The Sanguine State (Modern Fantasy)

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  1. Hello! Thank you for browsing my Interest Check, I am Brovo, you may know me as that one guy who is obsessed with ferrets. I'm making a new RP specifically for Iwaku, since I love this place and want to get a chance to role play with some of y'all.

    The Sanguine State is a role play which draws direct inspiration from World of Darkness, set in 2050 AD. With 60% of the global population dead and several capitals of nations lost to nuclear detonations from riots and global instability that lasted for over two decades, new puppet governments have risen. An ancient vampire awakened and turned the United States into his little puppet state, relocating the capital from the ruins of Washington DC to the American Midwest.

    Rebel cells have risen up all over the country to try and deal with the threat, though three in particular rose up in this new capital and merged together to try and defeat the oligarchical faux-democracy. The Anarchists, who just want to be free from government in general and often believe that technology has made the need for governments irrelevant. The Autocrats, who believe that the State should care and provide for the people but should be fully democratic. The Republicans, who stand for the Republic upon which the country was founded and sternly want to return to a free market economy, freed from the tyranny of the State in their everyday lives. Players would be allowed to play as vampires, lycanthropes, and humans in this struggle, aligned with any of these factions.

    Full plot is here if you want to learn more. Additional information on the world, on vampires, and so on, is available. It's just going to take me a day or two to fully write up all this content, so I wanna test the waters here and see how popular this could be. If you are at all interested and/or curious, post in this thread! :bsmile:

    Full Plot (open)
    In the year of our Lord 2016 AD, archaeologists discovered an ancient tomb in Transylvania, Romania. Buried deep beneath the surface and found via a mysterious Earthquake, the initial samples taken from the exterior of the tomb dated it to be over one thousand years old. Intrigued, a small scientific expedition ventured inside to figure out what was inside, as the architecture defied that of any of the local cultures, suggesting an ancient, undiscovered civilization. What they found was an empty, recently opened casket, amidst vast sums of wealth. Notable, a member of the research team named Anna Konsveka went missing during this time, and wasn’t found. Soon after, the rest of her immediate family went missing. It was a perplexing and disturbing case, but it was overshadowed in the news by what followed a few weeks later: Immortality.

    That is, immortality for the ultra rich.

    A private start-up corporation started offering “immortality potions” at an exorbitant price. Customers were reported by doctors to have significantly reduced levels of stress and that the aging process within them had, indeed, ceased. Attempts to other corporations to replicate the potion via blood samples always proved fruitless despite trace amounts of unknown cells. The FDA in the United States, joined by several other regulatory government agencies around the world, demanded to know the content of the potions. Invited to a corporate meeting where they would meet the enigmatic CEO, reports quickly began to pile up in cities all over the United States of random disappearances by the impoverished and disenfranchised which left police forces baffled and concerned as links slowly began to lead to this new, private corporation.

    What followed was a series of rapid punches to the world.

    First, two supposed “escapees” with pale skin told a reporter that the CEO was Anna Konsveka. Rumours began to fly around as the people began demanding to know who was in charge of the private corporation, which had come to be known around the world as the Blood Bank corporation. The escapees vanished soon after, later found dead, which only inspired a greater level of outrage.

    Second, governments all across the world suddenly became far friendlier with the Blood Bank. They rapidly changed to restrict democracy, rights and freedoms, and instituted police states. The already bubbling outrage turned into violent riots that resulted in the deaths of hundreds.

    Third, an underground market of “immortality potions” appeared, with their prices massively cut down. As drug addicts and others began to drink these potions, an epidemic occurred with Vampirism suddenly spreading amongst the common masses through assaults and rapes. The world descended into anarchy and an orgy of violence, which culminated when two nuclear devices were detonated in Moscow and Stockholm each respectively.

    Then, mysteriously, magic entered the world, with elite Vampire Enforcers suddenly entering the military police forces of nations world wide who were the only ones who could use it. Riots were put down in blood baths, though the epidemic of vampires remained, too large to sustain itself on a dwindling human population. However, the introduction of a new force awakened by magic began to take care of that problem: Lycanthropes and other animistic shapeshifters. It almost seemed like they were intentionally unleashed on the local vampire populations, though unlike vampires, their numbers did not spread rapidly, as Vampire Enforcers kept them away from large human population centers.

    Eventually, by 2040 AD, the world settled down. Having lost nearly 60% of the world’s total population and the capital of the United States to a nuclear device, the city housing Blood Bank’s headquarters became the new capital of the United States. An unremarkable city in the midwestern United States, it enjoyed a population boom, though still had a great deal of empty homes and abandoned city blocks. The city became known as the Sanguine Capitol, notable for its futuristic aesthetic.

    Over the next ten years, world governments were reformed. The European Union became a singular nation state, as did the Americas. Known unofficially as the Sanguine State, the American Coalition is ruled by an autocratic “president” known as Carl Dua Konsveka. The president is a vampire, likely much older than he lets on, and “graciously” allows for his ministers to be elected members of the public, keeping up a facade of a democracy. The State controls everything, the police and military are indistinguishable...

