The Sapphire Navigator.

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Terra found a perfect room in a matter of seconds. It had two -HUGE -beds and a nice black leather couch. There were wrap around windows with an electronic switch to pull back the curtains. When Lance hit it they had a spectacular view of outer space. Orions belt was just to the south and other planets could be seen in the distance. Next to the couch was a small refrigerator. In front of the couch was a huge flat screen TV. Across the room from the beds and TV was another wrap around couch with a nice cherry wood table in the center. It had a small book rack on it, which was empty, but Lance thought it would be perfect for all Terras books and such. He was hopping that they could get signal here to access the Cyberweb, the internet of the future. Lance looked to Terra

"So, Should we get our things tonight or rest first?"
"I'll grab my stuff.. yours might be kind of heavy." She said, glad she wasn't having to lift too many heavy objects these days. The heaviest objects she had to carry anymore since being a freed slave was food supplies, water barrels and other odds and ends. Without waiting, she dashed off to the old ship, pausing a moment so the ghosts could identify her, then hurrying in to grab her clothes, laptop, and a few other necessities. She traveled light, mostly because she didn't think she needed a lot. She made sure to transport the food and water supplies to the bigger ship, as well as a few weapons. When she came back to the room she and Seth were sharing, she was even more exauhsted than before.
Terra took off like lightning towards the ship. Lance inspected the fridge and found it to be cold and running, however , the only thing in it was a bottle of fine champagne. Lance pulled it out and poened it, finding two glasses near by. He filled them up and then drank straight out of the bottle. God it was good. It had been a good while since Lance had had anything to drink. He smiled satisfyingly as the alcohol hit the back of his throad.

"ahhhhhh" Man that was good.

Next he looked out the window, it was amaing, if you stopped to think about it. How space was so massive and huge and overbearing. The very fact that it could hold a space station this size was amazing, especially since the whole station was little more than a speck of dust in comparison. When Terra got back, Lance offered her a glass and then took another swig out of the bottle.

"Alright, I'm going to head down to the ship now, you can pick which bed you want"
"I'll take the one closest to the window, if that's okay. The sight of all those stars has always helped me sleep." She admitted. She wanted to go with Lance- just to check out the controls and the steering. She could possibly spend an entire night fiddling with technology and programs. She'd always been a bit of a computer nerd, even before she was a slave. Her numerous skills made her sought after constantly, but now that she wasn't dealing with those demanding brutes, she had more time to think about what she was actually doing. which was nice.
Lance walked down the stairs, taking them two at a time, in a hurry to get back to the wonderful room. The bubbled wine was warming him up nicely as he made it to the Gate. He entered the landing bay and entered their small ship. He quickly gathered the things he would need, bath stuff, his laptop, a few changes of clothes. He also brought the coffee, just in case. The last thing he wanted was to get back to the room and find out there was no coffee. He locked the ship up, a habbit, just incase. Always better safe than sorry. He took his time going back up the stairs as he had his arms full and didn't want to fall backwards, that would be one hell of a trip!

"I'm back" He said after opening the door to the room, noticing that Terra had taken the bed closest to the wrap around window. That was alright, Lance had a pretty good view from his bed as well. After being on a small ship for so long it was nice to have the stars in view at night. He grabbed the Bottle of Champagne and took another healthy swig, the tiny bubbles working their way to his head quite nicely. He dropped his stuff messily on the bed then jumped on the couch and plugged in his laptop, hopping to get some Wifi.
Hey Lance. I think I'll head down to the command center and see if I can't tweak some program settings. Think you'll be alright up here?" She asked with a small smile. She would probably be back up to sleep within an hour or two, but right now she was still wide awake. Having something to do helped keep her mind numb, which she never minded since thinking was complicated sometimes.
"Yea, I'll be fine. Just gonna relax a bit Ter. If you need anything just let me know." Lance waved with one hand while trying to access some WiFi with the other.

