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  1. “Long Ago, when the Land of Lucidel was once one, creatures and forms of all kind lived in harmony. The Four Great Colossus, guardians of the Lucidel’s peace, took watch and blessed life with the gift of knowledge, peace-keeping and power. Man and Creatures dwelled hand-in-hand for centuries under their protection, sharing knowledge, wisdom and love with one another since the dawn of time itself.

    Until..One Day...A Spirit of Greed Was Born..A Spirit that Lusts For Power

    Against the sacred energy of life and peace they planned their wicked schemes. A group of Homs had mastered the power and knowledge of the Colossus. Transfiguring a blessing into a curse, they burned with the lust of power and control over their fellow Creatures. They had forged blades, tamed beats, created steam. The world groaned under their iron fists, tearing down the sacred lives of the innocent around them. “The Jewels of Life”, gems of power embedded into their very weapons, had the power to create life..and take it as well...

    This sparked The First Great War.

    The Great Colossus, angered for having blessed their brothers and sisters, demanded that each society go into a land of their own. Those with Wings ascended to the Sky, those with Fins dissolved in the waters, those with Feet hid in forests and swamps, those with thick skin hid in Deserts and Earth. And those abandoned by the mercies of the Homs settled in the Ice. The Homs were greatly punished, shunned from the rest of the world and met with hostility wherever they went. The Jewels? The Four Great Collosus swore to hide themselves in the four far corners of Lucidel, sleeping until they were needed again, each holding a shard to “The Vessel of Lucidel”. The Vessel, a blade embedded with power, could only be wielded by One with a Pure Heart. "

    The Story of the Great Homs

    The Great Homs, a set of powerful wise men who chose to protect and assert their power of the Realm of Lucidel built a grand wall around the land they call home. Their grand city, a monument to their excellence, will stand tall of the land as its centre. The Great Homs led their country with pride, establishing a temple of knowledge. The Temple of Homs..a place where The Heavens of Knowledge Meet The Earth. In the temple houses all the wisdom of the Great Homs. The Eternal Calendar, The Lunar Predictions of Lucidel, The Tales of the Land..Everything in a single grand cathedral pinned in the centre of the city. Its arched top can be seen from all points on the land.”

    LUCIDEL COAST (open)

    Who Is Madame Alabaster?

    Madame Alabaster, head of the Alabster Family Business and descendent of the Great Homs, carries on the spirit of Greed that sparked The First Great War. The Alabaster Family Business was built by the Great Homs as an icon of power, knowledge and wisdom that the Homs race greatly possessed over their counterparts. Sir Victor Alabaster IV, previous heir to the Alabaster empire, ensured force and dominance over Lucidel with an iron fist which kept all Homs at peace and joy. With the dawn of steam, weaponry, and airships the Alabaster Empire had reached its pinnacle. Until he had died. His wife had died then of grief, which left Lady Isabelle Alabaster alone in her huge estate. The business crumbled and for centuries The AlabsterFamily was never heard of again. The honor of the Great Homs had died. Death...something that had traumatized Madame Alabster.Her empty estate and factories were laid bare for years, dusted and taken care of by her of extraordinary servants and guardians. With the power of an army, a mysterious being behind the Alabaster Empire reopens the site that was once the origin of power for the Homs. Its goal? Madame Alabaster seeks to regain what made the Homs so invincible. The immortality granted by the Jewel of Life. The power to reign forever, unlike her great grandfather Homs before her.

    Your Character Reads (Either Finds Somewhere, Steals, is Mailed) or Wanders Across the A Letter Wrapped in Gold Parchment..

    "Fellow Homs,

    Be made aware, Alabaster family business has resurrected. We look forward to inviting skilled Homs of all forms to work with us towards our dream of being the elite force of our realm once again. The Alabaster Family calls upon the energy of the Homs as a new monument of our power and excellence against the malevolent societies that be beyond the walls. May the wisdom of the Great Homs guide you.


    Madame Alabaster"


    Map of Center Lucidel

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    Lucidel is borders the Gulf of Salis. (Ignore the Name of the Entire Map, Otherwise We Will Use This)

    Map of Lucidel Realm

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    Oh? So you think this is a lot of reading..I'm so sorry..count this as a first-and-only thing! But Here are the ground rules!

    Get Your Eyes Ready! (open)
    Basics for this RP in Preparation for the OoC:

    ADVENTURE KIT: The standard adventurer’s kit includes a backpack, bedroll, flint and steel, belt pouch, 20 torches (4 hours of illumination in total), 10 days of trail rations, 50 feet of rope, and a waterskin. Each person will start with this basic Adventurer's Kit, but you can add onto it. Some examples of things you may choose to add are armour, or skill equipment (lutes, musical instruments, spell books, scrolls, cooking supplies, a map, ect).

    MAGIC: Lucidel has its own brand of magic, similar to how it has its own unique races. The knowledge of the Collosus states that the Realm of Lucidel is made up of the energies of its people, called Ether. Ether of the Sky, Sea, and elements of the Earth. With this, many fields of magic has been tailor-made by the people of Lucidel. I'll go into full detail below, so no worries!

    The Magic of Lucidel (open)

    MAGIC SYSTEM: (Story Time!)

    So you want to know about the knowledge of the Collosus? What made the Homs the cursed and blessed race? What gave us the most powerful blade on our planet? Take ear n' listen.