    There is one light, however. One, tiny light.

    Small, cell-based rebellion units formed all over the country, and are known by the general news media as The Rebellion. Made up of vampires, lycanthropes, and humans alike, they are often branded as terrorists. Within the Sanguine Capitol, three individual cells formed and then quickly merged. Though differing in end goals, they are all united under the common understanding that no one of them can win the fight alone...

    Will you join the Rebellion and help fight the good fight, or will you stand by and let your countrymen--and the rest of the world--be ruled in tyranny?

    More info about the three race choices!
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  2. Shit. I need new dentals. Looks like I'm becoming a vampire.
  3. So we will play as total dicks, bureaucrats dicks and greedy dicks?
    Looks interesting.
  4. And yet your first three shows of interest are all people who you know from your pre-Iwaku days. :cheeky:
  5. I'll keep my finger on the, er, pulse of this one for a bit. Consider me interested as I browse through the rest of the plot.
  6. Y'all replied in less than ten minutes. So... Duh. Give it time. Sheesh.
  7. Usually the second i see "vampire" especially vampire lord i turn my head away and go "not this again".

    But this one however most certainly caught my interest and liking color me interested my friend.
  8. Yeah. I noticed a lot of terrible depictions of vampires as either twilight-esque sparkly boyfriends or absurdly overpowered Herculean demigods.

    My vampires, on the other hand, can be brought down by mortal weapons. Vampires have to use stealth and their powers effectively. Example: If a vampire is hit in the head and it destroys the brain, that vampire is dead, no questions asked. Basic biology still applies, a creature without a head can't do shit.
  9. !

    I love WoD!
  10. I'm here. D'uh,
  11. More content done, here's more about the races. Includes pictures! HYPE TRAIN!

    Races Info (open)
    • [​IMG]

      ”Welcome to the dark embrace, sibling...”

      --Vampires are technically undead, though their internal organs remain functional. It is conceptually possible for a vampire to give birth or have a child, though children from these unions are either born without the disease (in the case of vampiric mothers) or become stillbirths (in the case of vampiric fathers). If both parents are vampires, there’s a 50/50 shot of the child surviving.
      --Vampires gain powers selectively. One vampire may be nothing like another, and it seems partially dependent on genetic lottery, partially dependent on the mere will of the vampire.
      --Remember that vampires can still use technology such as firearms. The only technology vampires cannot use is Magitech, as it conflicts with their inherent magical abilities.
      --Humans who drink vampire blood treated with heavy doses of magic can obtain extraordinarily long life spans, extending the average life span of a twenty year old to hundreds of years, possible over a thousand. Magic used improperly however has zero effect on the blood, and properly “dosing” a potion of vampire blood is a mystery which the Blood Bank keeps highly secretive. Regular vampire blood simply causes a human to become sick, and possible turn into a vampire. Humans who drink “dosed” blood tend to become extremely suggestible to the vampire who’s blood they drank.

      --Vampires have the strongest inherent connection to magic. Where humans need technology to stimulate their use of magic, and lycanthropes can only use magic to enhance biological abilities, vampires can straight up use it to turn into swarms of bats or hypnotize people.
      --While a vampire isn’t invincible, they feel no pain from wounds and can technically regenerate any wound given enough time and blood.
      --Vampires have a large array of powers at their disposal which cannot be replicated even with Magitech, which generally puts them at the advantage in one on one combat with normal humans.

      --If a vampire is struck by direct sunlight, they begin to burn. After a minute or so of prolonged exposure, they spontaneously combust and turn to ashes. Vampires can combat this with thick clothing and staying out of direct sunlight. So long as sunlight doesn’t touch their skin, they’re safe.
      --Vampires aren’t invincible, just immortal: Bullets and other mortal weapons can take them down. If the brain is destroyed, the vampire dies, so head shots and decapitations are especially effective. If they’re hit with high calibre weaponry, muscle and tissue damage can slow them down immensely, though they feel no pain.
      --Vampires can starve to death. Symptoms of blood deprivation include pale skin turning white and wrinkled, loss of speech, dizziness, intense cravings. Vampires suffering from severe deprivation typically berserk near human beings, and may even harm friends in the process. This is especially problematic at most vampiric powers cost blood to use.

      --If a vampire bites you, you get infected unless your system is teeming with antibiotics, which are expensive obviously.
      --Vampires can drink blood from the recently deceased or out of a cup from someone who drew their own blood, et cetera, upwards to about an hour. Long term blood storage is possible but the quality goes to shit and vampires can get sick from it.
      --Vampires can drink the blood of other creatures if necessary to survive, but this will drive them into complete madness if they do it too long.
      --Vampires can hibernate to reduce blood usage to zero, so a heavily wounded vampire can comatose themselves to try and survive rather than berserk.
      --If a vampire bites a lycanthrope and ingests blood, the vampire will die. If they’re bitten by a lycanthrope, they will die. The two viruses and states of life are incompatible.
    • [​IMG]

      ”Don’t be afraid of the dark, you’ll find a way to the light.”

