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  1. Cause: If you do not know already, Magentara if homeless and in desperate need of finding a place to stay and funds to keep the place! She is also suffering horribly from an Umbilical Hernia which requires fundings for the surgery! So Tinkerbell and Jinster have combined forces and are trying to get funds to support Maggie in both forms!

    How it works: The two of us are urging Maggie to set up an account specifically for any and all donations received for her since it's unlikely she'll be able to get online much if at all because of her being homeless. Donations are welcome of any amount, and Maggie would like it known now in case she can't get on she greatly appreciates anyone and everyone's help and aid!

    Please feel free to PM either Jinster or Tinkerbell with the title "The Save A Maggie Foundation" with the amount you're willing to donate and how you can get it sent.

    What's in it for YOU?!: Tinkerbell and Jinster are holding a raffle for donators, and there are two ways to recieve tickets. Donations of $10 or more are elligible for one raffle ticket a piece. For each increment of ten you can get another ticket. For every five donations a single person makes they will recieve a raffle ticket as well! This is why it's important to send PMs, so we can keep track and send the tickets out!
    Prizes for the raffle:
    *Free Movie ticket that is admit one for Regal Cinemas, United Artists Theatres, and Edwards Theatres
    *$5 for Walgreens
    *$9 Best Buy
    *$9 Game Stop
    *$20 Borders
    ~ PLUS various dinner cards! ~
    *Avie and Siggy set by Jinster
    *Set of 5 avies by Jinster
    A 'kiss' from both Tinkerbell and Jinster mailed to the grand prize winner!​

    Raffle Drawing: The raffle will be ending on September 30. Then the winning tickets will be picked through a randomized computer program, and we will announce the winning ticket number as well as contact the winner via PM.

    Also...: There is also the ability to "purchase" commisions for avatars, winamp skins and graphics from Tinkerbell or Jinster through payment of donations. Jinster is also willing to perform Tarot readings for the requestor for donation payments!

    When prizes are -added- this post will be edited too.

    Also, in case you were searching for Tinkerbell she is an AFTA member as well as Jinster.
  2. Player Characters

    Hikaru (open)

    "Holy moly."

    Hakozaki(Family name)
    Hikaru(First name)

    N/A, but various forms have various Codenames

    July 7, 2002

    S-e-c-r-e-t lbs(???kg)

    Transformation - Hikaru can transform into 10 different Heroes. 5 of them seem to emit an odd, otherwordly aura, and he will soon find out why. Read 'Transformations' below.

    Free Phonecalls - The odd program allows his long distance phonecalls to be free.

    Hakozaki Hikaru was just an average middle schooler with a normal life, and a closet otaku life on the other side of the coin. One day, however, he finds a mysterious application in his phone...


    Regular (open)

    These 'Regular' forms once belonged to heroes of this world, but for one reason or another, they have surrendered their powers.

    The quotes are transformation chants.

    Skull Rider (open)


    Skull Rider is 180cm tall and is endowed in a black-hued Kamen Rider-esque suit with a skull-like imprint on the front and mask. Over this suit is a biker's jacket. His helmet has flat, fibbonaci sequence-like horns sticking out. His boots and gloves are evidently biker-themed too.

    An emissary from hell, Skull Rider has twice the amount of strength as the strongest 'normal' human at his peak, having half-demon physiology and all, as well as great hand-to-hand combat. The same cannot be said about his speed, which is why Skull Rider relies on the Skullmobile - his motorcycle carved from the most hellish and celestial alloys ever conceived by the supernatural - to move at great speeds. Skull Rider has enough defensive capabilities to be bulletproof.

    Skull Rider has three modes. Purgatory Mode is his default form. He can access his other forms under emotionally-enhanced conditions.

    Inferno Mode is when his body is in flames, and he gains additional flame capabilities and speed to his bike.

    Cocytus Mode is when his body emits cold frosty air, and he gains ice manipulation capabilities and additional strength. The Skullmobile transforms into its hammer mode - the Skull Hammer.

    The original Skull Rider, Kurosawa Kuroko, was the son of a former cult follower and a demon that self-proclaimed to be Satan himself. He was destined to perform great evils in the name of his father, but he defied it and took the mantle of Skull Rider when he neared adulthood.

    As son of Satan, he had enough influence to get a bike - a bike meant for great evils, but was used by Skull Rider for good.

    Eventually, Skull Rider thought that his very existence was sin, and wanted to rid of his demonic power to show that he could achieve potential on his own.


    "Rurara~ Rurara~ Rurara Ru~ Kyapipi hoshizora~"

    Cosette resembles a young girl, about 139 centimetes in height. She dons witch robes with star-like markings on them, and her inner blouse has animated galaxy-like emblems around. Her witch hat veils her head and her long, blonde hair flows. Her wand, the Pleiades, resembles a staff with a crystal at the end.

    The Alchemeisters are Alchemy-themed magical girls, each with a different motif. Cosette represents astrology, a subject commonly studied alongside Alchemy, as well as the fifth Alchemical element Aether.