    "The knowledge of the Collosus states that Lucidel Realm is made up of the energies of its people. Ether, the pulse of energy we all share, is woven into the different races and lands of Lucidel. The Ether of Sky, Sea, Mind and the elements of the Earth are all that make Lucidel what it is. Each of the four Collosus, which parted in hiding with their own people, are the resevoirs of their own Ether systems. Ether radiates from the chest of all living things in Lucidel. Without people, there is no Ether. Without the Collosus, there is no people. For the tug of war of Ether to stay in balance, the Collosus must remain in sleep, protecting the source of Ether Eternal. The Jewel of Life, with the Shards of Lucidel. "
    Mind:[Difficult/ Hidden Arts] Ether of the mind is extremely difficult to manipulate. Mostly hidden from the knowledge of most creatures in Lucidel. Only high scholars and priests anod those with ancien bloodlines (Madame Alabaster etc) use this to Eat Dreams, Cast Illusions, Suggest Thoughts and Visions, Travel the Dream World or anything in obsercing or influeincing the mind of others. This also includes slowing /speeding the perception of time, This magic only influences, not controls. However, the more you use it, the more you open your own mind to vulnerability. Most are driven insane the longer they use this Ether. Some constantly hear the thoughts of Lucidel, whispering to them all day. Most of those who have the Mind Ether a

    Earth's Elements:[Easy/Legal Arts] The elements of the Earth, including fire, magma, ice, animals, plants, bacteria, soil or others. This is the easiest and most readily available Ether. Most creatures are only able to handle elements of the Earth at a time. You must use your resources around you and cannot synthesize it yourself!

    Sea:[Intermediate/Legal Arts] The Manipulation of Water, Ice, Vapor.

    Sky[Intermediate/Sacred Art]: The Manipulation of Air Pressure, Currents and Weather

    The Magic made by Homs in the Time of The Great War
    Magic Weaponry: (Forged Privately) By strict approval and licensing of the State and The Alabaster Family, users are enabled to wield Ether-Infused weapons. This has a range of abilities depending on what the blade is for. From being cursed to blessed! However, the more poweful your weapon, the greater its toll on its user!

    Raw Energy Manipulation: (All Strains) Ether can be made into tangible force as an extension of one's body.

    Blood Manipulation (Raw Energy Variation): The life of Ether can also be found in the blood, which can be bent in order to make a tangible force to create structures. Your blood regenerates at a regular rate, so it is used sparingly.
    Masks: (Mind Ether) Sold in the illegal undergrounds of Lucidel Center, an ancient art of gathering the wandering Ether fields of Mind-Manipulating masters is used to be infused with tribal masks. By capturing the essence of its original users, wearers are able to transform into different races with different abilities. The longer the mask stays on, the more you chance you may have of personally changing into said transfiguration. By wearing the mask, its Mind-Ether is allowed to infiltrate its users and become reincarnated if worn for too long. It can only be made by those well learnt in Mind Ether.

    Blessed Ether: Ether used to Heal, typically only used by sages.

    Summoning:(Earth/Mind Ether) Summoning wild beasts to aid you in battle is a form of Earth/Mind manipulation, a hybrid practiced all over Lucidel as a remainder of what was left after the Great War. From summoning golems , natural beasts, to fellow Homs or other people! They are made by seals, passwords of sorts, that must be drawn/tattooed on any surface. Ether is then forced upon the unqieu seal pattern to bring forth the Creature! You MUST have made a contract with said creature prior to summoning!

    DA RULES (open)
    1. No GMing. We don't want any Mary-Sues or Gary-Sues
    2. For now, there is no character LIMITATION, until our RP gains momentum. Otherwise, Maximum of 3 Active Characters per person. Any more needs approval by a GM
    3. Characters can and probably WILL die, but please ASK somebody before you attempt to kill their character rather then just say "Your guy is dead."
    4. Keep it PG-13!! Romance and Lovey-Dovey stuff is fine, as well as the occasional innuendo, but take smut scenes to PM, please. Also, violence is allowed, just do so tastefully. You can have gore for intense scenes, just not every moment you fight.
    5. Some scenes will be time skipped if they drag on too long/get too boring, but most of the time we will RP things through.
    6. Your character is only allowed 2 Magic Types (a Primary and a Secondary) or "God Mod" Powers. Each power MUST have a weakness. (SEE ABOVE)
    7. Post at least 2 paragraph's (10 sentences in both) each time (more is fantastic though)
    8. GM posts will be announced (these include plot movers, special events or even the death/introduction of a new character)
    9. If you got this far, here's a cookie *hands cookie* Also, include the phrase "Adventure, Ho!" in your "Other" section just so I can tell who's read the rules and who hasn't.
    10. Please make PvP combat fair. It really sucks when somebody unleashes their ultimate power and freezes the other person's foot to the floor, then proceed to just punch the crap out of their immobile opponent. In addition, GM moves will NOT be allowed inside PvP combat unless approved/announced in a GM event. There will only be a few exceptions, such as Elemental Powers or Flight.
    11. Enjoy the RP to the best of your ability!!

    ABILITIES (open)
    (The following Skills are skills that, depending on your Character's Race and Class(es), you will have from the beginning. Each race and each class variety gives different skills. Think of them as bonus skills, but you'll still have to pick 6 customized skills for your character.)


    Homs (Humans): The Homs are basically humans. Homs society is usually seen as greedy, evil and controlling. Although only typical in theri government system, most Homs are regular folks that are ignorant of all things beyond the Great Wall. Most Homs are taught that everything beyond the Great Wall is death, that they will transform them into undead beasts of darkness, called Nosferatu's by lore. As such, the legal death sentence is exile till death. Only high scholars understand the truth about the outsides of Lucidel. Homs are skilled with their hands, which is their most destructive tool. They are builders, crafters, scientists, warriors, healers. They have no limit!

    IMAGE: These are typical humans. You can also use dwarves/elves pictures if you want !

    Sorarians (Sky Folk): The wisest and eldest among the races of the realm. The Sky Folk excel far beyond the Homs in technology. They are tall (usually over 8 feet) and can fly very quickly. They are masters in combat and philosophy. Their sharp talons and claws are sharp. They are the only race totally aware of the history of their realm, and the most favored by the Colossus.

    SORARIAN (open)

    IMAGE: These can range from humanoid birds to avian human/hybrids with wings. Older Sorarians tend to be more bird like, as they are slowly evolving to lose their ability to fly.

    The Sirens (Water Dwellers): The Sirens, Mermaids, Fish Folk of all shapes and forms! Most are also unaware of the land that exists "above the surface" (the ocean's surface), their entire society dwells deep within the waters of Lucidel.


    IMAGE: This ranges from Mermaids, to more fish-like humanoids. This also includes great sea-dragons, whales and the like. If it can swim, its a Siren in Lucidel!

