The Sandra has arrived.

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  1. Hello people, my name is Sandra!! Well. My username.

    I am a well-known user in Rpnation, My username is Sandra. And I apologize in advance if were not allowed to mention any other sites..,(?)

    So I'm new here. Yup. New. It's exciting for me to post on this thread because I already feel so welcomed! ^_^

    Uh,.. Let's get to stuff about me..
    1. I'm NOT new to Roleplaying, I've been Roleplaying for two years now.
    2. Those little typo demons seem to pick on me, so watch out!
    3. I am always up for 1x1's!
    4. Mention Fantasy..? HELL YEA.
    5. My favorite food is uh.. spicy food!
    Uh if you want to PM me or something to know more about me.. Go ahead! So.. Yup. :D
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  2. Ahhh, why hello Sandra!
  3. Hello and welcome.
  4. Hallo there Sandra! :D Welcome to Iwaku!

    Thanks for the welcome~ :3
    AHHH I feel so welcomed. X) hallo~
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  6. Hi there! Welcome to the site! :D
    *whispers* What do you like when it comes to fantasy RPs?
  7. You're most welcome.
  8. Well.. Usually mythical creatures and epic sword fights... Especially greek monsters... Well. If you wanna PM me you can. :p
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