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    Want to be a Descendant? | The Hangout (OOC)

    ~Friday Morning day of party, 7 am~

    *Play this before reading to get the experience*

    "Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Morning Los Angeles! This is your host Kyle talking to you today bringing radio to you in the morning. Well, lets kick things off with a little outside feeeel. It's a breeeeezy 73 degrees outside, nuff to look tan, sexy, and if you're ugly stay inside. Our traffic is looking like woaaaah! There are cars on top of cars on top of cars so get you but up and head on out the door. Make sure you step out and beeee on the look out for someone checkin you out. Do you feel the Magic in the air?"- Kyle

    "I do....I do! It seems to fillin the air like hairspray from 1972 baby OW! Sad thing is Kyle, Monday begins finals for our college listeners out there. Awww! Pouty face. But you know what Kyle where there is a cloud there is always a silver lining. All you cougars out there who love these young college boys. You better listen to the words comin out of my mouth. Do you hear me Kyle?"-Tommy

    "You know how them Jeri curls were back in the day. My daddy can tell you allllllllll about that but we'll save that for a different show. So how bout you tell these folks about that silver lining you just mentioned.."-Kyle

    "Well Kyle, This Friday is the first ever Dusk til dawn party. Brought to you by The one and only Dustin Days. OOOOOOOWWWWEEEEEEE! When I tell you this boy ain't afraid to spend any money...he has six five star restaurants including, La Palm and Ruth Chris steakhouse catering his party buffet style. You got everything from fried chicken and collard greens to es-car-go." Tommy

    "Uh Oh sounds like the hottest party of the year. You'd be stupid not to be there. You said collard greens and I was so there I called in on Wednesday, I came in just for this. Mannnnn Oh mannn I wonder what the guest list is going to look like? I know I'm on it. Gotta go get cleaned for my night with the days." Kyle

    "Ohhh Kyle you shouldn't have done that. Party of the year? You mean party of the century because guess what? Uuuuhhuh You and I are on the top of the guest list. We gone be the mix masters to the vampires. That's right yall, Kyle and Tommy will be your DJs for the Niiiiight. If you don't know it, what name are you gonna be hollering tonight?"-Tommy

    "Mr. Dustin Mr. Days you alllll ready know. Well there yall have it tune in tonight yaaaaalll with your main plugs Kyle and Tommy. Tommy go ahead and give Los Angeles a taste of friday night."-Kyle

    "Dusk.....Dusk......Dusk....Dusk!" -Kyle and Tommy

    "Here's a song by special request for the maaaain man himself. From us to you Dustin Days and to the students of UCLA. Here's Pendulum:"-Tommy

    Intro to Rp Enjoy!

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  2. Alexander looked at the radio, and snarled hurling a lego brick at it seemingly out of frustration he bounced it off the function button, the wall and then back on to the function button before it landed beside him where he picked it up and put it back in the box, having changed the system to a auxiliary music source. "Computer Play something New." He said and a there was a pause where his laptop buzzed "Searching...." a soft mechanical voice buzzed, The voice itself wasn't actually synthesized but rather made through a series of complicated metal prongs getting tapped against one another, it sounded discordant. But he liked it like that, it meant he never grew bored of it. After a few moments of searching through what appeared to be every song under the sun the PC started to play a song through the radio.

    Alexander didn't even intend to turn up to finals, he'd already taken almost every test the collage could throw at him, He was only hanging around because he needed to be there for so meany days before he got his certification. He paused, part way through his work on what looked like a gauntlet, one finger phased through a metal spar to hold a small bolt in place while he screwed a tiny rolling joint into place.

    His room, if you could even call it that any more, Was a total mess. He'd been here for a year and a half, having had the same room, and intending to have it for the rest of his time at the college he had slowly taken over it with everything from a workbench through to huge cables running down one wall for all the information needed to process his voice interface with the laptop he had constantly running in one corner. While it was a mess, parts of it looked as if he had OCD, there was a huge set of clear crates with lego bricks in them, every colour, every size, every shape, all arranged according to size, shape, and colouration. Then there was what looked like childish endeavors, strange things built out of lego and other things, metal, plastics, strange, twisting constructs. These at first glance appeared to be nothing more than just jumbles of rubish, but the eye would be drawn back to them, and then look away discarding them as childish, and then it would drift slowly back to them as it noticed something else, a intricate detail that no child could put in, then it just dismiss it as a fluke, then one would realise that that detail was just the start, the longer you looked the more complex the construct became, intricacies and patterns always revealing themselves to the careful observer. And when picked up it would become clear that they were mechanical works of art, or genius depending on what you wanted to call them, tiny interlinking joins, moving parts that changed the entire things shape with a mere nudge. It would appear as if something like this would take days to make, if not weeks, and yet here was at least a hundred of them, lining the walls and the shelves, there was even one on Alexanders beside table, It was a testement to his creativity and engineering prowess, Or to his shear boredom with the world and total disinterest in anything he knows.

    After a moment or two he decided to go anyway, It'd be a laugh, he'd blast through the tests, get top marks and he'd not even revised, Well except in french. not that he cared. Anyway there might be a question he'd not seen before, which meant something knew. and that was always a pleasure, even if he did have to break the question in answering it. In his opinion the only questions one answering were the one's not answered before.
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  3. Amethyst Wynters"Party?" she asked, dropping her soldering iron and pliers on the table and leaving her work behind.

    Amethyst was currently working on her new invention in her basement when she decided to listen to some music and tuned in on a radio station. Hearing the words "hottest party of the year" and "first ever" she felt like she have heard it before. Perhaps because of my talent? she thought to herself before remembering something. "Oh right..." she mumbled, sliding down her purple headphones to her neck and picked up a book besides her, a letter stuck between its pages as a bookmark. "So this is what the letter is all about. Why did father sent me this invitation?" she asked herself, hearing the host mention something about finals.

    Amethyst let out a soft giggle. For her, finals is totally over. She was home schooled or rather, didn't need to be schooled but her father insisted her to attend a normal school for publicity purposes. It's more like pretending she's a student and just attend classes so everyone will know that she can "relate" to other people. At a very young age, Amethyst accumulated every knowledge she ever had her hands on which made her quite smart and intellectual, if not genius. Letting out a heavy sigh, she went back to her work before speaking "Vera, does father wanted me to go to" she asked her highly advanced computerized A.I. developed by no other than her to manage almost everything, especially matters related to technology, in her life. "I'm sorry to say but yes, mistress. Your father thinks that its time for you to gain more experience on socializing and talking to people" the A.I answered in a soft feminine voice.