    Cosette's primary ability is the control of Aether around her. At higher levels, she will be able to do a lot, but for now, she can only create small stars to use for attacks, as well as fire Aether blasts.

    As an extension of this, she will be able to absorb Aether from sources such as the sun, plants and such. The nearer and more direct the source of Aether, the better. Whatever you do, don't hurl her into the sun during a fight, or she will come back with a vengeance.

    Assuming this form grants Hikaru enhanced alchemy knowledge. Considering that this form uses the fabled fifth element... well...

    Cosette has Green Lantern-tier superhuman speed, as well as levitation and space survivability.

    At higher levels, Cosette will have a lot more yet-to-be-discovered powers. Some of these powers may be emotion-locked, but who knows?

    The world of the Alchemeisters is a secret world within our world. A few girls in Japan are selected by some mysterious force and granted magical abilities in hopes of duking it out. The victor will recieve the secrets to the Philosopher's Stone - the Azoth - an item capable of granting any wish.

    Cosette wasn't always a little girl, but rather, she used to be a middle-aged man named Kingston Walker who had lost his daughter and wife. His desire and hope to find them was so strong, he was selected as one of the girls, even though he wasn't a girl and didn't live in Japan, and was actually turned into a little girl that happened to resemble his daughter, which was why he decided to name his new identity after her - Cosette.

    He- or she- moved to Japan, and entered a middle school in classy Mahou Shoujo rival fashion. Due to her exploits and desire, Cosette was antagonistic towards the other participants of the Alchemeister War.

    After a series of events, Cosette's heart opened up, and she eventually sacrificed herself. However, she was revived with no more access to the World of the Alchemeisters, and with no abilities. Her abilities had gone elsewhere. She soon realises that there was no need for her abilities to find her family and thus, headed out to do it by herself.

    Merlion (open)

    "Talk cock, get shot. Think you cool, get SCHOOLED!"

    The Merlion appears to be a man of Asian descent wearing a costume resembling a merlion.

    He is capable of communicating with and manipulating aquatic life of all kinds(think Aquaman-level versatile). He has combat capabilities, and hunts like a lion with his sharp claws.

    His natural abilities include breathing underwater and turning into a stone-like mineral for added defense.

    A long line of ancient heroes known as 'The Merlion'. They had odd powers, odd powers that saved ancient Southeast Asia many times. Ancient Singaporeans hence decided to build a statue to commemorate these heroes.

    Over time, no one remembered the true reason why the statue was created. The mantle of The Merlion was now a thing of the past. The last living Merlion, Tan Swee Yun, decided that the age of ancient heroes was no more and that the mantle had no purpose in the modern-day concrete jungle.

    Ayakashi (open)

    "My despair is now yours!"

    Ayakashi is a 1.7 metre tall woman of Asian descent. Her chest is flat and virtually nonexistent, and she wears a pure white yukata. Her long, night-hued hair is tied in a long ponytail.

    Ayakashi can transform into a wide range of Yokai, in a similiar way that Beast Boy turns into all kinds of animals. These Yokai have various powers. Due to lack of experience, Hikaru cannot access Ayakashi's full power. For example, while the original Ayakashi has access to the form of the four greatest Yokai, Hikaru using Ayakashi's form will turn into a three-tailed fox if he intends to turn into a nine-tailed one. It is clear that Hikaru does not have full mastery, and depending on form, may lose control.

    The original holder of this mantle was a nameless woman with the ability to absorb yokai with a 'vacuum swallow' ability. She served the great onmyoji Abe no Seimei in many a quest, using her abilities to consume yokai into her bottomless stomach.

    However, one day, she lost her ability and gained a new one - the ability to alter her form to any yokai possible. Additionally, her new yokai physiology gained her virtual immortality, making it impossible for her to die. She left Abe no Seimei, telling him to 'get a replacement'.

    Alone, she did many great deeds under the disguise of yokai that were generally seen as fiends. But villagers were villagers, and they despised the sight, but she still persisted on helping. As such, she couldn't stay in one place for too long.

    In the modern age, Ayakashi chose to abandon her supposed curse, so that she could finally die of old age and end the pain of immortality.

    Captain Parasite (open)


    Captain Parasite is usually shapeless, but generally takes a humanoid form with a beret and trenchcoat. His basis is red in hue with black, fiendish eyes, and his mouth is most frightening.

    Captain Parasite is a heroic Parasymbiot. Parasymbiots are capable of bonding with hosts and enhancing their abilities. Their abilities are a combination of the Symbiotes of Marvel and the namesake beings of the Kiseijuu manga. The longer they have bonded to a host, the more they are permitted to control them.

    While Parasymbiots tend to be more savage, the original Captain Parasite chose the path of a hero of justice, dying as he defied his own biological needs for the wellbeing of others.

    Their weaknesses are fire and sonic blasts - that is, unless their hosts have powers of such nature.

    The Parasymbiots are odd beings with unknown origins. They bind to hosts in an effort to drive them berserk, for battle and bloodshed is the drive of these ferocious parasites.

