The Sanguine State

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So, which race would you choose?

  1. Humanity, fuck yeah!

  2. Vampires, fuck yeah!

  3. Lycanthropes, fuck yeah!

  4. The Kouri Plushie, fuck yeah!

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  1. Status: Ended it myself here. Too lethargic and half the cast abandoned ship, need to work on it more for another attempt at a later date. I have some learning to do.
    Operation Intel | Friendly NPCs info

    Drawing inspiration from World of Darkness, this role play is a modern fantasy set in the backdrop of a heavily depopulated world with a central emphasis on ideological conflicts featuring vampires and lycanthropes. It involves grotesque supernatural levels of violence in quick engagements that often end in seconds. It’s about three ideologically opposing factions coming together to take down an oligarchical regime. If this interests you, read on!


    In the year of our lord 2016 AD, archeologists discovered an ancient tomb in Transylvania, Romania. Buried deep beneath the surface and found via a mysterious Earthquake, the initial samples taken from the exterior of the tomb dated it to be over one thousand years old. Intrigued, a small scientific expedition ventured inside to figure out what was inside, as the architecture defied that of any of the local cultures, suggesting an ancient, undiscovered civilization. What they found was an empty, recently opened casket, amidst vast sums of wealth. Notable, a member of the research team named Anna Konsveka went missing during this time, and wasn’t found. Soon after, the rest of her immediate family went missing. It was a perplexing and disturbing case, but it was overshadowed in the news by what followed a few weeks later: Immortality.

    That is, immortality for the ultra rich.

    A private start-up corporation started offering “immortality potions” at an exorbitant price. Customers were reported by doctors to have significantly reduced levels of stress and that the ageing process within them had, indeed, ceased. Attempts to other corporations to replicate the potion via blood samples always proved fruitless despite trace amounts of unknown cells. The FDA in the United States, joined by several other regulatory government agencies around the world, demanded to know the content of the potions. Invited to a corporate meeting where they would meet the enigmatic CEO, reports quickly began to pile up in cities all over the United States of random disappearances by the impoverished and disenfranchised which left police forces baffled and concerned as links slowly began to lead to this new, private corporation.

    What followed was a series of rapid punches to the world.

    First, two supposed “escapees” with pale skin told a reporter that the CEO was Anna Konsveka. Rumours began to fly around as the people began demanding to know who was in charge of the private corporation, which had come to be known around the world as the Blood Bank corporation. The escapees vanished soon after, later found dead, which only inspired a greater level of outrage.

    Second, governments all across the world suddenly became far friendlier with the Blood Bank. They rapidly changed to restrict democracy, rights and freedoms, and instituted police states. The already bubbling outrage turned into violent riots that resulted in the deaths of hundreds.

    Third, an underground market of “immortality potions” appeared, with their prices massively cut down. As drug addicts and others began to drink these potions, an epidemic occurred with Vampirism suddenly spreading amongst the common masses through assaults and rapes. The world descended into anarchy and an orgy of violence, which culminated when two nuclear devices were detonated in Moscow and Stockholm each respectively.

    Then, mysteriously, magic entered the world, with elite Vampire Enforcers suddenly entering the military police forces of nations world wide. Being the only ones who could use magic naturally, the vampires quickly put the riots down in blood baths, though the epidemic of vampires remained, too large to sustain itself on a dwindling human population. However, the introduction of a new force awakened by magic began to take care of that problem: Lycanthropes and other animistic shapeshifters. It almost seemed like they were intentionally unleashed on the local vampire populations, though unlike vampires, their numbers did not spread rapidly, as Vampire Enforcers kept them away from large human population centers.

    Eventually, by 2040 AD, the world settled down. Having lost nearly 60% of the world’s total population and the capital of the United States to a nuclear device, the city housing Blood Bank’s headquarters became the new capital of the United States. An unremarkable city in the midwestern United States, it enjoyed a population boom, though still had a great deal of empty homes and abandoned city blocks. The city became known as the Sanguine Capitol, notable for its futuristic aesthetic.

    Over the next ten years, world governments were reformed. The European Union became a singular nation state, as did the Americas. Known unofficially as the Sanguine State, the American Coalition is ruled by an autocratic “president” known as Carl Dua Konsveka. The president is a vampire, likely much older than he lets on, and “graciously” allows for his ministers to be elected members of the public, keeping up a facade of a democracy. The State controls everything, the police and military are indistinguishable...

    There is one light, however. One, tiny light.

    Small, cell-based rebellion units formed all over the country, and are known by the general news media as The Rebellion. Made up of vampires, lycanthropes, and humans alike, they are often branded as terrorists. Within the Sanguine Capitol, three individual cells formed and then quickly merged. Though differing in end goals, they are all united under the common understanding that no one of them can win the fight alone...
    Will you join the Rebellion and help fight the good fight, or will you stand by and let your countrymen--and the rest of the world--be ruled in tyranny?

    • NOTE: Keep in mind while making your character to refer to the Library for any information you might need about the world. If what you’re looking for isn’t in the Library, ask in the OOC what you need.

      A copy-paste version is here with BBC already formatted nicely for you.

      You can see what it looks like here, in the spoiler below.
      CS (open)
      Name: (Your name.)
      Age: (Your age.)
      Sex: (Your biological gender, pervert.)
      Race: (Vampire, Lycanthrope, Human. Refer to “Races Info” in the Library tab for more information.)
      Subfaction: (Abolitionist, Democratic Socialist, Restoration Movement. Refer to “Subfactions” in the Library tab for more information, though the gist of them is this. Abolitionist: Anarchists, want the end result of the Rebellion to be freedom from government. Democratic Socialist: Want the end result of the Rebellion to be a State that retains control, with people’s rights and freedoms respected, in a democratic system. Restoration Movement: Capitalist/American Way, want the State’s power diminished back to the way things were before, with a free market economy.) (This will be more important later, and you are free to jump from one faction to another anytime in the story.)
      Appearance: (Your appearance. A picture, text, or a mix of both of these will do just fine.)
      Biography: (Your character’s personality and past. I want at least one full paragraph, so I can get a sense of your writing ability and reading comprehension here.) (NOTE: YOU MAY WANT TO SAVE THIS AND MOTIVATION FOR LAST! Traits can help you figure out who you want your character to be!)
      Motivation: (What is your character’s personal motivation for joining the Rebellion?)