    Amethyst let out a frustrated growl. She shouldn't be needing to gain more experience if she wasn't locked inside her own manor for sixteen years! "Fine. I'll go to this stupid party. Now, I want you to do a weather and ATC check, start listening in on ground control." she stated, going back to her laptop and started typing codes "Also, connect to the sys. co. Have it reconfigure the shell metals. Use the gold titanium alloy from the seraphim tactical satellite. That should ensure a fuselage integrity while while maintaining power-to-weight ratio. Got it?"
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  4. Royalty Zachariah Chambers
    Royalty woke up in his bed at his parent's house. It was Friday Morning, which was the best thing that could have happened to him right now. Finals for Freshman Year was going to be a a serial murderer, in Royalty's words. He turned on the radio, he heard the station's hosts talking about a party tonight. Royalty cleared his eyes and turned the radio up. "A party!? I love parties!" Royalty didn't know this Dustin Days guy much, but a big party like this would be a great way for him to make more friends. So far Royalty's friends consisted of the Freshmen in his classes and the Theater Kids, his posse. When the station started to play some song, Royalty switched to the pop station. One of his favorite songs started to play.

    "Last Friday Night!" Royalty started to dance to the music, jumping around and spinning in his big room. He started to laugh and he fell on his Queen Size Bed. He started to bop his head to the music, his blonde shoulder length hair tossing back and forth. Royalty was not excited for finals on Monday. Royalty would just face it when it came. For now he just went back to bopping his head.

    While the music was playing in the background, Royalty started to pick out his outfit for tonight. He had to wear something that made people stare at him and ask how could they look almost as fabulous as he did. "Perfect!" Royalty had sat his outfit down on his bed, it was the show stopper look he needed. It wasn't as colorful as most of his outfits usually were, but Royalty knew that no one would be expecting him to wear something like this. He couldn't wait to show off to everyone. He would be the center of attention at the party.

    He ruffled his hair, heading to the family kitchen. He had on his lime green robe and his matching lime green plush slippers. Royalty usually waited until the hour before he had to leave to get dress, which also explains why he's always late for everything. His mother, Sharon was just about to leave for work, after fixing Royalty's breakfast. "Mother, good morning darling." Sharon shook her head grinning at her son. "Good morning Royalty. Your breakfast is right there, I have to go. Love you!" She gave him a hug and then she was gone.

    Royalty is the only child still at home with his parents, his brother and sister had moved out a couple of years back. Royalty was looking for an apartment for himself near the campus, he didn't want a dorm room so he was glad that he could stay with his parents, for now. Royalty looked at his breakfast, his father must have taught his mother how to make it. It looked so good, Royalty took his fork and knife and started to chow down. "This tastes like Heaven." Royalty moaned and sighed in happiness. He then took one of the cookies that his mother had made, these were definitely her recipe for sure. He moaned even louder this time.
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  5. Elena A. Salis
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    Color Ref: e8104a

    Pushing a strand of blonde hair away from her face, Elena trained her eyes up into the mirror. A moment of stillness and silence passed, and when the strand hadn't rebelliously fallen over once more, the blonde moved her gaze onwards, quietly assessing her chosen outfit for the day. Clad in tight, dark designer jeans, a modest top covered with an expensive looking black jacket, Elena couldn't help but to think, for a moment, just how utterly vain she had turned out to be - not that she didn't enjoy such luxuries presently.

    It was hard to pinpoint when, exactly, the need to dress herself up had become a necessity, but slowly over time, the blonde had come to realize that this was her form of armor - against the heartless, narrow minded ways of society, she had to sculpt herself in a way where those harsh words and thoughtless jabs would never reach her heart.


    Ah. There was the notification she expected. Waking up bright and early, the radio's news and music had quietly accompanied her as she walked about to prepare herself for the day. The two on the radio were quite enthusiastic, and Elena could definitely see why. A college party, right before finals, too. Quoting the news, it was going to be the first dusk til dawn party ever, and there wasn't any doubt that many were going to spend their last day as stress-free as possible before the exams. Many would regret it the morning after, but the thought of it was appealing, even to Elena who would normally take finals a little more seriously than most.

    Reaching over to her desk, where her phone was placed, Elena pulled the phone in between her fingers, and read the notification that popped up on the screen. Hey. You're going to the party right? There's no way you can miss this one! Like, everybody is going - and when I say everyone, I mean *everyone*.

    There was more to the message, but just the first few lines were more than enough for Elena to grasp the purpose of it. With a resigned sigh, the blonde turned to the mirror once more, and after yet another moment of complete stillness, the corners of her mouth began to lift. Along with that, her lidded eyes seemed to widen and soon enough, Elena was smiling confidently into the mirror. Gone was the tired, expressionless face; Elena had completely replaced it with practiced ease.

    Heading for the door, forgoing breakfast entirely, Elena deftly picked up her bag, heaving it effortlessly over her shoulder after she bent over to properly strap her heeled shoes on. Without any further preparations to complete, the blonde was out the door with the L.A. sun beating down on her immediately.

    Oh wait. Perhaps she had forgotten one last thing to do ...

    Fishing for her phone, Elena's long fingers plucked it out easily enough and began to type an appropriate response out, Are you kidding me? There's no way I'll miss it, and nobody else is either - no matter how much of a loser they are, this thing is the shit, and anyone with two working brain cells would know better than to miss it. Do you know who else is going? Anyone from the basketball team? After sending the demeaning, but honestly fake text in response, Elena's chest heaved as she sighed once more.

    This was her necessary evil, and in return, she didn't have to go through the humiliating position of being a loser, loner, or insane person. Oh, but Elena knew better than most, that everything came with a price. She knew one day that the evils she'd committed would be returned, ten fold. Like her usual mantra dictated, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, evil for evil.

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  6. Lillith sipped her coffee slowly. It wasn't anything like home. Back on the farm, Rosamaria taught her how to make homemade cream. This drink in hand was embarrassing to compare. Honestly, the coffee was unnecessary. She'd been up since five a.m. and the clock was about to hit seven. It was hard to break habits, especially when this city was filled to the brim with habits. A little coffee wasn't going to hurt. It would hurt far more to go back to her apartment and sit in the silence alone. She was never alone in Oregon. Rosamaria was around and so were her "siblings," the cows and chickens she grew up with. Now that she'd moved to Los Angeles, she found herself surrounded by millions of beings and the loneliness strangled her. She fought the anxiety creeping into her chest again. What if she had made a mistake coming here?
    A small silver cross lay across her collarbone. She held it now as she gazed into the city. So far away from home, yet she felt as if she left her heart there and buried her soul with Rosa.
    Dear Rosa...

    The radio speakers blared an announcement. Her thoughts scattered as the screamingly loud men obnoxiously flaunted about how cool and hip their egos were.
    I wonder how much they get paid. Would it be worth pretending to be that annoying? ...what if they're not pretending?