    Les Nosferatus (Children of the Forest and Snow): These pale, vampire-resembling Homs have been abandoned by their society due to harsh crimes or poverty. These are usually hardened criminals with varied skills. Many tribes have moved to the Snowlands to create their own society of slums while some have created tree-villages in order to live peacefully. Thuese are some of the only wisemen able to talk to some of their neighbors.

    IMAGE: Of course, snow Homs are pale while Desert/Forest Homs are Darker Skinned.

    Swampees (Swamp Folk): Dwarves, Elves, Orcs, Shapeshifters, Homs who have built their dwellings in the swamplands and marshes of the land.

    IMAGE: These can range from those whose Ethers have totally bonded with nature in having their race be compromised by nature's surroundings to being their own respective race.


    NOTE: I encourage you to have total creative freedom with what your character is!


    Fighter Classes: Brawling, Melee Weapons, Fast-Draw

    Science Classes: Steam, Alchemy, Herbology

    Rogue Classes: Sneak, Lockpicking, Lip Reading

    Sage Classes: Toxiculture, Medicine, Diagnose

    Ranger Classes: Archery, Hunting, Hawking

    Rarer Classes: Singing, Music Appreciation, Cooking


    • acrobatics
    • agriculture/agronomy
    • alchemy
    • analysis
    • anatomy
    • ancient history
    • animal anatomy
    • animal behavior
    • animal disease
    • animal evaluation
    • animal handling
    • animal health
    • animal lore
    • animal management
    • animal nutrition
    • animal selection
    • animal training
    • antiques
    • appraisal
    • archery
    • area knowledge (area)
    • armorer
    • artifact lore
    • astrology
    • astronomy
    • bargain
    • barter
    • battle-ready
    • blacksmith
    • blindfighting
    • boating
    • bootlicking
    • boozing
    • botany
    • bowyer
    • brainwashing
    • brawling
    • breath control
    • brewing
    • bribery
    • camping/firebuilding
    • carpentry
    • charm
    • climbing
    • con
    • cooking
    • counter-espionage
    • counterfeit/identify
    • craft/create
    • cultures
    • dancing
    • detect lies (psych)
    • diagnose
    • diplomacy
    • disguise
    • diving
    • dodge
    • escape
    • espionage
    • etiquette
    • evaluate
    • explosives
    • falconry
    • familiarity (subject)
    • farming
    • fast-draw
    • fencing
    • first aid
    • fishing
    • forgery
    • handwriting analysis
    • hawking
    • health sciences
    • heavy weapons
    • herbalism
    • hiding
    • history
    • hunting
    • identify
    • impersonation
    • intelligence analysis
    • intimidation
    • jack of all trades
    • language
    • law
    • leadership
    • leatherworking
    • legends/lore
    • linguistics
    • lip reading
    • listen
    • literacy language
    • lockpicking
    • lying
    • marketing
    • martial arts
    • massage
    • melee weapon
    • medicine
    • merchant
    • mining
    • mountaineering
    • move silently
    • musical instrument
    • music appreciation
    • mysticism
    • navigation
    • negotiation
    • observation
    • oceanography
    • occult lore
    • packing
    • persuasion
    • philosophy
    • pick pocket
    • pilot (Aircraft, Boats)
    • poetry
    • poisons
    • prospecting
    • public speaking
    • quick-draw
    • read/write (foreign languages)
    • religion
    • sabotage
    • safecracking
    • seafaring
    • sewing
    • seduction
    • sex appeal
    • shiphandling
    • sign language
    • singing
    • sleight of hand/prestidigitation
    • smuggling
    • sneak
    • speak language
    • spelunking
    • spot hidden
    • stealth
    • storytelling
    • strategy
    • streetwise
    • survival
    • tailor/seamstress
    • throw
    • thrown weapon
    • topography
    • torture
    • toxicology
    • tracking
    • traps, animal
    • traps, combat
    • trapcraft
    • urban legends
    • voice mimicry
    • weaponsmith
    • weapon lore
    • weaving
    • wildlife
    • woodworking
    • writing, professional
    • writing, technical
    • writing, creative

    Adapt: Ability to fit in to social organizations and situations

    Alertness: The ability to stay alert without sleep

    Analyze: The ability to figure out components, processes, or structure

    Astronomy: The study of stars, planets, and other gravitational wells in space

    Blade: The ability to effectively use cutting weapons in combat

    Bow: The ability to effectively use bow weapons in combat

    Brawl: Fighting without weapons in an undisciplined manner.

    Brewing: The ability to make beer and wines

    Business: The ability to bargain, buy, sell, inventory, bribe, and otherwise use money effectively

    Carpentry: The ability to shape wood into useful items

    Climbing: The ability to climb walls, cliffs, and trees

    Construction The ability to build structures from available components

    Convince: The ability to persuade others

    Cooking: The ability to cook nutritious and tasty food

    Course: The ability to navigate a set path.

    Cryptography: The ability to encrypt and decrypt data

    Dash: The ability to perform marvellous feats of physical prowess.

    Demolition: The ability to effectively set and use explosives

    Diagnosis: The ability to identify an injury or disease before attempting a cure

    Disguise: The ability to change the outward appearance of some person or thing

    Drinking: The ability to consume large quantities of alcohol

    Drug: The ability to use and make drugs to cause and cure injury or sensory abnormalities

    Entice: The ability to trick others into a course of action

    Engrace: The ability to move with grace and style

    Evaluate: The ability to quickly assess the value of something

    Endear: The ability to make yourself liked and wanted amongst NPC's.

    Focus: The ability to concentrate on one thing despite distractions.

    Forgery: The ability to convincingly write documents which appear to be genuine, but are not

    Goad: The ability to force another into action by insults. The course of the action is not in the goader’s control

    Gymnastics: The ability to make leaps, somersaults and other such moves with extreme skill

    Herbalism: The ability to use plants as medicines and poisons

    History: Knowledge of past events

    Husbandry: The ability to care for plants and animals

    Instruct: The ability to teach others effectively

    Intimidate: The ability to bluff and deceive others as to one's true strength

    Linguistics: The ability to speak & comprehend languages from basic principles

    Leadership: The ability to take command of others, to have others do what you want
    them to do by making them want to do it for you

    Link: The ability to establish a magical channel or connection between two people places or things

    Martial Arts: Weaponless combat system.

