The Satanist Meets His Angel

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  1. Kat was 18 going on 19 and brand new at Job Corps. She was trying so hard to just stay out of everyone's way and out of trouble. The only people she knew or talked to were in the group she had arrived with and she tried her best to stay out of the way otherwise. She kept her head down, stayed quiet and tried to keep away from any drama or fighting, although it seemed to absolutely love her. She remained respectful to her elders and the staff at the corps and when someone tried to mess with her, she just kept walking. So how had she fallen into this mess? She ended up meeting the worst guy she could ever meet, Jordan. To put things kindly, he was a narcisistic, sexist asshole. When they'd met, he'd seemed normal, not hot, not hideous, just a nice middle. She accepted his offer of dating her, then his morality and character took a severe nosedive. He began calling her his 'property' and ordering her to do things for him, which she did. He dragged her around the campus like she was some kind of pet and never treated her like his girlfriend in front of others. Oh, and when he kissed he kissed like a duck. And the way he ate! Ugh, she shivered as she remembered this.

    She stood there in line, scanning the crowd of scarily unfamiliar faces as she stood against the long poster board, waiting in the lunch line and twisting her dyed blond hair in her fingers. When she finally made it through and sat at a lonely table in the corner, she looked down at her plate. Meatloaf. Again. Oh, joy. She sighed deeply and silently apologized to her stomach before picking up her fork. Just as she did, though, Jordan plopped his large body down beside her, took the plate from in front of her, and began shoveling the food into his mouth. Kat could only watch helplessly as he snorted and devoured, then she finally spoke, her voice coming out weak and shaking.

    "Uhm... You know that's mine, right?" She nibbled her lip, knowing there was nothing that could be done about it. She was just to damn nice to the people who deserved it the least. Jordan looked over at her and, through his full mouth, muffled something that sounded like 'Oops, sorry. Oh well, you don't need it.' Kat squeaked as a squishy bit of grey mashed potatoes launched itself from his mouth and clung to her cheek. Being a bit of a germaphobe, Kat's chocolate brown eyes widened and her face paled, some hair falling into her face but she didn't notice. Carefully, as if it were acid, she reached up and wiped the potato off with a napkin, setting the soiled tissue aside and scooting as far away from Jordan's projectile zone as the little round stool attatched to the table would let her. She sighed deeply, sipping her water as she heard a commotion from another table nearby. It was Brandon, one of the guys that had come in with her group, smarting off to a guy. The mysterious guy was in all black from his Converse shoes to his jeans and long trench coat. His back was to Kat, but she noticed his dark messy hair. Brandon laughed a bit at the guy.

    "Dude, don't sit there, you'll sit on my imaginary friend." Brandon was a complete ass. Kat snickered to herself and spoke before she realized what she was doing, her voice coming out louder than before, a half smirk on her face as she spoke to Brandon.

    "Well, maybe your 'imaginary friend' is gay and likes guys sitting on his lap. Ever think of it that way?"
  2. Dakota was ready to sacrifice this ass to Satan. Even though he was sure even The Devil wouldn't accept the man before him. It didn't matter, he would just eat at his desk, he did usually. Since it was quite busy when he found time to get lunch, people rarely spoke to him anyways but that was normal. They knew he worked in mysterious ways, ways a normal person would shy away from. He wore black, this sent people to think that he was abused as a child and should get psychological assistance. He wore black because regular colors seemed to harm his eyes, or at least the color pink harmed his eyes.

    He wore a trench coat, leading people to think he was selling narcotics on the sly to pay for his expenses. This wasn't true, he was simply a fan of trench coats with some reasoning that bordered on psychosocial beliefs. If he was to dress differently he would be starting the beginning of the apocalypse for a few others who focused on his actions. Yet the asshole denying him a seat was peaking his anger. As if a seat mattered, it was just a mass of ions able to hold someone's weight. Nothing more and nothing less. Thought in mental state often confuses even a genius. Dakota had a snappy comeback for the ass presented to him.