    Lillith continued sipping and listened, quite annoyed with the static at this point. They announced a big bash tonight but she already knew about that. One of the bands that was supposed to be playing happened to be one she was apart of. It wasn't really her band. She was just replacing the vocalist. Samantha got herself mixed up in some drugs and her parents, along with the police that found her passed out on the street outside the UCLA campus, "suggested" that she needed to go to a rehabilitation center or get kicked out of school. The band members weren't thrilled but they found this "farm girl" rather charming. She felt like an exotic animal sometimes. "What do you mean, you don't have a Facebook?"
    Alas, she'll get paid and be able to lose herself in the music for a few moments. They were only planning on playing a single song with another backup track in case of an encore. It was quite doubtful the crowd would be that impressed though. Good thing she didn't have stage fright. Oh, the irony. The Farm Girl not being afraid of crowds.

    Her coffee was drained and so was her patience to the couple at the table next door. As she stood, she picked up her guitar case and hung it carefully across her back. Her messenger bag, quite light in comparison, hung from her shoulder. Before she was out of earshot, the woman screamed "Well at least he can get a boner up in time!"

    Why did she think coming here was a good idea?

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  7. Jeremy VincentJeremy eyes slowly opened as the morning sun shined through his room window. He turned to his side trying to get that last minute sleep pocket. To no avail, his eyes began to relax and open. He laid on his side for a few moments before he got up. He finally sat up and stretched out his arms, yawning. He rubbed his eyes and noticed his phone had a blinking light. "I'll check it later." He mumbled, throwing his legs to the side of the bed sitting there. As he sat there, he got to thinking about the days events. This was sort of his morning routine. He used this time to be with himself before tackling the day. The stereo alarm shot on at exactly 7 with the morning radio show. It bout startled him because he was just waking up and such.

    As the radio went on, Jeremy sighed and slid his feet into his house shoes. "Well might as well get started," He remarked, getting up. He then remembered he was sore from track practice the night before. He grit his teeth in pain with each movement. Whilst he gathered his clothes, he heard the radio show host mention a part tonight. Jeremy's head shot up and he looked at the radio. He ran over almost breaking his neck trying to turn up the radio. "Ohhhhhh.....a party? right before exams?" No sooner did his phone began to alarm here and there like an actual bell being rung. He waltz over to his phone on to be met by numerous text messages. "Geez....word gets around fast. Welp might as well get ready and go don't want to be late." He sat his phone down, walked over to his dresser, grabbed a few things, and headed for the shower. Downstairs he could hear his girlfriend come in. His girlfriend was something else. She was in one of the campus's top sororities and she had the looks to back it up. Jeremy's brother called up, "Jaye.....Jaye!" Jeremy rolled his eyes and replied, "Yeah?!" His brother called back, "Roslyn is here hurry up she said." Jeremy smiled, he was generally in love with Roslyn. He liked the way she walked, talked, smiled, and smelled. She was just perfect. He ran to the shower and got himself cleaned up.

    Once he got out, he went over to his closet with the towel around his waist. Jeremy had a pretty good build. Being a runner, a pitcher, as well as a tennis player gave you a pretty good body. He opened his closet and reached in pulling out a Nike "Just do it shirt," Jordan sweats, and flip flops to match. He nodded and went back in the restroom to dry up. Once he finished up, he came out threw his clothes on, sprayed himself with a little smell good, and started for the door. As he was going he picked up a few thing, like his phone, keys to put around his neck, student badge, etc. He shut the radio off and closed the door behind him, heading down the stairs. He made his way to the living room where everyone was, "Bout time man you act like a girl sometimes taking all that time and stuff." His brother commented as Jeremy entered the room. "Man whatever, you take longer than ready Roslyn?" He asked, looking over to his brother. His brother smiled looking at him, "Aye, I know you heard about the party. Are you gonna try to go?" His brother questioned. Roslyn's face lit up, "Hey Jeremy, Yes were going. Everybody's gonna be there. My girls and I are gonna look soo good." Jeremy shot a look over to her, "Not too good though because people like to stare." She waved her hand as if she blew him off, "And if they stare let them stare. They know who I go with and they also know what's up. I'm Jeremy's girl. Now about the party, your boys going?" Jeremy smiled and walked over to lean on the sofa, "You know! I've already got like 30 something messages this morning alone." His brother then chimed in, "Yeah I'm going to be up in there myself. It looks like UCLA not the only one gonna be in there. It's already trending on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. So it a big deal." Roslyn snapped her fingers and started slowly dancing in her chair, "Loook, we're going. Me and the Soros gotta step I think I don't know yet though." Jeremy shook his head and smiled. He was pretty well known throughout UCLA. He didn't define himself with a certain group of people rather was just be himself. Which everybody liked about him.

    He looked at his watch and remembered he had a class at 9:45, so he needed to be going. "Well, we need to be going. I have class at 9:45." He interjected swinging his keys. Roslyn nodded then reached over and grabbed her purse, standing up to adjust her pants. "A girl getting too big for these." She chuckled. Jeremy's brother stood up, "Well alright, let me know what y' all decide to do." Jeremy nodded and opened the door, heading out to his car. He drove a 2014 Mercedes S-Class Coupe. He just got the car washed and detail so it glistened in the morning sun. Jeremy got the door for Roslyn and she jokingly responded, "Why thank you sir." He closed the door behind her and headed over to the driver side. He closed the door and started the vehicle. As soon as it turned on his satellite radio played,

    The perfect song to start off the morning. He kicked the car in reverse and backed out the driveway. He then reached over and pulled his seat belt to put it on. His brother and wife came out dancing to the song. He turned it down just a little to speak to his brother, "I'll call you with whatever we decide." His brother nodded and continued dancing. Jeremy turned the radio up and proceeded down the road, rolling up his window. "Next stop is my degree." He bobbed his head along with the music.
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  8. Trenton's door erupted in a burst of sound. Those in the hallway heard only a few loud thuds from the knocking, really, but the room's inhabitant wasn't quite in a normal state of mind. Sounded more like a jackhammer to him. Or shots from a cannon.

    The knocker burst in with a wild look in his eyes. "Rick! Off your ass, man, big news!"

    For all his excitement, the intruder was met with a groan and a tussle of sheets. "Hung over. Get lost, John."

    "No way, dude, this is huge! We're all going t- Wait, John? I'm Miguel."

    "Really? You should go laugh about that with John. Downstairs. Shoo."

    "He's still asleep, actually."

    "So was I! Until the Spanish Inquisition invited himself into my dorm."

    "Span... You're an ass when you're wasted."

    "I'm an ass when people bust open my door at six in the morning. Look, Miho, the sun's barely up!"

    "Your window faces west."

    "Wha... Still?! Damn, that bash went long."
    The walking headache heaved himself from the bed, quickly putting on whatever wasn't stained and reeking on the floor. The selection was few.

    Rick waved a hand at the door in defeat. "Lounge. Dibs on a couch."