    Meditation: The ability to keep the mind clear and the body relaxed in difficult circumstances by using special breathing and posture exercises.

    Melee: The ability to efficiently use bashing weapons in combat

    Minerology: The study of minerals and metals

    Music: The ability to express oneself in sound

    Negotiate: The ability to sway another to your point of view

    Observe: The ability to watch people, data, and objects and notice small discrepancies

    Organize: The ability to optimize groups, objects, and work for greatest efficiency

    Orient 3D: The ability to always keep one’s bearings in a 3 dimensional space

    Overdo: The ability to go past your normal limits

    Lockpicking: The ability to open locked doors using simple metal tools

    Psychology: The ability to understand the hidden drives behind people's actions

    React: The ability to avoid a bad situation using physical reflexes

    Repair: The ability to fix broken or damaged objects and devices

    Research: The ability to find out known information on a given subject

    Sell: The ability to convince others that they want what you have

    Sleight-of-Hand: The ability to use sleight-of-hand tricks

    Snare: The ability to create, set, and disable traps

    Sneak: The ability to move quietly and unseen

    Stash: The ability to hide things in nooks and crannies or in plain sight

    Strategy: The ability to dispose of large forces and plan long range

    Streetwise: The ability to find connections, rumors, and general urban survival

    Survival: The ability to live off the land

    Tactics: The ability to use personnel on hand to best effect

    Training: The ability to train animals to do tricks

    Treatment: The ability to cure diseases and wounds without surgery

    Tracking: The ability to follow a creature or object by noticing signs of its passage

    Unarmed: Weaponless combat system taught by the military.

    Weather: The ability to predict weather patterns

    Writing: The ability to express oneself using the written word

    CLASSES (open)
    The Fighter Classes: Other Names: Warrior, Soldier. In any game with classes, one of them will always map to the Fighter. The Fighter is the tank of a group and the most basic and broad class, usually recommended for beginners. The fighter is basically, the strong guy with heavy armor, a large melee weapon, and possibly a shield or second melee weapon. Compared to the other classes, Fighters tend to be powerful but slow. Variations include:

    The Barbarian: Other Names: Berserker. The Barbarian is a breed of Fighter focused more on damage than defense. Note that in systems where Barbarians have normal or greater than normal physical defense compared to other warriors, such as D&D, they will usually have no defense whatsoever against magic. Often characterized by wearing less armor, being less civilized, and being able to fly into a berserker rage that increases damage output or allow them to do more damage based on how hurt they are.

    The Knight: Other Names: Cavalier. The Knight is often depicted as a more experienced Fighter. He typically wears better armor, and may be more defensive, as well as being able to employ mounted combat on a steed. In a Lions and Tigers and Humans... Oh, My! setting, he may be a horse himself.

    The Swashbuckler (Duelist): A fighter who tends toward light or no armor and prefers agility, cunning, daring and technical skill to sheer force. Tends to be rogue-like in his or her trappings (though usually more flamboyant than subtle) and is often used to evoke the Rogue archetype in games where skills and stealth play a small or no role. A likely default class for The Hero, especially in JRPGs and adventure novels after Alexandre Dumas.

    The Paladin: Other Names: Crusader, Templar, Inquisitornote . The Paladin is a Fighter with a side of Healer, using White Magic to be more defensive; their devotion to their God or Deity gives them various prayers, healing abilities and spells that protect themselves and others. Naturally, they tend to fall under Magic Knight. They are also quite good at laying the smite down on undead, demons and other evil supernatural creatures. However, they may have behavioral limits: some rulesets impose varying penalties on taking actions that stray too far from Lawful Good, which can lead to weakening of abilities, loss of abilities or sometimes even being kicked out of the "Paladin" class entirely.

    The Samurai: Other Names: Yojimbo, Kensai, Weapon Master, Blademaster, Axemaster, Macemaster, Flailmaster Spearmas-Samurai wear less armor than regular Fighters, which leads them with less defensive abilities. In general, they commonly have access to Ki Attacks, higher damage, and higher speed and mobility. Generally restricted to Asian settings. Because Yojimbo are mercenaries, they may be literally able to spend money to deal more damage.

    Warlord: Other Names: General, Tactician, Marshal, Commander. The Warlord is a tactical master. He can hold his own in frontline combat as well as giving out buffs to his underlings and allies, usually by commanding them to superior positions than the ones they would have thought of on their own, and he may have protective auras made of his own charisma to increase a team's effectiveness in battle.

    Hero: This is the class generally used by RPG protagonists. Although they are definitely a physical class, and sometimes referred to by one of the names of the classes above, they aren't a Mighty Glacier or Stone Wall; in fact, they're much closer to being the Jack of All Stats/Trades. They may gain some magic, and will almost certainly have unique skills. Almost always uses a sword, and possibly a shield.

    The Rogue Classes: Other Names: See below. Rogues are usually dexterous thieves or treasure-hunters who are experts in stealth, infiltration, lockpicking, traps and the disarming thereof, sneak attacks, and attacking from the rear. In almost any game with classes, there will be at least one that maps to the Rogue. They are often lumped in with Ranger-type characters, but more commonly specialize in melee - particularly with light blades and daggers. They tend to be quick but fragile, limited to light armor, but deal a lot of damage when allowed to do so. See also The Sneaky Guy. Variations include:

    The Thief: The Thief, when it is a separate class, is a version of the Rogue with lower damage, but the ability to steal items from enemies. Sometimes, this can extend even to intangible items, such as experience points, but more commonly includes rare items that cannot be obtained in any other way.

    The Assassin: A more offensive-rogue, who sacrifices technical expertise for better stealth and killing abilities. Often have a variety of weakening and poisoning abilities and are able to cripple a foe to leave him open for allies or to let him die from damage over time.

