist(s) upon their skull.

    Weapons/power: A large number of robots suited for various situations, both technical and tactical.

    Appearance: He has no definitive appearance.

    Strengths: relentless. Can be in multiple places at once.

    Weakness: He can be easily lured into traps, destructiveness has led to him being hated by some of the planets population and his location is not easily protected.

    Bio: He is a highly advanced alien AI. He does not know where he came from or what his original purpose is. All he knows is Earth is in need of protecters. He does his best to serve and protect from his large underwater base/factory at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean.

    (Let me know if he needs nerfing.)
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  6. just to tell you, i'm still thinking of mine so it might be a little bit
  7. Your fine I have been waiting to have a chance to use that character from when I first made it. I gave a short bio because of where I was when I made it if you feel it is to small at any point I am willing to change it. But yeah I will be waiting patiently for our adventure to begin.
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  11. Name: Jayson Avery
    Age: 27
    Personality: Jayson keeps thing to himself, He finds it better to be on his own than dragging other peoples weight, He has had a hard life and barely smiles, He only fights for what he needs to do, not what he's supposed to do, He doesn't play well with others and will kill and not hesitate
    Family: He doesn't have any family left
    Main Villain: Black Beetle

    Weapons/Powers: For weapons, Foxtrot has two silver with fur around on the handle tomahawks, At the bottom of the handle is a strap and a secret chain hidden inside, So it's good for swinging and unaliving victims (If you get it like the post) For his abilities, He has the power to Shapeshift into a fox, he has extra durability,stamina and strength, He also has sharp claws at his fingertips
    Strengths: Powers,Weapons,shapeshift
    Weaknesses: Guns,Energy powers, The Cosmic Sun
    Bio: Tyson was in a foster home for a while,the last memory of his parents was when his mom bring him to the house,he told him that whatever happens in life you can't run for it, just face it.
    He met his best friend their named Porter, porter was really smart and they always got into trouble, when he was 13,a women adopted him named Afia, and had to say goodbye to porter, he was really upset for a while, the women was a part of a tribe, A spiritual tribe to be exact, he learned allot there, He met the womens son Babajide (He called him Baba) and they became good friends, he met the rest of the tribe, Afia’s husband was head of the tribe, his name Abu and he became a father figure, he showed the both of them how to use a bow, and hunt with it, there was a spirit night every week, they did different dance rituals and songs, they family unit slept In different houses, they were small and the top was straw, and the houses were brown wood, there were a tribe council that decides bringing new members in and other things, whenthe council thinks you're ready, you would find your spirit animal, a couple years later, they found that Baba and Tyson were ready at age 16,they would sleep and the next day have the symbol of the animal on their chest, Tyson got one of the rarest one of them all, the Fox, from the couple years he got sharp Razor sharp teeth, his eyes flickered orange allot of times, but couldn’t find the way to transform into a fox, while baba got the grizzly bear, He found out easily how to transform into it easily, the two were out in the woods looking for prey, Tyson ran after it, he was getting slow as the deer got faster, he starts running on his feet and hands and starts becoming a fox, he reaches the deer and tackles it, Baba came to see him as a fox and was impressed, Tyson turned back to human and as happy for himself, he hears yelling and smoke coming from the villaige, they reach the inside and see’s that buildings were on fire,he sees a shadowy figure and blinks and he’s gone, Baba and Tyson ran through and found The mother, under a heavy piece of wood, she told them that the man killed the father and to leave her, Tyson told him they're not leaving here, she told them to go and they ran from the village, The two later split up, on his own, he made the two wood tomahawks and a costume representing the fox.
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