      Standard Traits: (You can find a list of available traits in the “Traits & Achievements” tab. You start with five.)
      • ex1 (FIRST TRAIT MUST BE FROM YOUR RACE. Ex: If you are a vampire, you must choose at least one vampire trait!)
      • ex2
      • ex3
      • ex4
      • ex5
      Custom Traits:
      • ex1 (Use this to define something unique about your character. It can be anything you can imagine, subject to GM approval. Over time, you will unlock more custom traits and will be able to upgrade existing custom traits.)
      Signature: Type your username here to agree that your character can be killed by me without having to warn you. An integral part of how my role plays work is that everyone is vulnerable. Working together and being careful about handling your battles will increase your odds of survival.
    • Traits are general abilities or improvements to existing abilities, which you select for your character. As time progresses, you will unlock more traits, and will be able to upgrade pre-existing traits in a direction of your choosing.

      • These are vampire-exclusive traits.

        -Enhanced Senses: Thermal vision and increased acuteness of sound and smell. Leads to further non-magic bodily improvements when upgraded. Notable, lycanthropes hold the same genetic trait, leading to the occasional piece of speculation that the two diseases may hold some common genetic ancestor.

        -Charm: Limited hypnotic vision (magic) and more appealing looking to the eyes (not magic). Leads to further seduction and persuasion when upgraded.

        -Levitation: Float into the air slowly and dramatically, allowing the user to ascend or descend great heights. Leads to further agility and flight based powers when upgraded..

        -Bat Swarm: Summon a small horde of bats to attack someone. Leads to further control over animals when upgraded..

        -Draw Blood: Draw blood spilled in the local area, including what is in corpses, to the vampire, regenerating it of wounds and restoring lost blood reserves. Leads to further control over blood when upgraded.
      • These are human-exclusive traits.

        -Magitech Nanites: Heal broken limbs, dig your way through walls (slowly), or as a last resort weapon, unleash them on an opponent and watch him die slowly and painfully. As a weapon it has very short range, only a few feet before the nanites are out of wireless range. Can only focus on one task at a time. Further upgrades expand the efficiency and number of nanites.

        -Magitech Lightning: Gloves connected to wrist devices which can generate electrical charges, which can be used to produce bolts of lightning or temporarily power electronic equipment. It takes half a minute for the gloves to recharge lightning bolts after using them. Further upgrades shorten cool down times and increase the number of ways electricity can be used.

        -Awakened: This person is sometimes passively able to detect magic being used in the local area regardless of whether they can see or hear it, and hears the occasional telepathic message here and there from high tier vampires to subordinates. Upgrading this leads towards telepathy and detecting the supernatural.

        -No Threat: Being a human and unsuspecting looking, so long as this character doesn’t have explosives, specialized munitions, or heavy munitions equipped, they will not be attacked so long as they do not engage the enemy, even in restricted areas. They may be arrested if they are committing suspicious activities in a local area, however. Further upgrades increase the overall effectiveness of this ability and the number of weapons they can smuggle safely.

        -Leader of Men: The bravery displayed by this human in the face of a conflict being fought by supernatural creatures is touching enough to inspire a tactical bonus. If they assist someone, or if someone assists them in any task, the odds of that task being accomplished successfully increase by a small amount for both parties. Further upgrades increases the effectiveness and number of people it can affect.
      • These are lycanthrope-exclusive traits.

        -Shredding Claws: As implied, these claws can shred through metal, and naturally, body armour. As a side benefit, they’re great for cooking. Further upgrades involve player-designed offshoots.

        -Enhanced Senses: Thermal vision and increased acuteness of sound and smell. Leads to further, non-magic bodily improvements when upgraded. Notable, vampires hold the same genetic trait, leading to the occasional piece of speculation that the two diseases may hold some common genetic ancestor.

        -Multilayered Fibre: Fur becomes denser, and operates as a bulletproof vest. High calibre weapons (shotguns, light machine guns, sniper rifles) your character still needs to be wary of. The fur is also better able to resist shrapnel from explosives.

        -Hungering Charge: Your character can leap several feet through the air towards a target at high speed, closing the gap between themselves and their target to get into a lycanthrope’s favourite range: Melee.

        -Omnidexterity: While in their bestial form, your character has learned more intricate movements with their claws, and can now operate switches, electronic keypads, and so on while in this form. They still cannot operate firearms.
      • -Light Munitions: This character has undergone training with light firearms and other weapons, such as sub-machine guns, pistols, crossbows, and throwing axes.

        -Heavy Munitions: This character has undergone training with heavy firearms and other weapons, such as light machine guns, assault rifles, and shotguns.

        -Specialized Munitions: This character has undergone training with firearms and other weapons which require highly specialized training, such as sniper rifles, flamethrowers, and grenade launchers.

        -Explosives Training: Access to demolitions equipment, C4, RPG’s, and so on.

        -First-Aid Training: This character understands how to perform battlefield triage, stop bleeding wounds, and diagnose basic infections.

        -CQC: Trains the character in the basics of both hand to hand and melee weapons.

        -The Art of Stealth: This character understands the need for silence. This both increases the odds of remaining undetected and lowers the odds enemy NPC’s will target this character.

        -Diplomat: Has been trained, one way or another, as a combat negotiator. This strengthens a character’s ability to get through to opposing or neutral NPC’s to try and convince them of your views.

        -Heavy Armour Training: Bulletproof vests are one thing. Wearing the full suit, including leg and arm padding with a face shield, requires a little bit of training to wield properly. In exchange, your character has a lot of protection from gunfire.

        -Leadership Ribbon I: Allows this character to bring in a minion, combat pet, or compatriot. Their power is always assumed to be relative to yours, always a little weaker, better as a backup to you then as a front line character. Further upgrades increase the number of people you can have under your command.
    • Races Info (open)
      • [​IMG]

        ”Welcome to the dark embrace, sibling...”