    The Gambler: The Gambler is a fairly rare variation more often seen in video games than in pen and paper settings. The Gambler is a rogue who has a set of magical powers that rely more on chance than usual. They may have to draw a card, spin a roulette, roll magical dice, or activate a magical slot machine to get a desired effect which may be positive or negative depending on their luck. Very likely to attack with playing cards in lieu of throwing knives.

    The Ninja: Generally, the highest tier of Rogue-type classes. The Ninja is a rogue who may have a long list of useful skills. Stealth and backstabbing are universal, but beyond that, it gets hazy. Invisibility, smoke techniques that increases evasion, long-range elemental powers, and sometimes special bonuses to combat like dual-wielding. They also tend to excel at throwing items like shurikens, daggers, and kunai. Often a Game Breaker. May be combined with the Assassin or distinct.

    The Pirate: Other Names: Corsair, Privateer, Swashbuckler. Currently a rare variation of the Rogue, but gaining popularity thanks to memetic mutation. The archetype for pirate hasn't really yet set that hard in stone, but in general, a Pirate will use a combination of weaponry instead of specializing - usually being able to switch freely between pistols and swords.

    The Scout: Other Names: The Operative. Another rare variation on the Rogue, the Scout combines high movement rate with superior sensory and information-gathering skills, and often emphasizes stealth as well. Not guaranteed to be as good at combat as other Rogues; may overlap with the Ranger archetype if they are.

    The Cleric Classes: A Cleric is usually The Medic — some variation on dedicated healers. Unlike Magician-classes, the Clerics usually draw their powers from either Faith, a god, or some variation of the two. Their magic generally requires them to stick to a certain doctrine to access it, but usually comes with less of a price or chance of backfiring like some Magician classes might experience. Clerics often focus on healing and party buffs, but sometimes they are offensively useful against "unholy" enemies such as demons and undead. Often draw their powers from The Sleeping Collosus hidden in the far corners. Cleric-type classes generally have the least amount of variation, simply because healing is so vital and important that distracting a healer generally isn't seen as a good idea. Variations include:

    The Sage: The high priests of Lucidel are a minority of scholars who look over their most ancient texts. Namely, the journals of their forefathers the Great Homs. With the power of the Blessed Collosus, they expel their enemies foreign ether with energies of their own using blessed weaponry, forged only in The Temple of Homs with the approval of State. They also use this Blessed Ether to Heal

    The Battle Sage: A badass, tough warrior, carrying blessed weapons of the Collosus from the days of yore. This version of the Sage can dish out melee damage and heal. They tend to be closer to Clerics than Paladins, who tend to be closer to Fighters.

    The Witch Doctor: A variation of your typical healer, found typically in the swamps and marshes of Lucidel. They use unusual nature techniques and resources to heal their patients. With their own religious beliefs and supersitions, Witch Doctors can also be called Shamans of sorts.

    The Ranger Classes: Other Names: Hunter. Rangers are woodsman skilled at surviving in the wild. They may be lumped in with Fighters or Rogues (above) but more often than not are a separate tree of classes all their own. Archery is generally their favored skill, although most can fall back on swordplay if necessary. Rangers may also be skilled in some form of wilderness or nature magic. They may be very good at fighting a specific type of enemy, and often take on the role of The Hunter against such foes.

    The Sniper Ranger: This version is totally reliant on archery, but usually does higher damage because of it. May have a variety of status-inflicting arrows to slow or otherwise annoy enemies. Keeps to the back of a battle.

    The Bow and Blade Ranger: A version of the ranger that can handle bladed weapons as well, allowing them to defend themselves against approaching enemies or close in for the kill. The most likely Ranger to overlap with the Fighter archetype.

    The Beastmaster Ranger: This class specializes in either taking temporary or permanent control of wild animals, and then allowing their pet to rush to the front lines while they support with healing and long-range attacks.

    The Dual Wielding Ranger: The Dual Wielding Ranger most famously represented by the famed Drow ranger Drizzt Do'Urden, who uses two melee weapons, though it does predate him by quite some time. Very common in Dungeons & Dragons-based material, but less so elsewhere.

    The Trapper Ranger: The Trapper is a character who can lay down various traps in an area that the enemy can walk into, making them vulnerable to ambushes or follow-up attacks.

    The Magical Ranger: A version of the ranger who can uses enchanted or Trick Arrow to take advantage of Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors, or slow down and disable enemies with "net arrows" or "freezing arrows" and the like.

    Rarer Class Archetypes: The following character classes appear often but non consistently, depending on the type of world the author is attempting to create. In general, they are often seen as clashing with science fiction or with a European medieval setting in some way (but so do the Samurai and Ninja, above).

    The Bard: The Bard is a class specializing in music. Perhaps understandably, they're butt of a lot of jokes in fantasy settings, however, depending on the game, they may be useful. Bardic songs are generally useful for buffing allies, weakening enemies, status effects, and occasionally damage, and of all the classes, Bards are the most likely to be good at diplomacy with [NPCs]. Sometimes they act as the Jack of All Trades.

    The Dancer: A rare variation of the Bard, who tend to get the same jokes made, but for dancing instead of music. They tend to do the same things as Bards, too, so perhaps they deserve it. A variant is The Whirling Dervish, who looks to the casual observer like an ordinary dancer but is actually a spinning buzz-saw of slice-and-dice death; she'll give new meaning to Aram Khachaturian's Sabre Dance and have way too much fun doing it.

    The Monk: Other Names: Black Belt, Martial Artist, Mystic. The Monk is partway between the Fighter and the Rogue... kind of. They are usually bare-fisted warriors who either eschew weapons entirely or use only martial artsy weapons like nunchucks and staves. They are often Glass Cannons, or if the Knight is a Glass Cannon, they'll be Mighty Glaciers. They often have access to some sort of Ki Attacks and build up attacks. Self-sufficiency is what sets them apart from classes relying on fragile magics, higher powers or expensive items.

    The Alchemist: Other Names: Chemist. An Alchemist combines items, magic or otherwise, to create potions or bombs to use in battle, often mixing them together during battle. Oddly enough, of all of the classes, they're the ones most likely to be good at throwing things, partly because bombs aren't going to deliver themselves to his enemies. This also includes PRIMITIVE STEAM-BASED TECHNOLOGY.