    The Phi Kappa Psi house's lounge was (unsurprisingly) pretty packed today. Phi's huge TVs, along with booming surround sound and extensive seating, made it the best spot for miles for meetups, wind-downs, and generally anything in between. Today, though, the frat was crowded around something much lower tech: An old radio, spewing the latest and greatest in campus news.

    The group seemed to be, for the most part, cradling their heads in their hands and rocking the indoor sunglasses. Some party, alright. A few of them offered a halfhearted cheer as Rick and Mike approached.

    "Worth it," Rick reflected as he chose a couch with the least... suspicious stains. The remark earned a few groans of approval from the assembly.

    Mike moved to sit, but glanced in surprise at the radio before rushing over to turn it up. Hosts Tommy and Kyle were hyping up... Another party? Everyone nearby perked up. The hangovers could wait.

    Mike grinned all around. "Up for another allnighter?"

    Rick returned the gesture. "For Dustin Days? No question. We're bringin' the whole crew!"
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  9. Dustin "Dusk" DaysDustin’s phone woke him up with an alarm at 7 am. His eyes shot open and looked over toward the Galaxy S6. “So you’ve morphed again have you?” He mumbled toward the cell phone. “So you’ve woke up have?” The raspy voice of an old woman responded. Dustin’s eyes then shot over to his doorway. There stood a woman, leaning against the doorway looking at the nails. The woman's appearance did not match that of her voice. Without turning her head, her eyes looked over to Dustin, “Yes, I’m talking to you.” These words left her lips with a sense of seriousness. “Granny, Not this again.” He responded with agitation, closing his eyes and pulling the covers back over his head. “Yes, this again. You need to get up and get to class.” She stated, ending with her assuring ‘Mhhmmm.’ He threw the covers to his feet, grunting in the process. “Granny, I’m going to class, I just don’t want to be woken up like this everyday.” The aggravation protruding from his voice. The woman shifted the glasses on her face and placed her hands on her hips. “Who you think you sassin. Now ya momma, I done told her she need to be here raising ya. I ain’t finna be goin' through dis.” As she turned to walk away, she pointed her fingers toward him. “Now you gone on and get up. I’m trying to get to the casino.”

    As she shuffled down the hall, Dustin flung the covers back over his head, rolling his eyes. His alarm went off again and speedily he sat up in a sitting position. He turned his head slowly, staring at the phone with a murderous look. “Now when have I ever set an alarm for a quarter past or before the hour? It’s always a half hour or beginning of the hour.” He spoke with an extremely agitated tone. The phone flashed a light, pointing it directly at his lips like a laser. “Fine, I’ll get up.” He retorted while swinging his legs off the bed. Dustin scurried to the shower and raced to put his clothes on. He walked over to the end table beside the bed, he grabbed and squeezed the phone with agitation. He shoved it in his pocket with so much force, that the pocket may have ripped. He rushed downstairs and passed the kitchen, only to be stopped by the voice of a pretty lady, the Swedish accent speaking through, “Breakfast is served sir. Nutrition is good.” Dustin backtracked a few steps slowly peeping his head into the kitchen. There stood a beautiful woman, about the age of twenty-nine. With pigtails in her hair. “Yes Agnes, but what you cook will kill me.” She giggled and waved her hand at him, smiling all the while.

    Dustin continued his way toward the front door. He opened it and rushed outside. At that point, a custom made Porche 911 Turbo S pulled up and a young man about the age of twenty-two exited the vehicle. The young man then whisked around the car, greeting Dustin, “Good news I lost about five pounds.” He mentioned, throwing the keys at him in a sportsmanlike fashion. Dustin caught the keys and jokingly retorted, “Well, you’ve got about 295 more to go.” After he stated this, Dustin walked around the car to the driver side, opening the door. He put one leg in, leaving part of his body visible, “You better not have gotten a scratch on it either.” He remarked with a grin. The young man then waved his hand blowing him off, “Yeah, you know I’m a better driver than you. So yeah.” He chuckled. Dustin closes the door behind him, reached into his pocket and forcibly throws his phone on the passenger seat. This was a normal thing for Dustin because for some reason, his phone never changes position. No matter how forcibly he throws it.

    He proceeded to turn on the vehicle, allowing his favorite radio station to come thru the radio. He chuckled as Kyle and Tommy ranted on and on. Only to get pissed when they announced his party. They made it up to him by playing his favorite song. As the song began, he drove off of the estate and into LA. Once he hit the streets, he spoke, “Melinda, Will you please look up today's to-do list as well as the weather?” The phone screen turned on and a voice from a woman from puritan times responded, “I am NOT a normal phone. I am your grimoire and I suggest if you want the tedious task to be done. Then pick me up and do them yourself.” Dustin answered the phone with animosity, “If I pick you up, you’re going out the window.” The phone then retorted, “That’s perfectly fine, but who’s going to answer your questions about the strange things happening to you?” She answered mirroring his animosity. Dustin answered her giggling, “Well you’re the one who wanted me to have this dumb party to begin with.” The phone then sharply replied, “And you know that’s for reasons I am not at liberty to explain.”
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  10. Royalty Zachariah Chambers

    After finishing his breakfast, Royalty washed off his dishes and started back upstairs. It was time for him to get ready for school. He had his party outfit all set, but he needed to pick his school outfit. "I guess this will do." Royalty picked out some basic looking outfit, he didn't really need to show off at school today. The show off would happen tonight at the party. He went to his bathroom and turned on the shower. He took at least 40 minutes in the shower. It would take him an hour to get ready, maybe more then that. It didn't really matter to him, learning about his family's lineage he also found out that he could teleport. He learned this one day at a restaurant.

    Royalty, his siblings and his parents were having a fancy dinner out, they usually never ate out since his father is a chef, but they thought it would be fun...wrong. Some dumb waiter had knocked over the pepper shaker, it fell all over Royalty. The pepper caused him to sneeze, when he opened his eyes from sneezing he was in his bedroom. He started to freak out, then he sneezed again, this time he was back at the table. He shook and looked around, luckily the commotion that was happening made no one notice that he had left. Royalty is still having bad luck with the teleportation, but he's getting better...

    An hour later. "Okay, I think that's it." Royalty grabbed his bag, placing it over his shoulder. "Come, please." He closed his eyes, trying to POOF to school. It didn't seem to work. He looked like he was constipated or he was having a heart attack. "Please, please, please." Nothing. Royalty sighed and sat down on his bed. "Oh!" He ran down his stairs, looking for the pepper shaker. He took some of pepper out and placed it near is nose...nothing. "Whaa?!" He then looked in the inside, forgetting that he had left it open.