    It was as if the world became silent once someone else spoke for him. A woman's voice and an attitude to match. A homosexual imaginary friend? How interesting for one woman to say, in the presence of others and her boyfriend. Dakota knew only that her boyfriend had the brains of a fish, but even then fish were wise so it wasn't a insult. No words could describe the man she chose as a companion. Though Jordan never bothered to acknowledge Dakota's existence, Dakota still hated the very fiber of the man's being.

    He was observant, his senses were better than most. Those who knew him well considered him blessed with the senses of the devil himself. Other thought him as the Joker from Batman, he was just insane. Either way people looked at it, Dakota wasn't normal and that fit him just perfectly. Kay was new, her own work station rested next to Jordan's and three down from his. Nevertheless while he pretended to work he listened to their an mostly everyone's conversations. He had observed her without her taking notice, she noticed vey little. But everyone took little to no notice to their surroundings, he did every so often, though he tried not to loose sight of what was going on around him.

    But he noticed this conflict and her comment caused him to lower his head and give a slight smile. It would be nice in the least to say something close to a thank you. So he turned slowly on his heel and stared at her, his eyes seeming to go through her. How interesting this was. "Thank you" he said gently
  3. Kat smiled to herself as she mulled over her snappy comeback. Everyone at Brandon's table turned to stare at her, their eyes widened until Brandon muttered some profane joke about her and they all laughed. She rolled her eyes, completely used to this kind of reaction. She was different, she knew, and everyone just loved to point and laugh at her, but hell, if they were focused on her, they were never focused on someone else, which was good in her eyes. She would rather take the pain than have an innocent take it for her. She looked over to Jordan, grimacing as he continued snarfing down pale food and glugging at his drink. Why was she with him? For no reason, obviously. She mentally kicked herself again for saying yes to this man and having no spine to get away and she whimpered, ready to get back to her trade station. She looked up to the tall dark man as his head bowed slightly, then he turned. As he turned to her, almost in slow motion, her eyes widened and her heart skipped. He was slightly pale but not so much so that he looked unhealthy. His eyes were dark, brown and deep, and seemed to peer right through her as if he expected her to be afraid, but she wasn't. He had a scruff of a goatee growing on his chin and s weak half smile that seemed borderline insane, but at the same time, he was... intriguing. Kat eyed him warily, but felt no threat from his presence. He thanked her with a gentle voice and she smiled a bit, a weak, half-smile that she could muster from what little happiness remained inside her, and nodded to him.

    "They're asses. Most people here are. Not all though."

    She looked over to Jordan once more who was looking at the new stranger with hate in his eyes. Jordan hated Kat even looking at other men, so of course the fact that she was being nice to one would upset him thoroughly, making him insanely jealous for an unknown reason. Kat sighed and shook her head gently, getting up and walking out as she adjusted her snug 'Tool' band zip-up hoodie and the black t shirt underneath that read 'Have a nice day somewhere else'. She slipped past the crowd that was disposing of their plates in the window to the kitchen and she pushed her way out the metal back door and into the cold air. She shivered, immediately balling her hands up and shoving them into her pockets before trudging off to her OA class. She never even caught the guy's name, but it didn't matter. She'd never forget that face.
  4. Once the woman had left his sight Dakota had proceeded to continue on his business. It was no used to get worked up over nothing but some stupid jester. Conversations continued with the various beginnings 'anyways' or rather 'as I was saying' he made his way to his own office. He had paperwork and reports to achieve. The last thing he needed was to be fired, he was out of candles and his friends failed to alert him last get together. On one of his drunken states he let the mishap slide, not tonight. His friends were expecting him to complete the ritual, he pulled out his phone. A black iPhone5, his first phone in over twelve years. He wasn't find of the new technology and considered taking up a second job teaching normal citizens to hack phones. It wasn't rocket science to hack anything. Dakota found it rather simple as he could do it in his sleep. A rare talent he had, being borderline schizophrenic he rarely enjoyed people's company. Two people were a crowd to him. He spent many years in his childhood tearing apart old computers and rebuilding them. It was what helped him get into satanism. Changed his life permanently. Dakota found himself thinking about the woman who was kind enough to stand up for him before he said something that would get him fired. She was very brave, her creature of a mate didn't deserve her glance. Though he could do nothing about that, for now.
  5. Kat sat at her desk, flipping through web pages on the computer, humming softly. She was supposed to be in the upcoming Halloween Program against her will and she was practicing all day, every moment of her free time. She barely noticed when Jordan plunked himself into the station beside her and nudged her, harder than he should have. She winced, the thick finger jabbing into her side roughly and she let out a pained squeak before turning to him and speaking, her voice coming out much more angered and steely than she would have thought.