    But Before You Begin Your Character..

    This is an epic quest RP of high fantasy. We want fully fleshed out characters with a well establish background and past. Your posts are expected to be well detailed (with taste) and your characters to be well made. Do not post too quickly as pace is important for any epic quest, but things will be time lapsed if not interesting. Details and description are great, although not in too much excess because it can become redundent. By all means, avoid too small posts as that can be discouraging. Also feel free to post pictures of your character's state if you so please. If you do, DO SO IN A SPOILER. You should be able to jump right into the boots of your character! Remember that for now, there are only Homs in Center Lucidel, so it's a good idea to start with a Homs character. We will be making other races soon don't worry! Anyways you've done enough reading. Just keep in mind that I will need to approve each character myself as a form of quality control. Welcome to "The Salvation of Madame Alabaster" !

    Show Spoiler

    (Image of Character):



    (Race): (If you make one up or have one that wasn't covered in the list, then PM me and we'll talk about it)

    (Class): (What is their position in the group? Are they a Fighter, a Bard, a Warrior, a Rogue, ect. Try to keep it varied, so at least one of each class before we get too far into things. You're allowed a Primary Class and a Secondary Class)

    Preferred Weapons): (if any. Try to keep it basic stuff, we'll get upgrades as the RP goes on).

    (Starting Inventory): (dot jots will do just fine. Max of 6 items, but you can't start with any legendary items or magic artifacts.)

    Abilities/Skills): (if any. Maximum of 6. Additional ones must be approved by a GM)

    Know ye any spells? (Magic): There is no Magic in this RP. Be resourceful instead! Take a challenge! We use steam / science and resources or innate skills. There is no problem with illusions either.There is no magic, rather, a science of manipulating the world around you.

    (Background): Take in mind this is a descriptive roleplay. We want fully fleshed out characters that you can jump into the skin of! Their past, ambitions and future goals. What is the soul of your character?

    (Other): (Include any additional information you want here. Perhaps they're writing a book, or the name of any pets they may have back home/with them on the adventure)

    Cast of GM-Played Characters (NPC)

    Madame Isabelle Alabaster

    Sir Raziel Agnis

    'The Lord Homs, Your King'

    These Characters Do Not Get a CS, to Maintain the Mystery of Storytelling!

    Playable Character that Are Plot-Important

    *Please Let Me Know When You Want to Take Their Role and I Will PM You Their Information. They do not get a CS Either!*

    The Sages of Lucidel

    The Sage of Lucidel Center
    Sage of Center Lucidel (open)

    The Sage of the Sea [TAKEN]
    Sage of the Sea (open)

    The Sage of the Sky
    Sage of the Sky (open)

    The Sage of the Forests, Swamps
    Sage of the Forests/Swamps (open)

    The Four Great Colossus

    The Colossus of the Sea "Of the Heart"
    Colossus of the Sea (open)

    The Colossus of the Sky "Knowledge"
    Of the Sky (open)

    The Colossus of the Desert "Of the Mind" [TAKEN]
    Of the Mind (open)

    The Colossus of the Forest "Of the Earth"
    Of the Forest (open)

    NOTE: These characters are key to the plot, but also key to gently moving the plot along without needing to force the story at hand. Don't worry, I promise not be be obnoxious and pushy about it :P


    Of The Sea - Under North Sea
    Of The Sky - Not on Map (Hidden In The Sky)
    Of The Homs - Center Lucidel (Gulf of Salis)
    Of The Forest - Dathic Jungle
    Desert: Pontic Desert
    Ice: Land Above The Frozen Ocean

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  2. I have been itching to join an epic fantasy RP, but a lot of them here are mostly by-invite only. Glad to see this one is open to all. :)

    That said, would a Homs, bardic-storyteller fit somewhere in this?
  3. Of course! There are Homs of all kinds. From pure evil to heroic archetypes and everything in between. Just remember your character 's personality and/or quirks and profession will be subjected to the world around him/her. Just about any type of character is welcome here.
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  4. I'd love to join this! I'll be making my character sheet once I've read through it all thoroughly, there's quite a bit here. ^^; I've been looking for an epic adventure for a while, and this may just be it! I'll either be making a Samurai, or Monk. I'm not too good with playing multiple character, so that's why I'll only use one until they die, I suppose. :P
    edit: I could almost just have Samurai as the main class, and Monk as the secondary one, if that's okay?

    just a suggestion: perhaps you'd like to bold the class names and the like, it gets a little hard to read after a while. it'd make the list easier to research for when people make their character sheets and all. ^^
  5. I haven't done anything like this in a while, I'd love to join in! I have a unique idea for a character and everything. ^_^
  6. I'm in! I'l write myself a character application asap!
  7. (Image of Character)||
    image.jpg 1girl

    (Name)|| Rwendal 'Ren' Yertas

    (Gender)|| Female~

    (Race)|| Homs~

    (Class)|| Primary; Samurai, Secondary; Monk.
    Class Skills||
    Fighter Classes|| Brawling, Melee Weapons, Fast-Draw;
    Rarer Classes|| Singing, Music Appreciation, Cooking.

