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  1. Cause: If you do not know already, Magentara if homeless and in desperate need of finding a place to stay and funds to keep the place! She is also suffering horribly from an Umbilical Hernia which requires fundings for the surgery! So Tinkerbell and Jinster have combined forces and are trying to get funds to support Maggie in both forms!

    How it works: The two of us are urging Maggie to set up an account specifically for any and all donations received for her since it's unlikely she'll be able to get online much if at all because of her being homeless. Donations are welcome of any amount, and Maggie would like it known now in case she can't get on she greatly appreciates anyone and everyone's help and aid!

    Please feel free to PM either Jinster or Tinkerbell with the title "The Save A Maggie Foundation" with the amount you're willing to donate and how you can get it sent.

    What's in it for YOU?!: Tinkerbell and Jinster are holding a raffle for donators, and there are two ways to recieve tickets. Donations of $10 or more are elligible for one raffle ticket a piece. For each increment of ten you can get another ticket. For every five donations a single person makes they will recieve a raffle ticket as well! This is why it's important to send PMs, so we can keep track and send the tickets out!
    Prizes for the raffle:
    *Free Movie ticket that is admit one for Regal Cinemas, United Artists Theatres, and Edwards Theatres
    *$5 for Walgreens
    *$9 Best Buy
    *$9 Game Stop
    *$20 Borders
    ~ PLUS various dinner cards! ~
    *Avie and Siggy set by Jinster
    *Set of 5 avies by Jinster
    A 'kiss' from both Tinkerbell and Jinster mailed to the grand prize winner!​

    Raffle Drawing: The raffle will be ending on September 30. Then the winning tickets will be picked through a randomized computer program, and we will announce the winning ticket number as well as contact the winner via PM.

    Also...: There is also the ability to "purchase" commisions for avatars, winamp skins and graphics from Tinkerbell or Jinster through payment of donations. Jinster is also willing to perform Tarot readings for the requestor for donation payments!

    When prizes are -added- this post will be edited too.

    Also, in case you were searching for Tinkerbell she is an AFTA member as well as Jinster.
  2. Attaches to Jinster and Mae..... *Feeds Mae stroganauff and clings to Jinster @_@* I love you guys.
  3. i would like to donate asap but i need money first Would i be able to mail it somewhere?? I'll do this just for Magenta!! nothing needed in return!!
  4. Sara thought about how to respond, and said "Cause its the only non-physical gift you could give me. I figure it be better for you to give me your first kiss, and me to give you mine...instead of some dirtbag stealing it. A first kiss is suppose to be special after all. The only gift beyond a kiss really is our virginities..." with her face turning tomato red. She would quickly say "But that should not be gave as any kind of gift to anyone. Only to your future partner in life..." Sara hoped she worded that right to avoid Kyra getting suspicious. Sara then looked confused, and then she look embarrassed.... "Um...actually I wanted to drive it...and I am sure the sell person will overlook my age if I tell them we have adults to vouch for us, and we pay a little extra to prove we can buy it. Since would they really turn down a teenage with the money? Since the only way we could have that money is if an adult gave it to us to go buy the van, or we were already legally considered adults, and have jobs..." with her thinking the only reason a grown up would not sell to them is if they cant prove they have the money. But that won't be a problem for them. "Worse case we can buy from the black market...and avoid the paperwork..."
Thread Status:
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