    "What is it, Jordan?"

    Jordan looked upset, as he always did when Kat said something he didn't like and he turned to his computer, muttering things like 'fine you fat bitch, go fuck yourself' and 'I hope you die.' Jordan was... a pussy, to put it lightly. Kat hated him. She rolled her eyes, used to this and she knew in a matter of moments he would turn to her and confess his 'love' for her. She knew he didn't love her, he just wanted in her pants. He'd tried so many times it was sickening. She sighed a bit and continued her work, typing at the speed of light, her eyes locked on her keyboard. She couldn't get the dark man out of her mind. He'd just seemed so... drawing. She shivered as she thought of him and sighed silently. She needed to lose Jordan, but she was just too damn nice. She needed a backbone. She stood as the last bell sounded, the usual military-style siren, and she stood, grabbing her coat and sweeping past the man without even noticing. All she knew was that she wanted to get back to her dorn and change so she could spend the rest of the clear cold night practicing her song and looking at the stars. Thankfully, the Cass Job Corps was in the mountains, so there were no city lights interferring with the starlight.
  6. Dakota went straight to his little box of comfort, his office. He would rather be home but he had so much work to finish up it was insane. He might be here all night if he continued to put his practices above his work. One of his little flaws, though it was little, it was the most noticeable about his personality. He liked to procrastinate, he got his best work done when he was short on time. Though around someone he was trying to impress, he was the top worker, always got things done ahead of time and did excel in it. It was unlike him however. Dakota needed to finish this assignment, it was due tomorrow morning or whenever. But he had tricked himself into thinking that it was due a week earlier. That's what he did to counteract his procrastination. He lied to himself. His phone vibrating to a new location on his desk every time one of his friends tried to contact him. It used to be to his left with a miniature glass jester. But as of now it was over near his keyboard, finally going silent. He would be here an hour late at this rate, so many grammar issues it wanted to turn him into a pyromaniac. Or at least show that side of him out to an almost empty building as far as he was paying attention too.

    Lucky he finished his work with a few minutes to call and locate his friends who had been waiting in his dorm for over 30 minutes. Dakota had yet to regret giving them a spare key, he knew Jacob was the second halfway responsible person in his small group of friends. And Dakota's original best friend, they were so close that in high school people mistook them for being homosexual and in a relationship. They were drunk one evening at a party and ended up making out freshman year. They had been best friends ever since, they ever act like a couple around others at random times. But there was nothing gay about Dakota or Jacob. They just have a friendship not many people can acquire.

    He grabbed his things and breathed in the fresh air as he stepped into the darkness. But his devilish half smirk returned once he noticed Jacob in a white tuxedo smoking on the lawn. Releasing the smoke like steam into the night air. His short half military brown hair growing out. Dakota remembered Jacob when he came home in his Army uniform. Dakota felt like a young girl who hadn't seen her father in years, it must have been the happiest moment of his life. Jacob's strong features, slender form. He looked like a old time Mafia Soldier. He made his way down "Hey sexy, can I give you a ride to my place? You seem lost" his smile widened and he chuckled.