        --Vampires are technically undead, though their internal organs remain functional. It is conceptually possible for a vampire to give birth or have a child, though children from these unions are either born without the disease (in the case of vampiric mothers) or become stillbirths (in the case of vampiric fathers). If both parents are vampires, there’s a 50/50 shot of the child surviving.
        --Vampires gain powers selectively. One vampire may be nothing like another, and it seems partially dependent on genetic lottery, partially dependent on the mere will of the vampire.
        --Remember that vampires can still use technology such as firearms. The only technology vampires cannot use is Magitech, as it conflicts with their inherent magical abilities.
        --Humans who drink vampire blood treated with heavy doses of magic can obtain extraordinarily long life spans, extending the average life span of a twenty year old to hundreds of years, possible over a thousand. Magic used improperly however has zero effect on the blood, and properly “dosing” a potion of vampire blood is a mystery which the Blood Bank keeps highly secretive. Regular vampire blood simply causes a human to become sick, and possible turn into a vampire. Humans who drink “dosed” blood tend to become extremely suggestible to the vampire who’s blood they drank.

        --Vampires have the strongest inherent connection to magic. Where humans need technology to stimulate their use of magic, and lycanthropes can only use magic to enhance biological abilities, vampires can straight up use it to turn into swarms of bats or hypnotize people.
        --While a vampire isn’t invincible, they feel no pain from wounds and can technically regenerate any wound given enough time and blood.
        --Vampires have a large array of powers at their disposal which cannot be replicated even with Magitech, which generally puts them at the advantage in one on one combat with normal humans.

        --If a vampire is struck by direct sunlight, they begin to burn. After a minute or so of prolonged exposure, they spontaneously combust and turn to ashes. Vampires can combat this with thick clothing and staying out of direct sunlight. So long as sunlight doesn’t touch their skin, they’re safe.
        --Vampires aren’t invincible, just immortal: Bullets and other mortal weapons can take them down. If the brain is destroyed, the vampire dies, so head shots and decapitations are especially effective. If they’re hit with high calibre weaponry, muscle and tissue damage can slow them down immensely, though they feel no pain.
        --Vampires can starve to death. Symptoms of blood deprivation include pale skin turning white and wrinkled, loss of speech, dizziness, intense cravings. Vampires suffering from severe deprivation typically berserk near human beings, and may even harm friends in the process. This is especially problematic at most vampiric powers cost blood to use.

        --If a vampire bites you, you get infected unless your system is teeming with antibiotics, which are expensive obviously.
        --Vampires can drink blood from the recently deceased or out of a cup from someone who drew their own blood, et cetera, upwards to about an hour. Long term blood storage is possible but the quality goes to shit and vampires can get sick from it.
        --Vampires can drink the blood of other creatures if necessary to survive, but this will drive them into complete madness if they do it too long.
        --Vampires can hibernate to reduce blood usage to zero, so a heavily wounded vampire can comatose themselves to try and survive rather than berserk.
        --If a vampire bites a lycanthrope and ingests blood, the vampire will die. If they’re bitten by a lycanthrope, they will die. The two viruses and states of life are incompatible.
      • [​IMG]

        ”Don’t be afraid of the dark, you’ll find a way to the light.”

        --Humans living under the Sanguine State often have their blood exchanged for city services. Since The State owns everything, complying with them results in having their needs taken care of. These people are known as “Blood Donors”. Amusingly, there is a small surplus of blood for surgeries thanks to this policy.
        --Humans who drink “dosed” vampire blood are known as Thralls. If they overdose on it, their skin turns pale, their expression ghastly, their limbs extend in length, and their strength is enhanced. These people, known as “Ghouls”, have no self motivation and only as much intelligence as their vampire master grants them. (While Ghouls are technically possible to play as a PC, it is extremely difficult.)
        --You, the reader, are in fact a human being.

        --Human beings are capable of using Magitech devices. Restricted ordinarily to the military, the Rebellion has been producing their own bootleg versions as well. Magitech devices harness the power of magic to amplify basic human characteristics or add additional ones, ranging from increasing the speed of reflexes, to being able to use basic magical spells.
        --Humans are versatile and can fit anywhere, and don’t tend to draw attention to themselves. This is advantageous both in escaping a fight, and in that they are less likely to be targeted by enemies if supernatural creatures (vampires, lycanthropes) are nearby.
        --Humans are capable of resisting magical spells if they’re aware they are being affected by them. This includes offensive magic, like fire: If a human is aware that it’s magic, they resist being affected by it.

        --Humans are physically weaker than both Vampires and Lycanthropes, and when caught in melee will often be straight slaughtered by brute force.
        --Unlike Vampires, humans still feel pain and can be debilitated by it. Unlike Lycanthropes, humans don’t regenerate wounds quickly. In essence: Humans can deliver punches, but don’t take them very well.
        --While humans don’t draw much attention to themselves, they don’t curry much respect amongst non-humans either, and are often treated either as adorable naïve, or laughable weak.
      • [​IMG]

        ”It’s more fun when they run.”

        --Lycanthropes (werewolves) are just one of several different kinds of shapeshifters. They’re also by and far the most prolific of the shapeshifters. All shapeshifters are based on an animal.
        --Lycanthropes often emulate some behavioural characteristics of wolves. These include but are not limited to scratching themselves behind the ears, growling for basic responses, feeling comfortable being on all fours, reacting to loud noises, and so on.
        --Wolves and dogs tend to feel a closer kinship with lycanthropes than they do normal human beings, and many lycanthropes end up attracting and keeping a dog or a wolf as their closest companion.
        --Lycanthropes are capable of transforming anytime during the night, and have their powers slightly enhanced on a full moon. During the day, only something triggering their survival instinct can cause them to transform, such as gunfire.

        --Lycanthropes have both incredible strength and fantastic regenerative abilities, though these are severely limited in their human form.
        --Out of the three available races, lycanthropes are essentially bullet sponges in their wolf form: It takes high calibre weaponry or a sharp melee weapon to truly pierce the hide of a lycanthrope. Pistols and sub-machine guns take several rounds to really harm a lycanthrope.
        --It is easy for a Lycanthrope to hide their identity while in human form, aside from their odd mannerisms, which can be chalked up to lots of different reasons. Meaning that a well positioned Lycanthrope getting behind enemy lines and transforming can turn the tide of a battle in no time.

