The S.S Olympia

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  1. The S.S Olympia had been running for 50 years ever since the year 4052 in the future. Many people were offered free tickets to the Olympia before she closes for good.
    Robots teleported from one creature to another scanning tickets. Miyana, a human female was waiting in line to get her ticket scanned.
  2. ((I don't know what any of this is about, but I like robots!))

    Another human male, Riley, stood behind this female. Even if they weren't talking, he felt safer being near her. He knew that was dumb, and would probably never talk to her, yet he did it anyways. He coughed into his sleeve, and gently rubbed his chin. He head a leather jacket on, a T-shirt, and some retro looking pants.
  3. Miyana was wearing a black small dress with white go go boots. The robot scanned her ticket and she passed, diss appearing into the crowd. The robot turned to the man "ticket please" the thing said
  4. Riley gulped loudly. He was wary of robots. In fact, Riley could feel his knees shaking and was hoping with all he had that they wouldn't give out. Riley shakily held up his ticket. He then began to silently try to will the robot away.
  5. "There you go sir" the robot said and flew away. The ship was beautiful, the largest ship in the universe. A man in a fancy coat was leading people into the ship.