    Jacob attempted to keep a straight face "Nah, I got my old Coupe. Your beast ain't no match for my horsepower" he took a glance at the black lifted Dodge Ram alone in the parking lot. Dakota laughed "My baby will crush yours any day. Have you heard about my other baby?" Dakota had a red and black Dodge Charger that Jacob had been working on for some time. It was Dakota's last birthday gift.

    Jacob ignored Dakota's question but was staring at his right shoulder "How's the Tat?" his free hand went to grab Dakota's shoulder but slipped to his chest and pulled the jacket down so he could examine it "Looks good, the spider web makes it look like one of those dream catchers ya know?" Dakota smiled "Yea, hurts like hell but I've been dealing" It was his third tattoo, this one was a pentagram to match Jacobs, only it was on his right shoulder, it was bleeding and wrapped in spiders web. It was common for the Satanic rituals to have a tattoo representing what you believe in and what you feared more than death. Dakota's was spiders. Jacob had been in the military for four years, however his tattoo was a pentagram with the German Swastika behind it in bright red. Jacob was German, but his was more for his great grandmother, who was a gypsy during the Holocaust. He took on his Great Grandmothers fear as his own. Something Dakota could never imagine doing.

    It seemed like forever that him and Jacob were standing on the grass together. They weren't scared of the dark, only the light. Occasionally lifting their heads to stare at the stars.
  7. Kat had high-tailed it to her dorm to change and she'd made it to her room, nearly tripping one of her 5 other roommates, Angela. She smiled weakly, waving a bit before digging into her drawer and sitting on her creaky bed. It took her only a few moments to find her favorite black tank top and jeans. She gathered her undergarments and her jackets before wandering to the bathrrom to change in one of the stalls. She'd never been able to change in front of people due to being raised with a low self esteem, so she'd taken to cramping herself in a bathrrom stall and balancing her clothes over the wall so she could change in peace. She did this quickly, adjusting herself in her top before slipping her 'Tool' jacket on as usual. She felt comfortable in this jacket because it was big so it hid her well. She made sure everything was in order on her outfit before making her way back to her dormroom, head low so she wouldn't make eye contact with anyone. She flopped down o her bed and reached under for her hightop shoes before slipping them on under her jeans and she stood, her hair falling into her face. She gasped a bit in shock, forgetting all about her hair and she grabbed up her glow-in-thedark brush, dragging it through her easily tangled mess before finding her soft furry hat with mouse ears and strings with furry poof-balls on the ends of them. The hat was black and pink on the inside and she loved it because she could ask people to touch her 'balls'.

    She made her way out into the campus grounds as people made their way to dinner. She always brushed dinner off, especially now that she was trying to avoid Jordan. She passed by the circle of three broke-down hammocks and she slipped through the campus to the most private place she knew of: the stairs by the laundry mat. She sat on the steps, watching everyone from a distance and leaning against the brick wall behind her, closing her eyes and letting out a deep breath. She really didn't have any friends, but she didn't mind.
  8. Dakota and Jacob floated towards Jacob's coupe. They sat in it, talked and Dakota told his best friend about the day he had and what happened at lunch. They talked about anything and everything under the stars, eventually Jacob decided to take a nap and rested his temple on Dakota's shoulder. This was causal and happened almost every time Jacob had been smoking and they just talked like this. Dakota could do nothing more than sit there and stare up at the stars. He never really appreciated stars, they were just masses of hydrogen to him. Soon the sun would explode as well and then the world would end, simple as that. No more churches and their belief of lies. Eventually he fell asleep, being far to quiet outside for him to stay awake. Good thing he was in the drivers seat, when his mind jolted him awake with the constant bad dreams, he'd drive Jacob home. Until then he would appreciate the gift of his best friend. Though tonight they were supposed to perform a ritual tonight for the half moon. They could do it later.