    "Achoo!" He started to sneeze and just like that he went away. Royalty ended up in a bush near the school. "Great! Now I smell like a rose bush." He jumped from the bush, the students were all staring at him. He didn't even bother looking back, with his head held high, he strutted to the entrance. Before he could walk in, he felt a sneeze coming on. "Uh, Uh." Seeing that there was way to many people around, he ran behind a tree. "Achoo!" Just like that he was back at his house. "Damn it!" Guess this time he'll be driving to school. How is he going to explain being late?
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  11. Elena A. Salis
    Character Reference
    Color Ref: e8104a

    With the message sent off, Elena tossed her phone back into her bag halfheartedly - not exactly careful with the technology, though it would've been a different story altogether had she missed and let it sail over the road instead of the inside of her shoulder bag. Turning around, Elena had her hand into the bag once more, though this time, she batted the phone away from her reach, and instead went for a titanium key carabiner that had quite a number of keys hooked onto and around it. On regular days, Elena would only require the use of perhaps, three keys at most, but when she had received the small trinket (gift?) she may have gone overboard and just hooked up every single key she owned onto the carabiner until it was too heavy for her to hook onto her jeans. Out of the numerous keys, Elena was quick to shuffle through the different color and sizes, and recognize the one she needed to lock her door with.

    This was the usual morning for her, ever since her parents had started getting busy once again. They had moved to L.A. for business purposes, so it wasn't too much of a surprise when Elena rarely ever saw them in or around the house. Her parents certainly did keep her life among the 'upper class', what with the lines of designer clothing, advancing technology, and not to mention, the car they had bought for her - not that she had requested for one, let's make this clear. Of course, it would be hard to say 'no, thanks' to these things, they were luxuries, things that could only be enjoyed by few select people in the world who had money or a lot of time. Elena, who was often conflicted with the moral compass within her, couldn't deny that she enjoyed and disposed of these luxuries way too often to be considered modest or humble.

    Heading towards the garage, Elena punched in the 6-digit code on the pad, and stepped back to watch as the heavy doors opened and revealed the cars within. Two were missing, and one was left in the center. So, her parents were out - separately no less. Stepping into the garage, Elena walked over to the driver's door, and again, with the carabiner still in hand, she fingered the 'unlock' button on the small remote, and watched on as the lights blinked once before dimming once more, having unlocked as commanded. Opening the door smoothly, Elena ducked her head in first before the rest of her legs climbed in. With one hand, she gently tossed the shoulder bag onto the passenger seat, and the other, she used to close the door. Fumbling for the seat belt, Elena heard a faint buzz once more, but wisely ignored it in favor of actually getting to school on time. Once she was set, the car was turned on, engine roaring with life as Elena pulled away from the driveway and onto the streets. The garage behind her was closed, again, with a separate remote from within the car.

    Within a few minutes, Elena was already impatiently tapping out random beats onto the steering wheel. Traffic was always terrible, and no one needed to listen to the radio to know it. Okay, so maybe that wasn't true. It was usually alright, but whenever Elena needed to get anywhere on time - or god forbid, even a little bit early - traffic would pile up and, to quote the news from the radio, "There are cars on top of cars on top of cars."

    While waiting the worst of it out, Elena switched from the radio music to whatever song she had on the USB that was connected with the audio system of the car. The songs on the radio were alright, nothing she liked or disliked about it, but hearing familiar songs were a better balm and soothing agent on her irate self at the moment. Again, over the music, a buzz was heard once more and Elena couldn't help but to toy with the idea of someone actually having an emergency - and calling her, of all people. There were so many people who could've called her, female friends, male friends, her mother's business partners, even ... whatever it was, it most likely had to deal with the party tonight, it made it on the radio, so without a doubt the entire school would be on fire, metaphorically, and then some.

    Eventually, the traffic did get better - along with Elena's mood - and within minutes, she was pulling up in the parking lot, where waves of people were either crowding the area in general or waiting for people to finish parking. It usually didn't take long to find a spot, or if some were lucky and had actually paid for a spot, but today was special. All sorts of special. It took her a bit longer to make it to one of the empty spaces, but she managed. Once she turned off her car, she let herself stay inside just for a moment longer - doing anything to reduce the amount of time she needed to be around the vultures that would take up most of her energy and time.

    With her shoulder bag in her lap, Elena pulled the phone out once more, deciding to deal with the messages - or missed calls - before the sender decided to confront her about it in the middle of the hallways. The first was from her friend, someone who was Elena's 'go to' when she needed to find dirt or information on someone, or the general 'hot stuff'.

    Honey. ALL of the teams will be there! By the end of today, there isn't going to be a person who hasn't heard of it.

    Lovely. More jocks and neanderthals to deal with. After school even. The next few were from different people, with the same question in general, yo. u going with anyone 2nite? Come with us, carpool. Seeing as many were the same, Elena resigned with the fact that she would have to, in fact, make an unnecessary decision and announcement.

    Taking a deep breath and shoving the phone away once and for all, Elena's hand pushed the door open, and once she climbed out of the driver's seat fluidly, the same confident smile made it's appearance as she turned to face the crowds of friends, enemies, allies, and others. Closing her door with more sass and force than needed, she began to make her way towards her usual group of ladies - the perfect looking blondes. On her way, she saw many familiar faces from the athletes and party animals, even recognized a couple or two, before she excitedly greeted her group with a purr, "Morning, sisters. What's the plan for tonight?"

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  12. Amethyst WyntersAs Amethyst climbed up the stairs out of her basement, she can't help but look at the huge mirror hanging in her wall as she passed by. "Bloody hell" she muttered under her breath, realizing that her hair is still lavender and she got to go to a party later. "Vera" she called out, walking down the hallway and going in to the bathroom to check if she has anymore hair dye left. "Yes, Miss? Is there something you need?" asked the A.I as she rummaged through the cabinets. "Yes. Can you cancel all of my agenda today? I can't go to the party with lavender hair, I'll stand out in the crowd" she muttered, staring at her reflection and combing through her hair. "Also, arrange a hair appointment to my stylist now. I'm"

    "And you think pink won't let you stand out?" the AI asked, a hint of amusement visible in its voice. It’s funny how Amethyst treats her AI more as a friend than just a technology. For her, Vera is more like her best friend than an AI. She created and programmed her when she was 15 and since then, she always talks to Vera and tells her everything. "Hush you. Take care of the house okay? I'll be back in a few hours"

    Parking her Porsche 918 Spyder in front of the salon, she immediately sat down at the plush chair and let her stylist dye her hair pink. After a couple of hours, her phone buzzed and a voice began to speak "Miss, Professor Simmons is looking for you at school. Shall I tell him that he can send the results at home or would you like me to download it from the school computer?" Vera asked through her phone, slightly shocking her hair stylist but continued to blow dry her hair. "No, I'm nearly done so I'll get it by myself." she said and the conversation ended. As her stylist finished doing her hair, she gave her thanks and went out of the salon. She loved her new hair; it may be pink but it’s not as overpowering as her lavender.