He finally got a signal and managed to acess his forum group "Space explorers and travelers". He checked some of the new posts but was quickly over come by his tiredness and his eyes started to droop. In his half away state he thought about the vicious space pirates known as "The red fleet", he had numerous run ins with them in the past. They had it in for Captain Lance Silver because he had out maneuvered them on several occasions, thanks in part to Terra. The Red Fleet preyed on small private vessels like Lances. About a year ago, after was sure they had either forgotten about him or been killed by someone they were trying to rob, they spotted his ship docked at a refuel station and He and Terra had narrowly escaped their clutches. Wherever they were He only hopped they would never find them here, of all places, at a space station wiped out by a vile space plague.
Terra disappeared to the computer room, but all was not peacefull for very long. Somehow she'd been found by a very evil master. One that in particular had discovered her compass secret. She was just downloading newer software- while simultaneously getting those elevators and stairs to start working so that manuvering wouldn't be such an issue in the morning. But just as she was considering a long soak in the bathroom before going to sleep; she was grabbed around the neck. She hadn't even heard the entrance of the hangar open up or let in a stray ship. "You honestly thought I'd let you keep running from me, pet? Such a foolish young slave you were- but I can retrain you, if I decide to let you live...but first..." He took out a long wickedly curved dagger, plunging it right into Terra's shoulder. She kicked the 'former master' right in the kneecap, hearing a nice loud yelp, before she got up and fled- trying to reach her and Lance's room before that monster caught up with her. Unfortunately, running with an injury was sometimes not the brightest thing to do.
Lance was in the middle of making a post concerning the galaxies beyond Saturn, when he heard a sound. It wasn't really a scream, but more of a Yelp would be the best way to describe it. He instantly shoved the laptop aside, for the time being forgetting about his post on the forum, and jumped up. He grabbed his boots and didn't even bother lacing them up. Then he grabbed his silver plated Colt 45 and headed towards the door. As soon as he was out into the hall he realized that at least Terra had got the stairs and doors working, so that meant that whatever was happening was still fresh, he would have time to help if needed. Thoughts of the space pirates had left Lance feeling a little paranoid so as he ran down the hall he expected the worst.
Down the hall found Terra struggling to keep her former 'master' from stabbing her in the chest. She had multiple stab wounds already, but just as the creep went in for another cut, the ghosts appeared. They shimmered red and silver around the man trying to kill Terra and literally held his arms behind his back in a grip that broke both arms. They looked at Lance, figuring the captain might want to kill this- particular intruder for harming the navigator, so they waited- almost as if seeking permission! Terra tried holding herself together while not bleeding all over the place. The ghosts looked exactly as they did the day they died from the virus; mostly tall handsome men wearing uniforms. But right now their expressions were of one: Mutual hostility and vengeance.
Lance turned the corner Gun, drawn, cocked and in hand. What meet his eyes was enough to send the captains temper through the roof, It was Terra, and if he was not mistaken, her old master. That bastard that had kept her captive against her will all those years, Marick was the S O B 's name! Lance was not an angry man, most of the time. He focused his energy on Space and traveling through it. When he saw, not only his best friend, but HIS Navigator being assaulted at the hands of the vicious creature, it was too much for him to bear. HE took careful aim, watching as the ghosts moved slightly to the side, as if waiting on his next move and squeezed the trigger.


The bullet flew and hit its mark, blowing Marick's knee cap into oblivion. He screamed out in pain, blood running down his now partially destroyed leg. Lance Trained the gun on Marick as he approached him, frist making sure Terra was ok. He would carry her to the room and take care of her in a minute, first he wanted to deal with Marick.

"So, You had to come back." Lance put the gun to his face " One thing you should have Known. NO ONE MESSES WITH MY NAVIGATOR." Lance pulled the trigger of the Silver colt .45, sending Marick face and head against the wall in a bloody burst.