    Dakota didn't dream. He woke up when it was the darkest hour, taking out his phone and texting on of his other friends he knew was awake at this time. Taylor, a paranormal analyst. She had been one for about twelve years, she studied Demonic spirits. Though she never liked Dakota as a best friend, she studied him whenever they were together. Taylor had a theory that Dakota was a tunnel for Demonic spirits, like a moth to flame, the demons flowed to him when in contact. She had offered hundreds of times for Dakota to go on an investigation but he declines flat. He wasn't interested in being a test subject but he was interested in the after life. He believed in it rather religiously.
  9. After sitting on the stairs for a while, singing a bit to keep her voice in check for the upcoming program tomorrow, Kat sighed and stood, looking around. It was almost curfew and she didn't want to get written up for being AWOL. She stood, stretching a bit and adjusting her shirt, turning her neck to pop it then heading off for the dorm. She looked around and saw a new car in the parking lot by the busses, usually where people went to smoke drugs or have sex and she looked through the window frm a distance. She saw the guy from earlier passed out with another guy collapsed on him and she couldn't help but giggle and shake her head a bit, her hair falling into her eyes. Tomorrow was going to be a fun day, she decided, because she was going to stand out. She'd bought a costume for Halloween, but she'd had to be on the bus here on Halloween so she hadn't been able to wear it, so she decided that tomorrow for the halloween program she would wear it. She didn't know if she'd get into trouble or not because it was a bit... clingy, but she didn't care. She even had the face paint. She'd played the 3D video game Arkham Asylam and she'd falen in love with the outfit, so she'd made her own costume replica. It had taken nearly a whole month to get it perfect. She passed by Jordan's dorm as she thought and she didn't hear him calling for her, his voice angry. She'd show him. Show him what he would never have. She made her way into her room and pulled the black dress bag from her closet, laying it out on her dresser. Oh, she was going to have fun tomorrow.

    She slept very deeply that night.
  10. (Harley Quinn's outfit from Arkham Asylum? Yes wonderful....)


    Jacob finally awoke, yet he was in Dakota's dorm, on his bed. Dakota didn't share a dorm with anyone, probably out of fear. He heard the rumors about his friend but he ignored them. Rumors where truths when talking abut Dakota, but Jacob's friendship was far more important than rumors that Dakota lived around. It wasn't plain in here by any means. It was clean, well kept and highly covered in Dakota's favorite band posters. Some clanging was going on and he soon saw Dakota could out in a full Mafia outfit. The black fedora leaning over on one side of his face. His hair as messy as always but kept clean. "Your finally awake" he said calmly with his half smile. Jacob nodded and frowned easily "I take it that your going to that party or whatever you guys are having here? Should I come along as your boyfriend or a soldier for the Don of this dorm?" Jacob joked, standing up and fixing his own white suit.

    "I have to go, bosses orders. You can attend with me, but you know me I might not stay long. I don't like crowds." Dakota said simply fixing his dark blue shirt underneath and setting up his outfit to perfection. But Jacob nodded and Dakota gave a small growl when he couldn't get his tie on. He hated ties, this killed him. "The band of three are supposed to be here soon. I guess they are going as prison guards and Taylor is going as a Flapper. So much for being alone in the 20's." Dakota frowned, but fixed his suit still unable to get the tie to work. Jacob took off his jacket "Take off your jacket, I'll go as a Mob boss and you can wear a white shirt with some suspenders and go as my Underboss" Jacob always had good ideas "Go as Eric from Phantom of the Opera. I dare you!"

    Dakota shook his head "I'll be your Underboss, but I'm still wearing my Mafia outfit, and if it makes you happy" he sat down and rubbed his temples, he never went to things like this, he didn't know what to wear. He felt like a woman, not knowing what to wear.
  11. (You can see right through me, sir!)