    That was how the original Captain Parasite started off - just like the others. He jumped from Host to Host, being as brutal as can be. However, one day, he infected a monk, allowing him to access the monk's thoughts.

    Captain Parasite had second thoughts about life and started to philosophise, believing that he was doing wrong this whole time. As such, he sougth out to consume every possible member of his kind - in other words - cannibalism.

    He soon realised that his kind were only following their instincts and survival, as such, forged his own path while letting the others of his kind survive.

    His demise was met as he burned to death, saving hundreds from a burning building. His data was preserved in this program. This would not have happened if he had bonded to a host.

    Silver Age Modes (open)

    These are preboot versions of current characters. Said to be from 'Another World'. In order to differentiate them from current characters, Hikaru adds 'Silver Age Mode' at the end of their names. Due to their odd otherworldly nature, Hikaru will see some of their memories when he transforms into them.

    Melody: Silver Age Mode

    Bravado: Silver Age Mode

    Victoria Sky: Silver Age Mode

    Matrix: Silver Age Mode

    Crossfire: Silver Age Mode

    The Black Slayer (open)

    "Your time is up."

    Prince Gan Ceann of Alfheimr(warrior)
    & Princess Puca of Alfheimr(steed)

    The Blackl Slayer


    Gan Ceann(with armour)

    Gan Ceann(without armour)


    Excellent Swordsmanship(Gan Ceann) - Wielding his dual-wield horn lances made from the legendary Faemetal, this warrior is most formidable. While Faemetal is usually light, the version of the metal used in the lance seems more dense. These lances can combine at their hilts.

    Durable armour(both) - Forged by the Gremlins, great Faemetal armour is hard to cut through or damage.
    Puca's version of the armour appears to adapt to the user's body.

    Budding Charisma(Gan Ceann) - as a king to be, he is somewhat trained in this.

    Bodyparting(Gan Ceann) - He can seperate his head and limbs from his body and allow them to levitate. Each of these limbs appear to have a single googly eye on them each. Thanks to the face-like emblem on his chestplate and belly area, he has another additional set of eyes.

    Limited Animal Shapeshifting(Puca) - Puca, as a Puca, is capable of taking on a great variety of animalistic forms, but they will all be black. Puca usually assumes the form of a horse, and she is too shy to show her human form to anyone who isn't family. Her various forms include but are not limited to horse, rabbit, cat, dog, goat, bogeyman or giant hawk.
    Bogeyman has strength and durability beyond all the other forms, and giant hawk can be used to lift multiple passengers - essentially a method of flight.

    Enhanced Senses(Puca) - Puca, as a Puca, has increased senses, reflexes and leg strength, much like an animal. Puca has been observed to be able to jump five times her current form's size. Gan Ceann claims that this stems from her being used to her rabbit form.

    Longevity(Both) - It is evident that Fae live very long lives, as they claim to reach 'true adulthood' at 100 years.

    Physiological Weaknesses - Gan Ceann, as a Dullahan, is instinctively repelled by gold. It is said that a single gold coin is enough to repel him. If you've got a bank robbery to stop, don't ask this guy to help! While he does not possess a weakness to iron like most Fae, Puca certainly does. However, while the latter is only a burning feel from pure iron or iron flakes via contact, the former is instinctive repulsion from range!

    Physiological Weakness 2 - All Fae are incapable of lying. However, they are capable of twisting words and telling half-truths. Sometimes the easiest way to overcome this is to shut up. You can always trust these guys if they're talking straight.

    Probably won't pass that driving test(Gan Ceann) - Gan Ceann is a very bad rider, and is not capable of riding any vehicle or animal, with the exception of his sister. NEVER ask him to take the wheel!

    Today is an era where Fae are no longer divided by courts. The era of Oberon and Titania is long-gone and evidence of them has gradually eroded as new generations of Fae roll in. Kings and Queens change like the seasons, and they will soon again.

    Alfheimr is the realm of the Fae. Currently ruled by King Alptraum, a Puca, and Queen Chelsea, a Dullahan, they wish for their son, Gan Ceann the Dullahan, to carry the torch and continue a dynasty. However, they can only do so if Gan Ceann proves to be a worthy leader, for to be a great king, one must learn to be a leader first.

    And so our Young Prince goes on a journey - or rather - journeys to prove himself. His sister Puca decides to tag along, performing a role as a noble steed.

    Other Information:
    This character was created with the need for a 'Wonder Woman', 'Thor' or 'Aquaman'-type character in mind, where the hero is a royal successor from another race trying to work with human heroes and blend in with humans.

    Gan Ceann and Puca are not too familiar with the human world, and are out to ensure that they learn more, as Gan Ceann believes that learning more is part of his trials.

    Puca will only reveal her human form to family, or certain special people...

    Non-Player Characters

  3. i would like to donate asap but i need money first Would i be able to mail it somewhere?? I'll do this just for Magenta!! nothing needed in return!!
  4. We will get an address to have donations mailed to for you, and thank you so much for the interest in donating for her! We want to get her either in a more stable home or help her get surgery quickly! :D
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