"Terra" Said a worried Lance taking her into his arms "Are you ok?"
Terra was mostly in shock, and still losing quite a lot of blood. "I'm sorry Lance. I should have kept my ears tuned to that hangar door...I didn't even hear him sneak in..." That was all she could say before passing out. She had mostly just been stabbed in the shoulder, but a bad scrape ran down her side. She was fortunate she could move quickly and knew -some- self defense, if not enough. Otherwise, she could have died and joined the ghost crew. The ghosts themselves were already cleaning up the mess as if this were a normal day. For them, it probably was. As soon as the mess and the body had been disposed of, they vanished as if they'd never even been there.
Lance Knew what that bastard was after, it was Terra's Sapphire. Looking back on the slain body of her "Master", Lance thanked his gos that she had not been taken captive again. All of the sudden Lance realized that he was holding Terra close, hugging her close to his body with her head resting under his chin.

"Oh, Right." He said catching himself and pulling back enough to pick her up "Well I'll get you upstairs and check your wounds" He noticed a couple were in places that would be hard to inspect with taking her shirt off, but Lance was not thinking about that, he was only concerned with healing her and making her better.

Lance carried His Navigator up the flights of stairs, towards the direction of their room.
Terra offered no resistance as she was carried back to her and Lance's own room. She felt very tired, though the whole event hadn't lasted longer than maybe 40 minutes, not even an hour. She struggled to regain her consciousness, but her annoying body was trying to make her stay asleep while she was 'patched up' or something similar.She ended up clutching Lance's shirt sleeve as if trying to pull herself up to a standing position the moment they stopped moving. She'd been stubborn since she was tiny- and things hadn't really changed that much about her. She opened both eyes after a moment, attempting to help get first aid kid supplies just so she didn't have to be -useless- for too long. That didn't sit well with her at all.Unfortunately, the knife had pierced through bone close to her shoulder, and she'd have to be stitched immediately.
Terra was a bloody mess, that bastard had really done a number on her. Lance wasted no time in carrying her up stairs. It really paid of in times like this that Lance was in good shape; it was no challenge for him to carry Terra up the stairs with sheer speed. He kicked open the door and set her on the couch while he cleared off the table, the same one that not moments ago (or so it seemed) that he was posting in his favorite forum. He got a white bed liner and placed it over the table, so as not to get blood all over the place. Then he set her on it and removed her shirt. There was blood everywhere, Lance knew he would have to prepare some things before he could start the stitching.

"ah, You'll be fine. It really doesn't look too bad." Lance lied while getting his black medic bad and the first aid supplies ready.

He first mixed up some warm water and bactine in a bottle so he could wash the wounds. He poured some over her shoulder where the majority of the blood was, that was the deepest cut. The other were not as baud, but would still require stitches. He got it all clean and clear and then patted it dry with a terry cloth towel. It would require at least ten stitches he though, but since he was by no means a certified doctor, it was hard to tell.

NExt Lance laid out all he would need to preform the operation; Scissors, a thin needle, the stitching thread, and some alcohol. He soaked the thread in the alcohol before cutting it into 3 inch long pieces and tying off the needle, much like sowing.

"All set, Ter.", Dr. Silver is on duty" HE tried to joke even though it was not a funny situation, he thought it may help her feel more comfortable. All he could do was try.

With a steady hand and nothing short of Pure confidence, Lance got to work. He inserted the needle into her skin, taking car to get it as close to the actual cut so as not to reopen it. With each stitch it became easier and easier to preform. Poke, slide, cut and tie. Over and over, not ten times, but 15! All on that one wound, by the time he got to the other ones it was cake. He was done before he knew it and offering Terra some BRandy to help ease the pain, it was all he really had except for morphine, but that was a little too strong he thought.

"Here, Would you like some brandy." HE asked holding out a small glass. Lance made sure to set her up a nice place on the couch, propped up by two pillows. He also turned the heater on so it would be nice and warm for her. After all that, Lance was tired and exhausted. He set down in a chair and put his feet up, then rested his eyes for just a minute and thought back to his first years in space voyage.
It seemed like a life time ago, although it was only about 2 years prior. He had a small ship similar to the one he had now, except there was no crew, just Lance. He was on a mission to discover new planets, ones not yet documented by the human race. However his exploration was cut short when he became in dept to some nasty individuals; Space Pirates of the Red Fleet. They tracked him all over the galaxy. He realized that he was doing more running and not enough exploring. It was the price he paid for gambling more money than he had. Craps had never been his game, why did he think that playing it on an alien planet would be a good idea?