        --While in their bestial form, a lycanthrope cannot wield firearms or other such devices and becomes locked to melee combat. In areas where they can be gunned down with ease, this is problematic.
        --It takes several seconds to transform and is a painful process. “Stealth transformation” isn’t really an option unless you have a good chunk of space and a couple walls between you and your targets, and while transforming, a lycanthrope is extremely vulnerable.
        --Silver is deadly, and lycanthropes need to take nutritional tablets to gain various nutritional ingredients they require from plants, as lycanthropes are no longer capable of eating fruits and vegetables, it just makes them sick.

      Subfactions (open)
      The Abolitionists: A mixture of earnest do-gooders who sincerely believe that no government is necessary, and psychotic nuts that just want to live life without any rules applied to them. These anarchists are often comprised of the most disenfranchised youth, who believe that neither the State-control of the Socialists or the old ways of the Restoration Movement are relevant or useful in this new age. Unsurprisingly, lycanthropes with their bestial nature tend to be most attracted to this group.

      Democratic Socialists: With the rise of technology and the relative success of the State-controlled nation in distributing goods with efficiency, Socialists everywhere united under the same banner: To restore the democratic processes of the nation, but keep the current State controlled industry. To this faction, equality is sacrosanct. Vampires are most attracted to this group, the promise of upkeeping the current system of blood donations tends to draw them in.

      The Restoration Movement: Often called Republicans or Democrats, this is the faction that wants to go back to the old ways of Capitalism and the American Way. Tends to attract more humans than the other groups, as it puts power in the hands of the individual, whilst still ensuring basic rights are protected.

      Cell Structure (open)
      A “cell” is a separate and distinct unit with no direct contact to other Rebellion cells operating around the world. Each cell has its own code names for various tactics and roles, but this is the general gist of NPC’s you will regularly meet.

      Squaddie: An NPC red shirt assigned to you. Don’t expect them to last long.
      Classmate: An NPC relatively equal to you in power.
      Senior Citizen: A Vampire VIP.
      Jumper: A getaway driver or pilot. These are the people who get you in and out of operation zones.
      Mother: Your boss. If mother tells you to do something, you jump to it and do it.

      The City (open)

      The picture is a reference in terms of aesthetic style. There are several city blocks (especially on the outskirts) that have older, brick style buildings and have nobody officially living in them except squatters. While the list of locations will be updated over time, here’s the gist of how the Sanguine Capitol is arranged.

      Outskirts: The outskirts are a largely deserted location. There are squatters and the severely impoverished here, primarily, though occasionally, gangbangers will hit this area to severely beat and extract blood from the helpless and sell it on underground markets.

      West End: The west end is where the lower middle class live, and is primarily composed of residential and small commercial outlets which, while officially owned by the State, are operated by local people. Life can be unpleasant here sometimes when there are shortages of supplies in the State. There is a permanent military police presence here, patrolling streets armed in full combat gear and assault rifles. Breaking the law usually results in the troublemaker being shot. If they happen to survive, they are jailed.

      North End: Middle and upper middle class live here in secluded, gated communities, and apartment complexes. Military police guard this area twenty four seven, and conduct occasional searches of incoming travellers on main roadways.

      Downtown: Home of intricate alleyways and city construction, plentiful artistry, and is the beating economic heart of the city with towering skyscrapers dominating the sky. Blood Bank headquarters are located here. The town hall, or rather, town castle--stone and all--is located here. As expected, there is an extremely high military police presence here. Infiltrating is difficult at best.

      East End: Upper class neighbourhoods, night clubs, casinos, strip joints, and so on, dominate this area of the city. There is an auspicious lack of homeless people in this part of the city.

      South End: Industrial part of town. Warehouses, factories, and so on.

      Important Characters (open)
      None discovered yet. They will be generated as players make characters and explore the world, resulting in organic character creation that is reactive to what players do.
    • Q. I can die?
      A. Yes. Very easily. Though here’s some free tips: Teamwork and tactically planning your way around fights, consciously ensuring your character takes cover, will reduce the odds of them being injured or killed. Running off alone to rambo style a lycanthrope as a human has a pretty solid chance of getting you killed on the spot. Just ask yourself: “Would I really do that?” And if the answer is no, odds are, you probably shouldn’t if you want to live.

      Q. I have a question/I am confused about something/I have an idea!
      A. Please ask/tell me! I delight in this sort of stuff most of the time, and I’m more than happy to help you with anything you need!

      The Character List has been updated to Page 11.

      Active Character List (open)

      Inactive Characters (open)
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  2. WIP (open)

    Name: (Your name.)
    Age: (Your age.)
    Sex: M
    Race: Vampire
    Subfaction: Democratic Socialist
    Appearance: (Your appearance. A picture, text, or a mix of both of these will do just fine.)
    Biography: (Your character’s personality and past. I want at least one full paragraph, so I can get a sense of your writing ability and reading comprehension here.) (NOTE: YOU MAY WANT TO SAVE THIS AND MOTIVATION FOR LAST! Traits can help you figure out who you want your character to be!)
    Motivation: (What is your character’s personal motivation for joining the Rebellion?)

    Standard Traits: (You can find a list of available traits in the “Traits & Achievements” tab.) (You start with five standard traits.)

    • Charm
    • Bat Swarm
    • Draw Blood
    • Diplomat
    • Leadership Ribbon I
    Custom Traits:
    • ex1 (Use this to define something unique about your character. It can be anything you can imagine, subject to GM approval. Over time, you will unlock more custom traits and will be able to upgrade existing custom traits.)
    Signature: Type your username here to agree that your character can be killed by me without having to warn you. An integral part of how my role plays work is that everyone is vulnerable. Working together and being careful about handling your battles will increase your odds of survival.
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  3. Josephina Lorraine Anderson



    Nickname: Joe | Anderson | Tank
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Age/Sex/Race: Twenty-six (26) | [/BCOLOR]Female | Lyncanthrope
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Subfaction Status: On the edge between Abolitionist and Democratic Socialist[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Appearance Logistics[/BCOLOR]
    Height: 173m (5'8")
    Weight: 55kg (121lbs)
    Hair: Dirty Blonde
    Eyes: Azure
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Josephina is tall in height with a body that makes people suspect that she constantly tries to keep herself healthy and in shape. This suspicion is true, Joe is constantly gulping down the necessary calories and protein to keep her inners working perfectly and she is known to work-out a few hours out of the day or even take a run for half an hour. This regime has made her into the brawling boxer she is today. Her curves are at just the right size and her height accentuates her long legs. Her hair is the color of honey or maybe hay and it is usually kept down in an unruly fashion, which cascades down past her shoulders just a bit. Her skin is blemish free, except for the few scars littering her body and the array of freckles beneath her eyes, and she is very, very lightly tanned. Joe's face can be described as oval shaped with thick eyebrows and dark eyelashes framing semi-large eyes. She desperately tries to keep her nails nice, but every time she looks down a thin layer of dirt is caked beneath them. Joe also has her ears pierced, except she doesn't like the look of earrings.