    Harley Quinn 1.jpg

    She woke up early, knowing it would take time to put on the makeup and fix everything up right. She hummed as she showered, ready for the program. She was thinking of what she would do, singing an updated version of This is Halloween' from the Tim Burton movie 'Nightmare Before Christmas'. She dried herself off, making sure her hair was extra dry before pulling it up into the ponytails and pinning the little white hat on. She wanted the red and black outfit, but it just wasn't her style. She opened the bag quietly on her bed and began dressing, knowing it would be cold outside but not caring. She adjusted her outfit, looking over herself in the tall mirror hanging on the wall by her roommate's bed and she fixed her hair, perfecting every bit. She looked perfect, to put it lightly. She smiled wide, the acryllic canine extensions in her mouth completing the accent, glimmering behind her crimson lipstick. She tied up her corset and grabbed the tommy gun off of her bed before bouncing out the door. She knew she was already late, but her number wasn't until the end.

    She snuck in through the back of the gym, not wanting anyone to see her until her number. She would start out behind the curtain then part it with her gun, dancing a bit... riskay as she sang, her voice sounding just like Harley's. She imagined singing to 'Mistah Jay' himself, falling into character easily. She loved the stunned silence in the crowd until she was done, then everyone clapped and stood on their feet, the guys wolf-calling but she ignored them. Did they know who she was, or did they just see the outfit? She giggled and waved, then the program ended and the music started, those who wanted to dance pulling others onto the dance floor.
  12. Dakota jsut decided to go with his original plan. But as Jacob was in the shower, Dakota sneaked in and took his friends suit. Now he looked like a 20's Gangster. Jacob even had the perfect Fedora, white with a thick black ribbon around the base. And two dark blue feathers which matched Dakota's choice in shirt. Dark blue with a black tie, a white vest that buttoned up the front and the white slacks and jacket to go over it. He had a real life looking Tommy gun which he would use as a cane. And Taylor would be his Flapper. It seemed Jacob was in with the idea for he came out in Dakota's original idea but with no jacket. Black suspenders over a white shirt with black pants and the sleeves rolled up. Dakota winked and whistled at his best friend. He had gotten a text message that they had to leave, their friends already there. Dakota and Jacob left once they were ready.

    Taylor's red hair bobbed towards Dakota once she noticed him enter, he looked sexy she had to admit. But Jacob was her boyfriend and that wouldn't do well if she said it out loud. But knowing the relationship between Jacob and Dakota, Jacob must have told him already. She wore a jade colored short dress, a green boa to match her high heels. She had been at the bar when she noticed them arrive. And already she was working to get Jacob drunk and Dakota to have some fun for once. He never had fun outside hanging with them during rituals. He needed to get out more. Handing Jacob the camera she held in her green sequin purse, she grabbed Dakota's waist and stood on her tippy toes to give him a kiss on the cheek, to which he responded with his usual half smile, leaning on his Tommy gun and placing his free hand on his hip. It was a good picture, he liked to have photo's taken.

    It was interesting that Dakota had shown up late but people and his friends didnt seem to care. Though he never got pleased with people, it was just simply they believed in the true rumors.
  13. When the program was over and done with and the music began playing, Kat bounced off the stage and over to a group that decided to do a 20s theme. It was cute, she had to admit, that a whole little group decided to all do one theme. She smiled at a girl in a green flapper dress, making sure to flash her fangs then she turned to a guy in a dark blue suit and black tie and she froze. It was the guy from the cafeteria. She pasted a cute smile on her face and waved, not really knowing what to say, then she felt a huge hand grab her upper arm. It was Jordan, and he wasn't even dressed up. She gasped as he hurt her arm, grabbing way too hard and she knew there'd be a bruise there later. She turned to him and he glared at her then muttered that she looked like a whore. Her eyes widened in shock that he would even say that to her and then they narrowed and she spoke, still in character.

    "I'm not a whore, toots. I'm Miss Harley Quinn! And you must be the ape man. That's a pretty ugly mask ya got on, there."