    SIX skills||
    Orient 3D

    (Preferred Weapons)|| -----•-----
    •Fists (Martial Arts)

    (Starting Inventory)|| -----•-----
    •Standard Adventurer’s Kit -
    •Flint and Steel
    •Belt Pouch
    •20 Torches (4 hours of illumination in total)
    •10 days of Trail Rations
    •50 feet of Rope
    •Cursed Wakizaski - This sword is practically welded onto one of Rwendal's left gauntlets, and as such, it won't come off. It has been this way for a great deal of time, and it seems that even trying to melt the gauntlet away will not remove the sword. The cutting edge is prone to needing repair more often than her katana, but at least it still functions as a weapon. (Think of NetHack when I say Cursed Wakizaski, haha. It's not magical, just stuck to her gauntlet.)
    •Standard Katana - A simple, standard katana. Sharp cutting edge. Less prone to needing repair than the wakizaski Rwendal holds, but it still needs repair once in a while.
    •Gauntlets - A trio of gauntlets, where the right is given a steel band across the knuckles (with, luckily, appropriate sponging behind the steel band; wouldn't want any broken knuckles!). These are what she uses when she faces opponents with armour her katana and wakizaski cannot pierce. Rwendal has two left gauntlets, mainly because one has a wakizaski welded to it, and because she also likes to fist fight where she can. Utilising her martial art experience, she is able to deliver rather devastating blows. The gauntlets obviously don't have the range her other weapons have, but they will do the job when and if the time comes.
    •Partial Samurai Armour - Rwendal's armour. It provides great leather/iron protection around the legs, feet, hips, waist and right arm, but most of the torso and the left arm are largely free of armour. Being trained the way she is, Rwendal usually does not sustain injury to her most vulnerable parts, although she does have a scar here or there where things got a little too close for comfort.

    (Abilities/Skills)|| -----•-----
    •Mineuchi - A sword technique which can be used with either of Rwendal's blades. One must first focus their ether, and then focus on having the blunt side of the blade make contact with the opponent. If successful, such a hit is often disorientating and in extreme cases, paralysing. It is a fairly fast strike, and can often catch those paying little attention off guard.
    The samurai cannot lose focus during the focus period (between two and five seconds), or else this will do minimal damage.
    •Charged Slash - A sword technique which can only be used with her katana. One must focus their ether, and then focus on having as much power as possible available to them within the cutting edge, in a short amount of time. This attack is fairly piercing, and will cleave through most unmagical leather armours, as well as being able to leave a fair dent in stronger armours. The downside is that this technique lessens the life of the katana, and is often reserved for situations where it is deemed necessary.
    The focus period is between two and four seconds, with the latter being able to cause larger dents in stronger armour, and possible internal damage.
    •Blessed Ether (FOR LATER LEARNING) - A monk's technique which looks to restore the body to better health, curing poisons and blindness if either apply. If not, this will rejuvenate the body, through the use of meditation and ether. This obviously isn't very practical in a battle situation, but for after battle, it is rather ideal.
    •Iainuki (FOR LATER LEARNING) - A sword technique which can only be used with her wakizaski. One must focus their ether, and then focus on the immediate defeat of all foes before them. This attack is usually capable of decapitation, severing limbs, severing partial limbs, or destroying an unmagical weapon. The chances of any of those effects actually occurring is rather small, a 1/40, and they can only activate one effect per use of Iainuki.
    The focus period is between five and ten seconds.
    •Risky Close Combat (FOR LATER LEARNING)(Consider this an 'ultimate' move) - A technique which Rwendal has created herself, which involves the radical and rather risky ways of a berserker, who charges into battle full of adrenalin and does not care for injuries sustained, and also utilises her proficiency with ether; effectively a sword and monk's technique combined. She uses as many weapons as she can, dual wielding her swords, and using powerful kicks, punches, elbows, shoulders, knees and leg moves to get right in an opponent's face and literally push them off guard. Usually, when using this, Rwendal uses as much ether as her body can produce and give out, striving for maximum damage with this technique, and also striving for maximum killability. The downside is that this is very physically taxing, and one would have to rest afterwards if they wished to use such a thing again; though using it one after another is often fatal, due to the body giving out and not enough oxygen going to the brain.

    (Know ye any spells? (Magic))|| -----•-----

    (Background)|| -----•-----
    Rwendal was born to a mother who gave her away after a few years, her father being no where in sight. She was taken in by a young samurai student, a man who had almost lost hope in his life before the young girl came along. He nurtured her, and cherished her company, the two holding a father-daughter bond that was as strong as the steel they trained with, when Rwendal was around 14. The two never trained with training weapons, and they didn't even go easy on one another. The samurai to be was often scolded for not being good enough, or for not concentrating, but this allowed her to see a monk in the northern parts of Lucidel City.

    This monk taught her the fundamentals of martial arts, being able to use ether for the first time in her life, and this opened many pathways for the girl. She was soon able to use ether with her sword training, and one day, she grievously injured her adopted father after getting far too pumped up and out of hand, and this resulted in his death. By 20, Rwendal was a fairly broken woman who still had skills to learn and mature, looking to the monk who taught her martial arts for guidance. The two shared a reasonably good teacher-student relationship, but the monk died on the woman's 22nd birthday, not without teaching her the building bricks of Blessed Ether. She still has her ways to go with this largely spiritual technique, but one day she hopes to be able to use it in it's entirety.

    This caused an entire shift in the way Rwendal applied herself in combat, and how she trained. She was often reckless outside of her skills, using not only blade and fist when she fought. She had built her body up to take and deliver hits which only ether and armour could defend against, and through her belief and application in ether, she was able to strengthen her entire body to the level where there were only specifics which needed improving. Despite this precision in her body, she was still prone to being caught off guard sometimes, usually after a night on the mead. Regardless of this, one day, she wanders through the outer reaches of the city, only to find...

    A letter wrapped in golden parchment...

    Knowing Rwendal, she wished to use her skills for something major. She hadn't been much beyond a crazy fighter, but this allowed her to hone herself even further, at least she hoped. The samurai monk had always dreamed of becoming a bigger entity, through spirit and through mind. With her objectives now set, she wished to meet this... Madam Alabaster...

    [rainbow](Other)[/rainbow]|| -----•-----
    —Rwendal will get out of control when in combat for too long, blurring the lines between friend and foe.
    —Rwendal often reminisces about the past, and tends to want to be left alone while doing so.
    —Meditating is Rwendal's way of making sure the incident with her adoptive father doesn't happen again.
    Adventure, Ho! <3
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  8. elven_ranger_aniera_by_juuhanna-d52hfmk.jpg

    (Name): Astari BitterWind

    (Gender): Female

    (Race): Swampees (High Elf) Posing as a Horn

    (Class): The Blade and Bow Ranger / The Assassin

    Preferred Weapons): Long bow, Short Sword, throwing daggers

    (Starting Inventory):
    •Flint and Steel
    •Belt Pouch
    •20 Torches (4 hours of illumination in total)
    •10 days of Trail Rations
    •50 feet of Rope
    • 4 Kuni, or throwing daggers.
    • An Ornate Elven Long bow, given to her as a family heirloom + Quiver of 25 arrows.
    • A Gladius with a simple cloth wrapped hilt.