    There isn't really a multitude of coat colors a Lycanthrope can inherit or some people claim. They are creatures of the night so of course their matted jacket of hair mirrors the darkness that makes up the twilight hours. Joe was relieved to know that, despite her blonde locks, her coat color darkened significantly to match the shadows. This makes it easier for her to hide and stay out of trouble. In her Lycanthrope form, there is some obvious muscles due to her workout routine beneath her dark fur and it's almost hard to tell her apart from a male Lycanthrope. Honestly, she looks like a silly Lycanthrope, long red tongue, bushy black tail, and all.


    Josephina was born late in the night on January 1st to a pair of loving parents. They were a upper-middle class family; living peacefully in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois in a two-story brick house kept nice and tidy just for them. Joe's father was a successful lawyer who was known to buy any piece of stock for a few bucks when it came pay-day. Her mother was a nurse at the hospital Joe was born in, working shifts in the early mornings and returning home just in time to pick her only daughter up from school.

    They family of three created the best memories and before long Josephina was old enough to fly the coop.

    It was only a year being away from home when Josephina's mother called, petrified for her husband. It seemed that Brian Anderson had gotten wrapped up with the wrong businessmen and was poisoned at a "meeting" and then left for dead in the alley. A young man walking back home from work had heard Brian's gurgles for help and called an ambulance. In the hospital, Brian was practically comatose, but the doctors claimed that everything was working as it should. Josephina couldn't miss too many of her classes so she flew back down to Pennsylvania State with hope that her father would get better. Her mother called her on a daily basis to give a run down on how Mr. Anderson was doing. The doctors said he was responding more and more to treatments and he would be awake in no time.

    Josephina thought that everything would be back to normal soon enough and her stubborn father would pick his "friends" more carefully. But, not a month later, her mother stopped calling. It had been over a week since Joe had heard from her and she was beginning to worry. She always called at the same time everyday. Worried, Joe took another few days off from school and traveled back home to see what was going on. That may have been the longest flight of her life... Upon arriving at the hospital, the first thing Joe noticed was that the doctors and nurses were running around as if there was a fire. Except it was no fire, the doctors who were left alive said it was Joe's father who had woken up from his coma and caused havoc. They were sorry to inform the young blonde that her mother, Mona Anderson, was dead.

    Josephina retreated back to PennState as fast as she could, too scared to face her father if he was to show up and leaving behind what remained of her poor mother. The Vampire epidemic was spreading like a disease and it seemed Brian had been one of the many victims. More and more Vampire sightings and deaths occurred across the states and Josephina felt vulnerable. She tried her best to finish her schooling, but the anxiety that came with the fact that her father was still running amuck caused her to drop out her Junior year.

    The next few years would be spent in search of someone willing to help her change. The Lycanthrope epidemic had also arose and Josephina felt like she would be better off with that virus inside her. Miraculously, it didn't take long for her to find an underground group of Lycanthropes who had no problem handing out their blood to whomever walked in. It was a long and painful process of transforming, but after awhile it became natural and the underground group of Lycanthropes welcomed her with open arms. That budding companionship didn't last long though because a groups of Vampires had crashed the party under direct orders from Joe's father. Or that was what one of them claimed before she tore his head off with her teeth.

    Once the attack subsided, Joe left the underground pack and joined a cell division on the outskirts of Sanguine Capital in hope to stay low and work closely with others that had the same story as her. She's been there ever since.

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Motivation: Becoming stronger and more powerful with each passing day so eventually, she may find her father and show him who the supreme race really is.[/BCOLOR]
    • Hungering Charge: Your character can leap several feet through the air towards a target at high speed, closing the gap between themselves and their target to get into a lycanthrope’s favourite range: Melee.

      Enhanced Senses: Thermal vision and increased acuteness of sound and smell. Leads to further, non-magic bodily improvements when upgraded. Notable, vampires hold the same genetic trait, leading to the occasional piece of speculation that the two diseases may hold some common genetic ancestor.

      The Art of Stealth: This character understands the need for silence. This both increases the odds of remaining undetected and lowers the odds enemy NPC’s will target this character.

      Explosives Training: Access to demolitions equipment, C4, RPG’s, and so on.

      CQC: Trains the character in the basics of both hand to hand and melee weapons.
    • Photographic/Eidetic Memory: relating to or denoting mental images having unusual vividness and detail, as if actually visible; a person able to form or recall eidetic images. Joe is able to take a mental screenshot of what is in her line of vision and stash them away in a little file inside her brain to be taken out later when deemed necessary.
    • (+) Willful; having or showing a stubborn and determined intention to do as one wants, regardless of the consequences or effects. Joe is known for her smart mouth and thick skull. She isn't afraid to (physically and metaphorically) stand up to someone and argue until her face turns blue. It's hard for her to accept she is wrong in the most dire times, but if you're someone whom she really trusts, you may have a shot at getting her to realize her wrongs so she may make them right.
      (+) Humorous; causing lighthearted laughter and amusement. Joe loves to try and lighten a dark mood by simply throwing out bad jokes or using puns to make her comrades smile. In her mind anything can be fixed with a quick laugh, even if she is lying in a ditch half dead, which has been a case on several occasions. Just ask the friends that accompanied her to the Christmas Bananza two years ago. They have quite the story to relay to you.
      (+) Gut Instincts; the fact or quality of possessing innate behavior patterns. Joe has always had an acute sense when it comes to bad decisions, bad situations, or bad people. Usually, she will listen to her gut no matter what. The few times she hash't taken head to her belly's warning, more than one thing has gone wrong for her. She is smart enough now to realize that if her belly begins to feel funny, then there is something important about to arise.
      (+) Empathetic; the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Joe may seem like a tough cookie on the outside, but on the inside, like every human-being, she has feelings and problems. These two factors help her connect to others with similar emotions or issues. She is great at giving advice, but won't open her mouth to distribute some unless asked to. She is aware that some people just need to vent and that is it. Josephina herself is known to just vent out a buttload of feelings and leave right after. She isn't expecting sympathy or advice, and she believes others think the same.
      (+) Strong Silent-Type; used to describe a person who is usually quiet and quite tough. Joe has been through some hard times so she keeps to herself most of the time. Despite everything, she is a very inside type of person, but nonetheless very strong emotionally and mentally. This is probably the reason she connects to people so well and harbors a deep set of instincts to the environment and it's people. This can also be a trait deemed as weakness, but Josephina desperately tries to keep it positive.