    Jordan looked shocked for a moment, then he reached back to smack her and she stood her ground, willing to take any abuse he had to throw at her. She gripped her gun, ready to take it and hit him over the head with it. Hard. It was metal, made for her by a friend in Welding, so she knew it would hurt him. She narrowed her eyes at him, snarling a bit and bending forward to give him a better aim at her face.
  14. "Dakota do you know that woman? She waved at us" Taylor was confused so she watched Dakota for any form of an answer yet all she got was silence. She groaned and looked back to the scene of which was happening. It seemed that most of the partners had stopped in there tracks. It was like watching a show, you couldn't look away. However Taylor's leg bumped into Dakota's Tommy gun and she gave a gasp as Dakota was holding it to his side, his finger on the trigger. But what concerned her the most was that Jacob's hand was also on Dakota's wrist, in a sort of torturous way like he could break it at any moment. Whispering 'dont shoot, its jsut a party' over and over again in Dakota's ear. Taylor gave Dakota a nudge but his gaze never left the scene. So she started to whisper "Dakota is that a real gun" he voice was harsh but it turned scared and frustrated as Dakota nodded slightly.

    Taylor flipped "Are you fucking kidding me Dakota, is it loaded? Your planning on killing someone?!?" She kept her voice a whisper, her hands balled into fists. She wanted to punch him as hard as she could. But Dakota didn't take his gaze off of Jordan "Don't worry about it Taylor" he said calmly. But her own hands were on Dakota's as well. She gave a sigh, he was so risky, but he knew how to make someone feel safe that was for sure.
  15. Jordan's hand swung and barely missed Kat's face. She staggered back in shock, knowing he'd only missed because he had terrible depth perception. She looked around, glad no one had seen then she made her way out the door, followd closely by Jordan. She felt the tears of anger flare up inside her, but she refused to cry because it would ruin her makeup. Besides, she deserved it. She'd dressed this way, she was the one that dressed like a... whore. She bit back tears as Jordan grabbed for her wrist but she turned on him, her voice soft and shaking, obviously angry and scared.

    "Jordan, you have no right. I can dress how I want, it's just a damn party! I decided to take a risk, to put myself out there and of course you have to shoot the whole night down into the fire! What's your problem!? Why can't I just have one night to myself!?"

    Jordan said nothing, just watched her with a blank expression as she spoke. When she was finished he stood there for a moment, then called her the usual slur and stormed off, threatening to kill himself. She balled her hands into fists and growled in frustration, calling out after him and daring him to do it because he was only saying it to get attention. She stood there in front of the gym for a moment in the below-freezing air and looked around, not knowing where else to go. She let out a soft sigh and began walking the opposite direction, down to the blackened football field. She knew it was off-limits and if she was caught she'd be written up, but she didn't care at the moment. She wrapped her arms around her, hoping she hadn't ruined the night for anyone.
  16. Taylor sighed, but she was completely lost on the whole situation, so was Jacob. They had been so worried about Dakota shooting someone then what really happened. But when it was over, everyone else went back to their business. A few people Dakota took not interest in followed Jordan as he threatened to commit suicide. Taylor had decided that her and Jacob where going home, which Dakota knew that they were going to go to his dorm because Taylor was buzzed and Jacob wouldn't drive home. He had a few beers when at Dakota's dorm so he was buzzed and him driving was not a good idea. Knowing them, they would go into Dakota's dorm and probably have sex. Meaning Dakota would be sleeping in his truck for the night. He didn't want to be mentally scarred. He turned his gaze to Kat once she moved away from Jordan, calmly handed the loaded Tommy gun to Jacob and followed Kat at a distance.