    Driving to school was easy. There isn't much traffic with the route that she took and within minutes she's already there. Stepping out of her car and walking towards her locker, taking out a black briefcase before heading to her professor’s office.
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  13. Alexander eventually grew tired of his project, the gauntlet was partway finished, It looked somewhere between a palm based keyboard and a set of calipers and switches. The music had changed and he sighed. "Computer....Play Pink Floyd Time." He ordered, It was one of the very few songs he could listen to repeatedly, well more than once in his lifetime, which was a glorious bonus for him. He knew it inside out, every single note, word, and he could probably even play it if he wanted but it was the intro that he liked the most. He knew that it was impossible to replicate, no matter how much effort anyone put in. you couldn't separate all the individual chimes out and attribute them.

    He decided midway through breakfast, which today was Nutmeg pancakes with greek yogurt and strawberries, that going to collage might be amusing but he'd need a shower first, his arms were covered in oil and dark soot marks from the work he'd been doing.
    Having showered and changed in to something less resembling a blacksmiths jacket he started to re-pack his back with what he needed to survive collage, A Phoenix cube (A 20 sided rubik's cube), what looked like a tangle of metal, a random construct from one of his shelves, and a small notepad that was already half full of scribblings, and a large pencil case. looking at it he sighed and sat on his sofa. Being another 15 minutes late wouldn't really matter. While he did have a car, a gift from his brother for his 18th birthday a VX220 in deep blue, he much prefered to either walk or cycle, it was pleasant and he never heard the same sounds twice.
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  14. Jeremy Vincent"So me and the girls are going to the mall to pick up some things for tonight. Coming with?" Roslyn asked looking over to Jeremy, as he drove. "I have class today babe, maybe afterward I could meet you there cause I have to grab a few things myself." He replied with a grin. Roslyn smiled and nodded, "Bae about to clean up. Can't wait." Jeremy smiled agreeing with her. They finally hit the interstate. It was pretty backed up considering the morning commute. It was stand still. Jeremy wished he had left earlier, but he didn't think it would be that bad. "Bae why didn't you take the 110? You know 710 has extra traffic on it." She remarked. Jeremy shrugged, "I don't know I thought we could beat the traffic." He responded.

    They creeped and creeped. Finally, Jeremy got tired of waiting and took a nearby exit. After some time of driving, he finally pulled up to the school. His eyes grew big when he saw a lot of people. It was so packed he couldn't get a parking spot. "Are you serious?" He spoke aloud. Roslyn chimed in, "Yes real serious. It's the day before exams usually no one is here." They both looked at each other and simultaneously commented "Oh yeah the party." Roslyn pointed, "There's a spot by that Porsche." Jeremy rolled in, pulling forward, throwing the car in reverse, and backing up into the spot. "Am I good?" He asked looking back. Roslyn opened the door slightly, "Yeah, you're good. Nice Porsche you're parking next to." She closed the door reaching in the back to grab her belongings.

    Jeremy put the car in park and let it run for a moment. He wasn't in the parking lot a good 2 min when people started to run up to the car waiting for him to get out. One of his friends knocked on the window, Jeremy rolled it down. "Yo! Jaye! Come on morning workouts before class. It's us, the football team, and the basketball team." He reported to him. Jeremy tilted his head in frustration, "We just had workouts yesterday you've got to be kidding." He replied getting out the car. "Nah, man 8:10 at the field." He added, waiting for him. He reached down and pressed the button for his trunk. Clicking it the trunk opened. "Alright, I guess I don't have a choice." Jeremy conceded, grabbing his workout bag and shutting his trunk. Some of the football players walked up, "Sup Jaye, I guess we can all walk to workouts." Jeremy nodded.

    Roslyn opened her door, getting out. The sun seemed to be her best friend as it gave her a certain type of radiance. She closed the door behind her and waved at everyone. They stared for awhile but came too after realizing their limits. Her girls came up as if on cue. "Heard about the party girl?" One of them asked. Roslyn immediately responded, "Yesss, I've heard. I'm going to the mall this afternoon to grab a few things." Roslyn looked over to Jeremy, walked over and kissed him on the cheek, "Have a great day. See you at the mall." Jeremy winked as she turned away walking with her friends. "Safe to say I'm jealous?" One of the football players asked jokingly. "Please, you and Stephanie are worse than them." Another football player responded adjusting his sports bag. Jeremy laughed, "See, you should have just shut up. You're dating the head cheerleader. The Quarterback is supposed to be all man and your just as whipped Mario." Mario grinned and nodded, "Alright I'll take that Jaye. Meanwhile how we gonna do this party thing?" Mario asked. Another football player chimed in, "We'll talk about it after practice. It's 7:50. We got to get ready." Jeremy shook his head, "This crap is getting old." Everyone agreed and headed toward the field. Everybody spoke to them as the made their way across campus. One of the guys mentioned, "Why is Royalty hiding in a bush?" Everyone stopped and looked for a moment. Jeremy looked around to see, "You know how he is. Doesn't have a care in the world. Oh! I wonder if he's going." He remarked. Mario responded, "Now you know he is wouldn't be a party if he wasn't. That party is going to be one for the story books." All in the group agreed and continued on toward the field.
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  15. The bus bounced dangerously as Lillith held onto the pole for dear life. There weren't any seats available and with all of her bags, she'd take up an entire row. So here she was, gripping the pole for dear life. It seemed steady enough but the bus driver was a different story. Traffic was intense and it didn't help when they hit a pot hole (she hoped) and she lost her grip, bumping into another student standing beside her. Her blonde ponytail whipped through the air as she turned around to give a retort, but they hit another pothole and it nearly sent everyone flying. After that, the passengers focused on holding on for dear life and praying silently.

    Eventually the ride careened to a stop in front of the college. The students sighed and grunted relief as they exited the vehicle. Lillith stepped off and shifted her guitar case, walking quietly to the center of campus. She was looking for an ideal place to sit, preferably with grass and some trees. She found a location not too far from the Asian Studies building. Lillith set down her bags. Her back thanked her for the relief. One of the many things she missed about growing up on the farm were the chores she had to achieve every morning before the day became too hot for physical labor. Carrying bales of hay into the barn attic, feeding the animals, shoveling manure. She would never admit this to anyone, but she missed the smell of manure. When Rosa taught her that manure meant poop, little Lillith didn't believe her. How could poop smell good?

    Unzipping her case, she pulled her guitar out. She learned to play it at thirteen. It was Paul's old guitar before he passed. Rosa caught her eyeing it one day and on her next birthday, it was received as a gift. "My dear Paul would love for you to play this old thing again. Fill this house with noise, would ya?"
    And that's exactly what she did. Filled the house with horrific noise as she attempted to make music. But little Lillith grew and so did her skills. She would never say she was good at playing instruments, but her heart was always fluttering when a song found its way inside of her. Since her class didn't start until noon she had plenty of time to practice. Ignoring the passing students, her fingers began to play.