      (-) Easily Embarrassed; intense discomfort with oneself, experienced upon having a socially unacceptable act or condition witnessed by or revealed to others. Joe is known to be picked out from the group because of her silence and this sort of "calling-out-embarassment" makes her red in the face and watery in the eyes. She usually lashes out with anger to protect her pride, while at other times she simply stands tall and takes the lashings. Others pity her for this kind of behavior, but she is simply harboring her embarrassment and negative feelings for another day... A day full of revenge.
      (-) Open Book; a person or thing that is easily understood or interpreted. When Joe is upset someone can usually tell exactly what is wrong. She feels so strongly that her emotions shine through like the sun. When worried she is known to excessively tap her fingers against her lips, when angered she will continuously flex her fingers, when sad she tends to sit alone and thoroughly think of what it is that is bothering her. She tries her hardest to mask her emotions, but some say that the attempt of masking only makes her emotions more prominent.
      (-) Poor Leader; a person in a leadership role that lacks the necessary skill, ability, and overall qualties to effectively lead. Unfortunately, none of the traits Joe portrays add up to an effective leader. She is incredibly irresponsible with important artifacts, despite her best attempts at keeping things pristine and organized. She is also unable to multi-task, which is a very serious attribute for leaders-- Joe can basically only focus on the task at hand and will get confused if you give her a long list of things to accomplish. Honestly, she plays things by ear and never has an effective plan when rushing into battle.
      (-) Deceitful; guilty of or involving lies; deceiving or misleading others. Joe has run into many people whom she thought she could trust, but in the end they screwed her over emotionally and physically. The scars littering her skin are the main piece of evidence. She has learned that not many people stick around for you, they stick around for the things you have. Anything and everything can be used against you and Joe has decided that she has to put her foot down. Theres a saying she lives by: "If you can't beat them, join them." So now she tries to screw over others before they screw her over. She isn't untrustworthy to everyone though-- her gut-instincts help her decide who to fuck with.
      (-) Wrath; an excessive emotion based off of anger that involves a strong, violent, uncomfortable and emotional response to a perceived provocation. When faced with a difficult decision or choose; when provoked excessively and continuously; when her life is threatened Joe is not afraid to fight until the brink of death and her fighting skills are fueled by wrath and the need to prove herself against all odds. She does not want to be seen as weak and when people assume... That just won't fly with her.
    • Face-Claim: Amber Heard (open)
      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
      Lycanthrope Form (open)
      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
      HA HA HA HA (open)
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
    • I hereby declare that Game-Moderator, Brovo, has my consent to dismiss my character from the role-play by any means necessary. If it is apparent my character's actions will result in severe injury or death and I do not heed Brovo's warning, then they are allowed to do with my character as they please.
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  4. .___. *scratches head* ... I didn't think I'd have to worry about my character suddenly being killed without consent. I mean, as long as reason is within my consent, I'm totally fine with my character dying, but without consent? Sorry, I don't do that. I just don't tolerate others killing/controlling my character without consent. It's a pet peeve of mine.
  5. @Everyone: Keep in mind, did a last minute edit that characters start with five standard traits and one custom trait. So if you feel a bit short changed at three, that's because the system was really supposed to give you five to start with. Oops. My bad.
  6. Yeah, the reason is within consent. I typically heavily warn if an action would result in injury or death, I'm evil, not tyrannical. Basically that rule is just there so if I warn a player in the IC that they're going to die, and they choose to ignore my warning, that I can ultimately point at the signature and go "well, it says here you signed your soul to me, the Devil..."

    I kill people off, but as I mention in the Q&A area, you have to do something pretty dumb to warrant being killed on the spot. Like bullcharging an 18 wheeler on foot...
  7. Oh, I thought otherwise because it says "kill off your character without warning".
  8. That's my evil side. Every ferret has an evil side.
  9. Haha! Quick question- IF our characters die can we make a new one?
  10. Absolutely. If you have the leader ribbon, I'd even let you promote the backup.
  11. Name: Karl Rienhoff
    Age: 66 (37 Apparent)
    Sex: Male
    Race: Vampire
    Subfaction: Abolitionist
    Biography: Karl grew up in the 1980s and 1990s surrounded by, and loving, all things vampire, from a young age he used to play 'Vampire: The Masquerade' and loved the Blade movies near religiously amongst other influences like the Underworld films. As such it's no surprise that when the vampire epidemic happened Karl eagerly became one of the undead.

    And yet, never quite accepted their society. Instead becoming a 'self-diagnosed malkavian' and something of an independent spending his twenties and thirties as an arms dealer for underground movements from his Black H1 Hummer 'Lola' packed with munitions. Over the years he has moved on and Lola was retired in exchange for a Paramount Marauder, this ageing vehicle painted a bright red, and still packed to the gills with guns.

    Though it has been some 10 years since Karl sold munitions moving onto the time honoured career of being simply mercenary, hiring himself and his arsenal out to anyone willing to fork over the cash, that was until he heard of the rebellion and felt that was what Blade would do. And decided to sign himself and 'Fluffy' over to helping the bigger cause of bringing down the oligarchy.
    Motivation: Karl's motivations are relatively simple ones, not exactly great in depth and complexity, money, prestige, power, and a 'down with the state' attitude.