    It was far to cold to be outside at the moment and walking through a wet grassed football field wouldn't help. "Hey!!" he called out to her, his voice somewhat deep but mysterious and sinfully smooth like melted chocolate. He didn't know her full name, only from what he heard from the douchebag Jordan's mouth, her nickname was Kat. Maybe Katherine or something along those lines. "Hey, Kat " he said more casually now. Though he couldn't fathom why he cared about this stranger the way he did. Caring enough to talk to her or follow her after a huge argument. He walked rather slowly but normal paced towards her. His eyes shifting from her to the wet grass, the water soaking the bottom of his slacks. His hands in his pockets.
  17. Kat made her way across the field, arms wrapped about her torso. She thought she heard someone call for her, but when she turned around, it was too dark to see anyone so she just made her way to the metal bleachers, wet grass whipping at her boots. She climbed to the top bleacher and sat on it, sighing deeply and wiggling a bit so she would get comfortable, which was hard on those bleachers. When she heard her name, she knew she'd heard it this time, she looked down to the field and saw a dark figure moving toward her. She stiffened, terrified that it was Jordan and she gripped her gun close to her, but she relaxed slowly as she saw it was the guy. She bit her lip a little and stood to let him see her better. What would she say? Why had he followed her? It was... odd for a stranger to follow her, but at this point she honestly didn't care.

    She waved to him, not sure what to say, but eventually letting out a soft 'I'm here' to draw his attention. He moved like a shadow, slipping silently through the air, his coat whipping around him and his hat shading his eyes. He moved as if he had a dark chore to be acted out.
  18. He was glad she had finally stopped moving away from him. He was able to notice her, she hugged herself. Clearly she was cold, the way he was dressed the wind only hit him slightly and he felt none of it with his hat blocking the wind from messing up his hair. He made his way silently, all too comfortable in the darkness. It was close to midnight, the moon told him so much that time could not even advance the knowledge. As he made his way up the bleaches he took notice to how short the skirt she was wearing actually was. He wasn't focused on how short it was, his only concern was that she wouldn't catch a cold. He walked next to her and slipped off his tuxedo jacket and draped it over her shoulders, clearing his throat he made an effort to make conversation.

    "I'm sorry for your companion being such a.....jerk tonight. I was going to make an effort to thank you again for that smart comeback you made at lunch a few days ago, but I'm not much of a social butterfly. Even right now I think I'm talking too much" He gazed out to the grass, admiring how serene it looked under wet moonlight. His hands in his pockets, this was strange for him, talking to a stranger. He observes from a distance, not talk face to face.
  19. Kat watched him approach her, her body stiff but she wasn't scared at all. She was actually happy that someone cared enough to see if she was okay. She smiled to him as he sat beside her, then her eyes widened a bit as he slid off his jacket and put it on her shoulders. She watched him warily and nodded a bit, thinking of Jordan's actions. They were particularly... jerky. She sighed a bit and looked to the guy, her voice coming gentle and far away.

    "Yeah... I wish I had a spine so I could just get rid of him once and for all. And... thank you for coming to see if I was alright. You may not be a butterfly, but honestly, I prefer dragons. They're much more bad-ass and they live longer than a day."

    She laughed a bit as she thought of a dragon butterfly and how od it would look, then she nudged him gently.

    "You're fine. I promise I won't tell anyone how much of a talker you are. And... don't thank me for the lunchroom thing. Those guys just need to be hugged... around the neck... until they stop breathing."

    She sighed, knowing she sounded so morbid just then, but now it was out there and she couldn't take it back.
  20. "A dragonfly then" Dakota laughed at her ending comment, it was more of a chuckle but it still meant the same. Happiness. "Yea, there are some employees here that I want to throw into a brick oven. But that would get me fired and in jail. I would not do well in prison. The food is revolting. But hey what are ya gonna do?" He stopped talking again, feeling that he spoke to much. He was glad that she was alright and not going to freeze to death out here. But he was concerned about her saying she needed to get a back bone, she didnt need a back bone, she jsut needed to believe in herself "Why do you feel the need to have a back bone to break up with him? Just do it, or else your going to be stuck in a rut that you will not be able to get yourself out of" He stopped once more. It was curiosity that killed the cat. Or maybe the cat jsut felt like being an idiot "Why did you get together with him in the first place, there are far more decent guys around"