INTEREST CHECK The Sacrifice for All

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  1. OK, so. I don't exactly have a premise yet, but the main part is that there are these people who go into another dimension to learn about the people in the dimension. They find some weird floating rock things upon which a Tower-Castle construct is there. They go inside and meet a crazy but calm guy who tells them to go on some bullshit quest to free this world from colliding into the center of Foreverness. Also you dress like Astronauts. Anyone interested
  2. Sounds nice. I'm up fore some reality bending stuff.

    It could be about these people (10) going in the castle to explore but unwillingly setting the guy free. And this old-man is cursed to protect given castle and the given people have to free him for entering his castle, disturbing his sacred dominion and weakening the shackles of restraints that keep him from going berserk. Then out of the group. Two random NPCs in the group would instantly die to scare the explorers into doing it. Ye olde man clad them into his special suits of thine power which enhances ones inner photon ability. (magic per say). Through constant use, it becomes stronger. And photons can be used for just about anything. Ranging from frost, to flame, to healing, to enhanced perception. Using the last of his unrecoverable photons because he was some bullshit previous protector whom sacrifices his life for stronger photon power to seal away whatever inner demon he has.

    Anyways, these adventures tryout their enhanced "photons" in which, 3 more go insane and try to kill them all and keep the power for them selves. One bursts into flames, another freezes in a block of ice. (lol) The last one manages to regain photon sanity, but still becomes power-hungry. This one kills 1 more using an aero slicer (blast of wind) to crush the rib-cage of another and launches the other off the island to regions unknown. (does not die)

    Leaving three adventurers with a specialty in their own photon category.

    The Striking Photon
    The Ranged Photon
    The Technical Photon

    *More could join if wanted* *but the three are the only ones left with enhanced photons so lol*

    (These will be elaborated on if you like it) :)