    Standard Traits:
    • Draw Blood
    • Light Munitions
    • Heavy Munitions
    • Specialised Munitions
    • Explosives Training
    Custom Traits:
    • 'Fluffy': This big beast of a vehicle serves as Karl's armoury, home and transport all in one. Just don't drink the 'lemonade' it isn't lemonade.
    • [​IMG]
      Signature: Kadaeux
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    • Name: Terra Conrad
      Age: 24
      Sex: Female
      Race: Human
      Subfaction: Abolitionist
      Appearance: Terra stands approximately at 5'8" and weighs in around 140lbs. She has brown hair, usually tied into pigtails that go down to her shoulder blades. She has chocolate coloured eyes. Overall, she has a fairly angular face, feminine enough not to be mistaken but nothing particularly breath catching. Perhaps why she feels the need to apply make-up before she leaves the house each morning, most often simply eyeliner, mascara and deep red lipstick. Noticeably, and a bad habit of hers, she can often be spied with a cigarette between her lips.

      Her figure follows much the same as her facial features, undeniably feminine but in a plain Jane fashion. She has just enough muscle and just little enough curve to form to make others pass their eyes over her. Perhaps the most outstanding feature of her, though, is the ever present magitech and gadgets that seem to always be upon her anymore, as though she seems quite attached or holds them as a security blanket.

      Biography: Terra was fairly well to do and sheltered in her life. She hardly knew hardship or the struggles of the world growing up. Sure, she heard of vampires and lycanthropes but they were things of wonder for her, not the ferocious dark beasts that they were to be known as. They were far beyond the walls of her comfortable home. There was no fights or bloodshed. Those things were only hushed whispers that never met her ears.

      Her sheltered life continued like that, well into adulthood. Her family never met with real tragedy, in fact her parents did quite well and even put her through college. There, she decided upon a career in social work. She graduated on time, not the best and not the worst and proceeded on her way to provide public outreach services.

      It was there her eyes began to finally be opened to the actual state of the world. Not only the way humanity had always been in the past with sex, drugs and violence, but the new wave of problems vampires and lycanthropes introduced to the world. Initially, she felt nothing but shock, then repulsion, then outrage. She struggled to bring a reform to the way they dealt with many of those who would come to their doors, including a young woman afflicted unknowingly with the werebeast disease with nowhere else to go, but there was no budging in the way that they would do things.

      Fed up, Terra quit her job and began to see what she could do on her own out in the city. It started out here and there volunteering at shelters and soup kitchens. Yet, the violence and root of the problem seemed too deep and the further into the city she went the worse it appeared to be. It was not too long before she began to increase the steps she took to promote the welfare of those around her. In the end, she found herself falling in with the Abolitionist movement, somehow being trained with a managerie of magitech devices and weaponry. What other choice was there?

      Motivation: To improve the way in which people live in this current age that demands a new approach than what has and is currently being down.

      Standard Traits:
      • Magitech Lightning
      • Awakened
      • Light Munitions
      • Explosives Training
      • Leadership Ribbon I
      Custom Traits:
      • Shrieker System: Through the wearing of a full body harness, Terra can emit omni-directional bursts of magic that emit intense flashes of light and shrieks of sound. This propels her in a given direction, giving her increased mobility across a battlefield that normal humans would not be capable of in all directions while also adding the benefit of confusing and confounding with the side-effects of the magitech. The only reason Terra is not completely disoriented by the flash and flare is the very nature of humans being able to see through and ignore magic if they are aware it is magic, it seems.

      • [​IMG]

      • [​IMG]

      Name: Liz Johnson (LJ)
      Age: 17
      Sex: Female
      Race: Lycanthrope (Weremadillo)
      Human: LJ stands at roughly 5'3" and weighs in at approximately 150 lbs with her stocky, athletic frame despite her small stature. She has obviously bleached and dyed white hair that she carefully styles in an old fashioned style but quite often falls into disarray with her activities of the day. Her eyes are a pale hazel and just as much reflect her youth as her softly rounded face that contrasts with her rough, wider features. Along much of her body, heavy scarring can be seen of various nature: Cuts, bullet wounds, burns, so on and so forth, but nothing that would look so serious as on a typical human. However, along her arms are trackmarks, unaffected by her greater regenerative capabilities. Quite oddly, she wears a very rigid formal attire: slacks, long-sleeved button-up shirt, a vest. If asked, she often says its because it shreds easier upon transforming. In reality, its to hide her scarring and to try and look as cleanly as possible to demonstrate her change of life.

      Weremadillo: LJ shifts into a sheer monolith of mass, clocking in at just about 8' and her mass more than doubling over 350lbs as she accumulates protective scales, bands and spurs. She is a dusty tan colour and her plates are marked with past abuses and scars. Her jaw expands in order to accommodate the fact she now has triple the razor sharp teeth. Her hands have transfigured into long claws, thumbs shifting from their opposable position to become long sickle-shaped shredders.

      Biography: LJ hardly had a life of entitlement. Her parents were hardly well-to-do. They struggled to meet the bills, even with the blood donations they gave to the state their material comforts were not much. She hardly went to school, finding it far more preferable to skip out and make her way about town with her friends and see whatever they could do to idle the days away.

      It started out just drinking and getting into a little trouble here and there. Lifting something from a store, picking a pocket to have a little extra spending money at an arcade or whatever they wanted to waste it on. It wasn't long before they started getting into more serious things, though. Some of her friends found their way into gangs. Some of them wound up dead. LJ herself ended up a little up better, at least in her eyes. All she got into was a bit of drug running for a dealer... And dipping into the supplies. No one noticed if she skimmed a little off the top.

      She started out experimenting with some of the lighter stuff, but ended up falling into heavier drugs in no time as she mingled with rougher crowds and went to their parties. It was at one of these parties that needles were being passed around that things would shift dramatically for her. Overnight, she began to experience hot sweats, experience violent mood swings and suddenly found herself blacking out and coming to in the alley aching all over in a puddle of her own retch.

      It wasn't for a few nights more, when she was about to be mugged in the middle of a run to one of her clients that she actually came to realize what had happened. Instincts took over, the mugger was sent into a fit of panic as she suddenly appeared to be going into a seizure upon the ground. The next thing she knew, she stood over him in a new form, infected with a strain of lycanthropy.