One day, while drifting under the cover of a vast star structure that ran just below the milky way, Lance decided he would run no more. He knew he was in the wrong but he would do what he had to do to remove his dept. He would kill the ones following him, he would fight the vile "Red Fleet" single handedly. It started off small, he would catch one of them drunk at a bar then follow them outside and slit their throats int the cover of darkness, but soon he became reckless and would just walk in the bar and open fire. Lance became obsessed with killing them all, he wore a red bandanna tied around his face, to symbolize the blood he had spilled on the red fleet. They were a vicious gang of space pirates, but Captain Lance Silver was a cold blooded killer with nothing to lose; transformed by greed and hate, that was until he met Terra. Something abou ther seemed to calm him down, he no longer had the need to gamble, and killing was the furthest thing from his mind.

The thought of her ripped him from his day dream. Before looking to Terra to make sure she was ok, he looked down at his arm. The one that had 35 red marks, tattooed into his flesh. Each one symbolized a member of the Red Fleet he had killed. Lance never got to finish his goal of bringing down the entire fleet by himself, and at this point in his life he no longer wanted to -or needed to for that matter- they were still after him, but he did not care. Now all he cared about was His navigator, and his continued travels through space.
Terra kept drifting in and out of consciousness. The blood loss from the chest/shoulder wound was astonishing, but she seemed to be getting a little better now that Lance had tended to the injuries. Flashbacks she'd tried to forget were haunting her mind. She eventually pulled through her unconsciousness.....and what was the first thing -she- worried about? "Lance....? Thanks for stitching me up...I'm sorry-- I didn't hear that creep sneak on board. Are you okay?" Yeah- she was fiine! She hadn't just been stabbed or anything. She was even attempting to get to her feet.
Lance, who was more or less completely wiped out after the attack, saw Terra try to get to her feet and stood up.

"Hey, where you going. I'll get you whatever you need, you should stay down the rest of the night"
Lance waited to see what she needed. As far as he could see there was no reason for her to be getting up, especially right after the surgery. Then Lance noted that the 45 was still stuffed down his pants. HE took it out and set it on the table.
"But- the computer programming isn't done installing and I have other areas to get working. . . and- Crap- I left my laptop on the old ship." She was not- wanting to lie still by any sense of the word. Sorry but it just wasn't in her nature at all. Injured or not. As a slave, she'd been expected to perform chores even after being whipped by spiked whips for simply existing. She still didn't believe any different in spite of how laid back Lance was as her captain. She obviously didn't grasp the concept of 'freed from slavery' too well at times. Tonight just seemed to be one of those examples.
Lance thought about it for a moment. Well she had to finish the programs, and get her laptop as well. One thing was for sure though, if she was too hurt to walk with him holding her then they would not go at all! The last thing Lance wanted was for her to get more injured than she already was.

"Alright" He said reluctantly " We can go back down BUT only until you finish, besides theres some more things i want to do up here."

He reholstered the .45 and walked over to help her up. Lance was getting hungry again too, maybe he could sneak another milkshake.
"Okay." She agreed, putting her best neutral face on she could manage that hid how she felt. It took years for her to develop the 'poker face' look, but it was effective for when she needed it. She allowed Lance to help her up, but afterwards, she straightened, ignoring any pain and walked off to the old ship to retrieve a few things she'd forgotten, her poor laptop was covered in dust and needed a good cleaning since she hadn't used the thing in a while. She grabbed a few cleaning supplies as an after thought, then went back to the computer room to get situated. "If you need me I'll be here a while, Lance." She said, still thanking him with just her eyes.
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