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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by October Knight, Apr 12, 2010.

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  1. "Sometimes it provides enough opening."
  2. "I'm just sayi g it xould last longer than 10 seconds."
  3. So... shall I start it? -thinks- I have an idea how maybe I think
  4. Zeta returned her attention to her gauntlet, the teachers words didn't satisfy her. She wanted to yell at him that the door shouldn't have been locked, that its only purpose was to keep the students in and if a student wanted to flee they were not ready and probably shouldn't have been at the school anyway. She wanted to yell so much but instead all she said was, "No, let Zera sleep. She doesn't need to feel any more pain." It already pained her how much Zera was feeling as she was taken over here, her sister seemingly refusing to accept unconsciousness for as long as possible. She didn't want to wake her sister up just to let her feel that again. She wasn't quite sure how much the others would want to be awake now either.
  5. I never said it would be the exact next day ><
  6. I at least think that's what @Jessica2477 meant. Either way, our guys are going to be pretty popular on campus. I'm sure word spread quickly about the newbies who destroyed an advanced technomatic pretty much by themselves.
  7. Pretty much I guess. Ask questions if there are any. Maybe reply to the others in the room - like how Vaughn may have seen where the sniper was the whole time
  8. Lucius walked over to the refrigerator and got out the steak, some eggs and bitter before grabbing seasonings from the cabinet.
  9. "You don't have to."
  10. "I don't know.. I don't know.." Melissa started crying harder.
  11. "Sounds like me? Why?"
  12. "Want a story?"
  13. Lyra giggles, "Your cooking is different from daddy but it's also very yummy."
  14. "I ever tell you about Sophie?"
  15. "She was my fiancee, but only saw her as my best friend."
  16. (I hope the bio's ok >.< im new here and don't know a lot of things:D)
    Name: Nicolias Asmo Hellfang
    Age: 354
    Gender: Male
    Type of demon: Faustian lord (high level demon)
    Basic History: Faustian lords are demons who mastered the art of making contracts with living beings. Nicolias is exceptional since despite his relatively young age he has mastered the skill of seducing a being into a faustian contract. It is rumored that he even once made a deal with an archangel and in the end managed to devour it's soul though not much is known about the rumor. One thing is known for sure- Nicolias has devoured a lot of souls and strong ones at that, that's how he rose up to the level of a high level demon in terms of raw magical power, though his powers are still yet to be defined.
    Personality: The main feeling that drives him is raw curiosity. Other than that he's generally has a pretty happy personality, and he smiles most of the time. Though in the end like most demons- he's cold blooded and has no morals (even if he had he probably lost it at this point)
    Likes/Dislikes: He enjoys toying with lesser play, but it's not because he's that sadistic- Nico want to put them in a difficult or strange situation to see how they react, as if they are their playthings. Somtimes his contractors are beyond simple "toys", but nico enjoys playing with fire. What Nicolias despises most is doing nothing, he'd rather count leaves on a tree than sit ona chair and do nothing. Nico is perceptive and analytical (these are a must if you want to succsefully seduce prey into contracts) and looks at things from a realistic standpoint, that said even though he can see that the odds are not in his favour doesn't mean he won't take the chance.

    Appearance: You can see how he looks in the picture, but he doesn't go around shirtless all the time. Nico has a special coat he wears most of the time.


    Absolute Contract- This is his most powerful weapon. It's a faustian contract of the highest level, it is absolute and breaking it without completing the contract's terms is basically impossible. If you make a contract with him- it will give Nicolias enough power to complete your wish no matter how insanely ridiculous it is, the catch however is that in order for him to begin granting your wish you must complete a trial of sorts. The bigger the wish, the harder the trial. Most of the time creatures fail at the trial almost immediatly, and a human is yet to complete the trial.

    Control over darkness- Even though the amount of darkness he can control is pretty limited, he can make practically anything out of small saturated amounts.

    Violet Hellfire- Violet hellfire has a property of spreading miasma over everything it burns, Nicolias is fairly strategic when it comes to using his fire powers and he likes to combine them with his other abilities.


    Umbra- That's how Nico likes to call his coat made purely out of densely saturated darkness he created. He can twist and bend it in any way he wishes and has gotte pretty skillful at it.
    Umbra looks pretty oversized for him you can't even see nico's hands since they're covered bu sleeves.
  17. "It is one of the things I'd like to work on about it," Lily admitted at Kara's comment, looking down at the weapon. Why the hell did she bring it with her to battle?

    At the announcement that they were almost there she put the gun away and took out her simple pistol. Valeria cocked her rifle and made note of the current positions of tanks and watchmen, noting their apparent surveillance patterns and relaying that info to Vaughn. As they began to touch down she looked at each of the towering structures, picking out which would be the best for her to shoot from, as well as which most likely had a shooter already stationed.
  18. Reia hopped from the ship, pistol in hand as she followed Vaughn as they moved. She kept her eyes moving between the alleyway entrances, watching for movement. Once they were in and Vaughn showed the map again, marking two areas. "I can go down this alley, through this restaurant, and down this alley to reach here. From there I can move through this park to reach where Raven squad was." Reia stated, "Assuming there is no collapsed buildings its the fastest route and still keeps out of the central areas."

    "From the looks of it Boar would be the easiest to reach from where we are. I vote for splitting up, four go for Boar and four toward Raven." Kara said as she looked over the map. She understood why he might be uncomfortable splitting up here, they were now in enemy territory, but hitting two at once meant that they can, with luck, surprise any enemy forces near those areas.
  19. Anything else we need to decide on?
  20. Anyways.....I guess that is it for tonight. I will post in our rps probably in the morning sometime. And I guess while we work on the current rps in the background we can start spending a little time on our sheets. Assuming you have not already.
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