      At the age of 15, her life was not in much of a solid state to begin with. This new development seemed to be the tipping point. It seemed those she associated with had a great bias against her affliction. Her parents were loathe to share a roof with a monster with her and kicked her out on her ass to live on the streets. She went to her friends, but most of them had drifted too far away or were involved too deep with their own matters. Her last option, she went to the dealer she worked for. He wanted to use her as her personal enforcer, thrilled to have a beast of pure destruction like that at his side. Reluctantly, she accepted. A girl needed to eat and have a semi-safe place to lay her head at the end of the day.

      Overall, it did not end well. New to her powers, she had no idea how to protect herself or those around her. And even with her greater defensive capabilities, a couple well placed bullets still hurt, a lot, especially to a young girl who never actually felt so much pain in her life. In the end, it ended in a lot of people dying, and she largely blamed herself. It did not matter, though, she was back on the streets with nowhere to go. Desperate, she finally went searching for a community outreach program, looking for some sort of helping hand: A place to sleep, food to eat, anything.

      When she showed up, she was strung out on drugs, bloodied and in tatters. Everyone else was going to turn her away at the door, save for a single woman. Terra Conrad took full responsibility for her, even if the program would not cover a case like hers, seeing how she was apparently a lycan and would be incapable of donating blood and was an apparent drug addict. The human woman gave her a place to stay, helped her clean up, and took care of her.

      Since then, she's felt she's owed a bit of a debt to Terra and been strongly attached to the woman, following her about wherever she can and helping her out. There's a strong desire within the young woman to prove herself to Terra that her efforts to take her off the streets and provide for her at her own expense was not in vain. She holds a strong desire to try and help this woman in her goals and try to save others as Terra saved her.

      Talents: LJ is a pretty straightforward and simple woman to understand in terms of her talents. She seems to have an understanding of how things are on the streets, having lived so many of her years upon them. However, where she really shines through is her raw physical power in both her human and weremadillo forms. Her weremadillo form offers greater protection, as she goes to overwhelm her opponents and tear them to bits, though she has little in regards to more delicate skills some others might have in their form. As a human, while she has some proficiency with heavier munitions, finding appeal in the solidity of a shotgun in her hands and the roar of its gunshot, she excels greater at just slugging it out.

    • Signature: I, Tempest, hereby agree that my character can be killed by Brovo without having to warn me.
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  12. @Brovo I have just a quick, dumb question that may have already been established... (Status: Unsure) I was curious to know how exactly Vampire and Lycanthropes were/are created. Those "immortality positions" were what created the Vampires correct? And now if they bite others then that other person gets infected? Is this infection what causes them to change? There also isn't a BITING section beneath the LYCANTHROPE information so how did those guys come about? And how would one become a Lycanthrope now in this day and age? I apologize if this was already written down somewhere... I may have skipped it or something while speed-reading.
  13. My character is so sexy. I'm curious how that cool organization thingy (i.e. traits and achievements, general traits, etc.) is done with the BB codes. Also, just to be clear, you say at least one vampire, lycanthrope, human trait. Does this mean we can have more than one or do you want at least one trait?
  14. I can answer both of those.

    The first question

    [tabs ]
    [tab= 1]

    [/ tab]
    [tab= 2]
    [/ tab]
    [/ tabs]

    results in the below after you take out the spaces.

    • content

    • content

    As for the second question, Brovo requires a player of race X have at least one of the traits from race X.

    Eg: A Vampire (like mine) must have 1 vampire specific trait, like draw blood.
  15. I am super interested, I'll be sending down a character soon.
  16. I understand that, but like I said, does he mean that we can have more or are we limited to only one trait? I apologize for the confusion.
  17. The phrasing of "at least one" seems to imply that having one is mandatory, but you can choose to have more than one if you want.
  18. That's what I thought. I just get unsure and need confirmation from time to time. I don't want to have to go back and edit simply for the mistake of misunderstanding one little thing. Thanks for clarifying!
  19. Name: Gabriel Moore
    Age: 34
    Sex: Male
    Race: Human
    Subfaction: Restoration Movement
    Image borrowed from BenoitPaille on deviantart.

    Biography: Gabriel was raised by parents who were very religious and superstitions, and as such they saw the vampires as evil demons. This did quite a lot to shape his own hatred of vampires, though after all the crosses and prayers did nothing to save Gabriel's parents from the vampiric feeding frenzy he found his interest in spirituality rather diminished. He turned instead to more effective avenues of protection, specifically the magitech developed by enterprising humans in order to try to keep up with vampires and lycanthropes.

    After deciding that it was probably humanity's best chance to survive and oust vampires, Gabriel devoted his life to magitech. He worked his ass off to get into a decent school to learn how it was made, with a particular emphasis on weapon applications. During this education he also met up with some folks who felt the same way he did about the vampires, and these contacts led him to the Restoration Movement. After reading history books about how grand life was in America before the vampires took over, Gabriel found himself in total support of the Movement's goals and ideals. He has been working with them for years now, making and fixing magitech items and also acting as something of a spy and scout at times thanks to his knack for remaining hidden and unremarked.

    Gabriel's most notable personality trait is determination. Whatever he sets his mind to will be done, costs and consequences be damned. As such, Gabriel is willing to work with some vampires (reluctantly and without much friendliness) in order to fight against the Blood Bank's rule, because his primary goal in life is to take them down. Getting rid of all vampires is of course the next step of the plan, but being a logical and straightforward thinker he is able to set aside his broader goal of genocide until the first step is accomplished. One thing that some find odd about Gabriel is that for all his hate of vampires he has no animosity at all for lycanthropes; if anything he respects them more than most humans. This is because he has no problem with the idea of humans transformed into something else, he just hates vampires because they prey on humanity in specific and they killed his parents. He likes lycanthropes because they're something of a natural enemy of vampires, so he sees them as his natural allies.

    Motivation: Hatred of vampires and fierce idealism.

    Standard Traits:
    • Magitech Nanites
    • Magitech Lightning
    • No Threat
    • Light Munitions
    • The Art of Stealth
    Custom Traits:
    • Magitech Engineer: Gabriel knows how to make and repair magitech items. Due to a lack of extra supplies (since most have to go to outfitting others in magitech gear) he has only been able to tinker with one personal item recently: his pistol, which through magitech enhancement now shoots fire-imbued rounds; he named it Zippo.
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