The Sacrificial Lambs [Closed/Taking Down]

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  1. This roleplay takes place in England and occurs in the time of the late 18th century. It contains sexual themes, explicit language, and graphic violence. The vampyre race (the Jairus) used in this roleplay is a creation of mine that can be looked at here.

    The Sacrificial Lambs
    Winter had approached back when the purge occurred in England. The Jairen grow hungrier during that period of time, and the humans dreaded it every year. But...on that particular winter, the human men took a stand. They purged on the Jairen, used their weaknesses against them. It was a surprisingly sad time for the Jairen.........

    Now, a new winter approaches. And the three oldest and strongest of the Jairen have come out to play. They are angered by their race having been nearly wiped out in England (only a few lived). So, now, they plotted revenge. The three came together, creating the Jairus Triumvirate. They overthrew the government, knocking down its building and making their own castle. Some humans were taken as servants or guards of the castle.

    But...there is another thing that the Triumvirate wants. Three women. The demand that they receive these women, or they will gather what's left of their kind and wreak havoc on men: the Duchess of Lancaster, the Duchess of Gloucester, and the Duchess of Cambridge. The Dukes of these women try to conceal their women, however, their Graces were stolen from their homes by men and, having them sent to the Triumvirate Castle.

    While the three Jairen try to seduce the Duchesses, the Dukes must travel to the Castle to save what is theirs. They must retrieve the Seraph, a crystal-clear stone that holds powers that will help them defeat the Triumvirate. It is located in a prince's tomb in London, which is where the Triumvirate Castle is located.

    The Triumvirate Castle

    1. If you are not familiar with the 18th century (how they dress, their speech, etc.), research it.
    2. Sexual themes will be featured here, however intercourse will be a "fade to black" deal.
    3. Try your best with the grammar and spelling, please.
    4. For this roleplay, I will be excluding the powers "Stamina Affinity" and "Amalgamation" that come with the Jairen. Instead, the Triumvirate members will possess ONE unique power.
    5. Jairen hair is USUALLY black, but it doesn't have to be. The eyes, however, must be BLUE.
    6. You do not need to show a picture of your Jairus' true form. The appearance of it is already explained in my description from the link at the top.
    7. Only use pictures of ACTUAL people, meaning no anime characters and such.
    8. The Jairen only have a first name, so surname.
    9. Use names with an origin of England.
    10. I am increasing the maximum Jairus age from 2,000 to 3,000.
    11. The Dukes will receive TWO powers each from the Seraph stone. The selection of powers is up to you, but it must be approved.
    12. Only TWO characters are permitted, however they cannot be of the same group (ex. 2 Triumvirate characters).
    13. You must ask for permission to kill a character beforehand. However, once the Dukes and the Triumvirate meet, it is a fight. You do not need permission to strike.

    Age (Jairen are 24 appearance wise; put appearance age and actual age if applicable):
    Species (Jairus or Human):
    Triumvirate Member Selection (only fill this out if you are applying as a duchess):
    Title (member of triumvirate, duchess of Cambridge/Lancaster/Gloucester, duke of Cambridge/Lancaster/Gloucester):
    Powers/Abilities (two for dukes, one for triumvirate members):
    History (optional--your history can be reveal through interaction):

    The Cast
    The Triumvirate
    ~ Member #1: Bahiyya--Alastair
    ~ Member #2:
    ~ Member #3:

    The Dukes
    ~ Of Cambridge:
    ~ Of Lancaster:
    ~ Of Gloucester:

    The Duchesses
    ~ Of Cambridge:
    ~ Of Lancaster:
    ~ Of Gloucester:

    My Character
    Name: Alastair
    Gender: Male
    Age: Appearance Age - 24 | Actual Age - 2, 998
    Species: Jairus
    Title: Member of Triumvirate

    Psychic Navigation. Alastair has the ability to form mental maps of a place, or he can track a particular person with the use of their name, what they look like, or a significant object/person they are attached to. Once he has tracked the person, he feels a magnetic pull between him and the target. This ability gives him the immunity of being tracked.
    Slightly Possessive. Alastair can get a bit possessive when he feels challenged.

    Charming. Unlike some Jairen, Alastair is a rather passionate Jairus vampyre. Because of this, he has a deeper passion towards human women than Jairen already have. He is at ease with talking to women, a social grace about him, seemingly effortless. He, also, has a bit of a sense of humor.
    Moderately-tempered. Most Jairen do not have a tolerance level and can almost rarely control their anger. With Alastair's old age comes with much experience. He has learned to keep his temper down, making more room for tolerance.
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