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  16. Arabella's eyes fluttered open as panic rose through her chest. They wandered over to her oddly quiet alarm clock, who's time read too late for her liking.


    She jumped out of bed, hitting her toe on her ritual box that she brought from her sister's house and howled out in pain. Tossing the box aside, Bel stumbled to her closet and ripped open it's doors. She caught her breath while scanning for today's outfit. As always she grabbed her combat boots and her precious necklace. After contemplating for about five minutes, the brunette decided to throw on her red shorts, a shredded ¨Fall Out Boy: American Psycho¨ tank top, pizza faux gauge earrings and a black beanie that said ¨Fries before guys¨ in obnoxious, red lettering.

    Bel didn't bother fixing her hair, she just brushed it to the side and did her eyeliner. All she knew was, she was late for.. Now, what was it again? She wasn't even sure. She grabbed her iPod, her backpack, and walked down the corridor to a nearby favorite cafe of hers. ¨Fuck it, I just won't go.¨

    On her way to the cafe, she turned her music on full blast and chose her song carefully, wanting to listen to something to suit her current mood. And what else does a hipster choose to satisfy the anger deliquescing their bones? The indie hit ¨Seven Nation Army¨ by The White Stripes, of course.
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  17. Royalty Zachariah Chambers

    After taking maybe, 20 minutes to get all the leaves and roses out of his clothes, Royalty was in his car driving to school. He looked at the time, it was...8:20! His class started in 20 minutes, why did he half to pick such annoying classes? Oh yeah, he's a Freshman he didn't know it would be this stressful. He had less then twenty minutes to get to class, his Professor was a hard ass, so he couldn't risk being late. Royalty heard his phone ringing, it was one of his friend's calling him. He didn't answer it, he didn't have time for it right now. "I need some music." He turned on the car radio, maybe a song would calm him down.

    He started to bop to the music. "Baby just get on your knees. On your knees!" The drivers passing by his car just stared at him. He was feeling a little better now, if anything at least he could take his mine off of everything that had just happened. Somehow he needed to learn how to control his power, or he'll be fucked for life. Until that happened, Royalty just listened to Ariana and Nicki. "If you wanna get the job, you better know who's the boss." He started to smirk, music always made him feel better.

    Finally seeing the college over the horizon, Royalty gave a big sigh of relief, he had 8 minutes left to get to class. It took him 3 to find a parking space. "All these cars, for what?" In the car he checked his hair in the mirror, moving it to the side so it would stay out of his face. Once he stepped out of his car, he could hear people coming his way. His little group of his closes friends. Julia and Carlos, the cutest couple of the group came over first. "Royal! Where the hell have you been?!" Carlos yelled at him. "Carlos, don't yell so much, gosh. Hey Royal." Julia gave him a big hug.

    The next two that showed up were, Isabella and Harvey, the spicy and crazy couple of the group. "Royalty! You're going to make us all late...again." Isabella sashayed over to Royalty's car, with her arms folded. Harvey came right behind her, putting his arm around her shoulder. "It's cool, we were "busy" anyway." Isabella elbowed Harvey in the gut. Then, with Royalty anticipating it, the cutest guy ever, Jericho came over. "Hey Royal. What happened?" Royalty had the biggest crush on Jericho, but they were friends. The group always wanted them to go out, since they all could just triple date. Maybe one day Royalty will get the balls to tell Jericho he likes him...maybe.

    Royalty waited for them to stop talking, he then sighed. "It's like the worst day EVER! So many things went MANY!" The group started to laugh. "Mr. Dramatic has struck again." The group all said in unison. Royalty just stared at them, if only they really knew what happened. "Anyway, let's get to class, before Professor-Needs-To-Get-Laid locks us out." Isabella flicked her nails and started to walk off. "Yeah let's go." Royalty and the group started walking to the school entrance.

    "Oh! Guys, your all going to the party right?" The group stopped moving. Julia was the first to turn towards Royalty. "Ummm...I don't think I want to go." He knew that she would say that. The Theater Kids were more cliquish then most of the cliques in the whole college. "Really come on, I can't show up by myself." Isabella grabbed Royalty's shoulders, in a nice motherly way. "Royal, you know I love parties, almost as much as you...but jocks, frat boys, plastic bitches. That isn't so fun."

    "Come on guys, you have to. I'm telling you it's going to be amazing." Jericho walked over to Royalty, he then turned to the whole group. "Yeah we have to. I mean it isn't a party if The Theater Kids aren't there, right?" Carlos started to smirk, with Harvey starting to dance in the hall. They all laughed, even Isabella. In unison they all turned to Royalty. "Fine!" Royalty jumped up and down, he was glad his friends changed their minds. "Thanks Jericho." Jericho just smiled at Royalty, which made him blush a little. "Now let's get to class!" Everyone started running down the hall.
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  18. This post is a collaboration between @EddiEddi and @Stopwatched.

    Trenton currently faced a dilemma. Not your normal "What's for lunch?" kind of thing, either; This was the real deal. Something was gonna fry.

    He'd been walking to the campus's pool, at Miguel's suggestion, to try and clear his head from the morning's hangover in time for the night's. Some would call the endeavor stupid. They would be right. Also, in typical frat-shion, Rick had taken off his shirt well before the poolhouse even came in sight, for obvious reasons. With a towel slung over his shoulder and sunglasses shielding his eyes, he looked like coolest guy on campus in his mind. Those girls he'd passed earlier had totally been checking him out. No question. None. Elated, he thought there was nothing that could stand in his way.


    Rick glanced at his bare shoulder, where the impact was felt hardest. It was white, and he took a few moments to process what had just transpired. Was it sunburn? No. Why was it white? Why were those girls cracking up? Falling paint, maybe? He glanced up; Nothing but a smug pigeon diving to alight on a first-story windowsill. Could it... white goo... laughing girls... pigeon...

    Oh, that bird was getting FRIED today.

    He'd lit candles before. He'd heated coffee. He'd even kickstarted a grill. But this? Was it worth risking a literal misfire, with ordinary people standing by, just for a stupid pigeon?

    The girls snapped a picture and walked away, laughing at the moron with shit on his shoulder.

    It was worth it.

    Concentrating every hot thought he had in that direction, Rick imagined the damn bird charred and cooked. No, that wasn't enough; More. Flames. He'd make a damn bonfire out of the winged jerk. Soon...



    ...Now! BURN, son!

    The small dreamcatcher inside the window combusted, in a blaze of failure and defeat. An unfazed pigeon flew away victorious; The room's sharply-dressed inhabitant, on the other hand, wasn't quite as happy with the outcome.