      --Humans living under the Sanguine State often have their blood exchanged for city services. Since The State owns everything, complying with them results in having their needs taken care of. These people are known as “Blood Donors”. Amusingly, there is a small surplus of blood for surgeries thanks to this policy.
      --Humans who drink “dosed” vampire blood are known as Thralls. If they overdose on it, their skin turns pale, their expression ghastly, their limbs extend in length, and their strength is enhanced. These people, known as “Ghouls”, have no self motivation and only as much intelligence as their vampire master grants them. (While Ghouls are technically possible to play as a PC, it is extremely difficult.)
      --You, the reader, are in fact a human being.

      --Human beings are capable of using Magitech devices. Restricted ordinarily to the military, the Rebellion has been producing their own bootleg versions as well. Magitech devices harness the power of magic to amplify basic human characteristics or add additional ones, ranging from increasing the speed of reflexes, to being able to use basic magical spells.
      --Humans are versatile and can fit anywhere, and don’t tend to draw attention to themselves. This is advantageous both in escaping a fight, and in that they are less likely to be targeted by enemies if supernatural creatures (vampires, lycanthropes) are nearby.
      --Humans are capable of resisting magical spells if they’re aware they are being affected by them. This includes offensive magic, like fire: If a human is aware that it’s magic, they resist being affected by it.

      --Humans are physically weaker than both Vampires and Lycanthropes, and when caught in melee will often be straight slaughtered by brute force.
      --Unlike Vampires, humans still feel pain and can be debilitated by it. Unlike Lycanthropes, humans don’t regenerate wounds quickly. In essence: Humans can deliver punches, but don’t take them very well.
      --While humans don’t draw much attention to themselves, they don’t curry much respect amongst non-humans either, and are often treated either as adorable naïve, or laughable weak.

    • [​IMG]

      ”It’s more fun when they run.”

      --Lycanthropes (werewolves) are just one of several different kinds of shapeshifters. They’re also by and far the most prolific of the shapeshifters. All shapeshifters are based on an animal.
      --Lycanthropes often emulate some behavioural characteristics of wolves. These include but are not limited to scratching themselves behind the ears, growling for basic responses, feeling comfortable being on all fours, reacting to loud noises, and so on.
      --Wolves and dogs tend to feel a closer kinship with lycanthropes than they do normal human beings, and many lycanthropes end up attracting and keeping a dog or a wolf as their closest companion.
      --Lycanthropes are capable of transforming anytime during the night, and have their powers slightly enhanced on a full moon. During the day, only something triggering their survival instinct can cause them to transform, such as gunfire.

      --Lycanthropes have both incredible strength and fantastic regenerative abilities, though these are severely limited in their human form.
      --Out of the three available races, lycanthropes are essentially bullet sponges in their wolf form: It takes high calibre weaponry or a sharp melee weapon to truly pierce the hide of a lycanthrope. Pistols and sub-machine guns take several rounds to really harm a lycanthrope.
      --It is easy for a Lycanthrope to hide their identity while in human form, aside from their odd mannerisms, which can be chalked up to lots of different reasons. Meaning that a well positioned Lycanthrope getting behind enemy lines and transforming can turn the tide of a battle in no time.

      --While in their bestial form, a lycanthrope cannot wield firearms or other such devices and becomes locked to melee combat. In areas where they can be gunned down with ease, this is problematic.
      --It takes several seconds to transform and is a painful process. “Stealth transformation” isn’t really an option unless you have a good chunk of space and a couple walls between you and your targets, and while transforming, a lycanthrope is extremely vulnerable.
      --Silver is deadly, and lycanthropes need to take nutritional tablets to gain various nutritional ingredients they require from plants, as lycanthropes are no longer capable of eating fruits and vegetables, it just makes them sick.
  12. Alright. Seeing this new content has swayed me, so damn you, Brovo. I might try roping a friend in, as well.

    Oh, nah. Definitely out.
  13. I'm REALLY REALLY interested, BUUUUT I can't do mass character RPs... D:
  14. I'm interested! (although new at this! I still need an avatar!)
  15. Well, give it a look when it goes up anyway. You never know how things might go, and if you aren't feeling it, all good. :bsmile:
    Gracious! I might be able to get the RP up as early as tonight! If I really buckle down.
  16. I will check it out, just don't think I'd be able to join. I couldn't join Illium (no matter how much I wanted to) because it was too complex for me, but I'll look into this.
  17. Well, Ilium is a persistent world thing with tons and tons and tons of reading. Thus far it looks like my OOC will be around 4,000 words. Since the average reading speed of most people is about 300-400 words per minute, that's only about 10-15 minutes of reading to get the whole thing down. ^^; I always aim for simplicity where I can.
  18. Definitely interested!
  19. Excellent! I've hit the editing stage. ETA: 1-2 hours left.
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