    Class: Archery, Hunting, Hawking Sneak, Lockpicking, Lip Reading

    Other Blade, Overdo, Disguise, Engrace, Drinking, Thrown Weapon

    6th sense- The moment she tapped into the power within her veins the world around her became clearer. Within the darkness behind her eyes blossomed light. When focusing she can sense the heart beat of living things around her, within one hundred yards.

    Vital Sense(does not have) - Deepening her 6th sense she can learn to not only detect the living but when seeing non humanoid creatures she can detect the vitals spots of their bodies.

    The Shadow Arts(Does not have) - Ancient secrets that have been passed down through her blood and training with her grandfather. Her blood sings to the shadows and the shadows to her, she can blend into the shadows, almost becoming apart of them.

    Shadow leap(Does not have) - She formed a connection with the shadows and he connection all shadows have to each other. She can literally step within a shadow and travel that connection. A form of teleporting that is actually plane shifting. she can only teleport to a place within eyesight, she can shift through solid objects only if she has sight of the other side or know the layout extremely well.

    (Background): Born on the coast of the Oorisk sea, Astari grew up up with her family in the Swampee district within the city of Brell. her family like many others where once like many others where once noble families of the area. The horns came and through deceit and outright violence sole their homes and wealth, forcing them into the slums they now call home. Astari was born into this world of poverty. Her family told her stories of how life was and she quickly resented the Horns and their greed, deep down however, she resented the pointed ears that marked her as one of her race.

    One foul night the Horns lit the slums ablaze. The fire grew out of hand and the entire city was burnt to ash in a single night. Most did not survive, Astari and her eldest grandfather where the only ones of her family to escape the consuming flames. With them they had brought their only family heirloom a bow that was passed down from Generation.

    From then on Astari traveled with her grandfather, learning the ways of her family past, assassination. Eventually her Grandfather past away leaving her to fend for herself.

    Her last mark was found having A letter wrapped in gold parchment. Reading the words she knew she had to find out more and eventually put an end to it. She found an elderly magic user who put a spell upon her that shrunk her ears. As long as she would repeat the spells words before she went to sleep, the spell would remain in place.

    (Other): Has a pet hawk she affectionately calls Borris. (Borris is rarely ever seen)
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  9. Sir Raziel Agnis


    Madame Isabelle Alabaster

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  10. I think I'll join this, it seems just like what I'm looking for, I'll make a character sheet shortly.
  11. Didnt the CS say no magic?
  12. Yes it did. But I plan to change that by making my own system of paranormal abilities of sorts. Ill make an update telling you all about it. Sorry for the change of mind.
  13. I have a lot of experience with making magic systems, if you'd like a second opinion or some input, let me know.
  14. This is our RP, everyone's comment is always welcome! You all have permission to do so to improve the experience ^^
  15. I guess I'm kinda lucky that Rwendal doesn't have magic, only ki. :P
  16. Well, a good starting point to make it fair would be to have a limit to how much magic one could draw. It has to come from some kind of source, it could be extremely exhausting to take or control a lot of it at once.... Sort of like a water balloon, if you try to fill up one too much it becomes really difficult to hold in your hand and if you really overfill it, it explodes in your face. A system like that makes it much easier on you to monitor the power and make sure it doesn't step into god mode territory. It also encourages magic to be used sparingly and not just all over the place seeing as it tires the character more quickly.
  17. Hey all. I've tried my best to improve the post. Please make sure to check it out again (Im so sorry..itll be a bit of reading again!) but this is probably the last adjustment. Lucidel's magic is displayed in the first spoiler.

    I will be reading all of your haracters for approval. Dont worry, theyre all great so far! After I review the posts thus far, I will make a CS for Madame Alabaster, her Butler and a few more. I will start off the RP with the first post. We will begin on the day Madame Alabaster waits at her Estate where everyone who has accepted her invitation will meet and be introduced to Lucidel's current state.
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  18. It looks rather nice now! I can read through it without getting sore eyes. :P
  19. CYPRUS (open)

    Name "Cyprus"

    Gender Male

    Race Homs

    Class Primary: Ranger [Dual Wielder] Secondary: Thief

    Preferred Weapons: Dual Blades (In Picture)

    Starting Inventory: None


    Ranger Classes: Archery, Hunting, Hawking
    Rogue Classes: Sneak, Lockpicking, Lip Reading

    Know ye any spells?: None.


    Nicknamed Cyprus from birth, the sir nameless adventurer is hungry for money once again. Born and raised in the heart of Center Lucidel, Cyprus was brought up in the slums by his clan of homeless Homs that roamed the city day and night in search of loot and easy-catches for a midnight robbery. The city brat is known for his greed, is almost the poster boy for the example of the Homs stereotype interpreted by the rest of Lucidel. Greedy, power hungry, rough and with attitude.

    Perhaps it isn't his fault. Brought up with no standards in living or behaviour, Cyprus learnt to either eat or be eaten by his own fellow man. His twin blades carry the blessed ether of a noble sage, passed down from his lowly clan throughout the generations after having been taken during "The Great Heist", a time where they had all ganged on a passing sage in order to steal them. The blades are his only memory of home, having abandoned his family of thieves to find his real purpose in life. The Homs thief looks for reason, a soul that he thinks he lost since the moment he was born. The antihero, the underdog, the victim of greed looks for substance and purpose of his own.

    Wandering the streets of Center Lucidel, he comes across...a strange letter flying from the window of an above apartment. It must have been fate.

    "Madame Alabaster? Isn't she dead?"
    "I bet she's got a lot of money."
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  20. It could be that someone who is a dedicated magic user would have more experience and control with he magic they access. SO a wizard could still shoot out fireballs but a Berzerker cant shoot lighting from his fingertips with ease.
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