    Alexander, who'd fallen asleep on the sofa after deciding that once again, collage wasn't worth going to at any high speed opened one eye at the smell of smoke, It wasn't unusual in his room, but it was unusual when he wasn't working. Spotting the dream catcher he snarled and stuck his hand through the wall in to his workshop, dragging a small fire extinguisher and aimed it at dream catcher, quickly putting it out. "What fuckwit...." He mumbled, having left the window open to kick out the smell of burning metal he walked over to the window and looked round. Spotting the rather sheepish looking Rick with a white stain on his shoulder Alexander put two and two together and somehow got the square rout of 16. Proceeding to stick his middle finger up at Rick he snapped the window shut and headed out the door, utterly forgetting his bag and anything else exept keys and shoes in his annoyance.

    Slamming the door behind him he looked round for Rick and upon spotting him walked over, looking rather annoyed "Any particular reason as to why you Immolated my dream catcher? Or was it for fun. and how for that matter." he asked, while he wasn't holding anything that was dangerous he was spinning a few lego blocks around in his fingers and somehow he'd managed to make some innocuous bits of plastic look threatening.
    Approached by the lego-businessman, Rick's chosen course of action was to slowly clean the shit from his shoulder. After a bit of an awkward pause, he tried to explain.

    "I, uh... I was shat on by a bird. He landed on your windowsill. Sorry."

    "You were... 'Shat' on."
    Alexanders tone was more than skeptical, even accompanying it with air quotes


    "...By a bird..."


    "And... My dreamcatcher, feeling sorry for you obviously decided to immolate itself then?"
    The plastic blocks spun faster in his hand now,pausing every so often to click together, and then apart. and every so often passing through one another.

    "Yeah, uh... I... Threw a lighter at the bird, see."

    "Which set light to my dreamcatcher through solid glass?"

    "...It was a really, really good lighter."

    The two men stared each other down for a few moments, until Alexander sighed and raised his hand seemingly resigning himself to the inevitable
    "You owe me a new dream catcher, but nonetheless I suppose I best introduce myself. Alexander Bartholomew. We have a lot in common, unfortunately."

    Rick, somewhat confused but not willing to question it, went to take Lex's hand.

    He couldn't.

    Second attempt: Nothing.

    Alex's hand simply could not be touched.

    Trenton returned the grin, finally understanding. "Rick Trenton. It really is my favorite lighter."

    "You want me to what?!"
    Lex's eyes narrowed, not only from distaste but from suspicion seeking some trick or deception.

    "Come with us to Dustin's party. It'll be a blast!"

    "I'm not sure if you are being sarcastic or taking the piss. That is possibly the most moronic statement I've heard this week. "

    "You think I'm going to pass through your hand and let you go about your day? You think I've ever met someone else like me before? No way! Besides, I can't afford you a new dreampitcher any time soon."

    "Dreamcatcher or not, I am still not going. It will be a waste of time and effort. Not to mention lost work time."

    "But it's the biggest party... Ever, really! Didn't you hear T&K's announcement? It's Dustin Days, man!"

    "Not interested, not even remotely, I would rather listen to a song on repeat. You think I'd go to some party because a total mongoose set a dreamcatcher on fire? Not to mention I've gone through all their songs and to be honest, they are mediocre at best."

    Rick furrowed his brows in concentration. "I mean... If you don't want to, that's fine."

    "At last. I'm glad you finally..." His voice trailed off, distracted by a lazy stream of smoke drifting from his window. The air smelled of burning plastic."What is..."

    "No really, it's alright. You wouldn't have liked it anyway."

    "You wouldn't dare..."

    "It's a lot of fun, sure, but I know some people aren't in to that. Don't sweat it, man."

    "Are you burning my lego, moron?!"

    "Huh? Sorry, Lex, I couldn't hear you over the smoke alarms. Shame you can't come."

    "Stop. Stop it now, you fool. They are masterworks of engineering and inginuity! and one of them is next to a Phoenix cube!"

    "Hang on, man, I'm pretty torn up about your choice. Just... Don't mind me, it's fine." The smoke thickened.

    "...You useless lobotomized lobster."

    "I've been called worse."

    "Fine. I'll show up to this mindless event. Briefly. Just shut it o-"

    As the smoke abruptly stopped, Rick broke into a grin. "Great! See you there, bro. And don't be late!"

    Alexander smiled and patted Rick's stomach, though his hand passed right through him. "You're picking me up, and let's just call that revenge; Lego is expensive, and an awkward shape." He said holding up both hands as he headed back towards his door, intent on examining the damage. His hands were lego free. In about 7 hours or so, right in the middle of the party, Rick would find out where that lego had gone.
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  19. #StarsinthemakingThe girl played her song, playing her guitar every so delicately. Her music had began to travel throughout the courtyard. People seemingly stopped to figure out where the music was coming from. They looked around and one guy pointed, "Over there..." He remarked walking over. People followed the young man as they approached the girl.

    They watched in awe as she played. Watching her fingers play each chord. Some started to dance and others danced around the girl. Some people pulled out their phones and started to record her. This wasn't to her knowledge, but it was worth it considering the growing crowd. "Who is that?" One of the people in the crowd asked. "Her name is Lilith Redd. She playing tonight at the party." Someone answered listening to the music. At that moment, a video of her playing hit social media with the #Starsinthemaking. People by now should have started seeing her playing show up on their new feed be it facebook, twitter, or Instagram.

    The sun beamed down on that area with a nice cool breeze to compliment it. Nobody really had any classes because it was the day before exams. "If she's playing tonight, I'm so there." A person mentioned as he looked on. "She won't be playing her guitar stupid. She'll be singing." A girl responded. "Even better." The guy added. So there they all stood, watching in awe at the girls impromptu performance. Surely the best is yet to come.
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  20. Arabella tapped her foot her favorite song and let a few phrases of the melody escape her lips. Her anger had faded away and she was now absorbing the quiet peacefulness of the cafe. She even decided to order a few cake pops and a caramel frappe. Everything seamed so still and surreal here. Probably because there is barely anyone here... She thought, paying for her food and drink.

    Bel stepped to the side and scanned the facility, choosing a brightly lit corner and sitting on a fluffy, peach bean bag. Sipping her coffee, she felt a new emotion burst through her. Her eyes widened and her heart skipped a beat. Her bright blue orbs checked out the cafe again. What the hell was she so amazed at? She swear she could hear this.. beautiful music.. No, not the EDM in her ears.. A guitar. A song from a video game she played about a year ago.

    She let the tingle of wonder wash over her like a wave on the ocean from the gentlest of winds. For some reason, she felt impressed by something. Very impressed. Shrugging, Bel turned up her music again, leaned her head back, and closed her eyes. She let every muscle unwind one by one until she felt that she had no body at all; that she was the music- nothing more and nothing less. Her conscience floated and bobbed along with the synth stabs and swam in the blackness of her eyelids. Bel was alone in her mind. Everybody else's thoughts and feelings dwindled until they were nothing left but an unnatural feeling at her side. She could smell her own empathetic sent and she crinkled her nose. It's been too long.

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